rating: 7.3, reviews: 14
Servers: USA, North America
Working: 21 years
Testing: 14 days
Squarespace.com is a website hosting provider that offers a wide range of services and features. They have gained a reputation for their great uptime and performance, making them a reliable option for users. The customer support provided by Squarespace is outstanding, with prompt and knowledgeable representatives who are able to resolve inquiries and issues in most cases.

Squarespace offers different plans to cater to various requirements, including a personal plan that includes a comp.. Read more »

Reviews on Squarespace.com


I have been using my server for about a year, and it has always had great uptime and performance. The customer support has been outstanding as well. Because of this, I decided to get a domain through their services, and it is working well without nee.. Read more »
Squarespace offers different plans to cater to various requirements. I opted for their personal plan which included a complimentary custom domain. I appreciate that all their plans provide limitless bandwidth and storage, along with a wide selection .. Read more »
Despite having created impressive templates in the past, squarespace is not a recommended choice for a WordPress based website due to its lack of usability. Additionally, its speed is slow. The only positive aspect I can think of when using squarespa.. Read more »
In the past, I have had experience working with Squarespace. They provide high-quality services and I have not encountered any major issues as their customer. However, their prices are quite steep. While they advertise a low price on their interface,.. Read more »
I agree with the opinions expressed in other reviews on this website regarding SquareSpace's pricing. SquareSpace offers numerous ways to charge you extra, as every feature appears to be an additional cost. The hosting service itself is a limit.. Read more »
I discovered that Squarespace is one of the pricier options for domain name providers. While their interface is minimalistic, I struggled with using it to build my website. They offer a variety of pre-made templates, but it is not very customizable w.. Read more »
Squarespace provides their own customer relationship management (CRM) system for website hosting. If you are familiar with Wix or similar page editors, this is a positive aspect. However, if you are accustomed to using WordPress, it can be a disappoi.. Read more »
Squarespace is highly recommended for beginners due to its excellent customer support, reliability, and competitive pricing. While it is user-friendly, it does have some limitations when it comes to adding specific features. Additionally, it may be s.. Read more »
Squarespace is not a recommended choice for website hosting and services. I have been using it for one of my websites and I am considering changing my hosting provider. The website takes a long time to load and the built-in website builder is not imp.. Read more »
In the past, Squarespace was considered good. However, my current perception is different, as I had a client with a Squarespace site and we were looking to switch to a different platform. I needed basic data and access, which should not be an issue w.. Read more »
Before you decide to use Squarespace, it is important to carefully read and understand the Terms of Service. When you register for Squarespace, you are granting them the right to use, modify, and distribute your content for various purposes. While yo.. Read more »
Squarespace is a hosting provider that caters to small businesses and offers attractive pre-made templates that are easy to incorporate into your website. However, I encountered some issues with their speed as my websites loaded slower than usual. Ad.. Read more »
Squarespace is an excellent platform for beginners who want to create their own website. However, developers may find its main drawback to be its slow speed. I recently used Squarespace to build a very small website, which should have loaded quickly... Read more »
Squarespace is one of the top competitors in the website builder market, along with Wix and Weebly. They offer over 100 stylish themes that are mobile-friendly and can be customized to suit individual preferences. Prices start at $12 per month for th.. Read more »