rating: 6.8, reviews: 13
Servers: USA
Working: 25 years
Web.com is a web hosting service that offers exceptional quality and competitive pricing. Their service goes above and beyond expectations, providing a hassle-free and high-quality hosting experience. The easy-to-use interface and outstanding technical support make it a top choice for those seeking reliable web hosting.

Users have praised Web.com for its easy setup process and range of products to meet hosting requirements. The loading speed of websites hosted on Web.com is impressive, .. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Basic-1 pcs-10 Gb$9.99
Plus-5 pcs-20 Gb$13.99
Premium-10 pcs-40 Gb$16.99



Reviews on Web.com


alejandra gonzalez
I have had a highly rewarding experience with Web.com. Their service is of exceptional quality, with an easy-to-use interface and services that go above and beyond expectations. Additionally, their pricing is very competitive, providing great value f.. Read more »
Sadurshan Saravana
Returning to Web.com felt like reconnecting with an old familiar friend in the world of hosting and website building. It brought back nostalgic memories while also piquing my curiosity about how things had progressed. Web.com still offered affordabl.. Read more »
Aieshah Shah
The price of Web.com is extremely affordable and offers incredible value. Setting up hosting is quick and straightforward, and they offer a range of products to meet your hosting requirements. Their customer service team is excellent and always ready.. Read more »
Dan Bechtold
This was one of the most unpleasant encounters I've had with a hosting company, and I didn't remain for a significant period, only a few months. Perhaps the months I endured were their worst, but I have no intention of giving them another o.. Read more »
Brian Titus
I have been using Web.com hosting services for approximately seven years. Initially, their services were terrible, but over time, they have become more bearable and now compare well with other quality hosting providers. The website and account manage.. Read more »
Soubhik Chakrabarti
In the early 2000s, during my teenage years, I utilized webs.com to build my website without any problems. Even now, the interface remains excellent. However, they were overshadowed by Wordpress due to their lack of innovation and limited hosting opt.. Read more »
Indra Widijanta
Advantages: Web.com is a reasonably priced website builder that offers affordable starting fees. It is useful for setting up personal portfolio websites and allows for instant publishing within a few hours. Disadvantages: In comparison to its more e.. Read more »
Noel Villa
Although their services are of good quality, they are quite costly. They specialize in web design and are able to troubleshoot any front-end issues on the website. However, it would be beneficial if they could improve their customer support, particul.. Read more »
Katarina Brnjada
There are different packages available, but they come at a steep price. Despite the high cost, the only benefits you receive are friendly customer support and strong security. The starter package is particularly expensive. Web com is suitable only fo.. Read more »
James Johnson
This e-commerce platform offers a comprehensive solution for creating and enhancing online stores. Web.com is a longstanding provider in this field, although it has some limitations. However, personally, I recommend it as your online partner. Pros: .. Read more »
Jeremy Smith
Web.com is not up to par and is no longer valuable. It may have been relevant in 1995, but now it falls short. There are numerous issues with billing and persistent sales tactics, which is frustrating when their service is not functioning properly. W.. Read more »
Olivia Dela Paz
The billing terms of Web.com are overly complex. Initially, their offer appears to be affordable. However, upon renewal, the price will vary, leading to confusion and a sense of deceptive advertising. Additionally, they lack chat support. The only po.. Read more »
shiela saballa
Advantages: - Their support staff is highly knowledgeable and can provide excellent assistance. - The pricing for their hosting services is reasonable. - Their customer and technical service representatives have been helpful and reliable. Disadvanta.. Read more »