rating: 7.8, reviews: 9
Servers: USA, Australia, United Kingdom
Panels: Custom-built
Working: 11 years
Testing: 30 days
WPX.net is a hosting service that offers reasonably dependable hosting solutions for websites. While it has a few downsides, such as a somewhat confusing user management process and occasional issues with scripts, it provides excellent support and is generally considered a great hosting service. Many users have had positive experiences with WPX Hosting and would recommend it, especially for beginners.

However, some users have had different experiences with WPX.net. They found the interf.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Business-5 pcs-15 Gb$24.99
Professional-15 pcs-30 Gb$49.99
Elite-35 pcs-60 Gb$99



Reviews on WPX.net


Junaid Jamshed
WPX Hosting is a reasonably dependable hosting service, but it does have a few downsides. One drawback is the somewhat confusing user management process, especially when trying to add members or groups to a VPS. Furthermore, there have been cases whe.. Read more »
Gary Havard
I would give WPX Hosting a rating of 4, but there is room for improvement. The interface can be difficult to navigate, and configuring your Domain Name can be complicated. Connecting your website to your domain can sometimes lead to setup problems, a.. Read more »
Pawan Singh
I opted for wpx.net wordpress hosting for a client. While their pricing is quite high, they do offer monthly or quarterly plans for those interested. Unfortunately, the servers at WPX.net are not particularly fast. It may be suitable for new websites.. Read more »
Rohan Joshi
WPX Hosting was established in 2013 by its owner, who had experienced numerous disappointments with service providers since 1998. This personal experience drove them to create a business that prioritizes exceptional server speed, speedy support respo.. Read more »
Sonia Qasim
Thus far, my experience has been fantastic. I have designed a total of three websites, one for business purposes and the other two for blogging, all of which are hosted by Wordpress. The support from WPX Hosting has been exceptionally good. However, .. Read more »
Jordan Jones
WPX disappoints when it comes to their support services. While their products are excellent in terms of price, speed, and reliability, their lack of support is a letdown. I have used WPX multiple times for my personal clients and have always been sat.. Read more »
Lorienz Galarpe
I used WPXHosting.com in March 2020 for a WordPress project for one of my clients. I can say that their advertising on Facebook really works and sells. Their server is fast, but not as good in terms of speed as another company for WordPress. From th.. Read more »
Lorienz Galarpe
I utilized WPXHosting.com for one of my wordpress projects for a personal client around March 2020. I came across their advertisement on Facebook and it definitely seemed effective. While their hosting server is indeed fast, it does not compare to o.. Read more »
David Fourie
WPX Hosting asserts itself as the swiftest WordPress host, and I have not come across any evidence to refute this claim. We have been using their hosting services for our international websites for several years. Even with the significant increase in.. Read more »
Saddam Kassim
I decided to try WPX hosting after using WP Engine and Kinsta, as recommended by Matthew Woodwards. WPX hosting offers similar performance to WP Engine, with fast website loading times, but the best part is their pricing. Unlike WP Engine or Kinsta, .. Read more »