rating: 9.6, reviews: 5
Panels: Plesk
Working: 11 years
Web-Telecoms.co.za is a hosting service that offers reliable and reasonably priced options for website design and management. Their migration service is highly efficient, resulting in improved loading speeds and seamless SSL certificate installation. The company's hosting service is dependable and their support is outstanding, making them a highly recommended choice.

However, there are some limitations to their control panel, particularly with regards to PHP configuration and the absenc.. Read more »

Reviews on Web-Telecoms.co.za


I am extremely pleased with the service I received from web-telecoms after they moved my WordPress website. Within minutes of the migration being finished, I noticed a significant improvement in the loading speed of my page, which was very satisfying.. Read more »
Despite the fast web-telecoms servers and the round-the-clock availability of knowledgeable customer service, the control panel is limited in its capabilities. Specifically, the PHP Configuration lacks the option to modify post_max_size and upload_ma.. Read more »
Web-telecoms is a good choice for those who want more advanced options for website design, beyond basic drag and drop tools. Although they do offer a website builder and WordPress, users also have the ability to manage back-end operations using PHP s.. Read more »
I recently tried out the hosting service provided by Web-Telecoms and found it to have many positive aspects. However, a major drawback was the absence of a built-in website builder. This proved to be inconvenient, as I had to find their affiliate pa.. Read more »
The service and support provided are exceptional and truly worth the price. Although they may not be the most affordable option, their outstanding service and fast speeds justify the cost. I would give them a perfect rating of 10 out of 10 and would .. Read more »