rating: 9.5, reviews: 26
Servers: USA, Finland
Panels: Custom
Webdock.io is a highly recommended VPS hosting service that offers excellent performance, affordability, and outstanding customer support. Users have praised the easy setup process and intuitive control panel, which allows for effortless management of servers. The web interface is user-friendly and appealing, making it ideal for both novices and experienced Linux users. With unlimited access and DDoS protection, Webdock.io offers a range of features that set them apart from other VPS vendors. Cu.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

SSD Micro-2 Gb6 pcs5 Gb$4.3
SSD Micro+-4 Gb6 pcs50 Gb$10.75
SSD pro-10 Gb10 pcs100 Gb$21.51
SSD premium-20 Gb15 pcs200 Gb$36.56

SSD Micro-2 Gb6 pcs5 Gb$4.3
SSD Micro+-4 Gb6 pcs50 Gb$10.75
SSD pro-10 Gb10 pcs100 Gb$21.51
SSD premium-20 Gb15 pcs200 Gb$36.56

Reviews on Webdock.io


I was subjected to inappropriate language from their customer service team and received no assistance for my request.
Llu Shalou
Excellent VPS option available at an affordable price and assured fast performance. I have been utilizing it for a duration of two months and it perfectly meets my requirements.
Bruno Silva
The support provided was excellent and efficient, offering affordable prices and high performance. When I needed assistance with setting up Ubuntu, the support team promptly resolved my query. The VPS pricing and specifications are highly satisfactor.. Read more »
Alex Amado
The interface of webdock is very appealing, attractive, and user-friendly. The price is reasonable considering the various features they offer, such as unlimited access and DDoS protection. The support team is focused on ensuring customer success rat.. Read more »
Peter Bašista
Incredible! The user interface is sleek and pleasant. There is a wide range of preconfigured Linux options available. The daily snapshots feature, which automatically saves my progress, proved to be a lifesaver. The prices are unbeatable and the supp.. Read more »
Sebastian Zabrzyski
I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Webdock during my first month with them. Their servers are affordable and perform excellently, and I have not encountered any downtime. The control panel is easy to use and navigate. One aspect I.. Read more »
Yeasin Mollik
I have tried various VPS providers, including WebDock, and I have been particularly impressed by Webdock.io due to its easy setup and affordable prices. The platform is intuitive and cost-effective. It functions seamlessly and the user-friendly web i.. Read more »
Mohammad Jawad Jameel
I highly recommend this service to anyone who requires reliable VPS hosting and has the capability to manage their own servers, especially after using it for a year.
Alex Montsarj
The prices are affordable, the virtual private server is speedy, and assistance is provided within an hour.
Rini Endang Kiswati
Even as a novice, I find the website control panel user-friendly. It allows us to effortlessly generate a VPS using pre-set templates like NGINX or APACHE, eliminating the need to start from scratch.
Arman Usman
I haven't encountered any issues with Webdock.Io thus far, but I am currently in the process of developing and testing. The true level of reliability can only be determined once I have launched the service I am working on. However, I am confiden.. Read more »
Abhishek Karle
Their services are highly affordable and can greatly simplify the workload. It is recommended to give them a try.
Randel John Arguilles Cab
Webdock offers top-of-the-line specifications for cloud servers, making it ideal for both personal projects and high-demand production servers. The support provided by their team exceeds any previous experiences I have had.
mohammad javad
I suggest choosing webdock as they excel in their field, provide excellent support, and offer the best price-performance ratio in the industry.
Chak Bass
Webdock provides excellent service, with highly patient and enthusiastic customer support. Additionally, their virtual private servers are highly stable.
Akintoye Toyosi Emman Ade
I have found that the control panel provided by Webdock is superior to those of other hosting companies I have used. Additionally, I have noticed that they are honest, authentic, and caring towards their customers. It appears that they prioritize cus.. Read more »
Shishir Prasad
The service is extremely cost-effective and I have been utilizing it for the previous few months. Additionally, the assistance provided is of high quality.
Márcio Cardoso
Exceptional service, flawless VPS options, and the finest customer support I have ever encountered.
Valeriu Paloş
Without a doubt, my top-notch encounter with a VPS provider to date. Everything functions flawlessly and the servers are incredibly fast, even the smallest ones. Additionally, the pre-configured images containing MongoDB, Node.js, MySQL, and Redis ha.. Read more »
Peder Olofsson
After assessing various VPS hosting companies, I discovered that webdock is a good fit for my needs. Thus far, I am highly satisfied with their service. The customer support is prompt and valuable. There are numerous operating system templates availa.. Read more »
Edinson Lenin Santa Cruz
I have recently started using webdock, and I must say that I am highly pleased with it. It has a user-friendly interface, prompt customer support for any queries, and offers excellent performance. Therefore, I highly recommend it.
Douglas McConnachie
The service provided by Webdock is exceptionally great. I have been a customer for more than a year and I am extremely satisfied with the service. The server performance and uptime are excellent, all at an affordable price. The support I have receive.. Read more »
Braun Boniface
I discovered Webdock while reading their article about setting up virtual hosts and installing SSL for Apache in Ubuntu. Since then, I have become a loyal customer because their pricing, service, and server configuration are superior to any other ser.. Read more »
Phunsuk Wangdu
Webdock offers the most impressive specifications for a cloud server, making it suitable for both personal use and high-demand production servers. The support provided by the team is unparalleled and surpasses any previous experiences I have had. Kee.. Read more »
Inge Reck
I have tried multiple hosting providers in the past, but I have always faced issues like slow DNS, continuous plan upgrades, and difficulty accessing my server. However, Webdock.io is a refreshing change. They offer excellent prices and I have my own.. Read more »
Kerim Katica
I utilize Webdock for both my regular website and one of my online stores. I made some mistakes and caused my webshop to crash, but when I contacted Webdock, they promptly and efficiently saved and restored it in a matter of minutes. Their service is.. Read more »