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Panels: cPanel, DirectAdmin
Working: 13 years
Webspacebar.co.za is a highly efficient and reliable web hosting service that offers excellent value for the price. Their services are quick, dependable, and incredibly affordable, making them a top choice for individuals and businesses alike. With their quick email response time and efficient information processing, they ensure a seamless experience for website owners and visitors.

While the recent shift to individual "Cpanels" may seem like a step backwards, the hosting service still .. Read more »

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The hosting service is highly efficient and reliable. However, the recent shift to individual "Cpanels" seems like a step backwards. Initially, I saw it as a positive change, but it has revealed several drawbacks. One major issue is the dif.. Read more »
I have never had any regrets about relying on these individuals for my websites because they provide excellent value for the price. Their services are quick and dependable, and their prices are incredibly affordable. In fact, they offer a service for.. Read more »
I utilized webspacebar's free subscription to build a website. Uploading the website as a zipped file through the browser was a straightforward process. To view the website without changing my domain, I made adjustments to my hosts file or used .. Read more »
I have personally witnessed the efficient information processing of Webspacebar while browsing my websites. The website templates are organized in a user-friendly manner, making navigation a breeze for both myself and my visitors. I strongly suggest .. Read more »
I recently started using Webspacebar for hosting, and I am impressed with their user-friendly Cpanel and excellent Elementor page builder. The Cpanel's easy navigation allows me to efficiently manage my website, emails, and other functions. The .. Read more »
This host offers unlimited storage capacity and fast performance. I have utilized this hosting service for my clients, and it has a high uptime rate. Additionally, the hosting support team ensures daily backups for safety and precautionary measures. .. Read more »
You won't regret investing in these individuals as they provide exceptional service that surpasses expectations. Their customer service is outstanding, and you are unlikely to encounter any problems. Additionally, they offer affordable prices, m.. Read more »
I have been a satisfied customer of WebSpaceBar for several years, benefiting from their affordable hosting services. Their customer service is exceptional, as they consistently respond to my inquiries and resolve any issues within 15 minutes. The on.. Read more »