rating: 8.2, reviews: 90
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia, Netherlands
Panels: FastPanel, HestiaCP, VestaCP
Working: 11 years
VDSina.ru is a hosting service that offers reliable and affordable plans. However, there is a significant issue with the commission fee, which has caused dissatisfaction among some users. The fee for replenishment is 29%, and when combined with the payment gateway fee, it becomes a total of 38.6%. This high fee has been criticized as a form of theft by some customers. The fee applies only when paying with a credit card, and to avoid it, customers are required to purchase a plan worth at least 10.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

2GB-2 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$4.86
8GB-8 Gb4 pcs80 Gb$15.57
4GB-4 Gb2 pcs60 Gb$20.3
Cloud AMD EPYC 4-4 Gb4 pcs200 Gb$43.01

DS 30GB4.5 GHz30 Gb8 pcs350 Gb$156.32
DS 60GB4.5 GHz60 Gb12 pcs930 Gb$312
DS 120GB4.5 GHz120 Gb32 pcs2500 Gb$625.3
DS 180GB4.5 GHz180 Gb48 pcs3600 Gb$938.59

Reviews on VDSina.ru


I have no complaints about the speed and reliability. However, their pricing policy seems deceptive. They initially introduced a 30% commission for account top-ups, with no commission only for amounts over 10,000 rubles. Now they have doubled the tar.. Read more »
I'll summarize briefly - they don't refund money - literally. Stability is lacking. Response time to tickets is measured in days. I'm writing this for other clients so they can learn from my mistake of using the so-called vdsina and a.. Read more »
Dmitriy Mihaylin
Beware of these people! They lure you in very cunningly! It's 2023, they lured us in with competitive prices, and then raised the rates three times without any warning. But you have to deposit the money in advance, otherwise there will be a com.. Read more »
They are not returning the money (they haven't been in touch for 4 days already). Although they used to respond almost instantly before the payment was made. If you value your time, nerves, and money, I do not recommend this supplier. I also wan.. Read more »
Aleksandr Pylaev
Absolutely terrible service. They offer VPN launching services, but it runs extremely poorly (constant freezing even on a stable connection, consistently low speed, even though only 1-2 devices are connected). Recently, they raised their prices, and .. Read more »
Pavel Dolgoruki
Everything was fine for a while. Since July, the tariff was silently increased, citing clause 3.3 of the contract offer (where the provider can unilaterally make changes) and a notification about the exchange rate increase. However, this tariff remai.. Read more »
I have a VPS with them. Advantages: - Decent stability (only 2 occasional interruptions in 4 months of usage) - Good control panel and its functionality - KVM without any containers Disadvantages: - The company seems very unremarkable and closed-of.. Read more »
Anton Bogachev
The service appears to be reliable and offers affordable plans. However, there is a significant issue with the commission fee. The fee for replenishment is 29%, and when combined with the payment gateway fee, it becomes a total of 38.6%. This high fe.. Read more »
Anton Bogachev
The service seems stable with affordable tariffs, BUT! The declared commission for top-up is 29%, but together with the payment gateway fee, it's a whopping 38.6%! It's robbery! I topped up by a thousand and had to pay 1386₽! And that'.. Read more »
Andrey Sitnichuk
Naturally, I have no desire to remain on a platform that unexpectedly imposes a 30% fee for deposits. We suggest exploring other options.
Andrey Sitnichuk
Of course, nobody wants to stay on a platform that suddenly introduces a 30% commission on top-ups. We recommend considering alternatives.
Anna Linko
From March onwards, a 30% fee has been implemented for adding funds to the account if the deposit is less than 10,000 ₽. Previously, there were four servers for hosting, two in Russia and two in the Netherlands, without any issues for two years. Howe.. Read more »
Kostya Semin
I was their customer for about 2 years, just renting a VPS, and the fee of about 200 rubles per month suited me just fine. But here's the problem, when I logged in to top up my account again, I discovered that the hosters are paying attention!!!.. Read more »
Anna Linko
Since March, a 30% commission has been introduced for account top-ups of less than 10,000₽. Prior to this, we had four servers hosted (two in Russia and two in the Netherlands) for two years with no issues. However, there is absolutely no desire to p.. Read more »
They betrayed their partners; I brought new clients to the company and built some monthly income through the affiliate program. The requested affiliate payment at the end of March 2023 remained unfulfilled for a long time. After my inquiries to the.. Read more »
Ruslan Sokol
Good afternoon. I will write as is. I purchased a VPS and the payment went smoothly. After a month, it's time to renew, but the hosting commission has increased to 20% for deposits up to 1000 rubles. However, if you deposit 5000 rubles or more, .. Read more »
Ruslan Sokol
Good day. I'll write it as it is. I bought a VPS, the payment went through smoothly. It's been a month, it's time to renew, and now the hoster's commission is 20% for top-ups up to 1000 rubles. Now it's 30%, but if you top u.. Read more »
Valerii Ivanenko
The price-quality ratio of the service is outstanding! The control panel offers convenient settings. It is possible to easily install anything from ISO, and there is also a wide range of pre-made templates for websites. I would like to express my gra.. Read more »
Valerii Ivanenko
Great service with an excellent price-to-quality ratio! The control panel has very flexible settings. You can install whatever ISO you want, plus there are plenty of ready-made templates. I would like to express my gratitude for the prompt (I would e.. Read more »
Vladislav Beletskiy
This company's servers are consistently sending a large volume of spam. The hosting provider for these servers is Mchost. I have already filed a complaint with them, providing all the necessary information, and I am also preparing a complaint wi.. Read more »
Vladislav Beletskiy
The company's servers are sending an uninterrupted amount of spam. The hosting provider for these servers is mchost. I have sent a complaint to them with all the information, and I am also preparing a complaint with all the data to be submitted .. Read more »
Over the past month, the fee for adding funds to an account in Russian rubles has increased to 20-30% across all payment systems. If payment is made in foreign currency, the internal exchange rate is nearly double the current rate.
In the last month, a commission has been introduced for topping up an account in rubles, ranging from 20% to 30% across all payment systems. Payment in foreign currency is processed at an internal exchange rate nearly twice as high as the current rat.. Read more »
Money needs to be deposited immediately. The withdrawal fee is 1000 rubles, as stated in the offer (but who reads it). Couldn't try anything. Emails are not coming to @gmail.com. It is unknown how long it takes to create a virtual machine, and t.. Read more »
Oleg Tyulkin
They act like scammers, it's really disgusting. I decided to register a VPN server, saw that they have a location in the Netherlands with the necessary configuration. Clicked on the create server button and it redirected me to a balance replenis.. Read more »
Sergey Smirnov
I have been using hosting services for a long time and I am satisfied with the price of a dedicated server with a dedicated IP address. This price includes a dedicated server space, unlike other hosting companies that have numerous users sharing the .. Read more »
Sergey Smirnov
I have been using it for a long time, attracted by the price - the price for a dedicated server with a separate IP address just for me is the same as the price for a corner on a server where thousands of others like me are hosted by other hosting pro.. Read more »
Andrey Kuzovlev
The hosting service is excellent, as it is fast and effective.
Andrey Kuzovlev
Great hosting! Fast and high quality!
Nikolay Shapiro
The website VDSina.ru is a great hosting provider. It seems to be the cheapest among similar websites with good speed and reliability. The support is fast and very helpful. I am very satisfied with your work. I highly recommend your website to everyo.. Read more »
Maksim Shahov
Great hosting. Excellent technical support. In two years of use, I have never encountered any issues with the hosting itself. There was only one network outage once, but I didn't even notice it, although I received compensation for the downtime .. Read more »
Great hosting. Excellent technical support. In two years of using it, I never encountered any problems with the hosting itself. There was only one network outage once, but I didn't even notice it, although I received compensation for the downtim.. Read more »
Andrey Rinov
Excellent technical support. I've tested around ten services, and the guys from VDSINA are currently leading in this aspect.
Arthur O'harra
Great service, the support is knowledgeable and very helpful. Everything is conveniently organized and easy to understand.
Daniil Volkov
The interface is very simple and user-friendly, and hosts are created quickly. The support team responded to me within a minute, even on a Sunday. The prices may not be the cheapest, but they are reasonably good.
Egor Vavilov
In my opinion, it is the best hosting. I use it for my VKontakte bot server. It performs well and, most importantly, it is fast. I highly recommend it.
Evgen Vorobyov
Terrible service. The customer orientation and responsiveness of technical support are at the lowest level. They answer all questions regarding server operation by saying "look for information on the internet, there are plenty of resources there.. Read more »
Roman Shabaev
The best hosting I've ever used. I've been working with them for 2 years and they've never let me down. I highly recommend them to you.
Artem Maza
I highly recommend this hosting service, as it consistently performs well without any issues! So far, I haven't encountered any significant problems.
Evgeniy Moldovanu
I do not recommend this hosting service as they reduce the speed and have also come up with a unique trick to put accounts in the negative by deducting money on the last day. The customer support team, instead of helping, mocks and refers to the rule.. Read more »
Evgeniy Scherbakov
Horror is not an assessment of the server itself, I didn't even get to the tests. Horror is an assessment of the operator's work, specifically Mikhail Ozorovich. I clarified my requirements with the operators and they assured me everything .. Read more »
Evgeniy Trofimenko
Great service, fast and knowledgeable technical support. It's also great that the server can be easily customized and quickly adjusted with instant reboot, allowing you to continue using it without data loss and with improved or lower parameters.. Read more »
Nikita Pokrovskiy
The servers were constantly crashing, experiencing freezes, or simply getting disconnected. There is always a shortage of affordable new servers. And most importantly, they violate Russian laws and refuse to refund money. Why are they asking for a 10.. Read more »
Irina Smirnova
Getting the desired service is very easy and fast. We offer convenient payment methods. The server has sufficient protection, so there is no need to change the default RDP port. Our prices are reasonable and we even have promo codes available. The sp.. Read more »
Vitaliy Vaganov
For any questions regarding depositing funds, it is advisable to contact support first, as they are quick to respond. However, once the funds have been deducted, they will not be refunded. Additionally, the minimum amount for deposit is 100 rubles. I.. Read more »
I really liked the website. The customer support responds very quickly to inquiries, and I have been using the server for over 2 months. The servers are very fast.
Kirill Vitalevich
We decided to test VPS hosting and set it up ourselves. Surprisingly, the support team responds very quickly to inquiries, which makes us very happy. Thank you!
Oleg Sergeevich
Great hosting, user-friendly panel. The only drawback that made us refuse their services is that they only offer 1 additional IP for a regular server and 2 for a HI server. According to their admin, they would provide extra IPs, but their system (whi.. Read more »
Anna Kovbasova
I am always pleasantly surprised by the speed of receiving responses to my questions - the support specialists answer very promptly and clearly. I have also not noticed any issues with the service itself :)
Igor Popovich
Throughout the entire time of usage, there has never been a single refusal and all malfunctions are always resolved promptly. Thank you to the support team for their efficiency and assistance. Peace to your home!
Sergey Rodzevich
Terrible customer support. There was an issue with very low speed from VDS in Amsterdam to my location (1-2 Mbps). However, there was a stable channel of 90-95 Mbps in both directions with the rest of Europe (including Amsterdam) according to speedte.. Read more »
I am very happy to use this server! I am a beginner myself and thought it would be difficult to figure everything out, but on this website, everything is so simple and convenient that even a schoolchild can easily understand it. And a big plus is tha.. Read more »
Probably the best hosting I have ever seen. The support team responds to any questions in just 2-3 minutes. The VDS server that I rented works flawlessly and quite fast! I highly recommend choosing "vdsin". Thank you very much for the high-.. Read more »
Vladislav Kamenetsky
Hello everyone who is looking for a balanced approach to customer service and democratic rules for hosting their project, I recommend paying attention to a company like VDSINA. Here, you can host practically any project. Advantages: 1. Democratic pr.. Read more »
Ilvir Kidrasov
I made a mistake in the settings while creating the website and linking it to the server))) I contacted the support team and Dmitry Dyatlov replied within a minute, pointing out what needs to be corrected. The support team is simply outstanding! Than.. Read more »
Tatyana Toma
The website is very convenient and easy to navigate! The support team is also excellent - I've never encountered such quick assistance before. Well done!
Aleksey Nazarenko
Great server rental service. Everything suits me. The main thing is to read and familiarize yourself with the rules correctly. And don't forget to make a backup of your server.
ساشا روسي
A great VPS host. I initially ordered a trial for a month and was satisfied, so I purchased two servers from the "Eternal" plan, and everything is working perfectly. I have web sites and my main email running on both servers, along with var.. Read more »
You can get a good hosting at an affordable price with Windows VPS. We had no issues with the company's employees.
VPS Hosting "VDSINA.ru" is truly worthwhile and deserves attention. I personally haven't had any issues with this hosting for the past 2 years. The server is always available, and a huge plus is that you can use your server without an.. Read more »
Aleksandr Feoktistov
I have been using this service for a long time. The price, speed, and reliability are all acceptable, which is what pleases me the most. The technical support responds quickly and helps instantly. I highly recommend it to everyone, you won't reg.. Read more »
I have tried several Russian hosting providers and usually there was always something I didn't like: the price, the website, the convenience of payment, or the slow storage. However, in the past six months, I haven't had any complaints and .. Read more »
Maks Krylov
Overall, everything is great. However, it took me a couple of days to self-learn and set up the server. The server is now working, the domain is connected, and the website is up and running (and still being completed). I have also set up SSH access a.. Read more »
David Volkov
This hosting is great! There was a server issue at the moment, but it has been resolved and all projects are functioning well and quickly. I highly recommend this hosting to you.
Throughout my time using this hosting service, I have not encountered any critical issues. My website, which is hosted on this platform, loads quickly compared to previous hosting providers. It can handle heavy traffic and so on. I am satisfied with.. Read more »
Roman Tkachenko
I have been using the services of vdsina.ru since 2014. They provide very stable performance, with competent technical support and good internet connectivity. The price-to-quality ratio is also excellent.
Ruslan Sotchenko
The technical support is fast and responds adequately to queries. They make an effort to help as much as they can, and that's the most important thing. The website doesn't lag and works perfectly. Even if there are any slowdowns, they are .. Read more »
Great service. Works without any interruptions. Customer support responds promptly! I recommend it to all my clients. It's not very cheap, but for example, it can easily handle 4 exchange bots on one server! which ultimately proves to be cost-ef.. Read more »
Maksim Sokolov
Great hosting, fast support, genuinely SSD with good speed, quick internet on servers, everything works stable and without any freezing. I will definitely recommend it!
Vlad Markov
I highly recommend this great company to everyone, you won't regret it. The hosting team is very responsive, as we have experienced.
I have been using this hosting provider for almost half a year now, before that I used others for about the same amount of time, occasionally switching hosting providers. I have 5 distributed servers on this host for my web service. During this time,.. Read more »
Rustam Putilin
The servers are very reliable and, most importantly, they are serviced at the highest level and function properly.
Dmitriy Burnashev
The hosting is simply superb, there are no issues at all for such prices. Everything is convenient and practical in terms of server management. I will continue using it.
The server quality is always top-notch, and the TP staff never fail to impress. Overall, it's comfortable working with them and I trust them.
Arseniy Devyaltovskiy
I moved and I don't regret it, even though the cheapest option for 60 rubles is only available in limited quantities per account. I have no regrets about the move, as it works reliably with stable speed and excellent support.
Ruslan Lyapunov
Great hosting. Works smoothly. The support team is friendly, and the price is reasonable too. I can recommend this company.
Sergey Balonin
Great hosting, I've been using their services. The prices are reasonable and the quality is top-notch. Highly recommended!
Dmitriy Gunya
Great hosting, fast customer support. Satisfied with everything!
Gamir Valeev
I have been working with TOP Website for a while now, and they have never let me down. The technical support team is also very responsive and helps resolve any issues quickly.
Zakhar Pakrovskiy
I highly recommend an excellent hosting service that offers a great combination of price, quality, and speed.
Husan Talathodzhaev
I have been using the services of VDSina for a long time. It has never let me down. I definitely recommend it.
Nikolay Stepanov
Great hosting, support responds within 5 minutes, very satisfied!
Misha Circle
Overall, everything is great. I did spend a couple of days self-learning and setting up the server, but now it's up and running. I managed to connect the domain and the website is functional (with some finishing touches left). I also set up SSH .. Read more »
Everything is great except for the traffic accounting as it is counted both incoming and outgoing. In other words, it is cumulative.
Serega Stepanov
Based on the reviews, I decided to launch my website on this provider. 1) Account top-up starting from 1000 rubles (now I understand why). 2) Complete lack of any technical support, you will definitely have to hire an external programmer or freelan.. Read more »
Andrey Kramer
Hello, I rarely write reviews about certain services I've come across, but I feel compelled to do so now. Prior to VDSINA, I have worked with various services, and I must say that this particular service stands out in every aspect. The prices ar.. Read more »
Great VDS hosting. The speed is top-notch. It's a shame, though, that they don't provide support. But it's clearly stated that this hosting is for professionals. Assistance is not available.
Great hosting provider, been working with them for about 3 years now. As soon as they introduced the 59 ruble tariff, I decided to leave a review. It's really awesome and convenient for beginners or when you need to test certain things. The supp.. Read more »
Oleg Borisov
Good day! I have been testing your service for a few days now and I am very satisfied with its performance. Almost everything works smoothly. The control panel is user-friendly. The prices are affordable and the support is prompt. I wish you further .. Read more »
Darya Mochalkina
During testing, the VDSina.ru virtual server showed very good results. Among the VDS servers I tested, it was the fastest single-processor KVM server with 1GB of RAM. Furthermore, it turned out to be the most affordable option at such performance lev.. Read more »