rating: 9.2, reviews: 10
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia
Panels: ISPmanager, Hestia CP
Working: 12 years
Testing: 14 days is a hosting company that offers top-notch services at consistent prices in rubles, regardless of fluctuations in the exchange rate or inflation. This exceptional stability sets them apart from their competitors. Customers have reported consistently excellent services and value from Smartape, with some even mentioning that their SEO specialist has never needed to reach out to tech support due to the consistently excellent services provided. The prompt and helpful support provided by .. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Unlimited Hosting 3.0ISP Manager---$3.19

HDD S1-1 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$3.73
NVMe X1-1 Gb2 pcs10 Gb$5.35
HDD S2-2 Gb4 pcs50 Gb$6.43
NVMe X2-2 Gb4 pcs20 Gb$9.08

AMD Opteron 61681.9 GHz12 Gb12 pcs240 Gb$39.79
Intel Xeon L56302.4 GHz6 Gb8 pcs1000 Gb$40.77

Reviews on


I received a response from technical support confirming that the disk space is indeed unlimited. However, when I started uploading files for testing purposes (the website sells photographs), I received a message stating that the disk quota has been e.. Read more »
Gleb Skakovskiy
After the tragedy with Masterhost, we were looking for a new place to move and fell for the price. My colleagues warned me about the upcoming mail problem, but I ignored their warnings, hoping that I could easily handle any issues. Our website has ve.. Read more »
Misha Goncharov
I have been using unlimited hosting for about 4 years. Overall, it was okay for shared hosting. The support wasn't very fast, but they did respond. The server IPs were constantly on spam lists, so I couldn't use email directly on the hostin.. Read more »
Roman Homenko
The only good thing about this hosting is the price, everything else leaves much to be desired. I transferred my domain to this "service" and miraculously, Google started marking our emails as spam. On the second day, their domain control p.. Read more »
Maksim Elistratov
I tried to install WordPress and a theme with plugins from Envato, but after half an hour, my account got deleted along with all the data.
Andrey Sorokin
The worst hosting service I've ever encountered. Throughout the year I've been using it, there has been a constant issue with website loading (and it affects all of them at the same time): very slow loading times, errors during the loading .. Read more »
We have been using this hosting service for over a year now. The hosting works perfectly, and we are very satisfied with it. The customer support is excellent.
Aleksey Orlov
I hosted some of my websites on Sherlockhost, but after my account was allegedly blocked due to server overload, I decided to transfer them to the tried and tested I purchased another account there with unlimited storage and even at a ch.. Read more »
I came across Smartape hosting through a podcast and decided to give it a try. I'm using their unlimited hosting package for just 290 rubles, where I host multiple websites. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of their services and their q.. Read more »
Aleksandr Genze
On the previous host, "Gino", the website was very slow. By chance, I came across the hosting provider "" and decided to try hosting WordPress sites there. It was greatly appreciated by everyone, and I highly recommend .. Read more »
Vladimir Ivanov
I have been using this hosting for many years. I remain satisfied. Good technical support. Affordable prices for those who need a lot of landing pages.
Georgiy Podgorodetskih
I have been using a reliable and stable hosting service with interesting pricing plans and efficient technical support for the past two years, and I am completely satisfied with it.
Stanislav Ksenzov
Be careful! The Unlimited Hosting 2.0 plan is CONDITIONALLY unlimited. There are significant limitations in place. One of the serious catches is that "The Unlimited Hosting 2.0 service is not allowed to be used as a storage for audio-video mater.. Read more »
Kilocat Fat
I work as a web developer. I am pleased to use SmartApe's unlimited hosting. I have already paid for the 5-year unlimited plan twice in a row and received great benefits for a modest amount: 1) Stability - websites have never crashed in 7 years... Read more »
Ivan Komarov
SmartApe is an excellent VPS hosting provider with competitive, affordable prices, fast performance, and high reliability. The hosting support is also commendable!
Ilya Nikishin ordered a domain from them at a reasonable price for purchase/renewal. They also offer attractive prices for SSL certificates. The customer support is responsive, available 24/7 even on weekends and during the night. I highly recommend th.. Read more »
Vyacheslav Semizenko
The hosting is good, the technical support responds within 2-5 minutes, which is satisfactory. I have tried two hosting services and transferred three websites to
Vasiliy Ostapchuk
I tried for the first time. I was enticed by the price and the unlimited space and websites it offers. So far, everything is satisfying: the support is fast, they gave me a free domain in the RU zone as promised. Unlimited space for websi.. Read more »
I have been using this excellent unlimited hosting for over 2 years. The technical support is always responsive and helpful, even assisting with scripts if you catch a virus. They always notify in advance about any scheduled maintenance. I have no co.. Read more »
Artur Zhyamaytis
This hosting is excellent for programmers. Of course, there are some minor drawbacks, but for such an unlimited price, you won't find it anywhere else.
We started creating a website and hosted it on SmartApe. There are no complaints. Everything is clear and correct.
Vadim Rozanov
This hosting company offers top-notch services and manages to maintain consistent prices in rubles, regardless of fluctuations in the exchange rate or inflation. This exceptional stability in both the quality of services and pricing distinguishes thi.. Read more »
Alan Muradov
We decided to stick with SmartApe, the hosting provider our website was already on when we acquired it. Our SEO specialist has never needed to reach out to tech support as the services provided by SmartApe have been consistently excellent and greatly.. Read more »
Ivan Orlov
The hosting service is satisfactory and the support provided is not poor. They responded promptly and provided assistance.
Artem Artemenko
Based on the design studio's referral, we opted for this hosting company and are content with its performance. In our opinion, 3,564 rubles for a 3-year period is an acceptable price for most businesses. Our primary concern is the dependability,.. Read more »
Chairul Anam Bagus H
Hello! I would like to convey some important details about an excellent hosting provider. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a figment of our imagination but a genuine service. Our website has finally found a reliable host, and we are extremely .. Read more »
ضوء القمر
I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of service provided at such an affordable price. I had previously tried a similar plan, but due to constant connectivity issues, I had to switch providers. Overall, I was highly satisfied with the s.. Read more »
Francisco Panis Kase
Hosting is a convenient service that offers support for any queries or confusion. Their quick and competent responses ensure that all questions are promptly addressed. Additionally, the site consistently remains operational, which is surprising as my.. Read more »
Igor Churakov
The hosting service is outstanding. I have been a user for an extended period without encountering any issues. After making the payment, they seamlessly operated in the background, leaving me completely unaware of their presence.
Aleksandr Volskiy
The hosting service is not reliable as the website often experiences failure and shows the 502 error message.
Vladimir Gemanov
I have found the hosting service to be reliable and satisfactory, as I have been consistently using it for the past three months without encountering any problems.
Aleksandr Sorokin
Hosting is down since May 8th, 2017. It has been three days and the functionality has not been restored yet. Unfortunately, there is no backup available for one of the projects.
Andrey Sergeevich
Stable and affordable hosting, no issues with technical support. They respond quickly and without unnecessary questions. I host my clients' static websites and WordPress sites there. The best choice among unlimited options.
Konstantin Nikolaev
I have been using SmartApe hosting for quite some time now. I have several websites hosted on their unlimited plan. The websites are functioning smoothly and I haven't experienced any major disruptions. The customer support is responsive and hel.. Read more »
SmartApe RESPECT! Modernity, affordable living, and most importantly, free anti-DDoS protection.
Great hosting, highly recommended!
Vasiliy Slezov (H1ref)
I rented VPS hosting for my tasks and I am quite satisfied with everything! Great prices, unlimited traffic, protection against DDoS attacks, SAS disks, 100 Mbit/s, Oversan data center (Moscow), KVM virtualization. The responsive tech support actual.. Read more »
I have been working with this hosting for almost a year now. At first, there were minor issues, but they were quickly resolved. Currently, everything is working perfectly and no serious problems are observed. The hosting is truly unlimited if you don.. Read more »
If you have decided to host your website on this hosting service, forget about it! The site takes forever to load or doesn't work at all, even though there are no complex scripts or files, it's just a lack of power (despite choosing the hig.. Read more »
Hello! I have been using this hosting provider's VPS since winter 2015. Since summer, the MySQL database on one of my websites, (which has now been moved to another hosting), has started to periodically crash at different times an.. Read more »
The user Searchengines, known as Jaf4, with a huge reputation of 1,188,231 points and advertising the hosting in their signature, failed to fulfill their obligations in the amount of 6,000 rubles ( Read more »
I purchased VPS hosting and I am very satisfied! Great pricing, protection against DDoS attacks, and ISPmanager panel - everything I needed. Thank you for being there and good luck with your growth...
Nikolay Kuznetsov
Great combination of price and quality. Highly recommend!
Elena Kutkova
We have been using it for a long time. No complaints. The website is fun!
The first 9 months were fine. Now I can't even upload to WordPress hosting. The websites are always slow, even the hosting control panel takes 5 minutes to respond to a click. Yesterday, none of my hosting sites were accessible to me for 4 hours.. Read more »
Great hosting. The control panel is user-friendly. But the most important thing is that they don't increase prices due to the dollar exchange rate! I am using unlimited hosting with monthly payment.
Here is a Hosting provider with a Capital letter! I have never written reviews about similar systems before, but this case is special - everything is done decently, there are almost no complaints about the hosting performance [Nothing is perfect!]. I.. Read more »
Andrey Surenkov
SmartApe - VPS Hosting with administration capabilities. Usually, this type of hosting costs a lot of money, but is the best option available. It only costs 399 rubles per month and has an amazing support team that can solve all technic.. Read more »
After two months of using this hosting, I am thrilled! The service is incredibly fast and efficient! The website's performance has noticeably improved compared to my previous hosting provider. I have decided to migrate all of my websites to Smar.. Read more »
Aleksandr Romanyuha
Great hosting at a great price. The technical support is especially impressive.
The technical support team is impressive, resolving issues quickly, even during the night.
I have 3 websites hosted on this platform and I haven't encountered any issues with this host. Whenever I need assistance, I reach out and receive a response within 10-15 minutes. The price is also satisfactory. I am considering moving another w.. Read more »
Dmitriy A. Ilyuhin
"Colleagues" who claim that SmartApe hosting does not meet their requirements are shamelessly lying! We have been using it for almost 2 years now and have already purchased 2 unlimited hosting plans and 1 VPS hosting. We are extremely satis.. Read more »
The hosting is excellent, the tech support works 24/7 and always helps, thank you very much!
I have tried many hosting services, switching from one to another. Sometimes the performance was low, and other times the prices were too high. Then my friends suggested that I try Smartape, and for the past 4 months, everything has been perfect on t.. Read more »
I have been interacting with Smartape hosting for over 2 years, which has given me enough time to observe and study the work of their technical support team and the hosting service as a whole. I have some minor complaints - during this period, there .. Read more »
Elena Guzeeva
SMART APE is pleased! For six months, I considered transferring my websites (more than 10 of them) but had doubts. A couple of months ago, I made up my mind and I don't regret it! They transferred my websites for free, set them up, and they resp.. Read more »
The hosting service is very disgusting, the support team pretends to work but there are constant issues. I do not recommend hosting commercial websites here!!! The cheap price is not worth it, as it leads to lost clients and frustration.
I'm just learning... Probably asking questions to technical support that make people laugh. But I'm grateful for brief and helpful answers. Thank you.
Terrible hosting! They remain silent in tickets, errors with the database occur without any explanation of their causes. And most importantly!! Unlimited hosting is just a marketing gimmick.
Hello everyone! I bought a VPS with Debian and the free Vesta control panel. I am really satisfied with the speed of my website on the VPS and the excellent price. It turned out to be very budget-friendly while maintaining great quality of service.
I am pleased with everything. There are no complaints. Excellent customer support.
This hosting is the best of the best [DDOS protection, low prices, effective technical support, and much more]. I highly recommend this hosting on behalf of the WaxMine.Ru project.
I have been using this hosting for over 3 months, and everything is top-notch!
The hosting is amazing! I don't worry about it at all now! Thanks to the guys from Smartape support team for their quick responses to my not always smart questions)))
This hosting is terrible! Constant 502 and 504 errors, incredibly slow.
I am a novice. I frequently ask questions to technical support, and most of them are probably silly. No one acts like a know-it-all, they always answer simply, thoroughly, and clearly. I am satisfied.
Great hosting for a fairly reasonable price. I'm not a big believer in infinite everything, of course, but so far there haven't been any issues. Around 10 websites are running smoothly on a single account.
Nikolay Afanasev
Great hosting! Completely unlimited, just as promised.
Everything is at the highest level! Thank you.
Smartape is an excellent hosting provider for people who have multiple websites. I highly recommend it. As a webmaster, I have around 20 websites under my management, and all of them are hosted on Smartape.
Over the past 10 years of working in website development, I have collaborated with many hosting companies, but I want to share my feedback specifically about smartape. I must admit, I was initially skeptical about this provider, but I was enticed by .. Read more »
The website is very user-friendly, with great prices, and the customer support service impresses with its quick response time!
They have good hosting and reasonable prices! I've been with them for several months now and no hassle at all! Gradually moving all our clients here.
I switched to ihc after testing it. I have been using it for almost a year, and everything is great. I haven't encountered any issues with accessibility so far.
Excellent hosting with great functionality. Over the course of six months of use, any questions that arose were promptly resolved! Technical support is top-notch. Prices are affordable.
SMART APE guys are awesome! I have 4 websites with them, everything runs smoothly and no issues at all!!! And their monkey is cool)))
I have been using Smartape for about a year now. Overall, I'm satisfied with it, although there are occasional issues that arise. However, they are solvable as long as you approach their technical support in a reasonable manner.
The host is just terrible, there are no words to describe it. The support team is completely clueless, asking the same questions over and over again and not understanding what I'm talking about. They've been supposedly setting up my website.. Read more »
I spent a long time searching for hosting that would meet my needs (development, testing various scripts, small websites), and Smartape turned out to be perfect.
Very good hosting. Excellent combination of stable performance and affordable pricing. There are also discounts available for students - which is relevant for me.
The only true unlimited one, at least personally I haven't found another one. And the most reasonable and competent customer support out of all that I have seen. These guys are great.
I switched from another hosting provider after a trial period. I have been using it for over a year now, and everything is great. I haven't experienced any availability issues so far.
I paid for the whole year upfront and received a nice bonus of a free domain. It's a shame that I can only choose a domain in the .ru zone.
We placed our website on smartape at the recommendation of a designer. It was initially challenging to navigate the control panel. We had to ask the technical support team many questions. We received prompt responses to all our inquiries. Now, we can.. Read more »
We spent a long time agonizing over which hosting provider would meet all of our requirements. Eventually, with some skepticism, we settled on Smartape. To our surprise, the speed has only increased over the course of almost a year, which is quite at.. Read more »
GeoPoint Travel
The hosting is amazing! I use it myself and I recommend it to all my friends. It's more affordable than many competitors, while still maintaining high quality and excellent customer support!
Sistemy Ograzhdeniy
The hosting is excellent. It operates confidently. There are no downtimes, and I don't want any.
Reliable hosting. Everything you need is available. It is well-established and functional. That's the main thing. The prices are stable. There is confidence that they will continue to work even after a year or three.
I inherited the hosting from a designer. The cost is reasonable. There is room for maneuver and expansion.
I have been using this hosting service for about six months. I am satisfied with the quality of the services. I have a dozen small websites on different CMS platforms hosted here. The most surprising thing is that even Bitrix works perfectly on the u.. Read more »
I'm new to hosting, but everything works very quickly! Unlimited seems to be real.
The hosting service was impressive. They transferred the website smoothly, and it started working right away. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the results!
Great hosting, no issues at all)
It is crucial for us to have our website available 24/7 as it serves as our primary sales tool. We are fortunate to have our website hosted by SmartApe, and we are pleased with their consistent reliability. We are grateful to them for never letting u.. Read more »
They work well. When there were questions, the technical support responded quickly and provided assistance.
In principle, the hosting is quite attractive. I cannot say anything about reliability yet. The speed is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. After testing, I will most likely switch to annual payment. We'll see from there.
Quality hosting is the foundation for online activities. We are thrilled to have found a reliable service provider.
An ideal place for a blog. And there are many options))) Write as much as you want... And you can have multiple blogs too)
Amazing hosting!!! I love everything))) Even a monkey It's absolutely awesome))) Greetings to the fabulous designers!!!
The guys are doing a great job. It is noticeable right away. The quality is now at a global level. I tested them back in early 2013. At that time, there were occasional stability issues. After about six months, I came back and noticed the difference... Read more »
Taksi Kazan
We are satisfied. Over the past six months, we have never noticed any issues with the website not functioning. The website is generating revenue for us. The hosting is reliable, and that is crucial.
Aleksandr K
Now, this is a high-class hosting service. Despite this, they maintain their prices (in rubles) regardless of any currency fluctuations or inflation. This stability, both in terms of service quality and cost, sets them apart from many other hosting p.. Read more »
When we were handed over the website, it was already on SmartApe. So we simply continued working. Our SEO specialist has no complaints about the hosting. We highly appreciate the quality of their services.
The hosting is good, the support is not bad either - they respond promptly and provide assistance.
We chose a hosting provider based on the recommendation of a design studio. Everything is working fine and we are satisfied. I think that for any company, 3,564 rubles for 3 years is not a significant amount of money. The most important thing is reli.. Read more »
Hello! I'm sharing valuable information about a high-quality hosting provider. This, my friends, is not fiction, but reality. Our travel website,, found its home there. We express our gratitude for the real 24/7 support. And yes, th.. Read more »
Hosting is often compared to funeral services - it's either bad or nothing to write home about. However, I have some good words to say about this particular hosting company. Once, my account got hacked and all sorts of unauthorized activities we.. Read more »
I didn't expect such a high-quality service for this price. I had tried a similar plan before, but due to constant unavailability, I had to switch. In the end, I was very satisfied with this fact. Yes, it took some time to transfer, but it was w.. Read more »
Hello everyone! Happy Sysadmin Day to all sysadmins! A special shoutout to the SmartApe sysadmins!!! Guys, you make me happy. The first hosting service in my website-building life that actually works properly. I wish you to keep up the good work. Wel.. Read more »
Convenient hosting. You can ask support about anything you don't understand. They will provide competent and quick answers to any question. The website is always operational. I am still amazed, as my website was frequently unavailable on another.. Read more »
Great hosting. I have been using it for a long time. No problems at all. Paid and forgot about it)
Lecsano (Ruslan)
The hosting is not great, the website keeps encountering a 502 error.
Great hosting!
Great hosting. I've been hosting all my new websites here for the past 3 months. I haven't encountered any restrictions.