rating: 9.8, reviews: 19
Country: Ukraine
Servers: Poland, Ukraine, USA, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Finland
Panels: Custom
Working: 18 years
Testing: 5 days is a hosting service that has received consistently positive reviews from its users. With a wide range of features and a user-friendly control panel, this hosting service has proven to be stable and high-performing. Users have expressed their satisfaction with the services provided, often recommending it to others.

One of the notable aspects of is its security measures. Users appreciate the level of control they have over access and the continuous introduct.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

FastCustom-built1 pcs-10 Gb$6.3
BestCustom-built5 pcs-20 Gb$11.86
QualitativeCustom-built--30 Gb$16.93

NVMe VPS 2G-2 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$12.03
NVMe VPS 4G-4 Gb1 pcs50 Gb$24.22
NVMe VPS 6G-6 Gb2 pcs70 Gb$36.32
NVMe VPS 8G-8 Gb4 pcs90 Gb$48.76
NVMe VPS 10G-10 Gb4 pcs100 Gb$60.62

E3-12303.2 GHz8 Gb4 pcs250 Gb$84.54
Intel Xeon 2 x X56602.8 GHz24 Gb6 pcs500 Gb$89.01
Intel Xeon 2 x X55702.93 GHz96 Gb4 pcs1000 Gb$109.08

Reviews on


I have been using this provider since 2015. I am satisfied with the quality, speed, and reliability. They have good support. Overall, I am happy with their hosting. As for the drawbacks, I would mention two points: 1) Sometimes they limit the number .. Read more »
I use a domain registrar and I really like it. I have purchased around 20 domains and although the prices are sometimes a bit higher, the service is convenient. I haven't used hosting services as they are quite expensive here. For my current nee.. Read more »
Roman Levchenko
The hosting used to be satisfactory, but over the past couple of years, the prices have skyrocketed, and what is very disappointing, they have changed the terms of the referral program. Now, instead of receiving 10% from each client I brought for ove.. Read more »
Websites hosted on this hosting service just fly, although you can find a cheaper host in terms of price, they often lack the same page loading speed and quick support as this host.
Mykhaylo Vaynahiy
I am extremely happy with the services provided by I have been using their hosting services for a period of five years. The services consistently deliver stable and high-quality performance, with the added convenience of a user-friend.. Read more »
Mihaylo Vaynagiy
I am very satisfied with the services of They have been hosting my websites for 5 years now. The services are stable and of high quality, and the service management panel is very convenient to use.
Stan Reshetnyk
Here I am placing the company's website, landing pages, and a few more engines. As for the security officer, they have enough controls to share granular access. I'm glad that more and more features are being added over time.
I switched from Hetzner to here. I am satisfied. There are a lot of settings! I recommend it.
Artem Gorozhanov
I have been using this excellent hosting service for 2 years now and have no plans of switching. The technical support is satisfactory.
I have uploaded a few websites onto this hosting service and I am satisfied with everything. Occasionally, there are some issues but the support team promptly resolves them. The technical support is sufficient and always assists with any problems. Ad.. Read more »
This is not my first website on this hosting. Everything is satisfactory. Problems sometimes arise, as they do, but they are quickly resolved. The technical support is reasonable and always helpful when there are any questions. The admin panel is con.. Read more »
Viktor Stasyuk
I have been using the hosting service for five years. Throughout this time, there was only one instance of technical issues, which the hosting provider promptly notified me about. The problem was resolved within 24 hours. Fortunately, this did not af.. Read more »
Aleksey Zhuravlev
I have been using (hosting and domains) since 2009. Throughout the entire period of use, I have never experienced any outages or service disruptions. I always receive timely notifications about renewals (payments), and the communicatio.. Read more »
We have been working with this hosting provider since day one and have no complaints whatsoever! I highly recommend it to anyone interested!
Yuriy Kozhevnikov
I have been utilizing Ukraine hosting for over 8 years and have consistently received top-notch technical support. They respond promptly and the hosting service itself is remarkably fast and dependable. I highly recommend them!
Yuriy Kozhevnikov
I have been using hosting in Ukraine for over 8 years. The technical support is always excellent, they respond quite quickly. The speed and reliability of the hosting are outstanding. I highly recommend it!
Irina Mikitchina
I was unable to upload the website to the server. I would like to thank Dmitry and the team at for their information and technical support. They answered all my questions and provided guidance on what needed to be done!
Serg Gadzhilov
I have been renting hosting here for several years. I have only contacted technical support a couple of times because everything is already working fine and I haven't had any issues. Thank you to UKRAINE.COM.UA hosting.
Michael Sokha
The support is of very high quality and fast!!! The service itself is at a high level of providing its services!
Elias Bersh
Everything written here about the terrible tech support is true. These wooden responses and absolute incompetence remind me of the tech support at PrivatBank, most likely the best employees are leaving "there" and going "there" in.. Read more »
Sergey Sverdlov
I am satisfied with everything. The support is excellent. The speed of operation is decent. Everything is cool, what else to say!)
Nikolay Kunev
Everything is clear and easily understandable. The customer support responds quickly. Everything is great, I highly recommend them!!!
Vladimir Belyy
In technical terms, it is the best hosting in Ukraine. However, the company has completely stopped being customer-oriented and has become greedy. It is impossible to get a response to a non-standard question.
Oleg Volkov
Great hosting service, fast and reliable. I've been using it for a long time and have added dozens of websites. Everything runs smoothly. The interface is user-friendly. Highly recommend!
I didn't initially intend to write any reviews. I just wanted to switch to another provider. The main reasons were the very poor customer support and weak technical parameters despite the good price. But I am simply forced to do it. How am I for.. Read more »
Evgeny Samarets
In our professional work, we frequently encounter different hosting providers that host our clients' websites. For instance, we have had the most experience with Hostiq, Mirohost, Fozzy, Freehost, Justhost, and Ukraine. Among these, we found th.. Read more »
Yevgen Samarets
In our professional work, we often encounter various hosting providers whose resources host our clients' websites. Hostiq, Mirohost, Fozzy, Freehost, Justhost, Ukraine - these are the hosting providers we have worked with most frequently. The a.. Read more »
Svyatoslav Samusenko
Great hosting! Eight years of experience, over 50 projects with different loads and complexity. Foreign services couldn't compare in terms of performance and ease of use. And you can always find something "cheaper."
Ruslan Stepenko
Excellent tech support, affordable price, very convenient user interface with automatic backups that work well. There is only one downside, but it is not significant. Unfortunately, this hosting provider cannot increase the phpmemory upon request. If.. Read more »
Volodymyr Boychuk
Everything is balanced if you consider that everything has to be paid for. I recommend it! The hosting quality is satisfactory. The website is functioning.
I have been using it for 6 years - I have created a website for independent travel. I haven't had any problems. The hosting rates for existing customers do not increase. There is a loyalty program for domains and partnership. The support is avai.. Read more »
Terrible customer support!!! Just awful!! Every time you make a request - they simply provide you with excerpts from the manual. They don't offer any real help. At all!!! If the problem is somewhat complex - they will create a ticket. But even w.. Read more »
Konstantin Humanedition
Great hosting. Super user-friendly control panel. There hasn't been a single downtime throughout its entire operation.
Great hosting service. Affordable prices, 24/7 support (even during the night). Regular backups. I highly recommend it to all of my clients.
Natalya Izmalkova
I am a web developer with 14 years of experience. Consequently, I have worked with a huge number of hosting providers (my clients are located all over the CIS countries and therefore use different hosting services). I have seen it all... endless &quo.. Read more »
Pavel Vinogradov
I have been using this hosting service for 6 years. At first, I tried two others, but in the end, I chose "Ukraine". Throughout this time, I can't recall a single outage. In the few instances of technical problems, which were rare, eve.. Read more »
Ilya Ivasyuv
I started using it based on a recommendation and I don't regret it at all. The support is always top-notch. They have helped me with any question I had. The website management and hosting are easy to understand. Yes, there are more interesting p.. Read more »
Mykhailo Yaremchuk
I like the structure of the website, the proposed features, and the quick response to inquiries. Overall, I recommend it.
Denis Hersonets
We have been using this hosting for a long time. The overall impression is that we are completely satisfied. The price is a bit high in my opinion, but overall we like everything. The technical support is reasonable. They always respond quickly and h.. Read more »
Stanislav Mykhaylenko
I have been working with this hosting company for over six years. During this time, I have tested these guys as a web developer, using their services for development purposes, as well as using their VPS for my clients, and also as a client for my own.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for almost 10 years. I am very satisfied with their services, the support is excellent, and I have never experienced any issues with my website. I highly recommend it to everyone!
Serhii Kalitka
The best hosting in the CIS and Europe region. I have been using their services for 5 years and have never regretted my choice.
Anastasiya Iskandarova
The price is worth the quality! I personally use it for all of my projects and happily and confidently recommend it to clients! Thank you to the entire hosting Ukraine team.
Great hosting. Highly recommend! No issues at all. Just a suggestion - a bigger discount for platinum clients :)
Valery Gaiduk
I highly recommend hosting in Ukraine. It just so happened that it was the first hosting provider I had to deal with back in 2010 when I embarked on the path of web development. Since then, I have encountered an immense number of hosting providers f.. Read more »
Bovsunovskiy Vladislav
Great hosting. But as a loyal customer, I would like a bigger discount for upgrading to the next level.
Dima Koropenko
I have been collaborating with hosting for over 6 years and I really like it. Occasionally, out of curiosity, I have compared their conditions with other hosting providers, but I haven't found anything better for myself. I will so.. Read more »
I have been using it for many years, created a dozen websites, and have never had any issues! I highly recommend it, 100%.
Aleksandr Tereschenko
I have been using this hosting service since 2014 and I can only speak of positive experiences. It operates flawlessly and is highly reliable.
Aleksandr Yakushenko
High quality, plenty of options. I have been a loyal customer for over 8 years. Couldn't find any alternatives, although I tried many, some of which were even good.
Anastasiya Pisarenko
I needed to quickly find a company in Ukraine that specialized in hosting. Some guys from one company recommended that I contact Hosting Ukraine After consulting with a specialist, I registered on their website and placed .. Read more »
Aleksey Horoshevskiy
Great hosting. The best control panel I've worked with. It's very functional and greatly simplifies setup. Quick technical support. They almost always solve issues in the chat right away. If not, within 1-24 hours. There are occasional disr.. Read more »
Sergiy Hirchak
The best hosting I've worked with, user-friendly admin panel, great functionality for professionals, excellent customer support, very convenient access delegation system for hosting and domain ... but ... a bit pricey - the referral program come.. Read more »
Denis Sokolovskiy
We highly recommend the best hosting provider to all our clients, and we use it ourselves. We have never encountered any issues with hosting. Uptime is excellent.
Andrey Chinenyy
I host over 100 websites on this hosting platform, with a total monthly traffic of over 100k users, sometimes more. I have been using it for over 3 years and I am satisfied with everything. The support team is always ready to help and, most important.. Read more »
Anna Lebedeva
I have been using this hosting for about five years. Compared to other cheap hosting providers, this one stands out in a positive way. It has a good built-in virus protection, which has saved me numerous times. The support team is reasonable and poli.. Read more »
Vitaliy Kovgan
The best hosting. Prestashop - 1000 users per day - a regular hosting package with OPcash. I am satisfied with my choice.
Vasily Kononov
The best hosting provider I have ever used, with top-notch customer support.
Vasyl Titkov
We have been hosting here for a long time. The administrative panel is very convenient, even for a beginner like me, I quickly figured it out. You can edit the database, work through regular FTP or through a browser. You can also work with backups vi.. Read more »
I have been using for many years, and I have tried various hosting services, but this one is the most reliable. The customer support is always available and provides knowledgeable answers. The advertised resources are consistently deli.. Read more »
Aleksey Vetrinskiy
Until recently, it was perhaps the best in all aspects. However, it has become more expensive lately (though old tariffs at old prices are still available), and the customer support used to be available 24/7 but now it is only during working hours, a.. Read more »
Roman Ryabov
I am satisfied with the reliable and convenient service and the pleasant prices. I am happy with the collaboration and intend to continue it further.
Sergey Moskalenko
This hosting service is excellent, convenient, and reliable! The customer support also functions properly. Conclusion: I am satisfied with this hosting company!
Denis Masson
I have been using this hosting service for almost three years now and I am very satisfied with it. If any issues arise with the hosting, notifications always pop up immediately on the hosting page. Furthermore, if there is anything that I do not unde.. Read more »
Alex Buznik
I have been using this excellent hosting for my projects for over eight years. The admin panel is great, and they constantly add new features.
Igor Chernousov
My online store selling electric scooters and motorcycles runs smoothly on this hosting platform. Overall, I am satisfied with my collaboration with the hosting provider.
Sergey Kuranda
There are no complaints about the work, everything is excellent and of high quality. For the price, it's one of the best options. If they also add the possibility to export a website backup (for a VPS server), it would be even better. It is incr.. Read more »
Vitalii Tkachov
Great hosting. I've been using it since 2011 and haven't encountered any issues. The website runs smoothly and the technical support is responsive. I'm really satisfied.
Yevgen Artamonov
I have been with this hosting provider for over 10 years. I am a platinum user, which means I receive very nice discounts on regular hosting, although there are no discounts for VPS. The customer support is excellent. The pricing plans are average co.. Read more »
Ustim Kosteniuk
The admin panel is very convenient. I would say it's perfect. It would be great if they could lower the prices a bit because many websites have closed down in the last three years, and I have switched from five different hosting packages to just.. Read more »
Andriy Klinov
I am satisfied with hosting in Ukraine. After reading other reviews, I realized that I haven't had any similar problems that other people mentioned. Despite being a gold user and spending a lot of time on this hosting for many years due to my co.. Read more »
Taras Pritula
Very cool hosting, a reliable business partner for almost 10 years. I can highly recommend this hosting.
Oleg Kowalchuk
After the website was hacked, I don't even know what to say. But other than that... everything is fine, everything is fine!
Roman Nirka
Reliable Hosting. I have no complaints about their work. Everything suits me. So I can recommend this hosting company.
Sergiy Smichnik
Is this normal at all?! I'm paying 274 UAH for the SSD Expert tariff on virtual hosting, while the cheapest VPS costs 240 UAH. And that's even considering that I'm a gold user in their loyalty program. If the hosting company's pol.. Read more »
Ruslan Paramonov
I have been working with this hosting provider since 2001 (or 2010). Compared to my previous experience with other hosting providers, mainly in Russia as I was living there at the time, I have minimal complaints, if any. The technical capabilities of.. Read more »
Serhii Lunov
We have been using hosting since its inception, having a 4-digit ID, and currently using the Business 4G plan. However, we are not satisfied with the hosting service for the following reasons: - Websites and accounts occasionally experience downtime.. Read more »
Aleksandr Shemchuk
Terrible hosting and terrible support. The website often doesn't work - it's an online store. There have been constant failures for about a year or so, this never happened before. When the server gets overloaded, they demand that we upgrade.. Read more »
Aleksandr Pogrebnoy
The hosting service is absolutely terrible, with ridiculously high prices and even worse quality compared to a 1 euro hosting. Can you believe that their hosting costs almost 5 euros for the minimum plan, and they don't even provide any technica.. Read more »
Anna Klimenko
There used to be a good hosting service with reasonable prices. Now it has become VERY EXPENSIVE! They have become incredibly audacious. They are charging 720 UAH per year for just 200 MB of disk space. A few days ago, they sent an email informing me.. Read more »
Lena Chornovol
I have never encountered any minor problems with this hosting service. They offer a wide range of tools, many of which you probably won't even use half of. These tools include a free SSL certificate, antivirus protection, a 3-day trial period, a.. Read more »
Alexander Sukhovetskyi
In my opinion, out of all the web hostings I have tried, this one is the best as I have around 5 sites hosted on it. I have successfully convinced many of my clients to switch from their previous web hostings. The hosting provides a highly convenient.. Read more »
Elizaveta Kudelya
We use a shared hosting package. The customer support is excellent, I can't recall any incompetent answers at all. If the first-line support doesn't know what to answer, they simply connect you with the appropriate specialist. The control p.. Read more »
The best hosting for this money, everything works steadily. Support staff even answer the simplest questions. They don't increase prices for old customers for a long time. It is also worth noting a very convenient and understandable control pane.. Read more »
A. K.
I experimented with four different hosting services last year, but ultimately settled on this particular one. It has proven to be dependable and affordable. What I particularly appreciate is the helpful customer support, which can be reached through .. Read more »
Ola Andersson
Kudos to the management of this web hosting company for successfully addressing and resolving various challenges. Their services are highly convenient and user-friendly, with clear instructions. Additionally, they offer discounts and 24/7 customer su.. Read more »
Artem Nikolskiy
These individuals are incredibly impressive! The entire process is automated and easy to understand! The support team promptly addresses any concerns!
Vadim Igoshin
A few months ago, I switched to this hosting provider from Hostpro. On the positive side, my website started functioning at a significantly faster pace. However, on the downside, my site had to be transferred between servers twice within the span of .. Read more »
Angelina Litvinova
The hosting provider is excellent. I have been collaborating with them for several years. The uptime is at an impressive 99.9%.
Aleksandr Harchenko
I have discovered a great hosting service that provides reliable access to my websites. I have never had the need to reach out to their technical support, which suggests that this hosting company is of high quality. Additionally, the control panel is.. Read more »
Maksim Savchenko
Hosting is excellent. I have tried hosting websites with various providers, but I have ultimately chosen this particular one. In my opinion, it is the top choice, not only in Ukraine but also across the entire Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).. Read more »
Valentina Koval
The hosting service is excellent! I have been using it for over six months, initially for one website and recently added another. I am planning to use this service for all my future projects. Throughout the entire six months, there were only a few in.. Read more »
César Leonardo Patiñ
Hosting is excellent, although the costs are slightly excessive; nonetheless, the reliability makes it worthwhile.
Sam Vicky
I share Roman's opinion! The hosting service is excellent! Admittedly, there are some issues, but that's normal for anyone. The most important aspect is that all problems are efficiently and promptly resolved. Furthermore, the uptime is at .. Read more »
Olga Solomko
Hello! I have been using the services of UKRAINE.COM.UA since late 2012. The reviews have been nothing but positive. Our website has experienced several DDoS attacks. Within a few hours, the managers resolved the issue by offering a separate channel .. Read more »
I have been using Ukraine for about 5 years. The team is always on the edge, constantly implementing various features to enhance website security and optimization at the server level. Any low-quality website will perform quickly here, and no virus wi.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for several years, and there have been very few instances where the website was not accessible. The quality of the hosting is excellent, and I really like their loyalty program that offers accumulating discounts.. Read more »
Sergey Petrovich
Great hosting, no wonder it holds the first place in Ukraine. I have been using their services for several years and have never had any major complaints. Keep it up, guys!
I have been using this hosting service for quite some time now. Of course, there have been problems during our collaboration, just like anywhere else. However, they were resolved in a reasonable amount of time. Therefore, I have no complaints about t.. Read more »
The hosting is excellent. I have been hosting websites for three years now. There are occasional minor glitches, but that's technology, the most important thing is that the technical support resolves the issues very quickly. Another advantage is.. Read more »
A good hosting provider with an optimal pricing policy. The support team is also quick to respond.
I've been here for 3 months. Everything's fine, working great.
Excellent hosting. We register domains through it and get a couple of gigabytes every year. The website flies with it!
The hosting leaves a positive impression, but sometimes the websites noticeably start to slow down.
I really like the hosting service. I have been working with this company for over two years, and the websites are always accessible. And if there are any issues, the technical support team responds very quickly.
The hosting service is excellent, as all technical issues are resolved quickly. There is also a "Frequently Asked Questions" section where answers to almost all questions can be found.
I highly recommend this hosting provider. The price and quality are simply superb. I have been working with this company for over a year, and the technical support is excellent.
It's unfortunate that websites with videos and music are not accepted!
I learned about this hosting from you. Thank you for that. I switched to it and I'm happy with it. The CMS works quickly and without any glitches.
I have been using this hosting service for three years now. Pros: the technical support responds very quickly, within 5 to 20 minutes, anytime of the day. The admin panel is very user-friendly. One downside: in the past six months, the website has be.. Read more »
I switched to 1 GB UA, and I must say that I am more than satisfied. However, the prices doubled just when I planned to transfer all my websites to this hosting, so unfortunately, I couldn't make the transfer.
The hosting service is top-notch, although the prices are slightly on the higher side. However, considering the reliability, it is worth it.
Yes, the prices are indeed very low, but so is the quality of service. The support team does not respond to any requests and, on top of that, they steal disk space. I have three websites that only take up 30MB, but they claim I am using 300MB. That&#.. Read more »
Amazing hosting. No issues at all))
Great hosting. Highly recommended.
I'm completely satisfied with the hosting. I am very happy with the hosting service.
Kudos to the management of this hosting provider for their outstanding achievements and recognition. The platform stands out for its user-friendly interface and clear design. Moreover, customers can benefit from discounts and round-the-clock support.
These guys are really cool! Everything is automated and understandable! The support is instantaneous!
Finally found a great hosting service, websites are always accessible, never had to contact technical support once, which speaks to the high level of hosting. The control panel will be understandable even for a beginner. Rating 5+.
The hosting is superb. I have hosted websites with various providers, but I have settled on this one. In my opinion, this is not only the best hosting in Ukraine but also at least in the entire CIS region.
Great hosting! I have been using it for over six months now. At first, I had one website, but recently I added a second one, and all my future projects will be hosted here! Throughout the past six months, there were only a few instances when the webs.. Read more »
I agree with Roman! The hosting is excellent! Of course, there are some problems occasionally, but who doesn't have them? The most important thing is that everything is resolved quickly and efficiently. And the uptime is 99.9%.
Dmitry, I completely disagree with you! Why would you write such nonsense about an excellent host? You probably aren't even a user of this host! I have tried many hosting providers, and very few matched their claims about reliability and techni.. Read more »
Terrible hosting, no tech support or decent conditions, everything works inconsistently!
Over the past year, I have tried out four different hosting providers and settled on this one. It is reliable and affordable. I especially appreciate the helpful support with a local phone number. I will be migrating my other projects here.
I moved to this hosting from HostPro a few months ago. On one hand, the website started running much faster. But on the other hand, within 3 months, the website had already been transferred between servers twice. And when one of the websites on their.. Read more »
I've been working with this excellent hosting provider for a couple of years now, and they have a 99.9% uptime.