rating: 8, reviews: 4
WebFaction.com is a hosting service that offers a variety of features and options for web developers and users. With positive reviews highlighting their customer support and helpful explanations, it is clear that WebFaction.com prioritizes providing assistance to their customers. The London server is noted as being responsive and reliable, while the shared package is considered to be slower than the managed package.

However, negative reviews suggest that the customer support may not be .. Read more »

Reviews on WebFaction.com


I used Webfaction before it was acquired by GoDaddy. I had a positive experience with their customer support, as they always responded to my emails within 3 hours and provided helpful explanations and advice. The pricing was a bit higher than expecte.. Read more »
I have been utilizing Webfaction hosting for more than a year, and their customer support appears to be lacking. Their server performance is subpar, and their backup system is completely ineffective. In general, this hosting service is not suitable f.. Read more »
The minimum features offered by Webfaction include SSH access, support for multiple versions of PHP with custom php.ini, support for Perl, Python, and Ruby (preferably multiple versions), support for various development environments such as Ruby on R.. Read more »
I had an experience working with webFaction when they were part of Citrix hosting around 1.5 years ago. The aspect that disappointed me the most was the slow ticket processing and lack of genuine 24/7 online support, which caused delays. Their manual.. Read more »