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Country: Russia
Working: 24 years is a hosting company that has garnered both positive and negative reviews from its customers. Some customers have had a disappointing experience with the technical support, describing it as frustrating and unhelpful. The support team often blames the client for issues and shows a negative attitude towards them.

There have also been complaints about ongoing issues and delays in the speed of the hosting service, particularly with the economy plans. Some customers have experie.. Read more »

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Artem Aleksandrovich
Thank you very much to the tech support team! They helped me install the CMS, I couldn't do it myself through my personal account. The request was executed very quickly. I am impressed! ?
Arkadiy Abramov
I believe that the company uses methods that have misled me. Take a look at the website, and you will see a carousel with hot deals on discounted domains. Just to be sure, visit the "Domains" and "Renewal Prices" pages at https://.. Read more »
Roman Fedorov
One of our oldest hosting providers. We have always focused on quality, which is why we have survived several unstable decades in modern Russia. Now, quite deservedly, we are one of the industry leaders. Been with this hosting provider since 2009, ca.. Read more »
I cannot provide a comprehensive and objective review of their infrastructure since I only use their domain registration service, but I do have some complaints about their technical support. Guys, what's up with your response time? Sometimes I h.. Read more »
Sergey Demidov
Right now I'm only working with them. I can't find 1-2 more working hosts to distribute the resource volume across different baskets and not keep everything in one place. It's scary. A lot has changed since February last year. And it c.. Read more »
Sergey Nikitin
We have considered transferring our website to an external hosting provider, and we have chosen It has been highly recommended by companies Tonar and Teisy. We have decided to go with them. The hosting is offered for 30 days at a cost of onl.. Read more »
Volodya Ivanov
We purchased a domain name for our shopping center from a company. We also decided to rent hosting from them. The budget offer from Ru Center suited us. The tariff options were also suitable. Now everything is in one place, making it convenient to pa.. Read more »
Roman Ivanov
There was an unpleasant incident with the activation of an unnecessary service, but after everything was clarified, we were apologized to, the service was deactivated, and our money was refunded. After that, there were no more issues, so I recommend .. Read more »
Previously, there was a benchmark for work, but now they have hired marketing specialists who came up with a way to squeeze money out of the population. They create demo services and then compile them with additional features, charging money for each.. Read more »
Aleksandr Vaslyaev
Internet industry has been operating for decades. I have dealt, it seems, with every company in Russia that is somehow related to the IT field. Believe it or not, I have had to listen to all sorts of nonsense from technical support representatives fr.. Read more »
Oleg Nikitin
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the customer support service, firstly, for their assistance and also for their patience. I admit that I was not composed during our communication (due to the stress caused by the malfunction of the clie.. Read more »
Yuriy Nefedov
Initially, we were searching for a new hosting service for our online store. The old one was unsatisfactory for several reasons, so we were looking for an alternative. We reached out to several companies, inquiring about what they could offer. Firstl.. Read more »
Pavel Danilov
I have been working with this registrar for many years. In recent years (2018 - 2021), the greed of these guys has greatly upset me. I registered domain names for my own projects at a certain price, but when it came time to renew them after a year, t.. Read more »
Galya Belyaeva
"I was looking for a VDS for my online store. It was crucial for me to have the server physically located in Russia, so I only considered options from domestic hosting providers. I explored various options, both well-known companies and lesser-k.. Read more »
Elena Nosova
We have been using it for over 11 years, with breaks. It started off as an excellent hosting provider. It worked consistently and the tech support was helpful with any questions we had. However, over time, cheaper hosting options started to appear an.. Read more »
Igor Suvotka
I have chosen you. Let's see how you perform in action. The test went well, very well indeed. Additionally, this resource,, recommended you, and there is no reason not to trust their opinion (it is a hosting selection service). I .. Read more »
Aleksandr Petrov
We host websites for a network of dental clinics. The first website was hosted way back in 2007. As we opened new clinics, we added new websites. Currently, we have 19 branches and all the websites are hosted on NIK RU hosting. Over the years, we had.. Read more »
Roza Zaharova
I was recommended to pay attention to the hosting ratings from the website on one of the forums, where I am writing this review. In December, the Russian hosting provider "Ru Center" was recognized as the best in Russia (wi.. Read more »
Igor Abdrashitov
I really like the hosting service, especially because there are no limitations on website traffic. It's great not having to worry about exceeding any limits. That's why I would recommend it to anyone looking for a platform to launch their w.. Read more »
Andrey Petrov
We have uploaded an online version of our newspaper on a hosting platform. Recently, we encountered an issue that was quickly resolved thanks to the technical support team of the company. The communication was polite, the explanation was detailed, an.. Read more »
Denis Bondarenko
I switched to this local hosting provider after the prices with the foreign one skyrocketed. The exchange rate keeps fluctuating, so I never know how much will be deducted in rubles each month. I got tired of these surprises and unpredictability, so .. Read more »
Roman Ivanov
Initially, I was looking for a hosting provider with its own data center for a specific and significant project. The client had the funds, so the main factors for choosing were reliability and quality of service. I researched forums, read reviews, an.. Read more »
Anatoliy Zarubey
My previous hosting suddenly became much more expensive. I had to look for an alternative. I came across "". The price was friendlier for my needs, and they offered free migration and support. I only benefited from the move in the end.. Read more »
Viktor Lebedev
I have been using the services of for a long time, since they first entered the market. Then, when many other hosting companies appeared, I started trying something new, but over time, the quality and level of service declined everywhere. I h.. Read more »
Sergey Tarasov
I don't believe in advertising. I prefer to check everything myself. I apply this approach to everything, including hosting services. I didn't even consider companies that didn't offer a free trial period for collaboration. Some compan.. Read more »
Platon Naumov
We have been using the services of this provider for about 10 years now. We started with just two websites, but now we have around 20. What we like about this company is that they offer a full range of hosting services and more. Domain purchases, web.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for many years and have no plans to switch - everything has always been satisfactory. It is modern, fast, and reliable. The support team responds instantly.
Stanislav D.
Regularly, when renewing domain registration, additional options are added without warning, and it's not easy to disable them. They also unilaterally upgrade the tariff. When reviewing the history of tariff and option changes, the IP address of .. Read more »
Igor Ratnikov
It was perfect for an online store with over 5000 items. The developer recommended your hosting. We have had no issues with the host. The store is accessible 24/7, as indicated by specially configured metrics. Purchases are even made at night. We are.. Read more »
Nikolay Almazov
I have been using the services of a foreign hosting provider until the end of February this year. For understandable reasons, I decided to move. I didn't take too long to choose, and moved to a place where they offered free hosting and assistanc.. Read more »
Anya Tkachenko
We are the Russian office of a large international company. We have our corporate website hosted here. We have been working together for over 6 years now. The contractor completely satisfies us. There have been a few minor support requests. All issue.. Read more »
Svetlanchik Denisova
I have recently created a small blog on this hosting platform, and I plan to develop it further and eventually monetize it. One thing that really caught my attention is that, based on the reviews, this hosting service doesn't have any issues wit.. Read more »
I am hosting a website offering my services as a private specialist in new construction projects. I assist with selection, provide consultations, prepare documents, and guide people until they receive the keys, so it is important for the website to a.. Read more »
Mihail E.
I moved from another host where there were constant problems with email delivery due to spammers. Because of them, I was also added to the blacklist. I tried several times to solve the problem with the provider, but without success. Eventually, I dec.. Read more »
Mihail Buharev
I have been using this hosting for over 10 years for various projects, from small ones to large ones. I like it because: 1. it has good support, 2. there are no downtime or serious issues with its performance. I don't like: the price. But I am m.. Read more »
Valeriy Mokeev
I am not an IT specialist, so sometimes it is difficult for me to understand the intricacies. However, thanks to a very responsive technical support team, issues are resolved promptly.
Igor Barashkov
We host a regional car rental website called "Rent a Car". The website has moderate traffic most of the time, but during the peak season, we experience surges in visitors. Thankfully, our website handles the increased load without any issue.. Read more »
Vladislav Lobov
I consider your hosting to be the best choice for budget organizations of various types. There are several reasons for this, listed in descending order of importance: 1. The hosting is based in Russia, 2. It is reliable and provides uninterrupted ser.. Read more »
Elena Popova
We host our website for our repair and design organization with this company. The website has a large number of pages, video content, and complex animation on the homepage. We chose a contractor from a number of domestic companies with extensive expe.. Read more »
Dmitriy Barabanov
I would like to express my gratitude to the hosting provider for blocking a website that had completely copied my content. I provided all the evidence that the copyright belonged to me and that the duplicate website was deceiving people, and as a res.. Read more »
I have been using hosting services for over 12 years in total. I took a break for a while, but now I have returned. Unfortunately, the situation is pretty much the same everywhere else. It starts off beneficial, then becomes mediocre, and eventually .. Read more »
Sergey Amelkin
We are hosting a small online store for handmade goods. Due to the nature of our sales, we have to upload a lot of photos, which can be quite heavy. However, we are pleased to report that despite the abundance of heavy photos on our website, all page.. Read more »
Marat Aknietov
The hosting was chosen based on a recommendation at the time. Currently, I have been using services from the RU center for over 7 years and have several domains hosted here. There have been no major issues during the entire time of service, and I can.. Read more »
Natalya Vladimirova
We use this hosting for our business. Everything works perfectly. No problems at all. Highly recommended!
Viktor Proshkin
I am a client of the RU center. I have a small website on WordPress and a forum on the SMF engine hosted here. Overall, I have no complaints about the service. What really impresses me is that the hosting is stable, and I don't have to waste pre.. Read more »
Boris Avdeev
I moved from another host just over a year ago, and I couldn't be happier with the performance of the RU center. Everything is great, the hosting can handle any load without losing speed. During the time of service, the traffic has increased, th.. Read more »
Nikita M.
Great hosting for large projects. I highly recommend choosing it, especially if you expect high traffic. The servers handle any amount of traffic included in your plan without any complaints or slowdowns. Even for minor traffic spikes, they don'.. Read more »
Galina Schipova
Great hosting. I've been using it for over 8 years. Pros: • Reliability and fast loading speed. • Highly skilled and polite technical support that genuinely tries to help, rather than just pretending to. • Wide range of plans for .. Read more »
Andrey Kalinin
We have a great hosting service that functions flawlessly. We host our main website, two duplicates, and several landing pages dedicated to our video content production business. All the resources are hosted on one plan, in one place, yet everything .. Read more »
I have been using hosting for over 20 years. Throughout this time, there have been technical failures only three times. Otherwise, it works flawlessly. The technical support always helps. I recommend it to everyone!
All promising projects are hosted here. The hosting is stable, providing round-the-clock access to resources and loading them instantly, which has a positive impact on behavioral factors and helps bring the project to the top in a short period of tim.. Read more »
Andrey Isaakovich K.
I have been using it for over 15 years. I have never had any complaints about the hosting, otherwise I wouldn't have been using the same hosting for so many years. I have around 20 of my own websites hosted there, as well as around 100 client we.. Read more »
Vitaliy Knysh
Working with Ru Center was enjoyable for several reasons. First, it was convenient because all the work involved in creating a new website was well thought out and automated. We were able to purchase everything we needed in one place, including the .. Read more »
Vadim Kotlukov
Good day. I used to use hosting through partners before. Now I decided to go directly. I created a website right on the hosting! Now I don't pay for additional services and do everything myself. The savings are real, and there is a lot of creati.. Read more »
Dmitriy Bashilov
Paid options constantly get activated, and you only find out about them when the bill is reset. There is no technical support available, just like there is no proper search function.
Maksim Maximus
We have been using the hosting services of for over 3 years now, and overall, we have no complaints.
Lara N.
At the beginning of summer, I prepared a small landing page to promote and advertise my summer camp with English language learning. At that time, I didn't know that there was a website builder available at the RU Center where I paid for hosting... Read more »
Dmitriy Yarygin
Hello! I have been working with RU-CENTER for over 10 years. I have 9 domains and they are all registered with this provider. Hosting is also with RU-CENTER. I have never had any complaints or issues with the provider during this time. Everything sui.. Read more »
Aleksey Vasilevskiy
We have hosted our hotel's website on the server. As we cater to customers in different time zones, it is crucial for us to have a stable hosting service operating 24/7. We have no complaints about the hosting provider in terms of thi.. Read more »
Aleksandr Boytsov
Great hosting. Excellent customer support. All access is available. Prices are slightly higher than others, but it's justified.
Andrey Ratnikov
Reliable, time-tested hosting. Huge respect to the support team!
Elena Izmaylova
I have noticed this company for a long time. I am involved in website creation and have tried various hosting options, but many of them turned out to be scams. Rucentr has never let me down. The websites run smoothly, and they offer a wide range of p.. Read more »
S. Kuznetsova
Nowadays, everything related to the online world is popular: websites, copywriting, promotion, and SMM. I decided to dive into it a little myself to figure out if it's my thing or not. As a hobby, I decided to start a blog on an interesting topi.. Read more »
Maksim Ogofov
The second year of service has begun. I switched last year through a promotion (six months for free). I only paid my first bill after six months. They offered a free antivirus as a gift. Of course, I connected and disconnected it after six months, wh.. Read more »
Igor Repkin
The client has been a top, top, top registrar for a decade, offering additional services that are reliable, fast, and competitively priced. I must highlight the exceptional support team, which is unparalleled in the market. They respond promptly, com.. Read more »
Natalya Ostrovskaya
We registered a domain name for our business and created a website. However, during the course of our business operations, we decided to close down this entity and open a new one. While we were making all the necessary changes, our website was unexpe.. Read more »
Valentina Verizhnikova
We purchased a domain name for a summer English language school website in my city from "". We decided to buy it from "" because our main school website is hosted on their platform. We also used their web developer to .. Read more »
Anton Bolshakov
I was recommended a hosting provider on a thematic forum, where I asked for suggestions on where to move from my previous host. Someone recommended because of their promotion. They offered six months for free, with assistance from the provide.. Read more »
We have been using this hosting service for a very long time (over 10 years). We haven't found any downsides except for the above-average price, but there are numerous promotions and discounts available. Considering the advantages, we have never.. Read more »
Ilya Danilov
I have been with Ru.Center for a long time, since April 2013. Eight years of work is a good term of assessment. The team is professional, friendly, and efficient in their efforts to help. I highly recommend them.
Valeriya Nazarova
I recently switched to VDS from on the recommendation of a colleague whose opinion I trust. So far, the results are in your favor. The speed has noticeably increased, improving the visibility of the website and attracting more unique visitors... Read more »
Karlo Vartanyan
RU-CENTER is a reliable company with highly professional employees. I recommend it to everyone!
Aleksey Obuhov
Can you please explain to me why there is a function on the website where I pay for a specific domain, but the funds are still deducted in favor of another domain, even if I don't intend to renew it? What's the point of this service if it .. Read more »
Petya Zabelin
The Superlion showed who is who in the world of Russian hosting. Out of all the hosts to which it spread its resources, only worked flawlessly on the 28th. I place projects of different levels on different hosts. There are both major partners .. Read more »
Alexey Strelnikov
I have been using basic services for over 10 years. I need a simple hosting and basic email services. In general, it's sufficient. One drawback is that: 1) email forwarding has a significant delay (i.e., the email is in the mailbox but hasn'.. Read more »
Dmitry Antonov
I never expected this to happen, but it did. The company shut down and the domain was used for email purposes only: registrations for services, etc. I was the administrator. I noticed that the emails stopped coming in. It turned out that had r.. Read more »
Valera Rumyantsev
Stable hosting with high performance. After testing, I moved two websites with different engines to NIK.RU to compare how they would perform in the new environment. I am satisfied with the host's performance for both resources. I think while the.. Read more »
Yuriy Ivanovich
I have been using their services for over 10 years and I have no intention of leaving. The price is satisfactory and the technical support responds, maybe not as quickly, but consistently. Currently, the response time is significantly better than bef.. Read more »
Yu. Korotkov
A great hosting service that offers a multitude of additional services is available. With, you can purchase a domain name, rent a server or hosting, and even create your own website using their proprietary website builder. There are over 200 t.. Read more »
Rostislav T.
Good hosting. It handles high loads excellently and works consistently throughout the day. The website is always accessible and loads instantly. The tariff is the simplest one. It is slightly more expensive than the one I used with another provider, .. Read more »
Aleksey Lobur
I worked with them from 2005 to 2021. Everything was fine until they started pushing automatic payments and additional services onto me and my clients. They can automatically deduct 500 rubles per month for domain antivirus (a special type of antivi.. Read more »
Yuriy Rudchik
We have been working with this truly excellent hosting service for over 7 years, if I'm not mistaken, and every time we have had no issues with their support or services. Respect!
I have been working with this company since 2013 and have never had any problems, but recently things have started to go wrong. When registering a domain, they try to push unnecessary hosting on me. It's fine when I register domains for my clien.. Read more »
Reliable job, reliable hosting with high uptime. offers a wide range of tariffs for customers of different levels. There is a wide choice of payment methods and perhaps the most professional technical support. They can answer any question, whe.. Read more »
Vyacheslav Terentev
Great host. I have been involved in website development for over five years now (mainly on WordPress) and I have been hosting most of the projects I create with you, or recommending you as a reliable hosting partner. I am really impressed. The perfor.. Read more »
Daniil Pozdnyakov
I have been using this hosting for 5 years (for three simple websites). Overall, everything is satisfactory and I have no plans to switch. The only drawback is the inconvenient control panel (sometimes it takes a while to find what I need).
Leonid M.
Hosting for a wide range of users. Suitable for both large businesses and small personal projects. You can host everything here: websites, blogs, online stores of different levels, and applications. I know many big companies that are hosted here. Per.. Read more »
Andre Lozovoj
Even virtual hosting is expensive, and I have doubts about the quality. When there is a long period without accessing the website, the initial page loads very slowly, and I have to keep refreshing the browser. The control panel for managing services .. Read more »
Maksim Gelver
I have been using it for many years, and it works perfectly. In my opinion, it is the market leader in Russia. As for the nuances, it is not always easy to reach their customer support quickly, and the response time could be faster. Also, it would be.. Read more »
Konstantin Garanin
Recently, NIC.RU has become the worst resource for hosting domains and websites. Over the past year, we have been actively transferring our own domains and client domains from this host to others. Their tariff policy is absolutely rude, with unnotice.. Read more »
Viktor Korolev
I have been using RU-CENTER ( hosting for about 5 years now and I am quite satisfied with my choice. The prices are not the lowest, but the quality of the services and the stability of the website's performance are more important to me. .. Read more »
The largest and most reliable hosting and domain operator in Russia. Throughout our usage, we have never encountered any issues. We have always been able to reach their support and resolve any inquiries.
We have been using this hosting service since 2008. Throughout this time, we have never had any major complaints or issues. Any occasional technical questions that arise during our work are quickly resolved. Everything works well. We highly recommen.. Read more »
Aleksey Shalennyy
Excellent hosting. The most important thing is that it is reliable and predictable. There are no periods when the website performs worse - everything is very stable and predictable. I highly recommend it.
Yuliya Martynenko
Hello, I have been using this hosting service for a long time and everything is fine. To be honest, my programmer interacts with it and there have been no complaints or suggestions to change it. As a girl, I find the interface a bit difficult, but th.. Read more »
Anatoly Medvedev
We have been using the services of this company for many years, but we recently encountered a problem when trying to transfer our domain to another organization. They refused to assist us under a false pretense and instead suggested that we pay 50,00.. Read more »
We use hosting services, purchase domains, and SSL certificates. Everything is satisfactory. The website operates consistently, and the control panel on the service is convenient enough to carry out all necessary actions. We receive reminders via ema.. Read more »
Vadim Shatrov
It would be fine, except for the imposition of services in a covert manner, which is disgusting. When your money is deducted on Friday night, hoping no one will notice, I wish this service to go bankrupt or change its policy successfully.
Irina Efremova
I dealt with the payment and the amount for renewing my domain. I contacted customer support and they responded very quickly, within an hour, and provided detailed instructions on what needed to be done. I completed the process without any difficulti.. Read more »
Sergey Stepanov
The website is increasingly deviating from providing honest services to a company engaged in blatant fraud. When registering a domain, they will add a "free" hosting or email service, which will automatically become paid after the "tri.. Read more »
Anton Mateshik
I have been using this hosting for over 5 years. Everything is satisfactory. Before that, we used a different one. We had issues with stability. Initially, it was difficult to navigate the control panel, but that passes after gaining some experience.
Aleksey Muskin
In principle, it's a decent service and you can more or less figure it out on your own if you're not an experienced user. The support team responds adequately and managed to solve almost all of the issues that came up. I hope it stays this .. Read more »
Evgeniy Arhipov
We have been using hosting for over fifteen years. The website operates steadily, and the service is reliable.
Evgeniy Matveev
Reliable and reliable hosting, excellent technical support. A great feature is the automatic backups, which have saved me from unsuccessful experiments several times. It is fairly easy to integrate free Let's Encrypt SSL (although they could aut.. Read more »
Denis Bykov
I have been using hosting for over five years. The websites perform consistently, the performance is good, and the service is reliable.
Vyacheslav Tolmachev
I have been using the services of for about 15 years. I have had no complaints during this time. If any difficulties did arise, they were usually resolved within the working day!
Sergey Pravidnov
We have been using hosting for many years and it has always worked perfectly. We manage the website of our enterprise.
Dmitriy Pozdin
We have been using hosting services for many years now. The overall experience is positive. The technical support responds quickly and provides quality advice on any issues that arise. There have been no problems with the reliability of the hosting.
Alina Sokolova
Initially, I used the services of Ru-center only for registering and checking domain names. But some time ago, all customers of hosting were transferred to Ru-center management, so I had to use this hosting service involuntarily. The impression.. Read more »
Sergey Semenov
I switched to RU-CENTER over two years ago. I really like the stability of their service and the simplicity of the settings. Everything I need is available in the admin panel. I manage my complex website myself, and there are hardly any failures or l.. Read more »
Nikolay Makeev
We have been using hosting for over 10 years, and during this time, we have not had any even minor issues. The technical support is excellent - they show, explain, and even fix everything themselves. The prices are indeed above average, but good thin.. Read more »
Olga Gerasimova
I am absolutely satisfied with the hosting. I got exactly what I expected. The loading speed is great and the price is competitive. I have no plans to change anything, I am completely happy with the quality of the service.
Oleg Remez
1. Domain renewal is expensive. 2. It is not possible to transfer a domain remotely.
Olga Vostrikova
Our website has been hosted by RU‑CENTER since 2013. As our company does not employ a programmer, it is important to us that managing all the components of our virtual business card is as simple as possible and accessible to non-specialists. And here.. Read more »
We have been using the regular Tariff 200 hosting for multiple websites on for many years. Overall, we are satisfied with it. Of course, we always want it to be cheaper. The speed is normal, and the reliability is probably the best as it is an.. Read more »
Aleksandr Grass
We have been collaborating with RU-CENTER for over 10 (!!) years now. We have only positive reviews, words of gratitude and appreciation. The support team always responds promptly, the IT specialists are friendly, and the hosting control panel is eas.. Read more »
Aleksey Sitchuk
In 2005, the question arose as to where to go to register a domain name. That's when I found out about ru-center. Now it's already 2021 and I still use their services because of the benefits of their technical support, speed, and overall r.. Read more »
Anna Urzhuntseva
We have been working with this company since 2009 and have had no issues. The domain name was successfully transferred to another owner without any problems. The technical support is reliable and the website is user-friendly.
Sergey Chumakov
I highly recommend this hosting service. These guys are reliable, knowledgeable, and professional. If I ever have any questions or issues, I just call their customer support, and they explain everything clearly. Registering a website and handling all.. Read more »
Anastasiya Loboda
Hello! We would like to express our gratitude to RU-CENTER for their excellent work and write a review about the hosting service where our website, the Orsk State Drama Theater named after A.S. Pushkin -, is located. We have been us.. Read more »
Svetlana Moiseeva
We have been using hosting for several years. The company's website is convenient and easy to navigate. However, our website, hosted on the hosting, started to lag and show a 502 error, even after switching to a more expensive tariff plan.
I have been working as a programmer for over 10 years. I manage around 30 client websites and specialize in developing websites from scratch. When it comes to choosing a hosting provider, I have always recommended I have been pleased with its.. Read more »
Efim Tsirelson
Companies are not interested in keeping their current clients at all. Not only do they constantly include unnecessary services with money deductions, but they also don't provide any help at all. Moreover, their service has become incredibly slow.. Read more »
I. Zavyalov
Thank you so much for the tech support! We couldn't figure out why our website crashed. In a panic, we reached out to the tech support team and it turned out that we had an error in our WordPress plugin. The guys found it themselves and fixed it.. Read more »
Our organization had registered a domain name, and even after our company's legal entity was changed (liquidated), we continued to diligently pay for the domain. Suddenly, the RU-Center discovers that the legal entity, as per the agreement, has .. Read more »
A very friendly company. Everything is provided and thought out so that the client does the minimum manual work, everything is automated whenever possible. Just press a button and it's done. The technical support team takes care of many things f.. Read more »
RU-CENTER / NIK.RU - scammers and fraudsters, they have nothing to do with a reputable registrar, just simple resellers. PROS: None! Run away from here! CONS: Rude and slow customer support, buggy service, they scam their own clients. CAUTION! It is .. Read more »
Fedor Steshko
This is complete nonsense. The website is extremely slow, taking 15 seconds to load each page, and this has happened twice within one month. The support team takes several days to respond to inquiries in the customer account. It is only possible to r.. Read more »
Sergey Vasilev
I registered in 2016. During this time, the positive aspects have been that I easily understood the hosting plans. The interface is extremely user-friendly. There is a website builder that is fairly simple to use. If needed, I can quickly put togethe.. Read more »
I was looking for a suitable hosting provider for my online store and came across based on reviews. I read both positive and negative feedback, so I decided not to rush and started with testing it out. I was impressed with the speed, stability.. Read more »
Irina Zahartsova is a consistently reliable company with a wealth of experience! I have been a client for several months now and I have no regrets about the money spent - I am completely satisfied with the quality of their services and customer support. The we.. Read more »
Unfortunately, the management of this hosting belongs to the Skaven race from the Warhammer 40,000 universe and believes that stealing money from cards for their useless services is worth it, as many will turn a blind eye, some won't bother, and.. Read more »
Definitely satisfied! The support team responds quickly. If there are any problems, they are resolved promptly. The websites don't lag. The level of security is really high. The diverse range of tariffs is pleasing, you can find one that suits y.. Read more »
Yuliya Ivanova
I have been collaborating with RU-CENTER for about six months. Since I had no prior experience, I initially faced difficulties. It wasn't easy for a beginner like me to understand all the intricacies and nuances of the contract, but the technica.. Read more »
Aleksey Kachur
The price is not small, but most likely I will switch to Yandex. I want more flexibility and speed. But if you just want to host a website without extensive functionality, it is a pretty good hosting option.
Elena Zhenihova
The prices at RU-CENTER are indeed higher than others, but they are fully justified by the quality of their services. The server and virtual hosting specifications are very decent, the support team works well, there is a convenient control panel, and.. Read more »
Oleg Sobolev
We have been collaborating with for several years now. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the services they provide. The company operates consistently and offers clients a wide range of tools and additional services. They have ever.. Read more »
Aleksandr Chernov
I am satisfied with everything. If there are any bugs, they are quickly fixed. There are almost no technical issues. The hosting does not crash and is stable. It's great that you can test the services for free! The most important thing is that y.. Read more »
Ekaterina Maryavina
I became a client of Rucenter and purchased hosting for WordPress. Having the pre-installed engine and reliable support is great. I had some minor technical difficulties, but they were quickly resolved. I bought it for my blog and the speed is satisf.. Read more »
Zhanna Kuzmina
Ru Center offers reasonable prices for hosting services. I have the Virtual Hosting 300 package, where I transferred 4 websites from another provider for free. The cost is in line with the performance and quality of the services.
Denis Gaychuk
I have been using the services of these, I'll call them charlatans, for several years now. There have been cases, of course, when they tried to impose services on me that I never needed, but this year they have outdone themselves. It was time to.. Read more »
Rich Igor (RU-CENTER) are FRAUDSTERS!!! Scam in "domain auction" These guys have a service - an auction for expiring domains. I see a very attractive domain there, with a high PageRank - WIKIMART.RU - you can check, it's still there. I .. Read more »
The website is very inconvenient. The design and usability are just terrible. The prices are deceptive: purchasing is a steal, but renewing costs some absurd amount of money. They aggressively impose their services on you. They claim to have a promot.. Read more »
Maxim Rysevets
I am a web developer with over 15 years of experience. In the past, I used this hosting service to host my project One fine day, I discovered that my project had lost a whole week's worth of information! The logs, new user registratio.. Read more »
Vitaliy Korshunov
They deducted money through autopayment for a service I did not order. Luckily, customer support was not too busy on Saturday, so I reached them quickly. It is clear from the support staff's algorithm that they receive frequent calls about simil.. Read more »
Vitalii Sorokin
What a mess! Without asking us, they moved our websites from And on the way, they lost one of them! The support team is just mocking us. We tell them that they lost our website, and they respond, "Take a closer look, there's another .. Read more »
Hello, we would like to leave a review. We have been using this hosting service for our ru projects since September 2018 and it has never let us down. The plus side is that they offer a great selection of tariff plans, but the downside is that the ad.. Read more »
Oleg Sokolov
After they joyfully merged with (previously two separate legal entities with different contracts and teams), working became extremely frustrating. If there were occasional glitches on that could be annoying, now you look back on them with.. Read more »
Aleksandr Bartenev
After parting ways with HC.RU, we shed tears on the ocean.
After HC.RU merged us into this company, I started experiencing problems. Issues with incompetent technical support, slow problem resolution, difficulties with payment for service renewals, and problems with my contractual data. Here I am, browsing r.. Read more »
Artur Chernov
We used to use the services of this company, purchasing hosting and domains, and we really liked it. The technical support was excellent, the prices were reasonable, and the interface was user-friendly. We switched to another hosting provider, but it.. Read more »
Mitya Belkin
Terrible hosting. The interface is a mockery of the user. They force you to subscribe to additional services just to make basic things work. They activate unwanted services with auto-renewal every 3 months, which are nearly impossible to find in the .. Read more »
Recently, my websites have been hosted on 5 paid hosting services + 1 that I tried in test mode. I will try to write reviews about each of them. First, (also known as Ru-Center): Overall rating - 5 out of 10 Background: for the past few year.. Read more »
Stanislav Yanzhula
We have been using this hosting service since April 2016. Throughout this time, the hosting has never let us down. We set up our website, paid for the hosting, and forgot about it. Everything works perfectly, we haven't noticed any disruptions o.. Read more »
Aleksandr Selivanov
I have been familiar with the hosting company "ru center" ( for a long time (since 2000), but only as a domain registrar. I have been involved in automating accounting and Bitrix websites for 20 years (not a beginner), and I have wor.. Read more »
Tatyana Kryuchkova
Pros: - Stable hosting; - Wide selection of tariffs and settings; - Very popular provider, known for reliable hosting. Cons: - Above average price; - Interface is complex for beginners. Summary: Suitable for resource-intensive projects that require.. Read more »
Aleksey Permyakov
I appreciate RU-CENTER's approach to separating the roles of domain/website owners and the technical specialist responsible for configuring the service's technical parameters.
Getting in touch with technical support is an incredibly frustrating experience. They show no intention of comprehending the issue at hand, and their response to every inquiry is consistent - blaming the client. Evidently, they hold the belief that e.. Read more »
Svetlana Lebedenko
Overall, I do not have any specific remarks; however, it is quite costly and there are ongoing issues and delays in its speed. Additionally, there is a lack of support, in my view, although this may only be applicable to the economy plans. The only t.. Read more »
Valeriia Hryshko
We have been loyal customers of this hosting company for nearly a decade, and during that time, everything ran smoothly. However, last year, our experience with their hosting services was extremely disappointing. Despite our reluctance to transfer ov.. Read more »
Lately, the frequency of hosting issues has been increasing, causing more frequent freezing. The functioning of the email service is experiencing intermittent problems.
Artūras Daugėla
My website experienced a single instance of malfunction throughout the course of a year. Seeking assistance from customer support promptly resolved the issue and restored its efficiency. The user interface of the control panel can be slightly perplex.. Read more »
Natalya Kulikova
My website frequently experiences freezing issues, and despite repeatedly seeking assistance, I always receive the same response - optimize the scripts on the website. However, the template site, which is managed by reliable support and used by numer.. Read more »
Karolina Maksimova
Lately, I have been contemplating the idea of migrating to a different hosting service. The current hosting provider frequently causes the website to be inaccessible, which is unfortunate as it used to be a reliable choice for hosting.
Magomed Makaev
We have been utilizing the services of this company for an extended period, and we can confidently state that we have no significant grievances. The only minor issue is that the support service tends to have lengthy response times. Overall, they prov.. Read more »
Andrey Gasenko
We have been using Ru-center's services for a substantial period of time, so we will attempt to provide an impartial evaluation. Generally speaking, we have a positive view. The provider's strengths lie in its reliability, excellent service.. Read more »
I have been working for three years and overall, I have no major complaints. It can be a bit pricey, but any issues are resolved promptly and the support team is responsive.
Before the new year, my websites were being transferred to new equipment, following my requests. However, 4 out of 7 websites are still periodically down and inaccessible. It's worth mentioning that the websites of the companies I work with, whi.. Read more »
Scam. Domains for 600 rubles! Rubbish! Bought a domain. But how to link it to my website on a third-party hosting? Pay more money, and that too every month. So it's not 600, but a total of 1200 rubles. And they don't want to refund the mone.. Read more »
I purchased a domain and hosting on the 201 plan in early 2008. Throughout the entire period of usage, there have been no issues with the quality of service or technical support.
I have my domains with another company, but recently I had to deal with their customer support, and it left a bad taste in my mouth due to their arrogance and desire to quickly get rid of the customer. (I was communicating with a certain Roman Shipil.. Read more »
Expensive. Time-consuming. Ridiculous. They just went and randomly shut down the website! They're demanding some copies of documents. The customer support is useless. It's a nightmare.
For the first four years, everything was fine. But now, we are hanging by a thread, and it's happening more and more often. I can endure it for now, but the trend shows no sign of calming down.
Lately, hosting has been increasingly experiencing downtime. Email service is having intermittent issues.
Great hosting. I've been using it since 2009. In the disadvantages, it is mentioned that the control panel is "so-so". Well, it's just a control panel. I can do everything I need to do. Maybe it's not intuitive, but it'.. Read more »
We have been using the services of this company for quite a while now, and it can be said that there are no major complaints. The only issue is that the customer support works with significant delays. Overall, it is a reliable hosting service, with s.. Read more »
We have been using RUCenter's services for a long time, so we will try to give an objective assessment. Overall, our opinion is positive. The provider's reliability, good service, and order processing speed are worth noting as advantages. A.. Read more »
I have been using it since 2010. I occasionally encounter a 502 Bad Gateway error. Moreover, I have started experiencing memory shortages, but I haven't been able to determine what is causing it. Therefore, we will be moving to a new location.
I only had to call for support once in a year. The support call helped me quickly restore functionality. The control panel is a bit confusing. The high prices are compensated by the quality and reputation of the hosting service.
Mihail S.
Reliable hosting! Six years ago (in 2006), the technical support was quite positive, they even helped... Now I don't turn to them anymore, I feel a snobbish attitude, it's easier to do it myself... And everything is expensive.
I have been working for three years and I have no major complaints. It is a bit expensive, but the issues are resolved promptly and the support is responsive.