rating: 10, reviews: 3
Country: Ukraine
Servers: Ukraine
Panels: DirectAdmin, cPanel, ISPManager
Working: 21 years
Testing: 5 days
UH.ua is an excellent company that offers reliable hosting services. Customers have found that everything is less challenging than anticipated when using their services. The support provided by UH.ua is fantastic, with prompt responses to inquiries at any hour of the day.

Users have been utilizing UH.ua for approximately one year and are satisfied with all aspects of their services. They even provide domain registration at no cost. The website functions well and the Technical Support t.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

BabyDirectAdmin1 pcs1 pcs12 Gb$4.01
Baby Windows-1 pcs1 pcs5 Gb$4.28
OptimalDirectAdmin15 pcs10 pcs22 Gb$6.46
ResellerDirectAdmin30 pcs30 pcs32 Gb$9.19

VPS 500-1 Gb1 pcs15 Gb$7.61
SSD VPS 500-1 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$8.15
VPS 1000-2 Gb2 pcs30 Gb$13.28
SSD VPS 1000-2 Gb2 pcs35 Gb$14.92

S1 X34402.93 GHz4 Gb4 pcs4000 Gb$40.2
S1 X34302.8 GHz8 Gb4 pcs4000 Gb$42.65
S1 Xeon Silver 42143.2 GHz64 Gb12 pcs960 Gb$163.59

Reviews on UH.ua


The company is excellent! Everything was less challenging than anticipated. The support is fantastic, promptly addressing inquiries at any hour of the day.
Great company! Everything turned out to be much easier than expected. The support is superb, responding quickly at any time of the day.
Oleg Kowalchuk
I have been utilizing UH.ua for approximately one year and I am satisfied with all aspects of their services. Additionally, they provided domain registration at no cost. The website functions well and their Technical Support team assists with any inq.. Read more »
Vera Fodzho
As developers, we fully comprehend the significance of reliable hosting services. It is crucial not to overlook the impact of poor hosting on a project when delivering it to a client. We have personally utilized uh.ua for hosting our own website and .. Read more »
Great hosting for the price. The hardware is reliable and the up-time is impressive. The technical support is always top-notch and responds quickly. I am satisfied.
I have heard good things about this hosting service, although I haven't personally used it yet. A friend of mine has been renting a dedicated server from them for over a year and is quite satisfied with the quality of the services they provide.
As developers, we deeply understand the importance of reliable hosting. After delivering a project, we don't want to worry about any issues caused by hosting. We personally use uh.ua to host our own website and highly recommend it to our clients.. Read more »
I have been using UH.ua hosting for about a year now and I am satisfied with it. They even registered a domain for me for free. The website is functioning well and the technical support team assists with all inquiries. I will definitely recommend UH... Read more »
We have been using it for four years now. The website is functioning excellently, and we have set up around 40 email accounts. Occasionally, there may be a slight delay in sending emails in the morning, but overall, it leaves a positive impression.
I hosted my project website on this hosting service. Everything was great in terms of reliability and support.
We have been using the services of this company for a long time. They provide reliable hosting with modern and fast servers that can handle our traffic. If only they applied their promotions to dedicated servers as well, they would have unbeatable pr.. Read more »
Great provider. The regular hosting is sufficient for a website with 2000 daily visitors to function properly. Additionally, it does not experience any downtime and responds quickly.