rating: 7.8, reviews: 8
Country: United Kingdom
Servers: United Kingdom
Working: 21 years
ts oHost.com is a web hosting company based in the UK that offers a range of services to cater to different needs. Customers have praised the company for its exceptional website speed and stability, allowing their websites to run smoothly and efficiently. The pricing offered by tsoHost is highly competitive, making it an attractive option for those looking for affordable hosting solutions.

One of the standout features of tsoHost is its user-friendly client login area, although some user.. Read more »

Reviews on tsoHost.com


David G
I am highly satisfied with the services provided by tsoHost as my websites are running exceptionally fast. Although it took some time for me to become acquainted with the client login area, it is actually quite user-friendly. Moreover, I am thrilled .. Read more »
Zeeshan Jawaid
The services provided are excellent, offering highly competitive pricing. I have reached out for assistance multiple times, and their promptness in addressing any issues is the most impressive aspect. cPanel surpasses my expectations with its incredi.. Read more »
Tiaan Strauss
I have utilized their services multiple times, mainly for clients in the UK who require SEO because their servers are based there. They have many positive aspects, but there is also significant room for improvement. Let's begin with the advantag.. Read more »
Chris Satchwell
I chose to use tsoHost because I am based in the UK and wanted to create websites specifically for UK users. I preferred local web hosting and believed tsoHost would be a good option. Throughout the few years I have been with them, I have had a posit.. Read more »
Mizanur Rhaman
I recently tried out Tsohost UK's cloud hosting service and was pleasantly surprised by some added benefits. There are several advantages I noticed, including their provision of well-tailored plans for different content management systems, a com.. Read more »
Mario Petkovski
I had a negative experience with TsoHost in the past. Despite their prices being similar to other hosting companies, they have lower uptime and my websites took a long time to load. It was also inconvenient that their servers are located in the UK, a.. Read more »
Angelina Taylor
I chose to use this company because my client had previously hosted her website with them before we began working together. However, my client had a negative experience with their customer support as they did not respond to her support ticket at all... Read more »
Adetola Adeniran
I became a member of TSO host during its initial stages and they were outstanding. However, as they expanded and potentially went through a takeover, the quality of their service and website speed became extremely poor. I have over 20 websites with t.. Read more »