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Working: 18 years
Wix.com is a user-friendly website builder that offers a variety of themes and a simple drag and drop editor, making it a suitable choice for beginners and small startup businesses. It provides comprehensive support and a wide range of user-friendly templates that can be easily edited. However, there are occasional frustrations with slow refresh rates and upload times. The pricing structure is transparent, but extra charges apply for adding anything beyond basic text and images, potentially resu.. Read more »

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Free web hosting----$0
Unlimited---10 Gb$12.5
VIP---35 Gb$24.5

Free web hosting----$0

Free web hosting----$0

Reviews on Wix.com


I appreciate the user-friendly nature of Wix, which I used for my straightforward website. Its greatest advantage lies in the variety of themes available and the simplicity of the drag and drop editors. However, there are occasional frustrations due .. Read more »
Wix offers a user-friendly visual builder and hosting plans, making it a suitable choice for beginners in website creation. However, extra charges apply for adding anything beyond basic text and images, resulting in a potentially high monthly cost. I.. Read more »
WIX is known for its dependability and consistency. In comparison to other E-Commerce sites, I find that they offer competitive prices and setting up a site is relatively easy, making it an ideal choice for individuals on a tight budget. They provide.. Read more »
Clients who own shops often opt for Wix. However, I usually suggest using GoDaddy for their domain and then configuring the DNS to utilize Wix. This is because Wix's domain prices are generally higher, usually by around $10. The email accounts o.. Read more »
Wix is a quick and contemporary website builder that allows you to implement your ideas effortlessly through the use of drag-and-drop blocks. It is highly recommended for small businesses as it offers comprehensive support, including full-stack devel.. Read more »
Wix offers a reasonable price and their website builder is highly user-friendly, making it easy for me to teach my clients and for them to learn quickly. I have been using Wix since 2013 and have created numerous websites, as clients prefer it due to.. Read more »
In my opinion, Wix offers a fresh approach to website design by allowing users to easily create and customize their sites through a simple drag and drop interface. I would strongly suggest it to individuals looking for a straightforward way to build .. Read more »
I started using Wix hosting to help a friend create their own website. I really like that they provide templates and a drag and drop feature for customization. Wix has made their interface user-friendly and simple to use. In the future, I plan to tra.. Read more »
Wix is considered the top choice among "all in one" website builders, hosting, and marketing tools for entrepreneurs and business owners who lack experience in website development but still desire to create an appealing site. Their page bui.. Read more »
Over the last few years, Wix has made significant improvements to its services and website builder interface. As a result, it has become a leading hosting provider, offering unmatched features in its website builder/CMS. Personally, I have been worki.. Read more »
I had the opportunity to utilize this hosting service a couple of years ago, and I can confidently say that it was one of my preferred options at that time. It provides an excellent drag-and-drop tool for creating websites, the interface is extremely.. Read more »
I find the subscription models of Wix to be peculiar, despite its many features. I used it for my small website and appreciated its user-friendly interface, but the pricing did not appeal to me. In my view, the Unlimited subscription plan is the leas.. Read more »
Wix is a suitable option for beginners who are interested in creating their own website. It is easy to use and I personally have a few websites on Wix that function smoothly without any problems. The loading speed of the websites is also impressive. .. Read more »
Wix stands out from other web hosting providers because it offers more than just hosting services. It is a comprehensive solution that allows users to effortlessly create and launch their websites without any technical expertise. Users can choose fro.. Read more »
In comparison to other hosting services at the same price point, I do not consider Wix to be inexpensive. However, one positive aspect is that they do not require long-term commitments, making it affordable and straightforward to cancel after a few m.. Read more »
Based on my personal experience, I can confirm that Wix is well-known for its website builder. Additionally, Wix provides over 500 free templates. Below, I would like to highlight the advantages of using Wix. Wix guarantees efficient site speed, sea.. Read more »
Another website builder that includes a hosting plan has come along. It seems appealing at first, but when you try to switch to a different hosting service, you will realize how inconvenient it can be. Wix, like other website builders, is excellent f.. Read more »
Wix is categorized as a typical, generic platform for building websites. Usually, I do not recommend such platforms for various reasons. However, Wix stands out as one of the top hosts in its category. Although it is not as superior as other hosting .. Read more »
I became acquainted with Wix, a renowned provider for entrepreneurs, and discovered that they offer an excellent website builder with an extensive range of templates to select from. However, the only drawback I encountered was the occasional sluggish.. Read more »
Wix is widely recognized and favored by entrepreneurs, thus it doesn't require any endorsements. I personally utilized Wix during the initial stages of my business and found their interface to be highly satisfactory. Their exceptional drag and d.. Read more »
Opting to host your website on Wix is a daring decision as it cannot be transferred to any other hosting providers. I have personally experienced hosting a couple of Wix websites, and although the price was slightly higher than the industry average, .. Read more »
I have employed wix.com for creating approximately 4 or 5 websites, primarily due to its highly user-friendly drag and drop website builder. It offers numerous free templates that are suitable for both personal and small business websites. However, t.. Read more »
Wix offers a user-friendly website building platform, however, their pricing is excessively expensive and their customer support response time is delayed, making it difficult to recommend their services.
I have a strong preference for their drag and drop builder, which is well-suited for simple websites. If you need to quickly get a website up and running, Wix is the ideal choice. However, it is important to note that you have limited control over th.. Read more »
Wix and Weebly are competitors in the drag and drop website builder industry. The main difference between the two is that Weebly recognizes that it is just the first step in building a website and allows users to easily transfer their website to a ho.. Read more »
One of the most popular website builders available is known for its user-friendly interface and various features. It provides users with a simple builder that allows them to create their website using pre-designed templates. Additionally, it offers m.. Read more »
Wix is the most superior platform we have utilized for website design. The introduction of Wix Code has expanded the range of possibilities. Creating and hosting WordPress sites is considerably more costly compared to Wix sites. The search engine opt.. Read more »
I'm uncertain if I can consider Wix as a hosting service. While Wix does save your website, it lacks the essential features of a typical hosting service provider. Wix primarily caters to individuals who want a functional website within minutes .. Read more »
Wix is primarily suitable for beginners due to its simplistic interface, resulting in limited support. Our team decided to try it for a month after obtaining a domain from them. Fortunately, we were able to get a refund when we decided to cancel. We .. Read more »
Advantages: - Their approach of providing customers with the choice to use a template or start from scratch is commendable. - This is particularly beneficial for small-medium businesses, as it allows for the creation of a professional website without.. Read more »