rating: 6.9, reviews: 18
Country: Philippines
Servers: USA, Philippines
Panels: cPanel
Working: 12 years
Zoom.ph is a hosting company that offers a range of hosting packages to meet different needs. Customers have praised the great user interface, helpful customer support, and impressive control panel provided by Zoom.ph. The company also offers reasonable prices and a wide range of payment options, making it convenient for customers. However, there have been some negative experiences with Zoom.ph. Some customers have experienced issues with server speed, which is not consistently fast. Additionall.. Read more »

Reviews on Zoom.ph


I had a problem with Zoom Hosting where it unexpectedly erased all the files from the websites I selected. This was confusing and irritating. Right now, there are no other problems, but if three more issues occur, I may think about changing to a diff.. Read more »
I discovered that Zoom.ph is a hosting company that meets my expectations to a certain extent. They have a satisfactory level of uptime and their customer support is prompt and helpful. Nevertheless, there are areas where they could improve, specific.. Read more »
I changed my plan from Basic Website to Premium Website, but there was an issue where my basic website information did not immediately transfer to the premium account. As a result, two websites were created: one was my existing site, and the other wo.. Read more »
Zoom.ph is an extremely cost-effective package that offers excellent technical support, with a responsive team that promptly resolves any inquiries. I strongly recommend utilizing Zoom.ph for its fast and lag-free performance. In summary, my experien.. Read more »
During my search for a cost-effective server host for my business website, I discovered a hosting service provider called zoom. Despite their affordable prices, my experience with them during the first 10 months was plagued by frequent outages. To ma.. Read more »
In my pursuit of improving server performance as a web developer, I discovered the remarkable Speed Reaper offered by Zoom Hosting. Intrigued by its exceptional claims of unmatched speed and optimization, I eagerly invested in this revolutionary tool.. Read more »
-edge technology seamlessly integrate with different caching systems, effortlessly eliminating any cache-related problems and optimizing the entire process flawlessly. Even in the unlikely event of a minor issue, the exceptional support team at Zoom .. Read more »
The Speed Reaper from Zoom Hosting has completely transformed how my server performs and its speed. It went above and beyond my expectations in every aspect. This state-of-the-art tool has drastically improved the loading times of my website, providi.. Read more »
I have a preference for more affordable hosting options, such as Zoom.ph, which provides all the necessary features I require. When I began creating a website for my client in the Philippines, I discovered this hosting service. Not only is it afforda.. Read more »
I bought the Speed Reaper from Zoom hosting due to its claims of enhancing server performance and speed. Nevertheless, I faced difficulties related to pre-existing caches which were causing troubles with the LightSpeed Cache. Thanks to the help of Zo.. Read more »
I have previously worked for this company as a technical support agent, where I was responsible for troubleshooting and resolving hosting account problems and website issues for customers who had their websites hosted on zoom.ph. The hosting server w.. Read more »
The customer service provided is not satisfactory. I raised a question through a ticket but did not receive a response, and the ticket was closed after 4 days. The MySQL system often faces periods of inactivity, which has a detrimental effect on Mine.. Read more »
Wow! The price of only 700php per year is an incredibly great and affordable deal. This hosting service is truly the best, offering the best price ratio and an exceptional experience. Personally, I found this service to be extremely helpful.
This company is the absolute worst when it comes to domain registration and web hosting. They are extremely outdated and inefficient, as if they are stuck in the 20th century or even earlier. I strongly advise against doing business with this overpr.. Read more »
My experience with ZOOM.ph has been extremely negative. My website has been experiencing constant errors such as 522, 403, and 521 for the past week. Despite opening multiple tickets, I have received different excuses each time. For example, I was to.. Read more »
I switched to ZOOM.PH with the hope of receiving improved service, but instead, my website experienced downtime for a few days, which had never occurred before. The customer service representatives insisted on upgrading to a more expensive plan. Requ.. Read more »
I had the opportunity to work with 'ZoomHosting' for one of my clients, and I was impressed by their hosting plans. My client had 14 sites hosted with them, and when I encountered an issue, I reached out to Zoom support and had a positive e.. Read more »
We obtained this service as it was promoted within our country, however, I have doubts about its dependability. The server frequently experiences technical difficulties and the range of hosting options is limited. Additionally, the cost of a domain i.. Read more »