rating: 9.3, reviews: 11
Servers: United Kingdom
Panels: cPanel, Plesk
Working: 23 years
Testing: 30 days
Webhosting.uk.com is a web hosting platform that offers reliable and affordable services. Customers have praised their customer support, which is available round-the-clock and highly knowledgeable. The platform is considered one of the leading web hosting providers in the UK and offers a range of services such as email hosting, dedicated server rentals, reseller hosting, and domain registration.

Many customers have highlighted the fast loading speed of websites hosted by Webhosting.uk.c.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

StartercPanel2 pcs-5 Gb$4.46
Windows StarterPlesk2 pcs-5 Gb$4.86
PremiumcPanel5 pcs-10 Gb$6.95
AdvancedcPanel15 pcs-20 Gb$9.73
DevelopercPanel--40 Gb$12.52

VPS SG1-2 Gb2 pcs35 Gb$19.67
Windows VPS SG1-2 Gb2 pcs35 Gb$36.86
VPS SG2-3 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$52.28
VPS SG3-4 Gb3 pcs75 Gb$56.62
Cloud SG1-2 Gb2 pcs35 Gb$57.72

Pro 1220 4 Core3 GHz8 Gb4 pcs960 Gb$105.63
Pro 2336 6 Core2.9 GHz32 Gb6 pcs2000 Gb$248.05
Enterprise 4210 10 Core2.2 GHz64 Gb10 pcs2000 Gb$330.52
Enterprise 4210 20 Core2.2 GHz64 Gb20 pcs2000 Gb$485.15

Reviews on Webhosting.uk.com


I have been utilizing this web hosting platform for a while now and have always received reliable customer support when needed. Their services are both affordable and of good quality. However, there is room for improvement in terms of their user inte.. Read more »
I have tried various hosting platforms as a developer, but I find Webhosting.uk.com to be my favorite. It has the fastest loading speed compared to any others I have used before, and they provide round-the-clock customer support. Overall, I would hig.. Read more »
Webhosting.uk.com offers websites that load quickly. I have utilized WHUK for my clients in the UK, and it offers round-the-clock support. I have reached out to their support team during late hours and received a prompt response, which is highly comm.. Read more »
I have tried multiple web hosting companies, but Webhosting UK stands out as the best. I have been a loyal customer of Webhosting UK for many years now, and my experience has been excellent. They are considered one of the leading web hosting provider.. Read more »
Even though Webhosting provides WHM cPanel, the speed of the server and delivery was unsatisfactory when I used them to host several websites as a test in the past. While their VPS plans are reasonably priced, most of our customers are now in the UK,.. Read more »
WHUK is a delight to use as their technical support is available round-the-clock and every technician is highly knowledgeable about cPanel and VPS hosting services. Despite trying an alternative service, 123, we returned to WHUK within just two month.. Read more »
The company has been offering web hosting services for the past two decades. Their technical support team is highly responsive and their service is generally problem-free. My only concern is their pricing, as there are other web hosting companies tha.. Read more »
I have had experience working with customers who use WHUK to host their WordPress sites and I have found that their WordPress solution is excellent. They have pre-installed many of the standard features of a WordPress site, which makes setting up a n.. Read more »
I highly recommend WHUK for hosting services as they offer excellent Linux servers powered by Intel Xeon CPUs. The service is fast and efficient, with a variety of Ubuntu flavors and other distros to choose from. They also provide full root SSH acces.. Read more »
Webhosting.uk.com is an advanced provider of web hosting services. I have been using their services for several weeks now and have had a positive experience so far. In terms of customer support, Webhosting.uk.com offers excellent compensation. Howeve.. Read more »
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