rating: 9, reviews: 70
Country: Ukraine
Servers: Ukraine, Netherlands
Panels: cPanel, BrainyCP, ISPmanager, VestaCP
Working: 9 years
Testing: 7 days
S-host.com.ua is a hosting service that offers excellent quality services at an affordable price. With speedy loading times and the ability to handle a large number of visitors without any issues, this hosting service is highly impressive. The majority of the features function exceptionally well, and managing websites through the control panel is effortless. The technical support team is always available and willing to assist with any difficulties or inquiries. The range of pricing plans is appr.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

SmallcPanel, ISP Man5 pcs-5 Gb$1.66
BigcPanel, ISP Man30 pcs-15 Gb$3.35

VPSn-1-2 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$3.69
VPSn-2-4 Gb2 pcs60 Gb$8.83
VPSn-3-7 Gb3 pcs80 Gb$12.3
VPSn-4-10 Gb4 pcs100 Gb$16.77

NE-3 E5-2650L v2-32 Gb20 pcs480 Gb$83.86
NE-4 E5-2630L v2-32 Gb12 pcs480 Gb$83.86
NE-5 E5-2650 v2-64 Gb16 pcs480 Gb$106.22
NE-6 E5-2680 v2-64 Gb20 pcs480 Gb$167.71

Reviews on S-host.com.ua


I noticed this hosting service because of its affordable price. I decided to give it a try and paid for the small plan for six months after testing it for free for a week. Now that the six-month rental period is ending, I have made the decision to de.. Read more »
I have been utilizing hosting services for a few months now and I am extremely pleased with the excellent quality of their services. The speedy loading time of my websites and their ability to handle a large number of visitors without any issues impr.. Read more »
I have been using hosting for several months now and I am completely satisfied with the quality of the service. I like that the websites load very quickly and do not freeze, even when there are many visitors. Most of the features work great, and I ca.. Read more »
I have been utilizing this hosting service for over a year and I am extremely content with the level of service it offers. I particularly appreciate the range of pricing plans available, which allow users to select exactly what they require. The pric.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for over a year now and I am completely satisfied with the quality of the services it provides. I particularly like the variety of pricing plans that allow you to choose exactly what you need. The prices for the.. Read more »
The hosting service is of high quality. Their support is exceptional, responding promptly and making efforts to resolve any issues that may arise. The speed is satisfactory, ensuring the website is constantly accessible. Additionally, their competiti.. Read more »
Very good hosting. The technical support is excellent, responds quickly, and strives to solve any issues that arise. The speed is reliable, and the website is always accessible. The price is very competitive in the Ukrainian market. Highly recommende.. Read more »
I am currently having my initial experience with hosting services. I decided to go for it due to its affordability and good quality, and I am highly pleased with it. Whenever I faced any confusion, the support team was readily available to help and c.. Read more »
This is my first experience with hosting. I chose it primarily based on price and, most importantly, quality, and I am extremely satisfied. If I didn't understand certain aspects, the support team operator provided me with the necessary assistan.. Read more »
This is not my initial experience with hosting, but here is why I have chosen it this time. The primary reason is the reasonably priced shared hosting option starting from $1, which includes 5 websites and 5GB of storage space, making it very appeali.. Read more »
This is not my first hosting experience, but let me briefly explain why I have chosen this one. The main reason is definitely the affordable price for virtual hosting, starting from just $1, which includes 5 websites and 5GB of disk space - a very at.. Read more »
I am content with the service provided. As a professional in the hotel sector, I required hosting for a hotel website. I had the opportunity to try out the hosting service for free for a week, and I was pleased with every aspect. The support team ass.. Read more »
I am pleased with my collaboration with this service. I work in the hotel industry and needed hosting for the hotel's website. I tested it for free for 7 days and everything was satisfactory. The support team helped me choose the right plan for .. Read more »
I strongly advise against using this hosting service if you plan on using domain mail. According to Rats Spam, many IP addresses belonging to this host are currently blacklisted. This means that not only the specific IP address given to me, but the e.. Read more »
I strongly advise against using this hosting service if you plan on using domain email. According to Rats Spam, many IP addresses belonging to this host are blacklisted. Here's a quote: "This is a Worst Offender Alert and this means that .. Read more »
Out of all the hosting options available, my preference is S-host.com.ua. I particularly appreciate their affordable prices and wide range of services to choose from. Additionally, the speed is excellent due to the servers being located in Ukraine. I.. Read more »
Of all the hosting services, I particularly liked S-host.com.ua. I would like to highlight their competitive prices and variety, which allows you to choose the service that suits your needs. The speed is also excellent due to the servers being locate.. Read more »
One of the advantages is the low price. That's all I remember from over 5 years of working with them. There are a few unimportant websites still running, but I'm just too lazy to move them. However, I will definitely take care of it after w.. Read more »
I have been engaging in hosting for a few months now. Out of all the hosting services I have experimented with, this particular one provides the most satisfactory outcomes at an affordable cost. I have never opted for expensive plans as I fail to see.. Read more »
I have been using hosting services for a few months now. Out of all the ones I have tried, this one has been giving me one of the best results for a reasonable price. I have never purchased expensive plans because I didn't see the need for them... Read more »
The hosting service is extremely poor. In my opinion, they lack technical support as there is no assistance provided when your website goes offline, making it impossible to bring it back up. The customer service is indifferent and unhelpful. Addition.. Read more »
Very disappointing hosting. The customer support is non-existent; once your website gets disconnected, there's no way to get it back on, they simply don't care about the clients. The control panel is inconvenient, everything is crooked and .. Read more »
I do not recommend this hosting provider for the following reasons: Their shared hosting, which they offer at very low prices, is actually almost unusable because the websites hosted on it frequently experience errors due to lack of resources. It s.. Read more »
I have been operating my small blog for quite some time now, utilizing the S-host hosting service. At the beginning, I struggled to grasp the technical aspects, but the hosting site provided clear information and the prices appeared fair. Throughout .. Read more »
I have been running my small blog for quite some time now and I use S-host as my hosting provider. When I first started, it was difficult for me to understand all the technical aspects, but the hosting website had the simplest information available, .. Read more »
I opted for a cost-effective hosting service for my store, which is still in the early stages of development. I chose a server location in Ukraine, which has proven to be advantageous as there have been no operational issues in the three months of us.. Read more »
This is my first hosting, and it turned out that I chose the cheapest option (my store is still in the development stage). I chose a Ukrainian server location, which turned out to be a plus. There haven't been any disruptions in the three months.. Read more »
I needed a website to promote my products online, so I needed hosting. I'm glad I was able to find the one that suited me perfectly and didn't waste my money. The loading speed of the pages on this hosting provider is excellent, and the pri.. Read more »
I recently tried out a hosting service for the first time, so as a newbie, I wanted to share my opinion. My website is running smoothly, without any glitches, and it's bringing me clients - that's probably all you need as a beginner webmast.. Read more »
When choosing a hosting provider, I considered the price-quality ratio. I decided to go with this hosting provider because their support team performs exceptionally well, with quick response times and effective problem-solving. They truly offer high-.. Read more »
I just started working in this field, so the most important criteria for me when choosing a hosting provider were page loading speed and the cost of the host itself. And of course, user-friendliness. This hosting provider includes all the criteria I .. Read more »
I run a blog on WP and occasionally try my hand at coding. I was looking for an affordable hosting option with decent support, unlimited traffic, and a minimum of 7GB memory. The big plan met all these criteria and I registered my domain with them as.. Read more »
The support is inattentive; they made a mistake that caused the website to be down for 6 days, and as a result, it got removed from Google search. Nobody even apologized; they started treating the client as a fool and making excuses. The management r.. Read more »
Sxost hosting generally justifies its cost. Let me highlight the advantages. Free hosting testing for seven days, during which you can evaluate the hosting in action. Affordable prices. High page loading speed. Ample disk space. Tech support is ready.. Read more »
I found the perfect combination of price and features here. I'm on the Big plan, paid for a year upfront, and they gave me a free domain. For $2.5/month, I have 15 gigabytes of space, which is more than enough, even if I expand. I haven't .. Read more »
Oh, it took me so long to finally make up my mind to create my own website. But just recently, my idea became a reality. The website is ready, and now I needed to find a good hosting provider to host it. After thoroughly researching and consulting wi.. Read more »
The availability of a test mode led to the decision in favor of this hosting (no payment required). I was satisfied with it upon completion. There were no questions during the contract signing - the manager explained everything clearly. The price for.. Read more »
The huge advantage of this hosting is the free seven-day trial period, which allows you to test and decide if it suits your needs or not. Personally, I was pleased with it - the prices are low, the support team always responds promptly and helps to s.. Read more »
The first thing that I liked was the presence of a trial period, during which I was able to confirm that the hosting is really worthwhile. I immediately chose the "Big" package because it also includes a free domain, so I could fully organi.. Read more »
I do not recommend this hosting service because of their specific support team. I have had different situations as a client and I have been dissatisfied, so I had to request the complete deletion of my account. In all other aspects, everything is gre.. Read more »
I was attracted to this hosting provider because of its affordable prices and the features available in its plans. Among the plans offered, I chose the Big plan as I planned to host more than 10 websites. Additionally, there is plenty of disk space p.. Read more »
I was looking for a simple and budget-friendly hosting option for three informational websites, and my colleague recommended S-host. I decided to give it a try since they offer a one-week trial period. After testing it out, I decided to stick with it.. Read more »
I was no longer satisfied with the quality of the hosting provider I had been working with for the past 3 years. Visitors were complaining that the website was slow and they had to constantly refresh the page. After exploring the options in the marke.. Read more »
Here, you have the opportunity to test the hosting for free for seven days. During the testing period, the uptime was high, which attracted me to start working with it. There were situations when the server was unavailable, but it was brief and rare,.. Read more »
I chose this hosting because of the price. I looked at the reviews and realized that it offers the optimal combination of cost and quality of services. I have been using it for three months now and I have no regrets. I really like the support, althou.. Read more »
We have been using Pro-1 hosting for the past six months. Everything works smoothly and without any interruptions! Fortunately, our website visitors have no complaints. Considering the price we pay, I believe it is a very decent hosting service, espe.. Read more »
I stopped using the hosting service that I initially worked with. The website started to slow down, which was unpleasant and displeased the visitors. I decided to try the trial period of S-Host company. The performance turned out to be quite stable, .. Read more »
The host is excellent. I switched to it before the New Year and have not regretted it. The rates are pleasant, so I took a long-term plan right away. I have 2 websites and a blog on the host. They are always online, there have been no downtime issues.. Read more »
I can't say anything bad about this hosting. Although we have been working with them for only a couple of months, we haven't experienced any outages and the performance has been stable. We are on the Pro-mini plan and even with a high numbe.. Read more »
The hosting is quite stable and reliable, we have been working with it for about a year and so far there have been no problems that couldn't be resolved. In case of any issues, the support team is always there to help and guide. Moreover, a high.. Read more »
This hosting is the most reasonable in terms of pricing, and I have been using it for a long time and have no plans to change! The most advantageous plan for me is the Big plan - if I pay for a year, I get excellent conditions for just $2.5 per month.. Read more »
A friend recommended the hosting service to me. I checked the reviews and couldn't find anything negative. I paid for the hosting and from the first few days, I realized that I made the right choice. My website with this hosting service runs smo.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for over a year now, and I can say that the quality is excellent. The hosting is stable and there are hardly any outages. I like that they offer affordable pricing plans, and the administration is always availab.. Read more »
We have been collaborating with this hosting service for about a year, and it's quite good. What I like about it is that the prices are reasonable, the website works smoothly and reliably. The customer support is excellent, always responding pro.. Read more »
Reliable hosting. We have been working together for over six months. We are pleased with the reasonable and customer-friendly cost of services, as well as the reliability and user-friendliness of the management. There has not been a single instance w.. Read more »
I am really satisfied with the hosting service, it is of high quality. I have noticed that many people choose the Big plan because it is the most optimal option here, so I decided to go with the same one. There is nothing to complain about - the perf.. Read more »
I cannot recommend this hosting, as the cost savings are not justified. Websites often experience downtime and services are executed with errors. This happens quite frequently, otherwise I wouldn't pay attention to it. The technical support team.. Read more »
We use a dedicated server under the G-9 tariff for testing and hosting our client-server applications. Remote administration is convenient - I prefer Vestacp. The network speed never drops - good! You can combine SATA and SSD hard drives to your liki.. Read more »
I use the Big plan, which provides me with more than enough resources. The customer support team quickly and knowledgeably responds to questions. Excellent services at an affordable price.
I have been using this hosting service for about a year now. I chose the Big plan and made a payment for a year, as it is more cost-effective for me. I can highlight several advantages: free domains (which is important), sufficient amount of storage,.. Read more »
We have been working with S-host hosting for a long time. We are using the Big tariff plan. We really like S-host's pricing policy, as the quality of their services is very high for a reasonable fee. We are satisfied with our collaboration and h.. Read more »
In terms of price and quality ratio, it is one of the best hosting services I have worked with. No issues at all!
A very high-quality host for such a small price. I have been using the Small plan for 7 months now and I am satisfied with everything. Special thanks for the quick website migration!
Great hosting with affordable prices and top-quality services. The servers are always stable with no downtime. The brainycp control panel is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Highly recommend this amazing hosting service.
Great hosting. Excellent services at an affordable price. It fully justifies itself. It falls under the category of "affordable" but "high-quality".
I have been hosting 3 websites on this hosting platform for over two years now, and they all function reliably and smoothly without any interruptions. Their service is excellent, and their prices are reasonable.
I have connected to the small plan of one of the best hosting providers, and it is absolutely great. The resources are more than enough. I highly recommend it.
I have used hosting services from various companies, but I find S-host to be the most reliable. In 2.5 months, there hasn't been a single outage. I have reached out to their support team a couple of times regarding work-related matters, and I ha.. Read more »
I have been using SXHOST services for three months now. Before that, I was using a different hosting provider. I switched to SXHOST based on a recommendation. The hosting is stable, and there haven't been any downtime issues in the 2.5 months I .. Read more »
I am satisfied with everything.