rating: 7.3, reviews: 21
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia
Panels: Custom-built, ISPManager, Hestia, BrainyCP, FastPanel
Working: 23 years
Testing: 14 days
Sweb.ru is a hosting company that offers a range of hosting services for personal websites. Based on the reviews, it can be concluded that Sweb.ru has both positive and negative aspects.

On the positive side, many reviewers highlight the prompt and efficient customer support provided by Sweb.ru. They mention that the support team readily assists with various inquiries and technical issues, ensuring a swift and smooth performance. The user-friendly control panel is also praised for addin.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

TakeoffCustom-built5 pcs-5 Gb$2.15
RocketCustom-built10 pcs-15 Gb$4.31
SpaceCustom-built20 pcs-30 Gb$5.94
UranusCustom-built30 pcs-30 Gb$10.8
SaturnCustom-built--60 Gb$21.61

CLOUD PROMO-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$2.15
CLOUD BASE-2 Gb2 pcs30 Gb$10.15
HDD-500-2 Gb1 pcs500 Gb$12.96
CLOUD EXTRA-6 Gb4 pcs60 Gb$13.72
TURBO-40-2 Gb1 pcs40 Gb$14.8

E3-1270V33.5 GHz8 Gb4 pcs480 Gb$72.43
2 × E56202.4 GHz16 Gb8 pcs480 Gb$93.73
2 × SILVER 41142.2 GHz64 Gb20 pcs960 Gb$277.84

Reviews on Sweb.ru


Based on my personal experience, I can confidently state that Sweb is a highly commendable company. I have been utilizing their 'Takeoff' hosting service for over three months now. Their customer support is prompt and efficient, readily pro.. Read more »
What steps should be taken to ensure the fast and stable functioning of your website? It is crucial to create the necessary conditions for this. Initially, seek assistance from a reliable hosting provider and server provider to fulfill the required t.. Read more »
When you buy hosting from Spaceweb, they will provide you with a complimentary security certificate. I discovered this when I opted for their hosting services, and it was a pleasant surprise as SSL certificates usually require an extra payment. This .. Read more »
I was impressed by the excellent value for money provided by Spaceweb. I have been hosting my website with them for two years now and I am constantly amazed by the prompt and efficient technical support they offer at such an affordable price. Overall.. Read more »
This company provides free and efficient assistance with transferring websites, regardless of their type or size. Whether it's an online store with a thousand products or a simple landing page, they handle the transfer equally quickly. Additiona.. Read more »
Due to issues with surpassing the allowable capacity, the website started experiencing sluggishness and prolonged loading times. The support team assisted me in transitioning to a plan that resolved the issue. After two years of being on this hosting.. Read more »
I was completely rescued by them. I never anticipated their assistance. I made a mistake while restoring the archive, which resulted in the website becoming inaccessible. However, Spaceweb's technical support aided me in restoring it. I am great.. Read more »
The tech support of SpaceWeb is exceptional! I have been a user of their hosting service for a long time and they have consistently assisted me. Despite my limited technical knowledge, they always go the extra mile to help me, fix my errors, ensure e.. Read more »
To be frank, I lack experience with alternative hosting services as I have been using sweb.ru since 2010 and it meets all my requirements. The technical support is exceptional, promptly and effectively addressing any issues. It is possible that the s.. Read more »
We have been using a dependable hosting service with a strong standing for more than 5 years. The quick response from their tech support and the prompt deployment of backups within 5 minutes are particularly advantageous. We purchase hosting with a 3.. Read more »
Working with this company is a highly frustrating experience for me. The websites frequently go offline, and the tech support team always blames us for it. Additionally, the client service team consistently displays a complete lack of concern towards.. Read more »
After being a customer of Spaceweb for a period of two years, I have decided to leave. I have already completed most of the process of moving out. Throughout the two years, I did not encounter any specific issues. However, when I approached their tec.. Read more »
We have recently started using this hosting company, but on multiple occasions within the short period of a few months, our website has failed to load, displaying a message indicating that it was unable to establish a connection. This situation negat.. Read more »
A few years ago, someone recommended this hosting company to me as a good option for beginners. Initially, everything was fine and I didn't encounter any problems. However, when I started to migrate and change platforms, I began experiencing mor.. Read more »
The choices available for an inexperienced webmaster are satisfactory, but the prices and technical assistance could be improved.
Sweb offers hosting services for personal websites, but lacks features compared to their competitors and has high prices. Their tech support can handle basic problems but lacks confidence. They have a negative attitude towards clients with non-typica.. Read more »
Currently, the websites are functioning properly, although previously they experienced daily downtime of approximately 10 to 20 minutes. The hosting service provider has been overly strict with IP blocking, leading to instances where both my uploaded.. Read more »
There are approximately seven websites present on various plans at that location. There are no downsides, as there is a user-friendly interface and quick assistance for technical issues.
The server is frequently unavailable, and there are ongoing issues with the email service that are not promptly resolved. Due to these problems, I have decided to discontinue using their services and I do not recommend it for websites with moderate t.. Read more »
We had our website hosted on this platform for approximately a year without any issues. The technical support team promptly responded to our queries via both phone and email. However, in the last month, we have been experiencing frequent site failure.. Read more »
If you want to receive a refund, it is highly unlikely that you will get your money back. The process for returning items is intentionally complex, making it easier for individuals to simply give up rather than attempt to retrieve their money. To pro.. Read more »