rating: 8.9, reviews: 19
Country: Pakistan
Servers: Pakistan
Panels: cPanel
Working: 22 years
WebSouls.com is a reliable and reasonably priced web hosting provider that offers excellent shared hosting options for small businesses. Customers have been using their services for several years and have found them trustworthy and dependable. One of the standout features is the availability of Cpanel support, which simplifies website management. The customer support team is consistently prompt and helpful in addressing any concerns or inquiries. The only drawback is the limited bandwidth and st.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

SMART BUNDLEcPanel-5 pcs12 Gb$1.67
STANDARDcPanel-1 pcs3 Gb$1.75
WIN STANDARDcPanel-3 pcs3 Gb$1.84
PROFESSIONALcPanel-5 pcs8 Gb$2.18

VPS-2-4 Gb2 pcs100 Gb$23.25
SSD VPS 1 Managed-2 Gb1 pcs40 Gb$25
SSD VPS 2 Managed Windows-3 Gb2 pcs80 Gb$40

WS-20 T3-1245v23.4 GHz32 Gb4 pcs6000 Gb$100
WS-110 i7-6700-64 Gb-1024 Gb$110

Reviews on WebSouls.com


A number of customers have been using WebSouls shared hosting for their websites for several years and have discovered it to be a trustworthy and reasonably priced option. The availability of Cpanel support simplifies website management, and the cust.. Read more »
I have been a dedicated customer of Websouls Hosting for a consecutive two years, and I am extremely impressed with their exceptional service. One of the standout features of Websouls is the remarkably fast servers they provide, resulting in incredib.. Read more »
I recently subscribed to a package deal from Websouls that includes my domain name, hosting, SSL, and company email at a reasonable price. Their technical support team is quick and accommodating when I submit any support tickets, and their services a.. Read more »
Websoul is a trustworthy web hosting firm that offers outstanding customer support, swift website speeds, and competitive prices. Throughout a two-year period, no problems were encountered with DNS, customer support, or website speed. Websoul's .. Read more »
I had a negative experience with websouls. Initially, they were efficient and reliable, but their effectiveness declined over time. Additionally, they were unresponsive to phone calls and support emails. I would suggest considering alternative plans .. Read more »
I bought a domain from WebSouls Hosting, but it has taken over three days for it to become active. Usually, it should only take up to 48 hours for the host to activate a domain. This delay is not unique to me, as there are three other individuals fac.. Read more »
I was greatly impressed with the hosting packages offered by websouls.com and I often suggested it to numerous clients during the course of their website projects. Occasionally, clients are unsure about which hosting package or website to opt for and.. Read more »
Overall, the speed of Websouls hosting is usually acceptable and their customer support, though not very prompt, appears to be competent. However, I am unsatisfied because my websites experience a noticeable slowdown during specific hours of the day .. Read more »
Websouls is highly recommended as the best choice for affordable hosting with excellent support. Their UI interface is impressive and websites load quickly. They are an outstanding hosting company.
WebSouls is an excellent choice for individuals seeking an affordable domain hosting platform that guarantees improved website performance and exceptional customer support. Their team of highly skilled professionals is readily available to assist cus.. Read more »
The dashboard and hosting setup provided by them have always brought me satisfaction. Their integration features, including SSL and quick script installation, are excellent. Although it is slightly pricey, the overall package they offer is reliable a.. Read more »
I had a positive experience with Websouls as they provided me with domain registration and hosting services. The team was friendly and provided me with guidance throughout the process.
Their prices are reasonably priced. The staff is highly committed and amiable. In general, they are excellent.
I have been utilizing Websouls' services, specifically shared hosting and VPS, for over 13 years. Throughout this time, I have never once considered switching to a different provider. They consistently deliver excellent service, regardless of th.. Read more »
For the past three years, I have been using websouls as my hosting provider and I have been extremely happy with their services. I would highly recommend their hosting to anyone in need of hosting for websites with varying levels of traffic.
I have subscribed to Web Souls for their Web Hosting services. Their team of experts goes beyond simply selling hosting services and helps find the most suitable solution for each individual's needs and budget.
Deciding to use WebSouls as the web hosting provider for my business website was definitely a wise choice. I am extremely pleased with their services, whether it is in terms of website security or performance. WebSouls offers excellent value for mone.. Read more »
I have been utilizing websouls web hosting services for the past 3 years and I can confidently state that they offer the finest web hosting services in Pakistan. Their support team promptly responds whenever I require their assistance.
I have been using websouls for a year. They do not provide access to domain DNS and other domain control. The speed is somewhat slow. Unfortunately, they do not have a 24/7 chat service. They only offer a ticketing service, but you may have to wait f.. Read more »