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Country: Russia is a domain registrar and hosting service that offers affordable pricing for domains but may not be as cost-effective for hosting. The Economy plan, priced at 280 rubles per month, provides adequate hosting services, although other providers may offer better conditions at lower prices. The websites hosted by operate smoothly without issues, but there have been occasional disruptions where the servers experienced downtime, resulting in temporary inaccessibility of the websites. .. Read more »

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For 16 years, I faithfully paid for domains that were registered under the company LLC a long time ago. The company has been closed, but the administrator and all the phone numbers are still active. Upon discovering this, the company R01 starts deman.. Read more »
The ancient, "unfriendly interface" of the personal account. The convenience of working with the personal account resembles the inconveniences of the Soviet era with complicated instructions and long queues. The customer support operates no.. Read more »
I don't know what hosting it is, but for the second day they can't get the website up and running. Support has not responded for over 20 hours, it's impossible to reach them by phone, and all the operators are always busy. The simplest.. Read more »
After merging with Reggie, they failed to inform me of their new credentials, my login-password. As a result, I lost the domain due to expiration.
I was surprised by the hosting service, as the prices were not low. However, when I uploaded my website, I discovered that they couldn't offer a PHP server version of 5.3 or higher, which is already considered outdated with PHP 7.0 being the sta.. Read more »
I can't help but write my review about R01's service. I have tried hosting services from various providers for my ten different websites. One of my oldest websites is hosted on R01, and I must say it is the worst hosting service I have ever.. Read more »
The pricing for domains is significantly lower than that of competitors, however, the cost of hosting is not as affordable. I opted for the Economy plan, which costs 280 rubles per month, and it has been functioning adequately for my needs. Nonethele.. Read more »
The worst registrar and hosting provider was inherited from clients, with 100% problems and 0% benefits. The support is unresponsive, and the prices for domains and hosting are sky-high. I do not recommend it!
Hi! I have been a user of for over two years now and I am completely satisfied with their service. The support team has always been prompt in providing the necessary assistance, and their guidance is easily comprehensible, even for someone n.. Read more »
The website and customer support of the domain I registered are not accessible two weeks later. Despite their claim to work on Saturdays, they do not respond to emails and cannot be reached by phone.
We switched to this hosting service using the Economy plan. Overall, it is a satisfactory hosting company. However, in all honesty, we encountered a problem where our site was not functioning, and the support team did not provide a response.
I currently have 10 websites hosted by this company and overall, things are going well. However, there have been recent instances where the servers experienced disruptions, resulting in the websites being temporarily inaccessible.
It appears that the work has resumed its regular state. We can only hope for the stability of the situation going forward. Additionally, the support is functioning more effectively, which is commendable.
The registrar is excellent. I have been using it to store my domains for three years and I am completely satisfied. Recently, I had to update the administrator contacts and transfer my domains from the reseller panel to the main panel. This process w.. Read more »
I recently selected this hosting service for one of my websites. However, I have encountered some issues with the resources provided. The site frequently becomes unavailable, particularly during January 2016 when it experienced multiple failures in a.. Read more »
I currently have around 10 domains with this hosting company and have been working with them, specifically with a person named Reggi, for over 2 years. Previously, there were no significant issues and their support was reliable. However, lately, it h.. Read more »
I don't know... maybe it's just me. I'm having trouble migrating my website to modx revo - it keeps throwing errors. It's working fine on another host.
The registrar is terrible - the technical support takes a long time to respond, there are constant dismissals, and they don't want to solve real problems. If you need to urgently resolve something, they will simply deceive you. Don't trust .. Read more »
I do not recommend anyone to register domains through this scam, based on my bitter experience. They will take your money and that will be the end of it. You will have neither a domain nor your money. The support is non-existent, nobody will communic.. Read more »