rating: 9.5, reviews: 52
Servers: USA, Germany, Canada, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey, North America
Panels: cPanel, ISPManager, Vesta, Plesk, Hestia, CyberPanel
Working: 6 years
Testing: 30 days
UltaHost.com is a highly recommended web hosting provider that offers reasonable pricing and exceptional customer service. One of the standout features of UltaHost is their Affiliate program, which allows users to earn extra money by referring clients to them. Customers have praised their prompt assistance, with ticket responses received within 30 minutes. UltaHost's web hosting services are top-notch, providing reliable speed and excellent customer support. Users have experienced enjoyable and .. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Shared StartercPanel1 pcs-30 Gb$3.29
Shared BasiccPanel4 pcs-60 Gb$5
Shared BusinesscPanel--80 Gb$10
Shared ProcPanel--110 Gb$12.99

BASIC WINDOWS VPS-2 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$15.9
VPS Basic-1 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$25.49

ULTA100 XEON4.7 GHz64 Gb6 pcs1920 Gb$148.9
ULTA EX51 SSD-GPU4 GHz64 Gb6 pcs1000 Gb$195.9
ULTA ADVANCE 23 GHz256 Gb24 pcs8000 Gb$561.9

Reviews on UltaHost.com


shagufta sharif
I highly recommend Ultahost because they offer reasonable pricing and their customer service is always quick to respond. One of the best features they have is their Affiliate program, which allows you to earn extra money by referring clients to them... Read more »
I hadn't begun utilizing my account yet when it was unexpectedly hacked and subsequently suspended (with no communication provided to me). Despite seeking assistance from customer support, the issue couldn't be resolved.
Maryam Jilani
Ultahost offers top-notch web hosting services, with excellent customer support and reliable speed. My experience using their service was enjoyable, and I confidently recommend them to others.
Imran Taj
I have been a loyal user of UltaHost for some time, and I cannot express enough how impressed I am with their exceptional service. They have completely raised the standards for web hosting providers. My websites have significantly improved since I st.. Read more »
One of the cheapest hosting providers. But cheapness comes at a cost - every few days the server is down for several hours due to network issues in Frankfurt... This is the main problem with this host. Changing the server location from Frankfurt to s.. Read more »
Jeremy Biberdorf
In my extensive experience in the online business industry, UltaHost stands out as the most unsatisfactory web hosting service I have encountered. Right from the beginning, their live "support" representative would deceitfully provide false.. Read more »
Albert van Zyl
I had a dreadful experience dealing with them for over a month, and the issue remains unresolved. Despite still making payments, I am unable to utilize their services. On top of that, they have assigned me the responsibility of finding solutions for .. Read more »
Usama K
Ultahost stands out as a remarkable hosting firm, providing exceptional customer service and support. Their dedication to excellence is apparent in all aspects of their operations, encompassing cutting-edge technology and a friendly and knowledgeable.. Read more »
Aaima Naeem
UltaHost stands out in the competitive hosting industry due to its dedication to dependability and speed. Their hosting services are not only reliable but also provide incredibly fast performance. However, their true excellence lies in their speciali.. Read more »
Sam Ra
Their prices are reasonable and their customer support is highly commendable. The representative I interacted with was extremely supportive and proficient in resolving my issues. I appreciate the convenience of receiving online assistance whenever th.. Read more »
Devyjoy Orteza Delfin
Their product and service are excellent. Web hosting is user-friendly, straightforward, efficient, and reliable. In general, it is of high quality and performs well, with good load speed and uptime.
Gek Papag
The cost of their web hosting service is affordable. Additionally, their customer service is pleasant and satisfactory. The representative provided valuable assistance and efficiently resolved my needs. I highly value the availability of online custo.. Read more »
Ken Isidro
I am extremely pleased with Ultahost as their customer service is exceptional. They have surpassed my expectations by providing a platform that slightly exceeds the requirements of my business. I am extremely satisfied with their service.
Niña Carissa Sullano
I have never encountered any problems with Ultahost, as they have proven to be a highly dependable web hosting service. Their interface exhibits a high level of quality and professionalism. Additionally, their speeds are satisfactory, effectively cat.. Read more »
Rymed Susej Ed
I had a positive encounter with Ultahost, making them an outstanding choice within the web hosting provider field due to their exceptional service quality. I am extremely content with the assistance they provided. Fantastic!
Francis Magali
So far, Ultahost has proven to be a dependable and purpose-driven web hosting provider, which makes it highly desirable. It serves as an excellent example for me.
Justin Roxas
Even individuals with no coding background can easily navigate and utilize Ultahost. I managed to set it up swiftly without any complications, and the hosting service has not presented any problems for us.
Ellagirl Sajonas
I have complete trust in its reliability and have never encountered any problems. The interface they provide is excellent and has a professional touch. The speed they offer is quite satisfactory. Overall, they fully cater to my requirements.
Cas Sie
I had an excellent experience with Ultahost. They fulfilled all my requirements perfectly and their customer service was exceptional. They provided great assistance in designing my website. I highly recommend using their hosting services as it is amo.. Read more »
Cathy Enriquez
The customer service provided by Ultahost is outstanding, although the platform was slightly more advanced than what my business required at that particular time. Nonetheless, I am extremely satisfied with their service.
Ferry Jan Gutual
They offer affordable prices and provide excellent customer service. The representative was extremely supportive, efficiently addressing my needs. I value the convenience of online customer service, especially when resolving any problems.
CM Cendaña
The product is excellent and easy to use. The customer support is outstanding, and the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend it!
Dune Philipp Agoncillo
The customer service they offer is of high quality. In general, Ultahost outperforms most of its competitors, providing a user-friendly experience that quickly helps achieve desired results.
Jean Espera
Ultahost is my absolute favorite when it comes to hosting. The installation process is simple and their customer support is always available to help if any issues arise. I have never faced any difficulties with their service.
Nareeg Etnamac
Ultahost is an ideal choice for my blog since I receive a considerable amount of visitors, and it is crucial for it to be constantly accessible. This company provides a commendable service at an affordable rate, and their customer support is exceptio.. Read more »
Karen Gianan
I haven't encountered any problems with the hosting so far. It meets my current requirements and is an affordable hosting service that offers great uptime and customer support.
Irene Mangoma
The customer service provided is exceptional. They have consistently been supportive and efficient in their hosting services, which we have been satisfied with for a considerable period of time.
Albert Ortega
Ultahost offers dependable customer service that is highly reliable and their pricing is fair. Their website is user-friendly and they are easily accessible for inquiries. This company is undeniably beneficial and there is nothing to be dissatisfied .. Read more »
Olive Sison
They proved to be skilled at resolving technical issues when I reached out to them for assistance with a domain problem. Our website has been functioning smoothly with their support.
Shaina Robols
I always rely on this hosting company and they have never disappointed me. They have excellent communication and fast speeds. I will definitely suggest them to others.
Carla Michaela
I had a positive experience using the service, which was user-friendly and effectively assisted me in achieving my goals. I appreciate its functionality and its assistance in hosting my website. I am sincerely grateful for their services.
Zald Gualberto
I think Ultahost is an excellent hosting service, particularly for small businesses. I believe they offer a high-quality product that is worth the value.
Devaughn Adam
The product was user-friendly and reasonably priced. I thoroughly enjoyed utilizing it for my website requirements. The speed and support were impressive. It caters to my needs and is a reputable and dependable company in its industry.
Ali Eila
These options are cost-effective and ideal for individuals or companies in the early stages. They are simple to establish and handle. They provide various tiers to select from, hence making them suitable for those who have limited financial resources.. Read more »
Bryle Cruz
I have utilized their services on numerous occasions, and I find that they provide excellent service at a reasonable cost, which meets my requirements effectively. I thoroughly appreciated using this service as it was straightforward to set up and ca.. Read more »
Johanna Paul Anib
I absolutely love Ultahost as my preferred hosting service. Their speeds are fantastic, and it works seamlessly with WordPress. The customer support has been incredibly helpful, and overall, I am highly satisfied with this service. Setting it up was .. Read more »
Paterno Novencido Jr.
Their hosting service is excellent, with exceptional customer support and impressive up speeds. We are highly satisfied with their services.
Chrissy D.
I rely on Ultahost for my two websites, and I find them user-friendly and effortless to set up even without assistance. I have not encountered any problems with either of my sites.
Alexander Sajonas
Ultahost is a reliable hosting provider offering a wide range of built-in applications for their customers. The staff is highly skilled and professional, making them stand out from other hosting sites. They offer valuable information and are consider.. Read more »
Agnes Nerpio
As a newcomer to web hosting, I have found ultahost to be extremely user-friendly. Our website has been running smoothly without any problems. I appreciate the various features offered, as they allow me to create a professional-looking website.
Stephanie Cole
Ultahost offers a diverse range of reasonably priced services. Their customer service is exceptional. I was introduced to this website by a friend, and ever since then, I have exclusively relied on Ultahost.
Jana Conrad
I have experimented with multiple servers in the past, and they all eventually became limited for me. This happened either when they increased the subscription price or introduced new features without addressing the existing issues. However, currentl.. Read more »
The assistance I received for setting up my server and installing playtubescript was extremely helpful. They also provided support for configuring DNS cloudflare settings and other tasks. The customer support is outstanding. Dealing with their suppor.. Read more »
Helene Wentworth
I am a big fan of Ultahost because they offer competitive prices and have a consistently responsive customer support team. One feature that stands out to me is their Affiliate program, which allows users to earn additional income by referring clients.. Read more »
Babar Ali
UltaHost offers excellent services and stands out with its user-friendly interface. What sets it apart is that the company owns and manages all its data centers, ensuring top-notch security and performance. It boasts a remarkable uptime of 99.9% and .. Read more »
Maaz Khan
Enjoy an incredible experience with UltaHost, as it surpasses expectations for website hosting. Since I started using UltaHost, there have been no problems reported by me or my clients. My website, which is hosted on UltaHost, is currently live and p.. Read more »
Sonia Qasim
We have been using UltaHost for a variety of services and products for many years, including emails, hosting, and domains. Overall, their services are excellent and may even surpass those offered by most other companies. However, it should be noted .. Read more »
Lorienz Galarpe
The wordpress hosting service provided by Ultahost is average in my opinion. I have used their service for some of my clients' websites. The server hosting is fast, with our website pages loading almost instantly. However, our homepage design is.. Read more »
Jordan Jones
Ultrahost is a lesser-known and underrated hosting service that I have personally used once for a client's project on their 'WordPress Hosting' plans (which start at just $2.90, quite affordable). The only drawback is that their packag.. Read more »
In today's market, there are numerous hosting companies. However, in order to stand out as one of the biggest and most reputable companies, UltaHost has successfully established itself as a prominent player in the industry. As a fortunate client.. Read more »
Teoman Ezel
A year and a half ago, I began using UltaHost as my hosting provider. They were affordable and met all the necessary criteria for good hosting. However, over the past six months, there have been remarkable improvements in all their features. I am ext.. Read more »
Achahboune Driss
Their servers are excellent, with fast speeds and customizable options. They are fully capable of managing the servers and assisted me in setting up my script and panel. Whenever I encountered any problems, they promptly resolved them. Furthermore, t.. Read more »
Dennis Kiama
Ultahost is famous for its codecanyon scripts such as wowonder, pexels, and quickdate. They offer a convenient one-click installation feature, eliminating the need to hire a developer for the installation process. Additionally, their servers are scal.. Read more »