rating: 6.5, reviews: 4
Country: Singapore
Servers: Russia, Netherlands, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia
Panels: cPanel
Working: 24 years is a hosting provider that offers a range of services with both positive and negative aspects. Some customers have expressed disappointment with the quality of their hosting services, citing frequent server outages and slow website loading speeds. The response time from customer support was also criticized, with slow and ineffective solutions provided. These experiences have led some customers to question the overall value of's services and they cannot recommend it base.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Offshore Hosting BasiccPanel1 pcs-100 Gb$9.95
Offshore Hosting SuperiorcPanel2 pcs-250 Gb$12.95
Offshore Hosting UltimatecPanel---$14.95

Offshore VPS Basic-1 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$14.9
Offshore VPS Standard-2 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$20.9
Offshore VPS Pro-4 Gb3 pcs75 Gb$30.9
Offshore VPS Premium-8 Gb4 pcs100 Gb$38.9

Managed Offshore CORE i5 New Gen3.2 GHz8 Gb-1000 Gb$59.9
Managed Offshore CORE i5 New Gen SSD3.9 GHz8 Gb-256 Gb$79.9
Managed Offshore CORE i7 New HDD3.2 GHz16 Gb-1000 Gb$99.9

Reviews on


I have been quite disappointed with my experience at The quality of their hosting services has been below average, with frequent server outages and frustratingly slow website loading speeds. When I reached out to their customer support .. Read more »
Shinjiru provides reliable hosting services that prioritize data security. They have excellent uptime and responsive customer support available at all times. However, the user interface may seem outdated, and there may be some difficulties during the.. Read more »
Come and join the hosting extravaganza at! My experience with them has been incredibly exciting, with their fast and reliable performance. Their impressive features and technological marvels ensure that my website stands out. The user in.. Read more »
Shinjiru provides offshore servers for individuals who require a high level of privacy and anonymity. However, it should be noted that their servers are quite sluggish and their customer support is lacking, making them not the ideal choice.