rating: 9.2, reviews: 93
Country: USA
Servers: USA, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, North America
Panels: cPanel, SiteTools
Working: 20 years
Testing: 30 days is a web hosting provider that offers a range of hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and managed WordPress hosting. The reviews about are mixed, with some customers praising its speed, customer support, and affordability, while others express dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the service.

One reviewer mentioned that they initially used SiteGround shared hosting for their personal email and web hosting but stopped using it when the.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

StartUp-1 pcs-10 Gb$4.29
GrowBig---20 Gb$7.52
GoGeek---40 Gb$11.6

Jump Start-8 Gb4 pcs40 Gb$86.02
Business Plus-16 Gb12 pcs120 Gb$258.06
Super Power-20 Gb16 pcs160 Gb$344.09

Jump Start-8 Gb4 pcs40 Gb$86.02
Business Plus-16 Gb12 pcs120 Gb$258.06
Super Power-20 Gb16 pcs160 Gb$344.09

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A few years ago, I used Siteground shared hosting for my personal email and web hosting. However, I decided to stop using it when they replaced cPanel with their own simplified control panel, which I did not like. I was surprised when my boss ordered.. Read more »
The speed is incredible, greatly improving the website's loading times and overall performance. What sets Siteground apart from other hosting providers is their ability to transfer the website to different data centers during server maintenance... Read more »
I have numerous clients who utilize Siteground as their chosen web hosting provider. Initially, I was impressed by their rapid performance. With a few minor adjustments to your website, achieving an A score on GTMetrix is easily attainable. Additiona.. Read more »
I think Siteground offers an excellent option for individuals seeking a combination of affordability and quality. This is especially beneficial for those who want to start with a small scale but have the potential to expand easily. The customer suppo.. Read more »
The hosting server my client was using was However, due to its slow loading time, I decided to switch to a different hosting server. The outcome was extremely satisfactory, as both my client and I now have a website that loads qu.. Read more »
This hosting service is undoubtedly one of the most unsatisfactory providers I have ever used. The assistance they offer is extremely poor. I have been facing constant issues ever since I started using their services. The guidance and actions taken b.. Read more »
SiteGround is an exceptional hosting provider that I have had great experiences with. I highly suggest it to my clients due to its affordability, ease of use, and excellent customer support. What I appreciate most about SiteGround is its ability to i.. Read more »
Since 2016, I have been utilizing SiteGround Wordpress hosting and I am satisfied with their support and services thus far. Before switching to SiteGround, I had experienced numerous issues with another leading provider's WordPress hosting, part.. Read more »
SiteGround holds the top spot on my list as the best company in the industry. With numerous data centers worldwide, their server speed is exceptionally fast. GT Metrix consistently awards them high scores in the 90s. Their special optimization tools .. Read more »
I have been using SiteGround for a while now and have consistently had positive experiences. Today, I discovered the reason why I will never switch from this hosting provider. While I primarily work in marketing, I also do graphic and web design. One.. Read more »
I was searching for hosting services that not only offered hosting capabilities, but also included additional features such as a website builder, collaboration tools, easy transfer of ownership, and most importantly, efficient management of my WordPr.. Read more »
I've had a great experience with this hosting service. I utilized the go geek plan and it appears to be specifically designed for WordPress. I highly recommend it.
We experimented with multiple hosting services, and ultimately found that this one excelled in terms of both speed and support.
I have used this hosting company a few times and their customer support is excellent. However, their support is required frequently. Based on my experience, they have been reliable, but I haven't used them extensively. While they have helpful to.. Read more »
I suggest choosing this host due to its affordable price and reliable website performance. Although it may not be exceptionally fast, it is satisfactory. The customer support team is helpful and prompt in their responses. However, I am not particular.. Read more »
I have personally utilized SiteGround for a client and recommended it to them after researching other options. The customer support provided by SiteGround has been exceptional in promptly resolving any server-related problems. The website's upti.. Read more »
SiteGround is known for its exceptional speed and user-friendly interface, making it highly suitable for beginners. The domain names they offer are reasonably priced. With their WordPress hosting, you can host multiple websites without any extra char.. Read more »
I had a negative experience with a SiteGround dedicated server that hosted one of my client's web hosting businesses. There were constant issues and it took the support team an average of 1-4 days to find a resolution, if they found one at all. .. Read more »
I have previously utilized Siteground hosting for our marketing agency's website. Currently, I continue to rely on their hosting services for a few of my clients' websites. The aspect of Siteground that I particularly appreciate is their s.. Read more »
The dedicated server or shared hosting services offered are of top quality, trustworthy, fast, and simple to set up. However, the issue lies with the cost, as it is slightly high considering the features provided. Additionally, the support provided i.. Read more »
I have had a great experience with this hosting company for my website. The price is affordable and they offer fantastic additional features like a sitebuilder, cloudfare cdn, sg site scanner, and a dedicated IP. Furthermore, my website's speed .. Read more »
SiteGround is the ideal choice if you are looking for a hosting provider that offers flexibility. It boasts impressive uptime and fast server speeds. Additionally, the user interface is user-friendly and intuitive. In addition to these benefits, Site.. Read more »
I have been a WordPress developer for three years and during that time, I have been using SiteGround Hosting. Overall, my experience has been great. One feature that I particularly like is the built-in staging tool for WordPress in Cpanel. This tool .. Read more »
Siteground is incredibly user-friendly. The interface is well-organized, making it easy to locate what you need, even if you manage multiple sites. They offer both regular hosting and managed WordPress hosting options, along with a free SSL option. A.. Read more »
Siteground is the first hosting platform I have ever used, and I must admit that I was unsure about what to look for in a hosting site. Nonetheless, I purchased my hosting and domain in January 2020, and it has been a perfect experience so far. The p.. Read more »
I have a strong preference for Siteground as my shared hosting provider due to their exceptional customer support, fast servers, and superior resources compared to other hosts. The initial price for new customers is amazing, but it is important to no.. Read more »
I highly recommend Siteground as my top choice for hosting provider. Their speed is exceptional, prices are competitive, and their support surpasses others. They are always eager to assist with various problems. Although they have recently upgraded t.. Read more »
I use SiteGround as the host for my portfolio website. It is user-friendly and offers me the freedom to upload my files and customize my site exactly how I want. My portfolio is small, consisting of only a few pages, so I only need to host HTML, CSS,.. Read more »
Siteground is a suitable option for shared hosting, but not recommended for power servers. It is a well-established and reliable web host. However, I found their pricing to be less flexible compared to other options, such as GoDaddy. Therefore, I onl.. Read more »
The hosting service is exceptional and they perform their duties efficiently. They offer reliable and sufficiently fast web services that aid in expanding your audience. Their support team is decent, not outstanding, as they can provide information o.. Read more »
The uptime is exceptional and the support is dependable. Whenever I require assistance with anything related to hosting, I promptly initiate a live chat and my issue is resolved. If someone is not technically inclined, this is the ideal place to rece.. Read more »
I absolutely love this Shared Hosting provider! I have personally tried out their Shared Hosting plan with more than 300 websites and experienced very few problems. The speed and uptime are excellent, and their customer support is top-notch. However,.. Read more »
I have been using SiteGround for a while now to host primarily wordpress sites, and the overall experience has been excellent. One of my top priorities when selecting a hosting provider is reliable support, and I can confidently say that SiteGround p.. Read more »
In my opinion, Siteground is one of the top shared hosting providers available. They have been officially recommended by and have received a 5-star rating from me. Unlike other shared hosts, Siteground offers a generous amount of resour.. Read more »
SiteGround offers incredibly fast shared hosting, although it is unfortunately the most expensive option. My only complaint is the user dashboard, which I find to be not user-friendly. SiteGround is the ideal choice for anyone looking to launch their.. Read more »
Overall, there are several positives to using SiteGround as a hosting provider. Firstly, their uptime rate is impressive, with a reliability of up to 99% over a six-month period. Additionally, their website load times are fast. Secondly, their custom.. Read more »
I utilize SiteGround for my email marketing needs as it has a reliable and speedy PHPlist feature. I have never encountered any issues with PHPlist on this platform, and its Cpanel interface makes it user-friendly. Currently, SiteGround offers a cost.. Read more »
I have been utilizing this service provider for hosting several landing-style websites. The website interface is well-designed and user-friendly. I have successfully set up email accounts and utilized the FTP portal for file transfer without encounte.. Read more »
Over ten years ago, I discovered SiteGround when they were a smaller hosting provider. What stood out to me at the time was their exceptional customer support. Unlike my experiences with GoDaddy and HostGator, the representatives at SiteGround took t.. Read more »
I have been using Siteground for many years for my business website and for some clients who needed reliable Wordpress hosting. Their pricing is extremely competitive and even their most expensive plan is still cheaper than what their main competitor.. Read more »
I highly value the significance of DDoS protection. Siteground offers a top-notch level of security, and their support team is exceptionally friendly and helpful. Overall, everything is excellent, except for the slightly higher price. However, if you.. Read more »
For approximately a year, I have utilized their Cloud servers and Wordpress Hosting. Regarding Wordpress, I am extremely satisfied and encountered no significant issues. In terms of Cloud Hosting, I experienced a couple of problems which were efficie.. Read more »
I had a GoGeek account that I shared with my brother. I used it to create my personal blog, while he used it for a school project. Although I had some experience with managing websites, my brother was new to it, so I was glad to be able to share my a.. Read more »
Their Cloud servers are expensive and equipped with outdated CPUs which do not offer the same level of speed as newer ones. Though their servers are not flawless, their reliability is satisfactory. The network is not excellent and lacks stability. Ho.. Read more »
SiteGround is highly recommended for those looking to host a WordPress or Joomla website, as it provides exceptional support for these content management systems. The tools tailored for these CMS platforms are top-notch and user-friendly, making them.. Read more »
I needed to locate a new EU-based WordPress hosting service for one of my clients and their new WordPress site eight months ago. We encountered some minor problems with certain plugins that we couldn't resolve ourselves, but the customer support.. Read more »
Up until now, I have utilized their shared plans and they have never disappointed me. They offer the most widely used Cpanel, which simplifies website management. I would suggest using hosting platforms like Wordpress or Joomla, but I wouldn't r.. Read more »
When we transferred our website from Site5 to Siteground, our main objective was to find a web host that offered a wide range of features at an affordable price. We had been using Site5 for several years, so we took our time to carefully evaluate dif.. Read more »
I strongly suggest trying out this website as it offers a fantastic blend of features. They offer an excellent initial price for starting up. The reliability of their service is outstanding, with no downtime. The customer support is highly attentive .. Read more »
Siteground is widely regarded as one of the top hosting companies due to its impressive performance and high uptime. Their customer support is known for being empathetic and available 24/7, and their fast loading times are particularly beneficial for.. Read more »
Siteground has consistently been an exceptional hosting provider for the past six years. Their customer support distinguishes them from other hosts I have used, as they have assisted me with migrations, PHP version upgrades, and inquiries about serve.. Read more »
I decided to give SiteGround a try because it came highly recommended by Wordpress. However, I found that the loading speed of my website was not up to my expectations. Additionally, the cost of their hosting services was considerably higher compared.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Siteground for a number of years now, and I have complete confidence in their services. Whenever I encounter any issues, such as installing apps, their live chat support is always available to assist me promptly. I have neve.. Read more »
For many years, I have intermittently used Siteground and I always confidently recommend them to clients. Most shared hosting services are not worth the money, but despite being one of the more expensive options, Siteground is definitely worth every .. Read more »
The company is excellent, but their prices are increasing dramatically without any justification. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of quality hosting services. The support provided by Siteground staff has been great, and I am grateful .. Read more »
Occasionally, I utilize SiteGround because my client has four websites hosted there. I have reached out to their support multiple times and they have successfully helped me resolve any issues, which earns them my praise. The only reason I suggested m.. Read more »
Siteground is a highly recommended service provider in my opinion. I have utilized multiple products from them and have been extremely satisfied with their quality. The positive aspects include their exceptional customer support, speedy performance, .. Read more »
The time period and website security and performance provided by this hosting provider are praiseworthy. They are one of the top providers offering a cost-effective plan with excellent features. Their technical support is outstanding as they assist w.. Read more »
The greatest advantage of utilizing Siteground is the ability to access numerous helpful add-ons without any issues. The performance is commendable and the services provided are trustworthy.
What initially caught my attention about Siteground was its attractive design and user interface. Even as a beginner, I found the website to be extremely user-friendly and was able to create a website quickly. While their packages may not be the most.. Read more »
SiteGround is likely the top choice for new businesses and start-ups in 2019. The value you receive for the price is excellent. I personally used it to run a WooCommerce site and was extremely satisfied, especially compared to my experience with GoDa.. Read more »
I had been in search of a trustworthy hosting provider for my Amazon niche website when I stumbled upon SiteGround. Since I had a small blog, I opted for their Startup plan, which falls under shared hosting. Over the years, my blog's load speed.. Read more »
This is my preferred hosting service. As a web designer, I consistently recommend this company to my clients and personally use it myself. Their user interface is simple to navigate and they offer several impressive features in their basic plans, suc.. Read more »
I highly praise their exceptional customer service, which is one of the primary factors influencing my choice of them. Although they do not provide a complimentary domain name, their pricing for plans is reasonable, although it can become quite expen.. Read more »
I was pleased with the hosting service provided by SiteGround for my websites. Their hosting packages are high-performance and even the cheaper plans offer good speed. Unlike other hosting companies that have low default memory limits, SiteGround pro.. Read more »
SiteGround offers numerous reasons to be thankful, such as complimentary CDNs, SSL certificates, reasonably priced packages, and exceptional customer assistance. I am thoroughly enjoying all of these perks. Despite having tried other hosting services.. Read more »
I frequently utilize various CMS templates on a daily basis. I appreciate the convenience of using this service to easily install Magento 2. The e-commerce website runs smoothly and efficiently on this CMS, both in the administrative panel and on the.. Read more »
I have conflicting thoughts about SiteGround based on my personal experience with them. While their support team is skilled, they lack attention to detail and thoroughness in their communication. It is commendable that they provide phone support. Ini.. Read more »
I appreciate their affordable solution, but the problem lies in the renewal process. They have a reliable and knowledgeable support team. Some of my friends have experienced occasional outages with their service, but I have always found it to be a go.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Siteground since I first started my career as a web developer, and there is one standout aspect of this company that I would like to emphasize. Their customer service is truly exceptional, and they have consistently assisted.. Read more »
I highly recommend Siteground to clients who require a speedy server and quick response times in GTMetrix/Google Pagespeed, particularly for Wordpress websites. They have successfully enhanced their hardware and software configurations to deliver exc.. Read more »
I have personally utilized Siteground for my initial blog and I can confidently state that their customer support is exceptional. Additionally, their servers are the fastest available. The advantages of Siteground include being officially recommended.. Read more »
My colleague, Virat, recommended that I move my website to SiteGround and I must say, the performance has been fantastic. SiteGround utilizes SSDs, which greatly speeds up the loading time of my website, and the price is reasonable compared to other .. Read more »
Sean Donaho referred me to Site Ground, where his Sellosity platform is hosted. I used the Sellosity CMS for a period of time. However, I encountered a minor problem while working on my website as the servers became unresponsive, preventing me from m.. Read more »
Siteground offers a fantastic and user-friendly interface that allows you to easily complete various tasks. Their services are secure, dependable, and cost-effective. They provide all the essential tools to ensure your website appears professional.
SiteGround has made significant improvements to its infrastructure, which has led to my satisfaction with using their service for my clients. One notable advantage of their hosting service is their optimized infrastructure specifically designed for W.. Read more »
I have been very satisfied with my experience using Siteground, which is ranked among the best web hosting services. Their exceptional support, available around the clock via chat, phone, and tickets, is one aspect that sets them apart. Additionally,.. Read more »
I have been a loyal customer of Siteground for more than a year and have enthusiastically referred them to others for their hosting needs. The level of support I have received has been exceptional, with every customer service representative going abo.. Read more »
Siteground boasts excellent reliability with impressive up-time statistics. Their above-average load time adds to their appeal. The customer support provided is highly professional. They offer free site migrations for a single website, along with com.. Read more »
Advantages - Demonstrated high availability during testing. - Enhances performance and security by integrating with CloudFlare. - Includes a complimentary SSL certificate with all plans. - Offers numerous valuable free services. - Allows customers to.. Read more »
SiteGround is an excellent hosting solution for WordPress websites in 2019. They guarantee a 99.9% uptime, which aligns with my own experience. Additionally, their Server Response Time (TTFB) is impressive and cannot be improved through SEO skills. S.. Read more »
I recently worked with a client who uses SiteGround to host over 50 WordPress sites, and I have been mostly impressed with how easy it is to manage these sites with them. SiteGround provides convenient features such as wp-click installation and SSH a.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Siteground for almost 2 years and I can confidently say that they are the top hosting provider. Their speed and reliability are excellent. However, it should be noted that their prices are comparatively higher than other hos.. Read more »
In the early 2010s, there were only a few hosting providers with data servers close to Singapore. However, Siteground stood out as they not only had a server nearby, but one located right in Singapore. This proximity was crucial for my client who req.. Read more »
SiteGround offers impressive speeds and reliable uptime. Their plans include a wide range of features that cater to both beginners and experienced users. Their extensive knowledge base means that assistance is rarely needed, but if it is, their live .. Read more »
SiteGround is a hosting company that may be considered expensive, but they provide various complimentary services such as SSL certificates, site migration, CDN, email accounts, and daily backups. Their support, speed, and dependability are top-notch,.. Read more »
Siteground is one of the best web hosting providers in my opinion. They offer Managed WordPress on all their hosting plans, along with advanced security measures, server optimization, and helpful web development tools such as the WordPress API, Git, .. Read more »
Excellent customer service is provided, with the ability to communicate in both English and Spanish, catering to speakers of both languages. They are prompt in addressing any questions or concerns. The pricing is average, but the speed of their share.. Read more »
SiteGround provides affordable services without compromising on quality. I currently have some of my clients' websites hosted on SiteGround and have been impressed with their fast server speeds and reliable uptime of 99.999%. Due to the lack of .. Read more »
Advantages: - They utilize advanced hosting technology, including SSDs Memory, Content Delivery Network – CloudFlare, and the latest versions of PHP7 and Nginx server, ensuring high performance and security. - The technical and customer service.. Read more »
I have been a member for 3 years and have been highly satisfied with the quality of customer support. On one occasion, I encountered an issue where my website had a malicious code inserted into the panel, but the technical customer support representa.. Read more »
I had a client who had a website hosted with this company and they experienced a hacking problem. In my opinion, their use of cPanel and SSH access made it convenient for specialists like myself. Their pricing and services were average and their supp.. Read more »
I have successfully created numerous websites using this hosting service and experienced no issues. It offers necessary settings for all platforms, particularly magento 2, such as free CDN, PHP OPcache, and SSD storage. Siteground is the only hosting.. Read more »