rating: 8.8, reviews: 33
Servers: USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan
Panels: cPanel
Working: 17 years
Testing: 60 days is a highly recommended hosting service that offers a wide range of services at competitive prices. With top-of-the-line servers and a user-friendly interface, TMD Hosting is the ideal choice for newcomers to website development. Their round-the-clock support aims to fulfill all your needs and their extensive range of services is adaptable to your requirements.

One of the standout features of TMD Hosting is its use of SSD technology, ensuring that your website operates at.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

StartercPanel1 pcs--$4.95
Starter WindowsPlesk1 pcs2 pcs-$5.99
Starter CloudcPanel1 pcs--$8.95

Starter Fully Managed-2 Gb2 pcs40 Gb$39.95
The Original Fully Managed-4 Gb2 pcs65 Gb$59.95
Smart Fully Managed-6 Gb4 pcs100 Gb$79.95
E-Commerce Fully Managed-8 Gb4 pcs150 Gb$109.95

The Original-8 Gb6 pcs2000 Gb$199.95
Smart-16 Gb8 pcs2000 Gb$249.95
Super Powerful-32 Gb8 pcs4000 Gb$299.95

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BigRock's support has been outstanding while hosting my websites. What stands out to me is their affordable hosting rates. Although I initially encountered difficulties when setting up my site, their support promptly assisted me by guiding me th.. Read more »
TMDHosting offers excellent hosting services for any type of business, ensuring it can withstand tough competition in the global market. The company provides an intuitive user interface, maximum protection against third parties, and outstanding custo.. Read more »
Oh yes, it is expensive, but it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It's not the best host, but definitely not the worst. The speed is average, just like their customer support. The availability of free backups is a bonus, and you can also.. Read more »
A colleague recommended TMDhosting to me several months ago. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, excellent customer support, and a user-friendly interface. Their performance is also top-notch. The only thing I didn't like was the f.. Read more »
Every time someone thinks about a website for their business or blog, they need hosting. I believe that even those who have little knowledge in hosting can find a suitable option with a good provider. If they require a more reliable host, the price w.. Read more »
The company offers a wide range of services, reliable Wordpress hosting, and even dedicated servers. However, when compared to OVH, they fall slightly behind in terms of price and variety of VPS and dedicated servers. Nevertheless, they have a highly.. Read more »
TMDHosting's support and reliability are simply amazing, and it's rare to find someone who will complain about it. If there are any, they may be expecting too much or pretending to be dissatisfied. The only thing I believe is that TMDHostin.. Read more »
TMD Hosting is a worthy contender among the best hosting providers. There are numerous factors that will make you choose this provider. They offer hosting solutions with shared access and open source code (such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Cubecart,.. Read more »
TMDhosting offers a variety of services at a great price. I often use this hosting provider and find it very user-friendly. New users always receive a significant discount. Their website builder is easy to use, including drag-and-drop features. If yo.. Read more »
TMD Hosting is a great choice. We have only used their virtual hosting as it seemed cost-effective for hosting multiple Linux-based websites, so I can only speak about this service. It is affordable and includes many useful features with good perform.. Read more »
Thanks to its high-performance servers and best tariff plans, TMD Hosting is one of the top hosting companies. TMD is the best hosting choice if you have no experience and are just starting to create a new website. The 24/7 support lives up to your e.. Read more »
TMD Hosting is considered to be one of the top hosting companies, offering top-of-the-line servers and competitive pricing. It stands out as the ideal choice for newcomers to website development, as their round-the-clock support is highly beneficial .. Read more »
TMDHosting is a highly recommended hosting service that businesses should consider using to stay competitive in the global market. The company offers a user-friendly interface, strong security measures against external threats, and excellent customer.. Read more »
Although expensive, they do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. While not the top choice, they are also not the worst hosting provider. Their speed and support team are average. The inclusion of free backup is a positive aspect, making them a suitab.. Read more »
Some time ago, a coworker introduced me to TMDhosting, the company that offers a 60-day refund policy, efficient customer assistance, and a user-friendly interface for their plans. Additionally, their performance is excellent. However, the only drawb.. Read more »
I do not recommend TMDHosting because they suspend services without warning, even when automatic payment settings are in place to prevent any disruptions. When a client contacted me to say that his website was not working, I investigated and discover.. Read more »
I do not recommend TMDHosting because they suspended my service without warning. I received a call from a client in the morning informing me that their website was not functioning. Despite setting up automatic payment when I signed up for the service.. Read more »
Whenever someone considers creating a website for their business or blog, they will require hosting services. I often wonder how people with limited knowledge about hosting can select a reputable hosting provider. It is important to note that individ.. Read more »
They offer a wide range of services, including good Wordpress hosting and dedicated servers. However, when compared to OVH, their pricing and options for VPSs and dedicated servers are not as impressive. Nevertheless, their live chat sales team is ve.. Read more »
TMDHosting is highly praised for its outstanding support and reliability, with very few complaints in these areas. If there are any complaints, they are likely from individuals who have unrealistic expectations or are not genuine. However, one area w.. Read more »
TMD Hosting is a strong competitor in the field of hosting services. They offer a wide variety of hosting solutions, including options for open source platforms like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Cubecart, and Magento, as well as Reseller, Shared, eComm.. Read more »
TMDhosting offers a wide range of services at an affordable price. I frequently use this hosting platform and find it extremely user-friendly. New users are always eligible for a discount, which makes it even more worthwhile. Their website builder is.. Read more »
TMD Hosting is a reliable option for hosting services. Although we have only used their shared hosting, we can vouch for its quality. The pricing is affordable, and it offers various useful features. We specifically opted for their Business shared ho.. Read more »
They offer excellent customer service and are one of the top hosting providers available. Their prices are excellent and they have a wide range of tutorials, covering topics such as WordPress, ssh, and emails. I have reached out to them multiple time.. Read more »
Choosing TMD Hosting for my website was a wise decision. Their customer support is exceptional and they have consistently gone above and beyond to assist me with any technical inquiries related to my e-commerce site. In general, their services are ex.. Read more »
TMD hosting has gained significant popularity due to its exceptional web hosting platform. It can be contrasted with Google Cloud Platform in terms of services and resource availability. Since I started using TMD, I have never experienced any problem.. Read more »
For the past two years, my business website has been hosted by TMDHosting, and I can confidently say that I am pleased with their services. The company offers excellent services at affordable prices, and their speed and support are exceptional. I am .. Read more »
Working with the exceptional support team was a fantastic experience. They efficiently resolve problems at a fast pace. In comparison to other hosting providers, their services are reasonably priced. All the clients I recommended them to have never e.. Read more »
The cloud hosting platform provided by TMD Hosting is of exceptional quality and is even comparable to Google cloud. I am extremely satisfied with their services and have not encountered any problems thus far. Their support team is prompt and always .. Read more »
This product is considered one of the top options available. Its advantages include incredibly fast speeds, unwavering reliability, exceptional customer support, and numerous data centers located in seven different countries for improved speed. It co.. Read more »
I had concerns about the release of a significant WordPress update called 5.0 Gutenberg and its auto update function. Therefore, I sought assistance from support. I was delighted to discover that they were already managing the situation and had decid.. Read more »
Advantages: - Diverse selection of goods - Availability of six data centers - User-friendly interface for clients Disadvantages: - Lack of clear pricing information - Urgent need for substantial website improvements - Infiltration of comment spam on.. Read more »
I highly recommend this hosting service as it excels in terms of server speed, uptime, customer support, and money-back guarantee. The technical customer support and availability of 24/7 live chat are particularly impressive.