rating: 10, reviews: 4
Country: Ukraine
Working: 19 years
Tucha.ua is a highly recommended and technologically advanced cloud provider. With a partnership with Stream Telecom, they have proven to be an excellent and reliable partner. Their exceptional level of service sets them apart not just in Ukraine, but overall. As a customer for the past five years, I can confidently say that Tucha is the top provider in terms of service and technical support. Their affordability in pricing is an added bonus. While their support managers may not be mind readers, .. Read more »

Reviews on Tucha.ua


Nikolay Troyanchuk
On behalf of Stream Telecom and personally, I can confidently recommend Tucha company. We collaborate as partners and they are a great, responsive, and technologically advanced partner who listens and understands. The quality of their services and t.. Read more »
Constantine Nikola
I have been working with Tucha for five years now. I consider them to be the best, not only in Ukraine but also in general. They provide excellent service and have outstanding technical support! I cannot objectively evaluate the cost, but for me, it .. Read more »
Friendly cloud provider. Their pricing policy is completely justified. Their customer support is up-to-date and reasonable, the main thing is to make it clear where assistance is needed :) - they are not mind-readers.
Dmitriy Pavlyuk
On behalf of Prime Lab CRM-Agency and myself personally, I would like to express our gratitude to Tucha for their close collaboration. Throughout our time working together, Tucha has proven their competence through their professional approach to prob.. Read more »
Oleksiy Vatamanyuk
I am a newcomer in this field, so it is difficult for me to assess the technical aspect of collaboration at the moment, but in terms of communication, they are doing an excellent job. They respond very promptly and even went out of their way when I r.. Read more »
Evgeniy Yakovlev
They promptly resolve all issues, even those that are not part of their responsibilities. It is pleasant to work with them. I recommend them.
Vladimir Khripunov
Very prompt and responsive technical support. Responds lightning-fast to inquiries. Highly recommended.
Ira Ignatieva
This service deserves attention. The price matches the level of service. You may find cheaper alternatives, but you won't receive answers to your queries. They respond quickly, and the technical support is reliable.
Val Hod
Why did I choose this hosting? I tried different hostings. The one before was a rented server from hostlife.net. At first, I had hosting with them, then they offered to rent a server. Firstly, it was expensive. Secondly, the support service's at.. Read more »
Iegor Kolosenko
We have been working with Tucha since 2012, with 6 years behind us. Previously, we used to host our servers in different data centers and other "cloud" services, but we have never encountered support as high-quality as Tucha's. We will.. Read more »
Vitaliy Kravchenko
I have tried Hosting Ukraine, IQ, and others, and there are issues everywhere. But on Tucha, there are hardly any. If it continues like this, I have great respect. What I particularly liked was the phone support. Ticket systems and messaging are not .. Read more »
Roman Antonov
We have been using hosting for a long time, switched to it from Beget. It is a good service with reliable technical support. We have had no issues or interruptions in the website's operation. I highly recommend it.
The magnificent, "soft and comfortable" CLOUD ) Over the past few years, there have been no issues, they always go out of their way to help, and the support is excellent. In short, it is fast, good, and reliable.
Nikolay Saranyuk
We collaborate with Tucha.ua company and we are extremely satisfied with the quality, service, support, and prices. Their hosting is an excellent fit for Bitrix projects. As developers, we have tested it ourselves and we highly recommend Tucha hostin.. Read more »
Great hosting. The best solution for websites with high server load. The support team is top-notch - they sometimes fix issues before the website admin even notices them.
I appreciate your assistance and dedication!