rating: 4, reviews: 6
Country: Latvia
Servers: Latvia
Working: 15 years
VPS-hosting.lv is an extremely poor quality hosting service that has gained a reputation for deceiving its customers at their own convenience. The company's technical support is solely managed by the CEO, which often leads to a lack of accountability and a disregard for customer complaints. The CEO has been known to blacklist customers arbitrarily and respond disrespectfully when questioned about the need for additional fees or evidence of rule violations.

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Reviews on VPS-hosting.lv


The hosting service is of extremely poor quality. The company deceives customers at their own convenience. There is only one individual responsible for technical support, who also happens to be the CEO. It becomes evident that any complaints about th.. Read more »
Nataliya Rozdilska
I plan to distance myself from you as soon as possible because my website, which has 50 hosts, is always unavailable and shows a 503 error. Even GoogleBot removed it from their index at one point. This hosting service is the worst I have ever encount.. Read more »
Sheena Niña Depaudho
This hosting company is exclusively utilized by individuals who engage in spamming activities.
This hosting is only used by spammers.
Terrible hosting, they scam whenever they want. There's only one person working in support, who is also the CEO. You can imagine, there's no one to complain about him, so he abuses his power. He bans whenever he feels like it. When asked fo.. Read more »
I will definitely run away from you at the first opportunity. My website with 50 hosts is constantly unavailable with a 503 error. GoogleBot even removed it from the index once. The worst hosting I have ever seen. There is not a single advantage exce.. Read more »