rating: 9.6, reviews: 35
Country: Ukraine
Servers: Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany
Panels: ISPmanager, VestaCP
Working: 17 years
Testing: 7 days
"" is a highly recommended hosting provider that offers virtual dedicated servers, hosting, and domain registration services. With over 7 years of experience, they have established themselves as a reliable and affordable option for website development.

Customers have praised the level of service provided by "," stating that they have been utilizing their services for years without encountering any issues or complaints. The support team is responsive, helpful, and goe.. Read more »

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I have been a customer of this company for 12 years and I can highly recommend it. The customer support is responsive and the prices for their services are reasonable. Overall, everything is great :)
I have been utilizing their Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) for nearly a year, and I am extremely content with the level of service they provide. Additionally, there have been minimal instances of system malfunctions throughout this period. Overall, I.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for 7 years, both as a hoster and registrar, and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of such services. It offers fast speeds, reasonable prices, and a supportive customer service team that prioritizes the ne.. Read more »
Hi, I have been involved in website development for more than a decade, and throughout this period, I have tried out numerous hosting services. Among them, thehost stands out in terms of both quality and affordability. I have been hosting my sites wi.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for many years now. Even when I have made mistakes and caused problems, the tech support team has always been there to help me resolve them (even though it was my fault, they still assist me - it's nice)! I.. Read more »
I have been utilizing the hosting service provided by for over 6 years. Throughout this time, I have never encountered any issues. Their support team not only assists in clarifying queries but also provides helpful guidance. Additi.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting provider for over a year and have also tried other services for comparison. The support team is responsive and helpful, going so far as to assist with bug fixes. In contrast, other services only provide links to materia.. Read more »
I have been utilizing these services for over 5 years. While most providers allow for flexible payment options, this particular provider abruptly closes their server. Despite numerous attempts to negotiate with their support, I have not seen any posi.. Read more »
We would like to express our gratitude to Thehost's technical support team for their assistance in setting up the SSL certificate and making the required adjustments. The team efficiently completed the setup and, most notably, offered a comprehe.. Read more »
The Host team is highly efficient and prompt in their work. Their support service is exceptional, as they consistently respond within a few minutes and provide assistance whenever there is any confusion.
This is standard hosting service where they offer fast support, even at night. While other services only provide support during business hours and take 3-6 hours to process requests, here the support team handles them within 15 minutes. We have been .. Read more »
I highly recommend this hosting service due to its affordable prices, easy-to-use interface, and outstanding technical support.
I have been a customer of TheHost services for over 5 years and have not had any issues so far. The pricing plans are fair, the interface is user-friendly, and the hosting itself is excellent. I would like to express my gratitude to the technical sup.. Read more »
Great hosting, I've been using it for many years. The customer support is especially awesome.
I have been using TheHost services since 2016, before that I was with other hosting providers, so I have something to compare with. I really like the quality of the service, and the technical support deserves a special mention. The guys react really .. Read more »
Since 2016, I have been a customer of TheHost services. Prior to that, I had used other hosting providers for a year, which allows me to make a comparison. I am satisfied with the service's quality and would like to give special thanks to the su.. Read more »
Professional, efficient, and accurate. This company is a great partner for both experienced individuals familiar with website-related activities and newcomers to this field. The experienced ones will receive excellent quality at a reasonable price, w.. Read more »
I have been collaborating with the service provider for approximately three years. The technical support team is available 24/7 and promptly resolves any issues that may arise. The hosting fees are quite reasonable, and the system operates efficientl.. Read more »
The main advantage is the quick response from technical support, and the hosting service functions steadily without any noticeable disruptions.
I would like to express my gratitude to the technical support team for their constant assistance and support. I am highly impressed with the company and the level of service provided.
We highly recommend it! This is the best hosting service we have ever experienced. The level of professionalism is exceptional, and the prices for their services are among the most competitive. We greatly appreciate your excellent work!
As an absolute newbie, I can confidently say that I owe all my progress to the support of the consultants from the hosting server. They guide me through every step, for which I am incredibly grateful.
I use the services of a domain registrar. DNS records are updated quickly, and I have not encountered any problems with the service. It's a great Ukrainian service, and I highly recommend it!
Fast service and assistance with service management. 24/7 support will always help you understand the intricacies of fine-tuning and additional services provided. The quality is excellent, highly recommended. A big thank you to the support team, who .. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for 6 years already. The staff is professional and the price-to-quality ratio is good. I am very satisfied!
I have been hosting several of my test projects on Zehoste for about a year now, and I am extremely satisfied with their services. Whenever I have any issues, I reach out to their technical support, and they help me resolve them in a matter of minute.. Read more »
I have been using a great hosting service for my sauna bath website in Odessa for about 5 years. The price-to-quality ratio is excellent. However, there are occasional significant drops in website loading speed, and virtual hosting packages do not su.. Read more »
24/7 polite and efficient technical support. Clear instructions for using and configuring hosting. Discounts when ordering VPS for more than a month, even though it's a small thing, but nice) Overall, very satisfied with the service and grateful.. Read more »
We forgot to renew the services for the website due to quarantine and vacations. When we discovered that the website was not functioning, we reached out to support at 2 AM. We were pleasantly surprised to receive a response within 5 mi.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for over a year, and I am completely satisfied. It is an excellent hosting service. The customer support team is available 24/7, and they are very helpful and knowledgeable. They are always ready to explain and provide .. Read more »
Today I discovered a complete copy of my website (hosted on this hosting), which was made when my website was hosted with them. I left that hosting because my website was periodically unavailable - error 500, and I wasn.. Read more »
Affordable and quite decent hosting. I've experienced a few downtime incidents, but they were always just a few minutes long. The billing and hosting control panel on ISP-manager are, in my opinion, the most convenient among the standard options.. Read more »
The hosting is affordable and of good quality. There have been occasional brief interruptions in work, but overall it is satisfactory. Personally, I find the billing and hosting admin panel on ISP-manager to be the most user-friendly among standard o.. Read more »
I have been using TheHost virtual hosting for my own and client online projects for the past five years. During this time, I can't recall any major downtime or other issues. The technical support team always responds quickly (within 1-2 hours) a.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for the past three years and I am satisfied with it. The customer support is excellent, always helping me with any difficulties or questions I have, even at any time of the day. My websites run smoothly without .. Read more »