rating: 9.3, reviews: 15
Country: Ukraine
Servers: Ukraine, USA, Netherlands
Panels: cPanel, DirectAdmin
Working: 14 years
Testing: 30 days
VPS.ua is an exceptional VPS provider that offers a reliable and top-notch hosting service. With a duration of three months utilizing their services, my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Despite the prevailing circumstances in the nation, their support team is prompt and efficient, ensuring that any issues are effectively solved. The cost of their services is relatively affordable, particularly during the initial month of usage. Additionally, VPS.ua provides numerous promotions a.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Cloud 1-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$14
KVM-50-4 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$19.99
KVM-70-6 Gb3 pcs70 Gb$35.99
Cloud 4-4 Gb2 pcs20 Gb$36
KVM-90-8 Gb4 pcs90 Gb$54.53

Cloud 12.6 GHz1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$14
KVM-502.6 GHz4 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$19.99
KVM-702.6 GHz6 Gb3 pcs70 Gb$35.99
Cloud 42.6 GHz4 Gb2 pcs20 Gb$36
KVM-902.6 GHz8 Gb4 pcs90 Gb$54.53

Reviews on VPS.ua


I have been using this VPS provider for 3 months now and everything is great. The support is fast, despite the current situation in the country, and the cost is quite reasonable. The first month of usage is also cheap. I highly recommend it.
Super reliable and high-quality, our support team will solve everything. Many promotions and discounts are available. It's definitely worth it A+++++.
I moved to this hosting from another service and was pleased with the trial period, after which I smoothly transitioned to a permanent basis. The price is reasonable and the quality is good. I have had 100% uptime during my time using it, and the tec.. Read more »
Not recommended. They automatically deduct money even if you don't use it, and it was impossible to disable the function through the personal account. I contacted customer support and it felt like they deliberately designed it to "rip off&q.. Read more »
The price, speed, reliability, and support all satisfy me. I give it a rating of 5 for all of these aspects. I am interested in more flexibility regarding the ability to change rules for non-commercial structures in the gov.ua domain.
I really like everything! The support is of high quality and very prompt! I recommend trying it out for yourself.
I have been using VPS for half a year now, and it works reliably and stably. I am particularly pleased with the support - they respond instantly to inquiries and quickly resolve any issues. As for the drawbacks, I didn't like the fact that the m.. Read more »
Great hosting! The server quality and technical support are top-notch! No complaints at the moment.
I have tried many VPS hosting providers, but I have settled on this one, you are the best. If only the prices for additional services were not so high, it would be the best of the best.
In short, I have been using it for 2 years and I am 100% satisfied with everything. The technical support is better and faster than anything I have seen before. It's definitely the top choice among all the websites I have visited, whether it.. Read more »
Your hosting is simply unreal. I have been using VPS services for over 5 years, and after a difficult decision, but as it turned out, the right one - I moved to you. My previous VPS hosting left much to be desired. Slow support, constant excuses that.. Read more »
A great virtual server for internet projects. It offers flexible customization options and an intuitive panel with a user-friendly interface. Webuzo is easy to configure and understand. Whenever I had any questions, the support team promptly resolved.. Read more »
And now for an honest review. I needed a very simple server for a virtual network. I ordered from VPS.ua Cloud VPS and was disappointed. The interface is like something from the year 2000. Everything is crooked, the screen doesn't fit properly, .. Read more »
I have been using this service for several years now and have never encountered any issues. Everything is always clearly written and the managers respond very quickly. Payment is processed instantly. I highly recommend it!
During my 10 years of experience in web development, I have tried out numerous hosting providers. However, I eventually settled on VPS.ua because their support quality is top-notch.