rating: 8.1, reviews: 25
Country: Pakistan
Servers: USA, Germany, Singapore
Panels: cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk
Working: 15 years
Testing: 15 days
Webhoster.pk is a web hosting company based in Pakistan that offers exceptional hosting services and outstanding customer support. They provide hosting solutions at competitive prices and are highly recommended for anyone starting a new website.

One customer, who purchased hosting for their woocommerce website, was relieved to receive complimentary assistance from Webhoster.pk in setting up cloudflare and optimizing the speed. They were so pleased with the service that they plan on rec.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

PremiumcPanel4 pcs15 pcs8 Gb$2
PrimecPanel1 pcs5 pcs2 Gb$2
PrecPanel1 pcs5 pcs1 Gb$2
ProcPanel6 pcs35 pcs15 Gb$3
Win PrimecPanel1 pcs5 pcs5 Gb$5

VPS Premium-16 Gb6 pcs100 Gb$26
VPS Perfect-30 Gb8 pcs200 Gb$44
VPS Prime-8 Gb4 pcs50 Gb$48

DS Drive Xeon D-2141 I2.2 GHz16 Gb8 pcs500 Gb$192
DS Turbo Xeon D-2141 I2.2 GHz28 Gb8 pcs1000 Gb$197
DS Boost Xeon D-2141 I2.2 GHz60 Gb8 pcs1790 Gb$218

Reviews on Webhoster.pk


Bilal Khokhar
I purchased hosting for my woocommerce website from webhoster, and later on they provided me with complimentary assistance in setting up cloudflare and optimizing the speed. This was a great relief for me, and I will be recommending my friends to als.. Read more »
Khan Jappa
I worked as a content producer for a website that used a webhosting service. Since the beginning, the website was consistently sluggish, and the content I uploaded did not appear correctly on the site because various settings were not being updated i.. Read more »
Hira Shahid
I highly recommend Webhoster for their exceptional hosting services and outstanding customer support at the most competitive prices in Pakistan. I believe they are the top choice for anyone starting a new website.
Masddiq Fareed
Webhoster is the most exceptional web hosting provider company I have come across in Pakistan. They offer prompt support and always respond timely with solutions. Their web hosting service is unbeatable in terms of price.
Haider H
SCAM ALERT. I bought a domain but after spending several months on it, I couldn't make it function. It turned out that the domain was only visible in my account and had not been properly registered. It was a clear case of fraudulent activity.
Abdul Majid Bajwa
I rely on a pre-packaged solution from my webhoster, but I struggle with properly configuring Outlook. Thankfully, the webhoster team consistently assists me remotely, providing great support and reasonable pricing.
Hasnat Ahmad
We received excellent assistance from webhoster pk. They were very prompt and even took control of our Anydesk to make the necessary changes in our web hosting control panel.
Waseem Khan
The top web hosting services provider in Pakistan, which I discovered about 6 years ago, has been providing excellent server quality and exceptional support through their web hosting team.
Awais Awais
We greatly appreciate the support and continued assistance provided by webhoster pk. Their excellent services include regular updates and reminders. We have been using their services for over two years and have consistently received timely and reliab.. Read more »
Zulfi Bukhari
This VPS service is ideal for individuals who prioritize their online privacy and security. It offers excellent features at an affordable cost for all hosting solutions in Pakistan.
Sagheer Ahmed Kalwar
I had a very positive experience. The team at webhoster pk is prompt in responding to all inquiries and genuinely cares about customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend this service to my friends and colleagues. Best of luck to webhoster pk!
Ali Sheikh
I have had a positive experience with the webhosting service so far. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially new freelancers, as their budget packages are very affordable. The support team is always prompt and helpful.
Mian Zahid
I have been utilizing the services of a highly reputable web hosting company in Pakistan for the past four to five years.
Hassan Nisar
The hosting company I chose is excellent. They assisted me in connecting my .pk domain with my Shopify store, despite it not being their responsibility.
Rizzi Rizwan
Webhoster.pk offers exceptional service with a consistently available and exceedingly patient tech support team.
Muhammad Faizan
We have been collaborating with webhoster pk for the past three years, successfully running our ecommerce store on their hosting server without encountering any problems. Both our store and software have been performing exceptionally well. We highly .. Read more »
Syed Ali Shah
I have been utilizing a webhosting service for a duration of 2 years, and I am very content with their fast, dependable, and excellent customer support.
Asma ABBA's
As a freelancer, I have been using the web hosting services of this particular webhoster for the past three years. They have consistently provided me with timely support, creating a highly positive experience for hosting my websites with them.
Abbas Youns
Discovered an excellent web hosting company in Pakistan, particularly impressed by their competitive prices and exceptional customer support.
Salman Zafar
This hosting company offers affordable SSD hosting but lacks adequate support for any future problems. They are unresponsive and often ignore queries, leaving customers without a solution. It would be advisable to switch to a more reliable service th.. Read more »
Rahul Boghara
I have had a terrible experience with this web hosting company. They only provide good service when you are about to make a purchase, but once you have subscribed, their support team disappears. Additionally, the overall quality of their service is v.. Read more »
Arslan Javed
The service provided is extremely unsatisfactory. The support team is incredibly unhelpful as they take an excessive amount of time to resolve any issues. The chat session is completely neglected, leaving customers feeling utterly powerless.
Younis Mustafa
During my internship at a local Digital Agency, I had the opportunity to try it once. However, I found it to be quite unreliable with frequent downtime and slow page loading. Although their live chat widget was operational, there was no one available.. Read more »
Muhammad Haseeb
The web host provider is comparable to a small business or potentially fraudulent. After waiting for several hours, I finally received a response to my inquiry. I required hosting services for a client who requested recommendations for the best provi.. Read more »
SoHaib Arshad Khan
In February 2022, I had a negative experience with a hosting company while developing a website for a client in Pakistan. The client purchased the domain and hosting, but after 5 days, both were unexpectedly blocked, possibly due to being acquired by.. Read more »