rating: 9.5, reviews: 227
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia
Panels: Custom-built
Working: 19 years
Testing: 15 days
Sprinthost.ru is a top-ranking and highly reputable hosting service provider that offers exceptional security features and user-friendliness. Customers have praised the outstanding support service, which has consistently provided prompt and effective assistance. The support team has successfully resolved issues such as removing malicious code and mitigating the aftermath of bot attacks. Users have expressed their satisfaction with the support team's competence, politeness, and customer-focused a.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Плюс-1Custom-built2 pcs-3 Gb$2.37
Плюс-10Custom-built5 pcs-6 Gb$3.99
Турбо битрикс-1Custom-built2 pcs-5 Gb$4.43
Плюс-11Custom-built10 pcs-15 Gb$6.37
Эпик-101Custom-built--30 Gb$15.03

XS-1 Gb1 pcs12 Gb$2.15
S-1 Gb1 pcs16 Gb$9.07
M-2 Gb1 pcs32 Gb$9.72
5XL-12 Gb6 pcs120 Gb$54.04

Intel Xeon E3-1240v63.7 GHz16 Gb4 pcs512 Gb$179.46

Reviews on Sprinthost.ru


I consider Sprinthost to be the best hosting provider! I have tried different ones, but the best support is on Sprinthost. They even help me with my cs cart website, even though they don't have a system for it in their auto-loader. The support t.. Read more »
The best hosting! Impeccable support. They often come to the rescue.
I give units for the perfect madness with the tariffs. I moved from a Ukrainian host. I bought it for a year, plus a gift of 3 months. After 9 months, I discover that the website is not working :-(. What's the matter? - I ran out of funds.... Ho.. Read more »
We have been using this hosting for almost a year. It has its pros and cons. The control interface is not the most user-friendly, but the support team is friendly and knowledgeable. It is functional, especially considering the prices for the services.. Read more »
In the distant 2013, I switched from ХЦ РБК to SprintHost. For 10 years now, I've been hosting my projects on SprintHost VDS, and I also bring my clients there, mostly for virtual hosting. The service performance is stable, and the support is be.. Read more »
I have been using hosting for over 10 years, hosting developed websites for clients and then my own. The price for hosting, servers, and registering .ru domains is the best in the Russian market in terms of price and quality. Simple business websites.. Read more »
Great hosting! Top-notch support! No difficulties with the website's performance and availability.
I have been working with them since 2015. I have tried many hosting providers, but gradually transferred all my domains to SprintHost. The prices are reasonable, and I have never had any issues with speed. Of course, there have been occasional outage.. Read more »
I have been a customer of this hosting service for a long time and I am pleased with its security features and user-friendliness. The support service deserves a special mention as they have been extremely helpful whenever I needed assistance. They re.. Read more »
Great hosting. Excellent customer support. We have been working together since 2015. We have tried many hosting services, but this one is the best!
Good web hosting, responsive support (they actually helped me a couple of times), the email interface is a bit clunky, but some tweaking and getting used to it solve the problem. It's exactly what I need for the money! Honestly, I checked out th.. Read more »
The best hosting company "price-quality-convenience". I have been using their services for over 7 years. For the sake of experiment, I have tried other companies, including more "popular" and expensive ones, but my choice has alwa.. Read more »
Efficient and prompt support! We used to be on a different hosting platform, but this one is the best. I am delighted with their support team, they are very knowledgeable and responsive. They assist with any questions I have.
I am extremely satisfied with the excellent and efficient support provided by this hosting service. The support team is highly skilled and responsive, always ready to assist with any problems or queries. Compared to our previous hosting provider, thi.. Read more »
Great hosting, everything is intuitive, and if something is not clear, you will be helped by the god-like support, one of the best supports I have ever encountered. They solve technical issues, provide guidance on layout, scripts, etc., they are very.. Read more »
The hosting service is excellent, with a user-friendly interface, and if there is any confusion, their technical support is outstanding and among the best I have experienced. They effectively resolve technical problems, offer guidance on design and s.. Read more »
The hosting and support provided are exceptional, with a remarkably prompt response time. They assist in resolving issues and fulfilling any requests, consistently offering their help. Undoubtedly the best!
The best technical support greatly simplifies and accelerates my work with clients.
These guys are probably the best in their segment. I am thrilled with their technical support!
This hosting service provider is excellent. I have been utilizing it for nearly a decade, and it has consistently offered operational assistance and aided me with multiple problems. I highly recommend it.
I don't know many hosting services, but this one stands out from the rest with its amazing customer support! They really care about their customers!
Thank you so much. All the questions were resolved when I reached out. Such a great team of professionals. Well done!!!!! ❤️?❤️?❤️
Thank you to consultant Nikita for the detailed and prompt communication and answers in the personal chat! In regards to SprintHost, there are a few areas that could be improved. The support system is not perfectly designed as the rating of the consu.. Read more »
I have been using hosting for 7-8 years now, and during this time, there have been no significant issues - everything has been working without any problems. The support and assistance provided through the chat in the admin panel are of very high qual.. Read more »
Disgusting, expensive, and unreliable hosting. We had 3 websites, but eventually moved them all to a reliable host. The sites were constantly being shut down due to various overloads. The diagnostics would give one reason, then another. The host woul.. Read more »
The admin panel is inconvenient, the customer support works very slowly, the prices are astronomical, any adult content is prohibited, but that's not even the point, they have blocked my websites and despite my strong requests, they categoricall.. Read more »
Having a non-trivial and substantial IT experience (I think, more than 45 years in the profession and around it - quite decent), I can, it seems to me, judge the quality of services in the industry in general and in the hosting provider environment -.. Read more »
I have been utilizing this web hosting service for more than a decade. Their pricing policy is reasonable. The support team efficiently and proficiently resolves all problems.
Terrible hosting - My account was blocked because I started indexing the Google site and there was increased load - what nonsense - the site was down for several days, it's just unacceptable. - The file limit was exceeded, says the hosting - cou.. Read more »
I am very grateful to the technical staff of the hosting service! All issues are resolved promptly and without delay. Users are not left alone with unresolved questions. Here is the latest case where I had to contact support several times! The first .. Read more »
I received excellent assistance which resolved a challenging problem. I express my heartfelt gratitude!
The hosting was pretty cheap and decent. The uptime was a bit lacking, but they always notified us and resolved their issues during the night. I ended up switching from them due to payment problems with the card in Ukrainian hryvnias.
Great hosting. Our website is hosted on this platform. The advantages include: 1) excellent customer support, 2) free SSL certificate, 3) up to 5 websites on our plan, 4) reasonable cost of services, 5) the support team helped us integrate the Memcac.. Read more »
Guys repeatedly come to the rescue with support, and I like that they act not based on formal criteria but simply help out. I'm not a programmer and I have no idea how to do regular repair work, let alone restore a website. Thank you! I've .. Read more »
I absolutely do not recommend this hosting service. Anyone can read on their main page that they claim to offer an unlimited number of email accounts starting from the VOSTOK-2 tariff and higher level. They explicitly state "any number of email .. Read more »
We have been using hosting services since 2013. The technical support is excellent. They always assist and quickly respond to all inquiries. They are true professionals in their field.
Excellent hosting with affordable prices and, above all, an exceptional support service that remains readily available and efficiently resolves any issues you may encounter within a matter of minutes.
I really enjoy the support. They assist me as a writer and newbie, and since I am a woman, I don't have anyone else to help me understand. With their assistance, everything works out! I highly recommend them.
The hosting provider blocked the website based on a claim from a supposed "copyright holder." On a non-working day, we received a letter from them demanding action. By Monday morning, the website was already blocked. It turned out that our .. Read more »
I became a client of SprintHost only in 2013. During this time, this hosting service has proven itself to be extremely reliable. I don't even remember a time when the websites (all of which are hosted on SprintHost) experienced any issues caused.. Read more »
Great hosting, the strongest aspect for me is the support. They respond instantly in the online chat and Telegram, and help solve problems that are not even within the hosting support's duty. I especially appreciate that you can ask them to tran.. Read more »
They are the most beautiful (just look at their website!), the fastest (write to their support!), the friendliest (again, write to their Mega-support), the... I don't know, it seems to me that the whole team is young and just wants to do their j.. Read more »
I want to express my immense gratitude to the hosting support for being responsive at any time of the day, for their promptness in resolving issues, and for their highly qualified technical assistance. I encountered a critical situation with one of .. Read more »
Advantages: + Good functionality of the personal account; + Basic questions are resolved quickly; Disadvantages: - Had difficulties with the insufficient qualification of the support team, but managed to solve everything myself; - Attempts to deceiv.. Read more »
I have more than 50 websites on this hosting. I believe it is one of the best hosting providers in Russia. Regardless of what I used before, they were just average. Sometimes, like any other system, there are glitches, but they solve them instantly a.. Read more »
Thank you so much for the support of this hosting service! Guys, you're the best! Thank you for your work! I highly recommend this excellent hosting to everyone.
Hello! I have been working with this company for many years, and whenever I have encountered any issues with the website or if there was something I didn't understand as a user, the excellent and knowledgeable support team members have always co.. Read more »
Of all the hosting services I've used, this one is the most reliable and fastest - although the price here is definitely not cheap.
I am very satisfied with the hosting service. There are still many things that I don't understand, but the promptness of the support team through chat is astonishing. In comparison, my previous domain registrar would take up to a day to respond .. Read more »
After hosting websites with different providers, I have settled here and am now hosting my third website. The control panel is very convenient and user-friendly. The consultants on the hotline are helpful with any current issues and can direct more s.. Read more »
When transferring the website to the sprinthost hosting, there was a problem - the mail on nic.ru stopped working. We contacted technical support. Thanks to the employee of technical support, Dmitry Panfilov, we were able to quickly identify the prob.. Read more »
I have been using it for a year. The hosting is pleasant. The technical support is responsive. The control panel is convenient. The price-to-quality ratio is simply perfect.
I have been developing websites for 10 years now. I know the access to the personal accounts of my clients' hosts, and I have tried different ones over this time. For the past 2 years, I have been using SprintHost, and every time I enjoy the sim.. Read more »
Everything works great... Clear and user-friendly interface... Prompt support... Several websites have been working flawlessly for years at a reasonable price. I recommend it to everyone...
I always pay attention to the support first, to their competence and speed. In this case, everything is impeccable. Sincere recommendation for those who value security and reliability.
I recently started using SprintHost and immediately found it to be a great experience. 1. Everything is incredibly simple, transparent, and straightforward. Just click and you get what you need. The interface is very user-friendly and visually resem.. Read more »
Great hosting! No ads or unnecessary clutter! The technical support is top-notch - they respond instantly 24/7.
I decided to use Sprinthost services for the first time, and I purchased hosting and a domain. I was really impressed with their service and efficiency. They made using the company's website as convenient as possible. All virtual hosting tariffs.. Read more »
Guys are amazing! They respond to a question in the chat within a minute. Technical support takes 10-15 minutes to respond. Even a technical question related to a complex system like 1C-Bitrix gets solved within 2-3 hours. Thanks a lot to the guys!
I have been using this hosting service for over a year. The technical support team is excellent and quickly responds to problems. All of my inquiries were resolved within an hour.
I have been using it for over a year, and I would like to express my special gratitude to the customer support team who are always ready to help at any time of the day or night.
Hello everyone! I've been using the services of Sprinthost for a long time, about 7 years exactly. Let me tell you a bit about my problem. The other day, I changed the theme on my website and everything went haywire. The previous posts weren.. Read more »
Recently, I moved to this hosting provider from another one. I transferred my personal website, a commercial project, and some miscellaneous stuff. The websites are now working faster than they did with the previous host, which is great. They have a .. Read more »
I would like to express my gratitude to the technical support, represented by Marat Taktashov, for their understanding, patience, and concern for the issues faced by inexperienced users like myself. They promptly and effectively helped me resolve a w.. Read more »
We have been hosting six websites on this hosting provider for several years now. The reliability and speed are acceptable. The control panel is user-friendly. There is an antivirus that daily monitors the websites for viruses - which is a great feat.. Read more »
There are plenty of affordable resources available. The support team responds quickly and suggests reading help articles. However, those articles are not always clear, and the support team does not provide more specific answers. Some drawbacks includ.. Read more »
I have been using Sprinthost services for almost a year. I can say that for the price, the hosting is almost perfect in terms of stability and ease of use. It is fast, reliable, and a major plus is the use of NVMe. Since the end of February, using t.. Read more »
I have been registered with this hosting since 2014. I am an elderly blogger, soon to be 70. Therefore, I am a novice in many technical matters. Over the years, the support team has always patiently and attentively helped me. Once, I had a very seri.. Read more »
Since I am just starting to use this hosting, I often reach out to their tech support. These guys are great! They always help and answer all my questions. I really like it here.
Hello citizens! Sprinthost is a "gem"! I can't remember how long I've been with them, it seems like my whole life, maybe 5-7 years, or even more (I've had different websites). I have to mention their customer support - it.. Read more »
Over the course of 10 years, I have tried out various hosting providers. This one is the best. Everything runs smoothly, quickly, and conveniently. The customer support is top-notch. They help to resolve any issues. I highly recommend it!
I strongly advise against it. The support is exclusively available in Russian, which is inadequate for those involved in international business in Russia. It is extremely disappointing. This serves as a clear illustration of a Russian company that pr.. Read more »
I often contact Sprinthost technical support. They respond quickly, accurately, and to the point. Thank you for your promptness, as you have helped me resolve many technical configuration issues. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly.
I have been using "SprintHost" hosting for almost 7 years. I really like their prompt support, high speed, reliability, and of course, the price. I am grateful to the hosting team for their excellent attitude and understanding of their clie.. Read more »
In my experience, this hosting provider has the best support compared to all the others I have worked with (top hosting providers). They offer excellent uptime, a built-in antivirus, and other perks at reasonable prices.
I just can't believe how ridiculous it is to refuse client money and, consequently, clients themselves. During the trial period, the hosting worked fine, everything was satisfactory. But when it came to payment, none of the payment methods allo.. Read more »
I was immediately impressed by the fact that they offer server rentals with NVMe SSD hard drives. These drives work much faster than SSDs, let alone regular hard drives. They also have a variety of pricing plans, so everyone can choose the option tha.. Read more »
Very responsive customer support, which is not often encountered. On a weekend, they empathized with my situation and promptly resolved the issue (I forgot to make the payment on time). Thank you!
I have been using this hosting for 5 years. I have several websites here. It is a reliable and convenient hosting service. The support is excellent and actually works 24 hours a day. They respond quickly and help with any technical issues.
Excellent technical support. They never refuse to help and solve the problem. They always respond and provide assistance!
I used this hosting service for a year. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to renew it, but I want to share my opinion after a year of using this web page repository. Both webmasters and bloggers can benefit from this hosting. Firstly, Sprinthost .. Read more »
The best technical support ever! Even if you write at 6 in the morning, they will solve the issue quickly and without unnecessary words! Highly recommend!
Hello! I wholeheartedly want to recommend Sprinthost.ru to all users. After struggling with my previous hosting, I successfully switched to Sprinthost and realized what reliability, speed, and round-the-clock support mean. These guys are great! They.. Read more »
и удобный, нет никаких сложностей в работе с панелью управления. Очень удобно, что есть возможность реселлинга доменов, это отличная возможность заработать дополнительные деньги. Также хочу отметить большой выбор доменных зон, что позволяет выбрать с.. Read more »
We have been working with this hosting provider for so many years that I have even forgotten how long it has been. When I switched from another hosting provider, the sprinthost staff helped me transfer and set up everything. Since then, I only log in.. Read more »
I use hosting services from different companies... I like Sprinthost for its convenient control panel, the ability to receive reports that there are no viruses on the websites, and daily backups. It is a convenient service with good technical support.. Read more »
I would like to express my gratitude to the hosting service cp.sprinthost.ru for their fast and effective assistance in resolving complex issues. These guys are great, they work professionally and quickly. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Good hosting, we have connected several clients to it. As for ourselves, we are currently on a different one, but our payment is about to expire soon and we will be moving, most likely to this one.
Excellent hosting with fast and responsive technical support! Speed, price, and quality are all top-notch! I hope there won't be any problems in the future) I highly recommend without any doubts!
This is an excellent hosting service. I have been a customer since 2015. The responsive support is what I like the most. Not a single one of my inquiries has gone unanswered during this time. They typically respond within 2-3 hours without fail. The .. Read more »
At one point, I realized that my old hosting service was not meeting the necessary requirements. I found this company at the top with good reviews. I signed up for a trial period and was amazed by the quality of their service in every aspect. One sta.. Read more »
The technical support works very efficiently! This is a huge plus. In addition, we have contacted them multiple times not only for consultation and clarification regarding the domain email and website in general, but also for issues that required int.. Read more »
The best of the best, and the guys from the support team are simply wizards, that's the proof from my 6 years of working with them.
I am satisfied with the hosting service, I have been using it for 5 years. I have always put off writing a review until I needed technical support again. The guys at sprinthost.ru fix everything very quickly, they have helped me many times. I am very.. Read more »
Great hosting! The tech support is incredibly amazing, ready to assist me from 2 am to 7 am. The interface is user-friendly and the performance speed is high. I was also pleased to receive a free SSL certificate. I will definitely recommend it to my .. Read more »
While I'm still in the trial period, I'm already thrilled to bits. I've uploaded dozens of my websites on different systems here, and they all start working instantly without any extra steps, even the ones that refused to work on other.. Read more »
Recently, my websites have been hosted on five paid hosting services and I also tried one on a test mode. I will try to write reviews about each of them. So, let's start with Sprinthost: Overall rating: 9 out of 10 Pros: + Affordable + Good up.. Read more »
Great job hosting, everything always loads quickly. Convenient personal account - many questions can be resolved independently. And I want to specifically mention the work of the support team - they always respond quickly, know Joomla, WordPress, and.. Read more »
Good day. Today is 26.01.2019. My name is Emil Davletshin. I would like to share my opinion on which hosting provider to choose for hosting your website. Sprinthost. It's my choice and I recommend it to everyone. It is a reliable, user-friendly.. Read more »
I really like this hosting provider for both its price and quality. I'm not a website expert, but I have my own website. Whenever I encounter situations where I need help, I immediately receive it. And that makes me very happy. The support is pr.. Read more »
Good day, we have been working with this hosting provider for 4 years and we are delighted. We are satisfied both as partners and as customers. We searched and carefully selected the hosting provider we needed for a long time, and honestly, we have n.. Read more »
Reliable. That's it. Perhaps, that's the main parameter... There was one situation in the summer when I was purely dissatisfied with this hosting on emotions. But there are no worthy alternatives. I randomly chose this company in 2012 (I th.. Read more »
There are three regions to choose from when buying hosting - among the top service providers, I chose European. I received a discount of 400 rubles on the purchase of a virtual machine from SprintHost. The website hostings info provides a detailed ra.. Read more »
I highly recommend this service! I was impressed by their responsiveness and the knowledgeable support team. Once, I had trouble with the website settings on WP and couldn't access the admin panel due to a bug. I reached out to the support for h.. Read more »
Pros: + Very responsive technical support, they react quickly (always respond to urgent questions within an hour) + Fast servers for simple websites, ideal for projects with low traffic (service websites with 10-100 pages, using simple technologies) .. Read more »
The technical support from this provider is at a very high level. The guys had no problem answering my questions at first, and when I couldn't figure things out and my whole website went haywire, they fixed everything without my involvement. I&#.. Read more »
Incredibly excellent hosting! Only positive impressions! Great and fast support, reliable server performance, simple and user-friendly personal account interface, and very noticeable prices! In my opinion, unquestionably the best hosting!
I have been using this hosting service for 3 years. I would like to thank the Support Team for their prompt assistance on my website. Within a couple of days, I encountered significant issues that the Support Team helped me resolve. These guys work i.. Read more »
SprintHost's support is the best! Every time I reached out for help, there was never any refusal or hint of rudeness. They really understand the issue and assist with technical questions, even when they could easily refuse. I have something to c.. Read more »
Hello everyone! SprintHost hosting is the best hosting in the world!!! I have been working with this hosting since 2012. I am very satisfied! Thank you.
When Timeweb no longer suited us, we switched to this hosting with a more expensive plan and unlimited websites. It has been working steadily for half a year, knock on wood. The support team is much better than the support team at Timeweb, who always.. Read more »
Once again, the guys helped me do something that, in principle, is not part of their tasks. I've written about it multiple times, and I will continue to write: this is the BEST hosting in the Russian-speaking Internet in terms of user support. E.. Read more »
I would like to share my feedback regarding this hosting company. It took me a considerable amount of time to decide on a hosting provider because I wanted to ensure that I would not fall victim to cheap hosting scams. I conducted extensive research .. Read more »
Great hosting!!! I used another hosting before. Didn't like it. There were constant CPU overload issues and limited disk space... Started looking for alternatives and finally found what I was looking for. The prices are good and the disk space i.. Read more »
Despite several drawbacks, it is currently the best hosting service in Russia.
The support team assisted in transferring my website at no cost. Their service is efficient and they swiftly resolve any issues or tasks. The Live Chat feature is also excellent. I appreciate the convenient hosting and the excellent quality of their .. Read more »
The website was created 1.5 years ago. It didn't have any functionality. I immediately messed it up with some random plugins. I was sitting there crying. Before that, the website was on a different hosting platform and their support was really b.. Read more »
I have been using Sprinthost as my hosting company for approximately six months. I have multiple websites hosted with them. Prior to this, I was using a small and inexpensive hosting provider that lacked an actual office, among other things. When I g.. Read more »
I have been using hosting for a very long time, more than 5 years. Before that, I changed many hosting providers, so I have something to compare. Everything is well-balanced, there are many tariff plans, but the most important thing is the customer .. Read more »
Two years ago I made my first website on Sprinthost. Then it was time for my second website and I hosted it on a different hosting provider. After struggling for a month with a complicated control panel and spending hours waiting for support response.. Read more »
Almost three years ago, I chose this hosting provider. Why? Reasonable price, good speed, reliability, and excellent 24/7 support. The support team has saved me multiple times, promptly helping to resolve any issues. I am very grateful to SprintHost .. Read more »
The hosting was chosen after reviewing similar services, including based on feedback. Initially, I was enticed by the price of the most budget-friendly plan, but didn't expect anything special otherwise. The trial period went well, so I decided .. Read more »
Sprinthost is an excellent hosting company that fully deserves its top-ranking position. With its user-friendly and straightforward approach, we highly recommend it.
I completely agree with the reviews mentioned here. I made the switch from another hosting provider, who was not too bad, and I quickly noticed the disparity. Firstly, the download speed on Google page speed improved significantly from 74% to 87% (ev.. Read more »
I have been a customer of this hosting company for over half a year and I have not encountered any issues with the functioning of my website during this time. The technical support team deserves special recognition as they respond promptly and provid.. Read more »
The hosting company is excellent. Although there are minor drawbacks such as the need to pay separately for additional features, it is not a significant concern. Additionally, the hosting is affordable and offers high-quality services, surpassing eve.. Read more »
The hosting company is reliable and has outstanding technical assistance. They were able to restore websites from backup within an hour and respond promptly to inquiries. However, my concern lies in the occasional unavailability of my site, which at .. Read more »
My first experience with hosting a website turned out to be successful. I chose Sprinthost after studying reviews and thematic websites. I was pleased with their prompt and qualified technical support.
Excellent support. Help is instant!!! I have been using hosting for over 4 years - satisfied!!!
Half a year ago, on another well-known website for hosting ratings, I noticed that Sprinthost was ranked high. I decided to give it a try. The results exceeded my expectations, especially for a beginner like me with a simple and intuitive control pan.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service since July 2013. I have no complaints. The website is functioning well. Any issues that have arisen were resolved promptly by the support team. The prices are affordable. They also have an interesting affiliate .. Read more »
I was very impressed with the support team at sprinthost.ru. To my surprise, they offered to help me upload my website to the hosting platform. Not only did they upload all the files to the hosting without my involvement, but they also fixed all the .. Read more »
The tech support team at sprinthost.ru is always prompt in helping me solve critical issues related to third-party code that I install (plugins). They also respond quickly to other problems and questions. I have been using their services since April .. Read more »
I have been a customer of this hosting company for a few months now, having switched from a different provider. I am extremely happy with their services as the server speed is excellent.
I would also like to contribute to the positive feedback about the hosting and support services. As a beginner blogger, I frequently require assistance and I have found the technical support to be excellent. They are prompt, professional, and courteo.. Read more »
I may be new to this, but I am extremely happy with this hosting provider. I had previously used a different company, but their unreliable service forced me to switch. In the future, I plan on upgrading to a more advanced plan and building multiple w.. Read more »
Now based on my impressions, as the support team at Sprinthost.ru just helped me remove malicious code that I couldn't find myself, left by hackers after my website was hacked. Thanks guys! But overall, this is not the first time I have encounte.. Read more »
I am extremely satisfied with this hosting service! Even though I have only been using it for a short period of time (around 3-4 months), I can already tell that I am dealing with highly skilled experts in this industry. I am genuinely grateful for t.. Read more »
I currently have websites hosted by two different companies. When it comes to Sprinthost, I can only speak positively about them. The technical support provided during the process of transferring my website was exceptionally efficient.
We have a website dedicated to boiler equipment (gas boilers, automation, modular boiler houses) hosted on "Sprinthost". Overall, we are quite satisfied with the hosting. The support team is very responsive and always helps in case of any i.. Read more »
I was aware that the number of visitors to my intended website would be limited, so I opted for the First plan. Thus far, everything has gone smoothly in the initial three months. Although I often hear about the excellent technical support service th.. Read more »
Sprinthost offers dependable hosting services with a highly competent and transparent support system that is always ready to assist. The pricing is fair, providing hosting at a reasonable cost. I have a Joomla-based website focused on printing, and i.. Read more »
I have had a positive experience overall. As someone who is not knowledgeable in this field, I frequently reach out to the support team for assistance. They consistently respond promptly. I am thrilled with the service! If you require a hosting provi.. Read more »
I am new to this hosting and have only been using it for five months. Throughout this period, I had to reach out to technical support twice - once when I was setting up my website and another time when I encountered difficulties with page loading. Th.. Read more »
I have been using this excellent budget hosting for about 5 years. Currently, I am on the Vostok 2 plan. I initially chose this hosting because I had little knowledge of programming and CMS installation, and they kindly helped me with everything. How.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for 4 years, using the VOSTOK 2 plan because I have 8 websites on my account. The first thing I can emphasize is their support. The team responds within 10 minutes at any time of the day. I often have to reach out to th.. Read more »
I conducted a comparison between Beget and Sprinthost, two well-regarded hosting companies known for their stability. With Beget, I occasionally encountered error 500 and 502. However, when I tried Sprinthost, I didn't face any problems and thei.. Read more »
Hello, I'll be brief. In my opinion, this is the best hosting service. I'm not even mentioning the high level of security and pleasant prices. The main thing is the customer support - qualified and knowledgeable specialists who help with is.. Read more »
The hosting provider is exceptional, providing top-notch services. However, I encountered an issue with payment as my credit card, obtained from a different country, was not registered with a Russian bank.
Hello everyone and have a great day! This is how I write to support "SprintHost" hosting. I am involved in website development and SEO, and I often need to do something on the hosting. The guys always help and advise promptly. I have transf.. Read more »
Due to specific circumstances, I decided to change my service provider. One major benefit was that all 14 websites were successfully transferred within a day. Another advantage is that the websites now operate at a high speed and attract significant .. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for a long time, probably about 5 years. At that time, my websites on the then-existing TimeWeb hosting were becoming too crowded. One of my websites, as its traffic grew, started overloading the server's p.. Read more »
I decided to write a review about SprintHost (SH), and the reason for this was a temporary failure on February 21, 2017. As a result, some of the most active clients of the company believed that this hosting provider did not belong in the market. I h.. Read more »
I am very satisfied with this hosting. I am pleased with everything - the prices, the speed, and the highly competent and prompt technical support! I switched from timeweb hosting precisely because there was no technical support there at all. The web.. Read more »
No matter how hard you try, there's nothing to complain about. These guys have nerves of steel. The customer support adapts to every novice like me. If I were in their shoes, I would charge extra from people like me or put them on a blacklist :).. Read more »
Friends! I would like to highlight the promptness and professionalism of the technical support team. The responses are never delayed. You can receive a response practically at any time of the day within 5-8 minutes. I am satisfied with the hosting s.. Read more »
I have been collaborating with this hosting provider for over 4 years. During this time, there have been many changes and improvements on the hosting platform. The most important thing is that their technical support is top-notch. The team does their.. Read more »
I can't say anything bad about SprintHost, only good things. In almost 6 years of working with them, I've had all sorts of experiences. Now, I have to tip my hat to their technical support team, who have the ability to understand even the m.. Read more »
It is great for beginners, as it provides 1GB of memory, a database, and the ability to link your own subdomain or domain. There is a limit of 12,000 files, but it is still perfect for hosting your project and testing whether it will work or not.
Today, I received an email from Google about my website being hacked. I immediately contacted the customer support team at Sprinthost, and they helped me restore everything very quickly. Thank you so much for your assistance, I don't know what I.. Read more »
I needed to create a website from scratch on my own, with minimal experience. I registered on this hosting platform (recommended by a friend), where they have almost step-by-step instructions on how to buy a domain and install WordPress. Naturally, I.. Read more »
Everything is very bad!!! Half a year ago, half of the photos on the website disappeared. Now the website has been down for about 2 hours. I don't see the point in their quick response - I need a solution for the website to start working as fast.. Read more »
The website occasionally crashes and becomes unavailable for an hour or two. The technical support team is slow to respond and investigate the issue. As a result, the website continues to experience frequent downtime. For instance, on October 2, 2015.. Read more »
Hello! I highly recommend "Sprinthost" hosting! Why? The support team ALWAYS responds promptly, and most importantly - the specialists are truly ready to help with technical questions. They solved my problem much faster than I expected. The.. Read more »
I have been working with Sprinthost for several years now. Recently, I decided to get rid of irresponsible clients whose websites I was administering. The guys did an amazing job (they themselves transferred the websites from my account to separate o.. Read more »
The website has been hosted on "Sprinthost" for over a year. I found this hosting service through a recommendation and I have no regrets. There have been very few technical issues with the website. The hosting site provides clear and access.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for the second year now. The advantages are the website's speed and the user-friendly hosting admin panel. The disadvantages are that the customer support only solves serious issues through email. Yes, they.. Read more »
Until there were no problems.... I have been working with them for just over a year...
This hosting service is extremely reliable. It never disappoints. I have placed a couple of my websites on this hosting platform. The customer support is consistently available without any issues. The pricing policy is the most advantageous today.
I am very satisfied with the customer support service and the entire team at Sprinthost. Thank you very much!
I have been using this hosting service since December 2013. I really like the service. The support team responds quickly to emails and there is an option to restore the database on your own. I have used this service multiple times and everything work.. Read more »
Definitely one of the best hosting providers! The control panel is user-friendly, backup and restore features are available, and the support team is super responsive. You guys are the best! Keep up the great work!
I have been using their services for about 2 years. I took a long time to choose a place for my first website and I'm glad I made the right decision. These guys are simply amazing and they helped me a lot as a beginner, for which I am very grate.. Read more »
There are no questions about the hosting, guys do their job flawlessly, if not for the AGS, the email on the website seems to never change. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially to those who are new to this.
I will definitely switch to this hosting. All programmers recommend it: praising its user interface, pricing policy, technical support, and server quality. What especially convinced me to choose SprintHost is that after monitoring my (important) comp.. Read more »
Self-restoring the website from automatic backups doesn't work, and the support team restored my site with data from a month ago, as they didn't have any other backups. Moreover, it was impossible to roll back the changes since a backup was.. Read more »
The best hosting. The most optimal combination of price-quality-service!! The promo code domtvi.net gives 100 bonus rubles and a discount of up to 30% off the first payment! Good luck!
In fact, over the past 3 years, I have transferred almost all supported websites to sprinthost.ru. The new ones, without a doubt, are hosted on SprintHost. Their technical support is outstanding... No, this is not an advertisement. And I'm not a.. Read more »
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for 5 years. Initially, they offered very affordable prices and many other useful features. However, things started to change, but in different directions - prices went up and the quality of ser.. Read more »
It got to the point where all the code in the files was simply erased. This definitely indicates either a hacking of the panel or more likely the incompetence of the technical support. They are more worried about the possibility of being charged and .. Read more »
The website has been hosted on this hosting for 2 months, and so far I am satisfied. The loading speed has increased compared to my previous hosting, and the servers have not crashed. There was only one instance when it was not accessible at night. T.. Read more »
For the second month in a row, the dedicated servers have been experiencing constant overload even with lower loads.
Hello everyone! I recently switched to Sprinthost hosting. I switched from free hosting and I don't regret it at all! Sprinthost is the best for me, and here's why: - They respond to my questions quickly (I asked about 22 questions even bef.. Read more »
Great host. Everything is satisfactory - the price, quality, and speed. We'll see what the future holds...
I have been using reliable hosting for several years.
My website is only a month old, so my opinion may not carry much weight yet, but the technical support has already been extremely helpful to me. I am very grateful!
I don't understand why someone is unhappy with this hosting service. If there were any issues with someone, it's most likely some misunderstandings. I have been using this hosting service for two years now and have no complaints whatsoever... Read more »
I have been working with this host for over 4 years. The beginning was good and the communication with the staff left a pleasant impression. There were almost no disruptions on the host, and the ones that occurred were either virus attacks or force m.. Read more »
Unfortunately, Sprinthost has been disappointing lately - websites are periodically down (Yandex.Metrica reports almost daily website downtime), there have been issues with affiliate payments (our affiliate PIN codes were reset when changing to new t.. Read more »
This hosting is excellent and completely lives up to expectations. One of the advantages of this hosting that I would like to highlight is their technical support. It is very fast and competent. They not only helped with general questions, but even a.. Read more »
I can say only one thing - SprintHost is the best hosting provider in Russia, particularly notable for its reliability and speed.
I've been using this great hosting for 5 months now and I have no complaints. The support is excellent and they respond very quickly. My website is running smoothly! And all of this for just 89 rubles per month, I get a whopping 2GB of space! We.. Read more »
The hosting provider is a scammer, taking money and not providing any refunds if you are unhappy with their service. They will force you to read things through links and won't give any proper answers. These guys aren't even afraid of the po.. Read more »
Good day! I'm just amazed by this hosting, it's simply the best I've seen. I've tried many hosting providers in my life, including DDoS-resistant ones, but I can say one thing - this hosting outshines them all. I not only host my .. Read more »
Terrible work with legal entities. You cannot provide a contract with a stamp on your side as all other companies do. Instead, you start by demanding to first request a contract through the panel, then wait for your response by email, and even after .. Read more »
Great hosting service. I have been using it for over a year and have never had any issues. They always notify in advance about any technical works and carry them out only during the night. I had to communicate with customer support only when I was ch.. Read more »
The hosting is excellent, the website remains accessible even when it exceeds the load limit, and the support is top-notch. In six months, the website was only unavailable once.
Excellent service. I haven't visited my website for a week, as I was busy, but they managed to protect it from hacking attempts. There were 48 attempts to connect to the admin panel, trying to make your website unavailable, and they will teach y.. Read more »
Great host! I have been using it for about 2 years - only positive impressions! Prices, service, stability - everything is satisfying))
Everything is convenient, clear, and the support responds immediately. The price is not exorbitant.
Excellent hosting! No complaints in the nine months of working together. I currently have two websites on the hosting and everything is working wonderfully. I am satisfied with the hosting.
The best of the providers I have worked with in 8 years! The hosting service is reliable, and the technical support is excellent: fast, knowledgeable, no generic responses, everything is on point. Wishing you all the success, guys! You are the best! .. Read more »
I would like to thank your hosting service on behalf of Omlina company. The technical support is excellent. We have over 40 websites on this hosting because we develop websites.
Thank you for the excellent technical support work!
I have been using this great hosting service for over a year now and have created 3 websites on it. The technical support is incredibly fast and helpful! Today they restored my website after my mistake. Happy New Year to the team at SprintHost!
Top-notch technical support! Available by phone or email around the clock.
I am very pleased with all aspects. Five out of five.
I am not the most experienced user of hosting, so I often have many questions and problems that I turn to the hosting technical support for help with! The team quickly responds and fixes my mistakes, while also answering my questions in writing. I ha.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for almost 2 years and have never had any complaints! The technical support is competent, reasonable, and responsive! I have also noticed that websites on this hosting are indexed VERY quickly - I have something to comp.. Read more »
Here they wrote about registration problems - I don't know, but my order was processed in 4 minutes. Everything was explained in great detail, from the registration procedure to the hosting settings. Even for a beginner like me, everything is pe.. Read more »
The hosting provider "Majordomo" was one of the best of the best! Of course, many clients hosted there. However, a very negative opinion was formed (I won't go into the problems), and I started looking for a worthy replacement for Majo.. Read more »
Excellent hosting provider! Well-deservedly ranked in the top spot! Efficient and to the point, we highly approve!
I completely agree with all the reviews here. I switched from another platform, which was far from being "amateurish," and immediately felt the difference. Firstly, the website's loading speed on Google Page Speed increased from 74% to.. Read more »
Great hosting. Yes, there are some nuances, for example, many services require separate payment. But it's not a problem. Especially since the hosting is affordable, and the quality of services is excellent, even compared to more expensive ones. .. Read more »
Great hosting and excellent technical support. Websites were restored from backup within an hour. They respond to inquiries quickly. However, I am concerned about the periodic unavailability of my website. Sometimes it inexplicably crashes altogether.. Read more »
I learned about SprintHost just a couple of months ago. I already had a plan for 10 websites on TimeWeb and there were some free spots there, but I had to register one website specifically on SprintHost. At first, I didn't want to... Another ho.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for a couple of months now, after switching from another provider. I am extremely satisfied with it as the speed of the servers is impressive.
I also want to join in the positive assessment of the hosting and support service. As a beginner blogger, I often have to seek help. These guys are great, they are prompt, professional, and polite. I will only be opening my second blog on SprintHost .. Read more »
I am a beginner, but the hosting is quite satisfactory. I used the services of another hosting provider before, but had to give up due to their unstable performance. I am considering upgrading to a more advanced plan and in the future, I plan to crea.. Read more »
Excellent hosting! I have been using it for a short time (3-4 months), but it was enough time to understand that I am dealing with true professionals in their field. Thank you very much!
I have websites hosted on two different hosting providers. I have only good things to say about SprintHost! Their support team did an excellent job when I moved my websites.
Everything is great. I'm not very knowledgeable about this, so I often contact customer support. They respond in no time. I'm thrilled! If I work, it's only like this! They don't mistreat customers, the services are excellent, and.. Read more »
I am a beginner. I have been using this hosting for only five months. During this time, I had to communicate with the support team when setting up my website and when I had issues with page loading. They are polite, efficient, and not only provide gu.. Read more »
I compared two hosting providers (Beget and SprintHost), based on reviews stating that they are among the most stable. In the case of Beget, there were occasional 500 and 502 errors, but when I switched to SprintHost, I did not experience any such in.. Read more »
I had a question about changing my hosting provider, so I visited your website and read the information and comments. I decided to go with Sprinthost. I registered and received an email stating that my order would be processed within 15 minutes. They.. Read more »
The hosting provider is excellent, everything is top-notch. However, I couldn't pay for their services using my credit card because it is not registered with a Russian bank (I obtained it in another country).
I switched from another provider due to my circumstances. The first advantage is that they transferred all 14 websites within a day. The second advantage is that the websites are super fast and there is enough traffic. The third advantage is reasonab.. Read more »