rating: 6.6, reviews: 7
Servers: Nigeria
Panels: cPanel, Plesk
Working: 22 years
Web4Africa.com is a hosting company based in South Africa that has been operating since 2002. They offer affordable hosting services starting at just R40 per month and provide reliable performance and server uptime. Their packages include a free SSL certificate and domain, making it easy to register your own personal domain with a wide range of extensions available.

Managing your website is made easy with Web4Africa's user-friendly interfaces like cPanel and Plesk, and they also offer a.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

MercurycPanel--2 Gb$2
BronzecPanel--10 Gb$5
Mercury WPcPanel1 pcs-5 Gb$7
SilvercPanel--20 Gb$7.5

VPS8-32 Gb16 pcs800 Gb$400

Intel Xeon2.5 GHz16 Gb8 pcs300 Gb$200

Reviews on Web4Africa.com


During our project with a client from South Africa, we opted to utilize a hosting platform that seemed suitable. One of our team members recommended Web4africa.com, which we initially believed to be an excellent choice. However, we were disappointed .. Read more »
Atwan Nomani
I am extremely happy with the hosting and server speed I receive from web4africa's Speedex package. The support they offer is also outstanding. There is only a small problem when migrating to a new site, as the upload speed can be slow if done w.. Read more »
Muhammad Yousuf
Last year, I relocated my client's website from another hosting provider to web4africa.com. However, due to frequent instances of website downtime in various regions, we were compelled to transfer it to Siteground. Unfortunately, the customer su.. Read more »
Sean Sta
I had to terminate my services with web4africa because their services were unreliable and their support was terrible. They hardly addressed my concerns and my websites remained inaccessible for an extended period, despite me paying for the service to.. Read more »
Syed Muhammad Ali
I have been a satisfied customer of web4africa for a while, appreciating the excellent performance and reliability of their website hosting services. However, there is room for improvement in their customer support, which tends to be slow.
Tiaan Stulting
Web4Africa, a lesser-known hosting company based in South Africa, has been operating since 2002. They provide affordable and dependable hosting services starting at just R40 per month. Their packages include a free SSL certificate and domain, and the.. Read more »
Natalie Alice Royston
Advantages - Compared to other hosting companies in South Africa, this hosting service is competitively priced. - It is quick and easy to register your own personal domain, with a wide range of domain extensions available. - The web hosting packages.. Read more »