rating: 9.3, reviews: 27
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia
Panels: ISPManager, cPanel, Plesk, FastPanel
Working: 18 years
REG.RU is a hosting service provider that offers reliable and affordable services. They have recently discontinued the option to renew a domain for less than a year, which may be inconvenient for some users. However, overall, the service is recommended for its reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Some users have experienced issues with the service, such as being blocked from accessing their account for entering the wrong password and receiving unhelpful support. These issues have led the.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Host-AISP Manager15 pcs-7 Gb$2.58
Plesk-SPlesk1 pcs-10 Gb$2.69
cPanel-ScPanel1 pcs-10 Gb$3.23
Plesk-MPlesk10 pcs-20 Gb$3.66
cPanel-McPanel10 pcs-20 Gb$4.42

Std C1-M1-D10-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$4.22
High C1-M2-D20-2 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$8.43
Std C2-M2-D40-2 Gb2 pcs40 Gb$10.59
Base-3-3 Gb3 pcs60 Gb$14.27
High C2-M4-D60-4 Gb2 pcs60 Gb$19.03

RD‑30014 E3-1230v33.3 GHz8 Gb4 pcs240 Gb$60.91
RD‑30023 E3-1230v33.3 GHz8 Gb4 pcs2000 Gb$63.41
RD‑51134 E3-12703.4 GHz16 Gb4 pcs300 Gb$76.53
RD‑30258 E3-1230v33.3 GHz32 Gb4 pcs480 Gb$88.43

Reviews on REG.RU


Terrible service, wasted a ton of time. I spent 3 days trying to change the domain administrator from an individual entrepreneur to a limited liability company. And the process still isn't complete. The technical support is awful! The panel is.. Read more »
I worked more or less acceptably with them from 2013 to 2018. Currently, the websites are hosted on the most expensive virtual server. One online storefront with about 100 daily visitors. It is optimized and hasn't changed in about six years. P.. Read more »
Let's talk about a registrar service. It should be noted that is good for doorways and other creators of one-day websites. Their registration prices are quite interesting, you can get two domains for the price of one during promotions, th.. Read more »
We have been using this hosting service for many years and everything was fine. But recently, everything has changed dramatically. The support team takes half a day to respond, as if they are sleeping. The website is being manually disabled without p.. Read more »
Tatyana Mitrofanova
The hosting is good, the prices are reasonable, but recently they canceled the option to renew the domain for less than a year. It's very inconvenient! That's why, unfortunately, I'm migrating to another service. But if this is not a p.. Read more »
Tatiana Mitrofanova
The hosting service is reliable and inexpensive, but they have recently discontinued the option to renew a domain for less than a year. This change is quite inconvenient, so I have decided to move to a different service. However, if this is not a con.. Read more »
Maksim Lyubimov
What kind of shenanigans is this company up to, anyone knows? Are they some kind of gypsies or a subsidiary of an African company? I bought a domain for 200 rubles, no mention of any discounts. After a year, it's now 20 times more, about 4,000 r.. Read more »
Maksim Popov
The registrar is affordable but provides terrible service. When I accidentally entered the wrong password while trying to log into a client's account to change the DNS, I was blocked from accessing it for an hour. When I reached out to support f.. Read more »
Larisa Fedulina
Only 178 rubles per month for hosting! Probably no other registrar offers such a deal. This is the most cost-effective option among the tariffs at, and the quality of service is just as good as those that cost more.
Larisa Fedulina
Hosting is available for just 178 RUB per month, which is likely not offered by any other registrar. This plan from is the most cost-effective option, but it provides the same level of service quality as the more expensive plans.
Mihail Krivoshein
I had a login on the website. I registered it for a legal entity 2 years ago. After 2 years, I opened a new legal entity with the same name. I decided to change the data on the website and transferred the domain to the new account. I liquidated the o.. Read more »
Artem Popov
Although I typically do not enjoy writing reviews, I feel compelled to do so for as I believe they are a dependable hosting service provider. I began using their services six months ago after becoming dissatisfied with the server speed of my p.. Read more »
Mihail Grivin
Two domains have been working for 4 years, but recently problems have started to arise. They began demanding verification of the data and subsequently the domains were shut down. I was surprised and sent them my passport. The domains worked for two w.. Read more »
Valeriya Dybkina
The most affordable, convenient, and high-quality service I have ever come across. I had read numerous positive reviews, which initially seemed suspicious to me, but after purchasing hosting here, I truly experienced the meaning of the word "ser.. Read more »
Alek Polin
I host my website on During this time, there have been various issues with the website, which lasted for 5 hours. I considered switching to another provider, but after analyzing the market and reading reviews, I realized that other providers .. Read more »
Maksim Sheshin
I have been using the REG website for the past two years. I started with a cheap tariff and later switched to another one when I needed more resources. Initially, I had the Base-2 plan (880 rubles per month), and then I upgraded to Base-3 (1320 ruble.. Read more »
Sergey Baltyanskiy
I recently became a customer of theirs after deciding not to renew my hosting contract with another company. I transferred my domain and paid for hosting with them. Their technical support consistently provides excellent service, promptly addressing .. Read more »
Anastasia Borisovna
I won't write any praises, as I know from experience that as soon as I praise a company, problems with them immediately arise. But I also don't have much reason to complain about this hosting. The website works reliably and clients don'.. Read more »
Diana Idrisova
I really appreciate the comfortable control panel. That's why I've been using for a year now. Plus, the level of service here is definitely better than what cheap hosting providers offer, where support staff who don't understand.. Read more »
Valeria Grechanik
This is the worst online service I've ever come across! I won't even evaluate the quality of the services themselves, as the process of providing them overshadows everything! To summarize the situation: after receiving a notification one m.. Read more »
Nikolay Nasonov
I currently have three client projects and two of my own hosted on I am more than satisfied with their support, speed, and control panel interface - all at reasonable prices. I highly recommend them. From what I have tested so far, this hosti.. Read more »
Vladislav Demin
I have a completely positive opinion about this hosting provider. I am pleased with their services. Although there were some issues with the NS, the server speed and technical support meet my expectations. Additionally, the uptime is nearly perfect. .. Read more »
Reliable hosting, the website runs smoothly. There is a website builder, so you don't have to worry about manual installation. In addition to hosting itself, I have also added administration. Now they handle a lot of technical issues for me, suc.. Read more »
I have hosted my website on a VPS server provided by this hosting provider. Everything is great except for the price. The price is too high. I kindly request the hosting provider to offer a more affordable price.
Ilya Poz
I have been using REG.RU hosting for six months now and I must say that it has been a great experience. The hosting service is fast and reliable, with no downtime. The interface is user-friendly and the pricing plans are not only affordable but also .. Read more »
Roman Bubnov
This is not hosting, it's just rubbish. Designed for the visit of one and a half drunk disabled people per day. If you have more than one and a half drunk disabled people visiting - run away from them, or don't even get involved with them. .. Read more »
Evgeniy Golovanov
Good hosting. It may be slightly more expensive than some other hosting providers. Today, there was an unexpected incident - the database was corrupted and there was no backup. In a state of panic, I reached out to the support team and they managed t.. Read more »
Katya Vysotskaya
Recently, I was setting up a client's website on It's quite a sizable website, with a well-structured layout. At first impression, seems to be one of the best hosting providers in Russia in terms of price and resources. The r.. Read more »
Igor Dekterev
From the perspective of purchasing a domain through Reg ru. Unfortunately, this is the worst possible service. I will never recommend it to anyone and I will not use it myself. The support is fast, but they all respond with the same generic instruc.. Read more »
Anton Volchkov
On April 7, 2022, celebrated RuNet Day... From the morning of the 8th, our website stopped working. It's possible that it was not working all night. The hosting provider does not use monitoring... At 10:35, I wrote to support and VKontakt.. Read more »
Vladislav Musonov
I highly recommend using large, reliable hosting providers, such as In terms of pricing, they are a decent middle-of-the-road option, but when it comes to functionality and quality of services, they are top-notch. It's important not to u.. Read more »
Oleg Shestakov
The service is terrible - we bought a server from them and three days later they increased the price by 50%. They refused to refund the money. It's a policy of dishonesty.
Fedor Korenkin
I am impressed by the quality of the servers. In six months of operation, there hasn't been a single failure or hint of any issues. The website runs smoothly without any glitches. The only thing is that there were recent technical maintenance wo.. Read more »
Valentin Haritonov
Great hosting provider. I had a complex project using 1C-Bitrix and I needed a plan with more power, which provided me with, along with a free choice of SSL certificate. The hosting is very powerful with high performance and fast switching spe.. Read more »
Vyacheslav Kuchinsky
I really liked the quality of the hosting. I have the Host-3 tariff, on which I have 14 of my own projects - the hosting can handle everything perfectly. The speed of pages/clicks is not affected at all, emails consistently arrive in the mailbox, so .. Read more »
Denis Rudkovskiy
In my opinion, this hosting service is great. I have hosting with a domain, and I can say that the pricing plans are really optimal and top-notch. As for REG.RU as a domain registrar, I can also say that everything is fine. In both cases, my websites.. Read more »
Aleksandr Pryanichnikov
Hello. There are several reasons for my dissatisfaction with your customer support. It has been over 9 hours and no operator has responded in the chat. The previous responses from operators clearly lacked professionalism in providing information to s.. Read more »
Anastasiya Karlova
Hello everyone! For many years, I have been using a different company's registrar and hosting services. There were some minor inconveniences, so when registering a new domain, I decided to give REG.RU a try. There were no signs of trouble: they.. Read more »
Valeriy Kovalchuk
They do not allow to transfer the domain to another registrar or within the same registrar to another account. They constantly require a passport, even within the same support ticket; perhaps they are too lazy to review the previously submitted photo.. Read more »
Viktor Kravtsov
This hosting service is highly commendable! It feels like they have gathered like-minded individuals and people with integrity. I have never encountered any aloofness, informality, or superficial answers. Whenever I reach out to their customer suppor.. Read more »
Inna Uvarova
I have been using this company for 7 years already and I am still satisfied with everything: the website runs smoothly, there are bonus domains and free SSL, as well as numerous other bonus offers from the company that truly help save money. They als.. Read more »
Daniil Romanov
I have been using the services for a relatively short period of time: six months. However, during this time, the company has proven its reputation in the market. The range of services and the quality are simply excellent. The cost of the services is .. Read more »
Zaur Pashaev
Definitely one of the best hosting providers. Everything is absolutely satisfactory. The tech support (paid) is top-notch. The free support (on another project) could be better. Sometimes they take half an hour to respond, and there have been times w.. Read more »
Hermine Baghdassaryan
Terrible service. I have noticed that they are loading advertisements into the content of the website, someone else's advertisements through my website. I have also noticed that there are redirects before entering the website, for example, they .. Read more »
Svetlana Lukashevich
I recently switched to hosting with - it's absolutely fantastic! The uninterrupted work of their technical support is inspiring. No matter how many requests I send, they will handle them all. And this is during my trial period! Often, com.. Read more »
Ruslan Yusupov
The company's policy is commendable and conscientious, focusing on providing quality customer service regardless of how much money they bring in. The engines are powerful, the hardware is reliable and fairly new. I am grateful to REG.RU for thei.. Read more »
Elena Romanova
I would like to express my gratitude to all the technical support staff, but a special thank you goes to manager Oleg, who spent 30 minutes on the phone with me today explaining how to link a domain to hosting. It is rare to come across such a kind, .. Read more »
Teymur Azizov
I mostly use hosting services. They offer very favorable rates on this service. Furthermore, many convenient features are included for free: spam protection, file checking, creating and storing backups, protection against attacks without server and w.. Read more »
Denis Zhigarov
I have never seen a more awful registrar in my life! With their complete disregard for handling documents, they stole two domains from me, both from well-established websites. Their customer support is monstrously slow and useless, they don't ca.. Read more »
Aleksey Kirin
I've decided to write a real review about Their pricing is higher than other providers and the quality of their services is lower. They display blatant dishonesty, a careless attitude, and inflexibility towards their customers. They are.. Read more »
Dmitriy Shikin
I initially chose not to use REG.RU hosting because there are cheaper options available that are equally reliable with a good level of service. My review of them is focused on their domain registrar and their tactics to increase their sales. When re.. Read more »
Dmitriy Mazurin
2 years of normal work. In the 3rd year, there was a sudden increase in the prices of SSL certificates by 44(!)%. The support team gave unclear explanations, saying "it's all because of the exchange rate growth. You agreed to a clause stati.. Read more »
I participated in an affiliate program that they promised for a lifetime, but when I didn't fund my account for a year, they removed me from it along with all the resulting income from my clients. The prices are significantly inflated, and they .. Read more »
I registered a domain with this registrar. I had a website called stoploxotron on the domain, which aimed to expose and review fraudulent websites and scams. However, someone from the fraudulent community complained to the registrar and they immediat.. Read more »
This registrar is reliable, but the prices for thematic domains are simply unreal. It's pleasing to know that there are sometimes promotions. Overall, I would give it a solid 4.
I recommend it as a domain registrar and for domain renewals. However, I do have some concerns. 1. The Reg Panel does not update all prices through API 2, and it seems to only support PHP 5.3 and IonCube, which is unacceptable. 2. Reseller Panel: Be.. Read more »
At the most inconvenient moment, the domain stopped responding. The tech support explains it as if everyone around is a programmer and should know what to do. If you are a coder, you might be able to fix the domain settings, but if not - it's c.. Read more »
Kovacevic Dusan
Six months ago, I had to transfer an old website to Wordpress. The challenge was that the old website was only compatible with PHP 5.2, so I had to find a web hosting provider that supported both PHP 5.2 and PHP 7. A friend recommended (Ru), .. Read more »
Timur Abiev
A very good, high-quality, and fast hosting with real-time support. Many complain about the high prices. I want to say that the company holds a leading position in our country, and many successful and popular projects use its services. They are willi.. Read more »
Evgeniya Kiforuk
Great service. We regularly use it to purchase domains, hosting, check Whois, and much more. Highly recommended!
Alexey Trofimov
Incredibly simple hosting, responsive and competent technical support, articles on all kinds of issues and their solutions, godlike affordable prices for services, and a user-friendly interface. I wholeheartedly entrust the choice of future projects .. Read more »
Ramil Aliev
In my experience, I utilize hosting services from REG.RU and I can confidently say that they are trustworthy. As soon as you make a payment for any service on their website, they promptly provide a payment receipt. The hosting services they offer are.. Read more »
Aleksandr Andreev
Hello everyone! I decided to switch from my previous hosting provider to I do not recommend this virtual hosting because behind its attractive packaging, there is a surprise waiting for you. If we look at the comparison of virtual hosting pla.. Read more »
Sergey Bondarenko
Our web studio regularly uses this hosting service and during this time there have been no complaints. The hosting is reliable and fast, which is the most important requirement for a hosting provider. In case of any questions, the technical support t.. Read more »
Titov Timur
In the vast array of hosting providers, I can distinguish REG.RU as a partner with a high level of service, quality, and expertise. At this stage of our studio's development, we no longer require the services of REG.RU, but we will always fondly.. Read more »
Artem Sazonov
Great hosting provider, responsive and helpful customer support, we've been hosting with them for 2 years already, highly recommend to everyone!
Yuriy Frantsishko
I switched to this hosting just a month ago, but I can already see improvements. I used a different hosting before, but when they started charging exorbitant prices for their services, I had to look for a more affordable option with significantly mor.. Read more »
Matteo Berti
I utilized this hosting provider for hosting websites in Russia. Regrettably, upon initially activating my services, the English translations were subpar, and I encountered difficulties verifying my account. Nonetheless, considering the price, the se.. Read more »
Arseniy Skurt
I have been registering all domains here for many years. Support promptly resolves any issues :)
Aleksey Senchev
Thank you very much, excellent service.
Vladimir Iunusov
Hello. I have been a partner of for many years and I highly recommend this company for serious projects. I have been hosted on various platforms for over 18 years and recently some of them started shutting down without even notifying their cus.. Read more »
Pavel Kiselev
Although the broker was unable to purchase the desired domain, she did manage to compile a great selection. Thank you for not scamming and always being helpful.
Anatoliy Vladimirov
Expensive, but worth every penny. No problems whatsoever. There was a slight issue with reissuing the SSL certificate, and the online chat operator wanted me to pay around 1000 rubles for the cheapest one available. But when I found a free option thr.. Read more »
Dima Schetinnikov
I highly recommend this hosting service as it works perfectly in terms of speed, support, and convenience compared to others. Not to mention, the price is perfect too.
Andrey Grigorev
The design studio Art-Web, represented by its director and the entire team, expresses extreme indignation at the recent acts of disrespect and indifference towards business norms committed by REG.RU. We want to bring attention to the fact that the si.. Read more »
Sergey Vasilets
I have been using the services of for a long time and have several projects hosted there. I have no particular complaints as their technical support is competent and efficient. They have many advantages, so I highly recommend them.
Natalya Akimova
Thank you for the timely support! The hosting is excellent! I consider it to be the strongest and most powerful hosting in Russia. I like everything about it! (We have also used others.)
Vladimir Chernov
Always high-quality, excellent support. Thank you!
Mila Martakova
Great service, awesome support, plenty of easily understandable information for beginners like me )))
Ruslan Dzaynukov
I would like a slightly more detailed description of troubleshooting solutions, taking into account that the questions are not always asked by users with deep technical knowledge.
Sergey Nosenko
I have been using hosting for many years and I highly recommend it to others. It's a very successful solution. Despite having average market prices, the free SSL certificate significantly reduces the cost of using hosting. The supp.. Read more »
Ilya Polyakov
They work efficiently. They respond quickly to any issues that arise. Even someone inexperienced can create their own website.
Emil Sitdikov
Helpful support. Although I don't have much to compare my experiences with, I will give 5-star ratings everywhere to avoid bad karma =)
Aleksandr Isaev
Thank you guys for quickly resolving the issue! At first, you guided me on where to find the information myself. However, after my unsuccessful attempts, you solved my problem in just 10 minutes. Clearly, the hand of specialists is visible. Highly re.. Read more »
Stanislav Starikov
I have been having experience since 2013, although I am a beginner, everything was quite clear. If there were any specific problems, the support team was always helpful. Overall, thank you! I would rate the work as excellent.
Valentina Kislova
I liked how the support team promptly helped to resolve several issues.
Vladimir Koptelov
There is a slight human factor involved, but I managed to find a competent specialist who resolved everything. I have been using their services for a while now and I am generally satisfied.
Andrey Korotkov
The support team responds very quickly, but I'm not yet ready to give an overall assessment.
Vladimir Muzychenko
I chose REG.SSD-VPS server for hosting my large photo website and I'm almost happy. Other companies offer good hosting for a certain amount of money (which is quite significant, I must say), but it's unclear what exactly they offer and whet.. Read more »
Andrey Shepetov
Reliable modern hosting with everything you need at a fair price.
Valentin Balamutin
Great service. The prompt technical support was impressive.
Elena Mikhaylova
The customer support service is the best I have ever come across. The organization, response time, and professionalism are at the highest level.
Nikolay Kochetov
Very competent and efficient technical support. Highly recommend!
Sergey Sashin
I had no desire to work with other registrars at all. REG.RU offers a complete range of services - domain and hosting. If any problems arise, their technical support solves them very promptly. Sometimes they even do things that they don't necess.. Read more »
Aleksandr Strigin
The support service promptly resolves issues. They not only provide answers but also offer practical assistance. They helped with the installation of an SSL certificate instead of lengthy explanations of what to do and how to do it.
Lyubov Petuhova
I recently started learning about website development. I am a complete beginner. I want to express my gratitude to the support team for patiently answering my questions and providing mostly accessible answers. I cannot yet fully evaluate the price, .. Read more »
Anya Vladykina
Great job, tech support! They helped me quickly resolve the unpleasant situation that occurred. They provided detailed instructions on what to do in my specific case. I highly recommend them.
Leonid Karuna
I want to draw attention to the technical support in particular. Any issues will be resolved very quickly!
Aleksandr Shapkin
I was very impressed with the customer support service. They were very quick and professional. They fixed the error for me and explained exactly where it was located. This is a rare occurrence. Usually, you have to wait a long time for help, and even.. Read more »
Nikolay Mezantsev
Great hosting, responsive and efficient support service!
Ruslan Linuchev
The support team responded to my question very quickly and clearly.
Valentina Fomina
REG.RU is the best hosting provider! I highly respect and recommend it to everyone! They have a competent support team, reasonable prices, and awesome plans!
Evgeniy Vigurskiy
I really appreciate the prompt technical support. They even help me in situations that are not directly related to their responsibilities.
Mihail Sidorenko
The technical support was excellent. I needed to restore a website from a backup that was twenty days old. The support team fulfilled the request within 10 minutes.
Maksim Stoyanov
Everything is great. The customer support is the best. I haven't seen such a quick and high-quality response in software for a long time.
Andrey Tsoy
A reliable hosting service with reasonable prices and excellent technical support!
Aleksandr Kedrovskiy
The best hosting, the most knowledgeable admins. They don't hesitate, they don't slow down. They do everything with high quality.
Irina Khibatova
A few times a year, I have to contact technical support with questions. They respond and resolve the issue very quickly.
Anna Belobrova
REG RU deducted money from my account, which led me to block and reissue my card. Despite the 24-hour rule, the customer service did not contact me or provide any explanations. Unlawfully, over 2,000 rubles were withdrawn from my card.
Tatyana Davydova
I am extremely grateful to the technical support staff for promptly resolving the issue with the website's functionality - literally within 10 minutes after submitting the request!!! I highly recommend them!
Konstantin Popov
They respond quickly. I have contacted support twice in the past 5 years. Each time, I was too lazy to think for myself. Either it was Monday morning or Friday evening. The questions were basic. So, everything is functioning properly, and that is a g.. Read more »
Great hosting. Especially considering the alternatives. The technical support always responds quickly and, most importantly, helps to solve the problem.
Yuliya Gorodenskaya
A special thanks to REG.RU for providing technical support. Any problem is resolved in a matter of minutes! Absolutely thrilled with how efficient they are, it's great to work with them.
Tatyana Afonina
I often have to contact customer support with technical questions and I always receive quick and qualified assistance. Thank you!
Vanyusha Koshechkin
Everything is great. The technical support is absolutely impressive with their fast information processing and problem-solving skills.
Gleb Kristalin
Great service. It's convenient to work with and the support team is fast. Overall, I'm satisfied.
Igor Stoletov
The "Business Networking Website Counterparties" by REG.RU has been operating for 4 years, and I can only say good things about it! Just recently, when our admin left the team, it was only thanks to the specialists at REG.RU that we were ab.. Read more »
Darya Velikanova
I am extremely grateful to the specialists for their assistance in setting up the website on the hosting and resolving technical nuances. Without their help, I definitely wouldn't have been able to manage it on my own! Wishing you success in eve.. Read more »
Makova Elena
Highly skilled professionals who promptly solve problems.
Ruslan Skripchenko is an excellent hosting provider! It offers a remarkable level of stability, good customer support, and outstanding speed.
Vladimir Aksenov
This is the best hosting! Excellent, fast, and professional support. My website is always accessible.
Konstantin Borodin
They always work very promptly, the most successful and loyal customer support service I have encountered in a long time.
Svyatoslav Kiba
I really enjoy using this hosting service - in my opinion, it's the best. The price, quality, and design are all great, and the customer support is excellent. Overall, it's just really nice.
Ilya Ionov
From a webmaster's perspective, is a decent hosting provider. Here are the main advantages of hosting: 1) Convenient platform for domain registration. 2) Fast hosting service. 3) Professional VPS and VDS hosting. 4) The hosting we.. Read more »
Elena Biktasheva
I am at the beginning of my journey, stumbling like a blind kitten, checking almost every step with tech support. They respond so quickly, even anticipating some questions. It seems they have a lot of experience. I really like it, thank you!
Denis Zaytsev
1. With low prices and free perks upon registration, you'll be surprised when it comes time for renewal. The company doesn't openly state the cost of renewing selected services for the next year. While this information is available, you hav.. Read more »
Marina Antonova
I wanted to create several WordPress websites with them. The support team responded within 10 minutes, but they said, "We don't provide support for WordPress, go ask them," and gave me a link to WordPress. They didn't help at all... Read more »
Vladislav Lisenkov
The virus issue on the website was resolved very quickly! Thank you!
Anton Pavlov
I started using this domain registration service at one point. Later, I decided to try their hosting as I needed to quickly launch a project. The project grew, and I switched to VPS. Personally, all I had to do was press a couple of buttons, and the .. Read more »
Anton Tsapaev
I have been using REG.RU for several years now and I am pleased with their reliability and quality of service.
Stanislav Mironov
I have been using it since August 2018 and I am very satisfied. I especially want to highlight the speed, adequacy, and responsiveness of the technical support team. They deserve all the praise!
Vasya Plotnikov
The technical support team is excellent, they help to the maximum extent. There have been numerous issues, but the technical support answered all the questions and assisted in resolving them.
Mikhail Petroff
The technical support was excellent and fast, they helped us install the SSL certificate in just a few minutes. We are grateful to them!
Dmitriy Ektov
This is hands down the best hosting company I have ever worked with. I have been involved in web projects since 2008 and this company stands out above the rest. Their support team is incredibly helpful, always resolving any issues I encounter and res.. Read more »
Anatoliy Tolkachev
Efficient support work. Despite having little understanding of how to create a website, I was able to succeed with the help of technical support. Everything I needed was in one place: domain registration, hosting, website builder, and so on. I highly.. Read more »
Anna Rusina
Just amazing! The guys always help and do it very quickly!
Vitaliy Fateev
I really like everything. I wish the price was lower. I don't see any more downsides.
Dmitry Dudko
I use it for hosting my blog. I am satisfied with everything, especially the excellent technical support that helps me in difficult times.
Oleg Kotlyarov
Hello everyone. We are not professionals when it comes to hosting and domain usage, but we ordered a website and it was registered for us by Until we had to pay for the services and had various questions, we didn't understand what an ex.. Read more »
Vadim Radionov
The support team at promptly assisted in resolving the issue of the HTTP ERROR 500 after the website update to the new version was unsuccessful. They restored the website from the backup at my request, as I am not an expert and was afraid of m.. Read more »
Aleksey Seregin
Over the past three years, has changed for the better. has always been an excellent domain registrar, but their hosting and support were not the best. However, the situation has radically improved now. They provide honest hosting servic.. Read more »
Andrey Sobolev
Constant competent assistance on Excellent company!
Anton Kozlov
I reached out for assistance after 9 PM with a PHP error, and they promptly helped me and solved the problem within 10 minutes. I am pleasantly surprised!
Alexandr Shorshin
Top-notch technical support and no issues with accounting documents.
I have been collaborating with since 2011 and I am satisfied. It is convenient that everything is in one place: domains, hosting, and servers. The support is always responsive.
Vladimir Borodulin
Do not buy this. In terms of low quality, it can only be compared to Jino's service five years ago. There are actually some great hosting providers that I can definitely recommend: 1) Netangels 2) Sweb 3) DigitalOcean I don't like writing.. Read more »
Aleksandr Punchenko
The best support in the world! Always very prompt and always professional. I am writing sincerely, they have always helped in difficult situations. I have transferred many websites to different hosting providers, and there is no other support like th.. Read more »
Roman Bakatuev
I have been using services for several years now and they have always provided excellent service. They offer competitive rates and convenient solutions. Their customer support is top-notch.
Svetlana Galenko
Thank you to the technical support team for their efficiency and effectiveness. I am satisfied with your hosting services.
Natalya Chernogorova
They quickly solve all issues. They provide assistance, which is very important. It is easy to work with
Oleg Potlov
I installed the SSL certificate myself. I hope that for users without any skills or knowledge, the interface will be more understandable and clear. At the same time, if desired, one can figure it out without the help of a programmer.
Maks Bondarenko
Excellent service! I have a server hosted in Colocation. I needed to take it for an upgrade, and they handled everything quickly and efficiently. When the server was returned, everything was in great condition as well. And most importantly, the staff.. Read more »
Yuriy Fomin
Every time I contact customer support, help always comes quickly. Even if I ask a silly question, I still receive maximum assistance. I've been using their services since 2015. Regardless of what others may say, I really enjoy it here.
Dmitriy Prokopev is an excellent hosting provider! It offers high stability, great support, and impressive speed. The VIP plan is highly suitable for an online store like our favoritceramica website. I highly recommend and suggest using the services of!
Andrey Golubev
A major Russian hosting provider and registrar. That's all you need to know. They offer interesting products at reasonable prices. Their support is efficient and they also have a good FAQ section. The speed of their service is good. I highly rec.. Read more »
Valentin Zverev
VPS It has been working flawlessly for 3 years. The technical support is quite fast, basic issues are resolved quickly. And there's a very detailed knowledge base. I gave it a speed rating of 4, but my plan doesn't include SSD, so it might .. Read more »
Sergei Retzer
I have been using hosting services since 2010. The stability of the service is at a high level, and the technical support responds very quickly to requests. The phone support is also at a high level.
Ivan Churkin
Thank you. is simply an excellent hosting provider. Their support is outstanding. They always help promptly. It works very fast!
Alexey Danilov
Great resource. The support team is simply amazing. These guys respond lightning-fast and with a high level of professionalism!!!
Vitaliy Kolosov
The response time for requests is fantastic! I am pleasantly surprised and grateful for the attention.
Dmitry Karev
My personal review of REGRU is that it is one of the best websites. I have been using it for several years and I am very satisfied. I would also like to express my gratitude for the support. The response is fast and they quickly resolve any issues.
Aleksey Kozlov
Hosting with great opportunities and excellent customer support.
Mihail Omarov
Nobody is perfect, everyone has problems, but REGRU has the best support in the industry.
Almaz Hamidullin
I am very pleased that I switched. I am particularly pleased with the support.
Pavel Veretennikov
The support specialists at REG.RU are very helpful to website owners on their hosting platform. I'm glad I chose REG.RU for my project!
Sergey Yakushin
Great support, they quickly assisted and affordable hosting. Perfect for small websites.
Sagit Matniyazov
Super fast and modern hosting with awesome support.
Vyacheslav Shumihin
Great Hosting! This is not my first website hosted on it, and the customer support is simply amazing!
Aleksandr Tkachenko
Excellent support! The responses come very quickly, and the staff's expertise is top-notch.
Nastya Varlamova
A great website with prompt and responsive customer support. I wouldn't say the prices are low, but there are many different promotions and discounts that you can take advantage of to save money. The user interface is convenient, and I personall.. Read more »
Elchin Ahmedov
Every time I encounter problems, I am reminded of what a great choice I made by moving to as my hosting provider. The services offered by this wonderful company are exceptional. They promptly address all inquiries and their professional and re.. Read more »
Vladimir Kalinin
Excellent customer support. They address issues even late in the evening and very promptly. Well done, it's a pleasure!
Aleksandr Bunin
I have been working with for a very long time. They have always been fast in terms of speed, and I have never had any issues with websites going down. The support team is very responsive, even considering the number of clients they have. The o.. Read more »
Andrey Telnov
Guys, thank you for helping to solve the problem promptly. Many thanks, everything is working correctly now. You all deserve a 5+ rating.
Denis Bolshekov
Excellent hosting. Competent and fast support. They are accommodating to any question. I am happy :)
Vladimir Starchenkov
We have around 40 websites hosted with this provider. They have never let us down in 10 years. The best hosting! The best technical support!
Sergey Fil
I promptly received all the necessary support. Pleasantly surprised.
Anatoliy Tkachev
Great affordable hosting with responsive support!!!
Evgeniy Belov
The price tag is not very attractive, but the support team responds promptly.
Artur Sahabutdinov
Great service. Excellent customer support, I've been using the service for almost a year and I'm very satisfied. The interface is simple and user-friendly, with a comprehensive FAQ section. It's always reassuring to know that there are.. Read more »
Yaroslav Kishkilev
They helped to solve a rather difficult problem with the SSL certificate's functionality on older versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla. Well done!
Anna Avdeeva
I am a beginner in this field, but I really like it is easy to navigate their website, even with minimal knowledge. The support team responds quickly and provides specific and polite answers. The price for their services is not too high. The .. Read more »
Evgeniy Hmelev
We have been working with for 5 years. All requests are processed quickly and professionally. It is a pleasure to work with them!
Lyudmila Mokrova
Great hosting! It seems to me the best! I'm not very knowledgeable about programming and all that stuff, but has unbelievably cool instructions that even a child can use to set up hosting and a domain. And you also have wonderful employee.. Read more »
Yuliya Kononova
I don't know about others, but I have been working with for about three years. They are the most efficient in everything! They always help, the main thing is to explain correctly. I have also never had any problems with hosting.
Evgeniy Vigurskiy
I have been using the services of this company for several years. They promptly help resolve any issues that may arise with websites. And it's really great that REG.RU creates a backup of the website, so you can always restore it if something go.. Read more »
Yuriy Bogdanov
Okay, good morning to you and thank you for your promptness.
Viktor Severov
Well done. They work conscientiously. They corrected the mistake I made. Polite and understanding.
I have been using REG.RU for many years and have never had any problems. The support is always top-notch!
Viktor Belousov
Great hosting. They are always willing to help and provide advice in solving any issues. They have saved me many times in difficult situations when I needed assistance from specialists. The interface is very user-friendly, there are plenty of referen.. Read more »
Dmitriy Medvedev
They help solve any problem without burdening the user. They respond quickly and efficiently, which is highly appreciated:)) One of the most hassle-free and fast hosting providers! Thank you, guys!
Aleksandr Emelyanov
Based on my experience, is an excellent hosting provider! It offers very high stability, good support, and fast speed. We have installed heavily loaded online stores with 40,000 products on their regular hosting plans and with a daily traffic .. Read more »
Anatoliy Kazantsev
Thank you for assisting with all the questions that arose.
Denis Krivodanov
Sometimes there are problems, just like many others have, but they are resolved promptly.
Nұrsұltan Kazbek
support during
Julia Chestikova
Guys, thank you so much for your tremendous help! You just saved me once again by restoring the backend of my website. Everything was accessible, fast, and of great quality! I didn't even expect it! Thank you for being there)))
Sergey Valdes
Affordable hosting prices, accessible domain options, top-notch support that is always ready to assist and promptly answer any questions - and most importantly, without unnecessary hassle. If you encounter any difficulties while trying to accomplish .. Read more »
Natalya Fokina
Great service! REG.RU has truly professional and genuine people working for them. They work very proficiently, always ready to help and explain if something is unclear. And by the way, which is important nowadays, they always respond quickly! And ano.. Read more »
Aleksey Krynkov
If I encounter any issues with the website, they are resolved promptly and EFFICIENTLY.
Inna Scherbakova
The website was showing a 404 error. As someone who has no understanding of settings, I described the problem as best as I could and they helped me - quickly, clearly, and without any unnecessary questions - they fixed everything remotely, which made.. Read more »
Pavel Deryabin
Simply superb No unnecessary words
Pavel Sutyrin
The technical support responds very quickly!
Aleksey Kulakov
I accidentally discovered a hosting provider. I liked the price. And after I switched, I was also impressed with the website's loading speed (in VK, it works slowly and the links are thrown like robots). The support team is quick to resolve issu.. Read more »
Vladimir Protsko
Great hosting. The Support team's knowledge is top-notch.
Olga Frolova
They respond promptly, well done.
Makar Stepanov
High quality, accessible, one of the best support services. Highly recommend!!!
Vanya Chirkov
Support at is made up of decent guys, though it's quite a hassle for a geek like me to actually reach them.
Yuliya Levina
Excellent service, they quickly solve problems, responsive and knowledgeable specialists. I definitely recommend it.
Vladimir Rudakov
Thank you very much for your timely assistance. The script was very helpful to me.
Alexey Danilov
Guys, thank you! It's been a pleasure working with you. I especially want to highlight the excellent job of the support department, which is clear, understandable (even for a novice like me), and prompt!
We express our immense gratitude to the technical support team at for their invaluable assistance in restoring the operation of the website. Thank you very much, guys!
Aleksey Belyaev
Well, the main thing is that tech support is working fine, and I'm all good.
Denis Dyachenko
I have been with for three years now, starting as a complete novice. Thanks to, I have been able to solve numerous issues for which I didn't know the answer. They have always been helpful and even went beyond their responsibilities.. Read more »
Aleksandr Kaznadiy
Excellent and efficient service. I have been working with this company and I plan to continue working with them! I highly recommend them.
Evgeniy Fedoseev
Everything was done very promptly and professionally. Thank you. I highly recommend it.
Andrey Grischenkov
The instructions are very simple and easy to understand. Support provides quick answers. Some aspects are just done automatically.
Evgeniy Neyfeld
I received advice on how to handle a brute force attack and I hope everything will be fine with the website. The technical support responded to my issue within 20-30 minutes. This registrar has helped me with domain registration, and their website ha.. Read more »
They helped me quickly and professionally with extending and installing the SSL certificate! The technical support is excellent - well done! Thank you very much! I am very grateful!
Lyudmila Danilenko
Thank you for your prompt assistance.
Maksim Kabargin
I have been using their services for five years. I have dozens of domains and servers. Throughout all five years, I have never regretted switching to They promptly solve any tasks. The best hosting in Russia. Professionals. Thank you, guys! K.. Read more »
Mihail Zaytsev
The customer support is prompt and detailed! Guys, thank you!
Nulazon Nohuman
I have been working in a stable job for many years. The technical support is very efficient, and I am very satisfied.
Viktor Shmyglyuk
No matter how many times I contacted REG.RU customer support, their specialists always promptly resolved my issues. Just amazing! I recommend them to everyone!
Olesya Zarutskaya
Thank you so much! I am very happy that I chose for purchasing my domain and hosting. The technical support is excellent. The website is also very fast.
Maksim Ushan
Fast technical support.
Dmitriy Ulanov
The question was answered quickly, and the technical support provided prompt and skilled assistance.
Mihail Kogtin
I really like how customer support works at After just one or two responses, the problems simply disappear.
Speed and promptness of responses are top-notch.
Yura Sokolov
Guys solve any problems in the shortest possible time.
Aleksandr Ayvazyan
I would like to express my gratitude to the technical support team for their prompt resolution of website technical issues and clear responses. The personal account is very convenient, with plenty of bonuses when purchasing a new domain and hosting, .. Read more »
Dima Golub
Hello!) When creating a website, hosting plays a key role. It is important to approach this responsibly, as many of my friends have websites on strange hosting platforms. They load slowly, it's difficult to reach technical support, there are con.. Read more »
Aleksandr Goryaev
We quickly sorted out the problem. Thank you so much!
Galina Danilova
I found a great hosting and website builder for myself - Tobiz. I only registered domains on They integrate seamlessly with projects created on this builder. However, there were some issues recently, but they didn't last long.
Elena Antipova
A huge thank you to the employees of for their professional assistance! No matter what problems I have, whether small or large, everything is resolved quickly and professionally. I wouldn't trade this team for anything! Thank you for bein.. Read more »
Irene Mit
The support team is very prompt, my question regarding the domain was resolved within a minute. Thank you so much! Everything is great!!
Anton Boltnev
Just some unreal help! Not only is their responsiveness off the charts, but these guys also sat with me for about 4 hours and fixed all the bugs, and there were about 5 of them! At first, they tried to explain to me what to do, but after I handed ov.. Read more »
Arthur Gasparyan
The support team responds promptly.
Semen Korenkov
The hosting is good, the support team is helpful, but sometimes you have to wait... However, in my opinion, it is one of the best hosting providers.
Aleksandr Kuznetsov
I asked for help with setting up email on my domain. They resolved the issue within 10 minutes. I was amazed by the quick response and efficiency of their work!
Igor Merlin
Everything was done quickly and efficiently! Respect!
Cefer Elizade
Superb service!
Taras Drozdov
We have been using it since 2016. It is reliable, has good speed, and great support. I highly recommend it!
Vladimir Shatohin
The tech support helped me. Thank you guys. Everything was done perfectly! Despite it being a day off, they fixed everything!
Alexey Maslov
We have been hosting for many years, running a large online store. We have never had any issues. Support questions are quickly resolved through tickets. We plan to deploy a second store with the same hosting provider.
Natalya-Valentinovna Leon
Whenever I reached out for support, it was always provided promptly and fully! I want to express a huge THANK YOU for the efficiency, responsiveness, and friendliness of the staff!
Sergey Mo
The platform is very convenient. The support team promptly resolves any issue.
Aleksandr Sapaev
I liked that the technical support responded instantly and was able to quickly resolve my issues. Thank you, REG.RU.
Aleksandr Bogolyubov
I had an issue with encoding, and I couldn't fix it by myself. I reached out to the technical support, and they promptly processed my request and solved the problem within a couple of minutes. The speed of their work is impressive. Awesome!
Eduard Tsvetkov
I have been using this hosting service for 10 years now. It used to be called Agava, but I have never had any issues. The customer support is extremely responsive. I highly recommend it!
Maks Fadeev
Excellent hosting with high-quality technical support
Vladislav Neyderov
We have been renting a VPS server from this hosting provider for over a year now. It works fast and without any interruptions. We are very pleased with the responsiveness of their technical support. We haven't found any more reliable hosts in Ru.. Read more »
Roman Ivanov
I highly recommend this hosting service for its excellent performance and fast technical support.
Mihail Voevodin
It's a rare case when customer support works like clockwork. Swiss customer support, to be precise! Always quick, always accurate, always resolving the issue. Well done.
Viktor Belousov
I have finally moved to Reg.Ru. I am completely satisfied with everything. The technical support is always top-notch.
Svetlana Galenko
You deserve a 5+ for your speed. You work very quickly and instantly solve any website-related issues. Thank you.
Demid Raksin
I spent a long time choosing a hosting provider and domain registrar and in the end, I accidentally came across an advertisement for REG.RU on YouTube and almost immediately fell in love. Firstly, their prices are very affordable. In my country (Bela.. Read more »
Evgeniy Koloskov
Great job on the support - fast and accurate.
Vadim Grabarenko
I am pleased with the speed and round-the-clock high-quality support at!
Pavel Chupin
The hosting is fast and reliable, with adequate support that responds quite quickly. And all of this is at affordable prices. I can confidently recommend it :)
Leonid Sheikman
Thank you so much for your customer-oriented approach, ability to find compromises in ambiguous situations, and the high quality, speed, and stability of server operations!))
Taras Senyuk
I received a prompt response to my question, which included instructions, links, and screenshots. Thank you.
Yuriy Goncharov
I really like the support at They provide prompt and polite responses.
Andrey Mizov
Great! Excellent support!
John Kozirev
I am sincerely impressed with the support of They are always on point and always provide the right solution. When faced with an issue, there is no chance of being wary with such reliable support! I sing praises to you, my good ones.
Superb customer support.
Pavel Shaposhnikov
In my opinion, is the best service. Everything works perfectly. The customer support is excellent. I have been using their services for several years and have never had a situation that would make me doubt the quality and professionalism of th.. Read more »
Ferad Kakabadze hosting outperforms its competitors in terms of promptness of technical support responses and professional resolution of any technical issues. Moreover, websites hosted on this platform operate almost seamlessly! I am satisfied with this hosti.. Read more »
Dmitriy Polushkin
I have been considering using hosting services from RegRu for a while, but I haven't had the opportunity to try them out personally. However, I have been their VPS customer for a month now, and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the pe.. Read more »
Sergey Mersov
Excellent hosting!
Lena Pushkareva
This hosting service has a very responsive and thoughtful support, and it's wonderful! Being a beginner in website moderation, I bothered the support twice with questions about a non-working subdomain and an SSL certificate. Every time, the resp.. Read more »
Igor Poletaev
The prices are reasonable, the websites operate quickly, and the support team responds promptly and efficiently! Overall, everything is perfect!
Evgeny Smirnov
I have been using hosting for many years. I am quite satisfied with the quality of the hosting and the competent and prompt work of the technical support team. I only host all my new websites here.
Igor Musihin
About a year ago, I switched to and to this day I continue to use their services. I am satisfied with everything, I am happy. The website works quickly, without any interruptions. Sometimes when I reach out to technical support and describe th.. Read more »
I have been using the services of for over 7 years. They always promptly resolve any issues that arise.
Alexander Pavlov
I have been using for about 5 years. Their customer support team is very responsive. If you can't do something yourself, just ask, and they will help you. It is suitable for any project complexity. is a top-level service.
Alex Dictator
They quickly helped to set up the website.
Andrey Tomin
I really liked how they help with solving all the issues related to services, as it helps to gain experience. I haven't found any drawbacks, only advantages. Well done to everyone, I highly recommend them!
Raushan Vahitov
I am confident that REG.RU is the most customer-oriented service. The quality of their service and technical support is top-notch. Since I manage my own website and don't have a dedicated employee for it, I often encounter problems. However, REG.. Read more »
Igor Malikov
Thank you! I work with various websites on hosting and I'm satisfied with the excellent performance of their customer support. They solve everything promptly.
Aleksandr Izotov
Excellent quality! The website is very stable. The site is running on WordPress. Previously, I used FERSTVDS and had constant problems with the site, specifically the "Error establishing a database connection." FERSTVDS told me that the iss.. Read more »
Sergey Popov
Great hosting, quick support response. Everything suits me)
Dmitriy Chub
We ordered the SSL service and everything is working perfectly now.
Irina Andrianova
Ever since we switched to REG.RU, we finally found a normal sleep and a good appetite. Everything is convenient. Everything is understandable. Everything is simple. Excellent customer support for domains, hosting, and email. It was a bit difficult at.. Read more »
Evgeniy Poberezhnyy
I highly recommend the domain name registrar REG.RU to anyone who wants reliable hosting and responsive round-the-clock support! I have been collaborating with this company for about 7 years! Believe me, during this time, I have never doubted their p.. Read more »
Nikolay Efimov
The best technical support I have ever encountered.
Natalya Repina
I highly recommend for its reliability and quality. Their support is top-notch, being prompt, clear, and of high quality!
Pavel Iskrov
Everything is great, thank you!
Artem Novoselov
I have multiple websites hosted on different hosting providers, including What I like about is the quality and promptness of their technical support. I always give them good ratings for that. The speed and reliability of the hosting ar.. Read more »
Dmitriy Vaulin
Great and fast hosting.
Mariya Kiseleva
Experts solve any problem quickly and efficiently.
Oleg Haynts
Great hosting! Highly recommend to everyone! Quick and free support!
Roman Georgiev
A year ago, the guys had a problem - it would take hours, and sometimes even days, to receive a response from customer support. They couldn't resolve an issue on one of their websites, so they had to transfer it to another provider - who managed.. Read more »
Natalya Chernogorova is the best. Instant technical support. All questions are resolved quickly. Very satisfied.
Viktor Makarov
Thank you very much to the hosting technical support. They responded unexpectedly quickly to messages for such a giant. And now they have helped once again.
Oleg Romashenko
Thank you for the prompt and competent assistance provided by their technical support team!
Igor Shumsky
Excellent hosting, responsive technical support! Fast response time, highly recommend!
Viktoriya Surgucheva
Everything is fine, prompt technical support.
Filipp Senyukov
Thank you to your team, especially the technical department. They always promptly address any issues. The hosting works great. The price and quality are just delightful. Respectfully, Philip!
Ivan Korolevskiy
Fast and polite technical support that is responsive and efficient.
Oleg Khorev
Excellent support. Stable server performance.
Aleksey Ignovatov
The best customer support I have ever seen. Simply perfect, I must say. Keep it up, guys!
Sergey Yakushin
I am writing a positive review simply because of the excellent customer support. I set up my website from scratch, and they answered all my newbie questions and helped me with the setup. Their response time is quick, ranging from 5 minutes to half an.. Read more »
I have been a customer since 2011 and have been using both hosting and a dedicated server. I am extremely satisfied with the service and especially with the technical support. I highly recommend and hope to continue using their services in the.. Read more »
Oleg Degtyarev
The technical support of is personally a model of well-organized work for me: everything is always very prompt (only once I had to wait for an answer for about 6 minutes), clear, to the point, very polite and professional. Perhaps, sometimes I.. Read more »
Jack Simanovskiy
We have been using the hosting service for over 5 years. The support team works well. All queries are resolved within a short period of time, ranging from 20 minutes to a few hours. The hosting is reliable.
Boris Goncharov
I have been using REG.RU for over 5 years and I am very satisfied! It's high time to write a review :) I use their hosting for 10 websites, VPS, and manage domains. The websites on their hosting/VPS work well and I have never encountered any pro.. Read more »
Timur Bekmetov
Reliable and user-friendly hosting service provides uninterrupted operation and excellent technical support.
Anatoliy Rybin
I would recommend this hosting service. Their support is top-notch, responding quickly day or night. They also efficiently resolve any issues that arise. Over the course of several years, I have not encountered any problems.
Lukin Vyacheslav
I have used hundreds of providers for many years, and there were always problems. However, for the past two years, I have been working with and all the issues have disappeared. It is a pleasure to work with professionals.
Dmitriy Kalimullin
The speed of technical support is at the highest level!
Iana Lv
I like everything! The support is very prompt in helping to resolve any issues, and I find the manuals on the website to be sufficient. It offers a good value for the price.
Sergey Kulikov
Very good and reliable hosting. I switched to it a few years ago, and although it's not the cheapest option, the lack of hassle is worth the extra cost. The support is excellent and resolves issues quickly, even though most of the mistakes are m.. Read more »
Mihail Kirillov
Great hosting, fast technical support. They'll help and answer any questions. The price is a major advantage. I highly recommend it.
Natalya Volkova
It is a pleasure working with you! Thank you!
Mihail Didyk
The best customer support I've ever dealt with! Highly recommend to everyone.
Aygul Hruleva
The most important thing for me is support, and here it is at the highest level. It is fast and clear.
Marina Kamneva
Everything is always very prompt!
Olga Barkova
I highly recommend it! Excellent service!
Anton Nadeev
I am satisfied with the convenient service that provides prompt technical support.
Aleksey Melnikov
I have been familiar with the company since 2009 and have been renting hosting services since 2012. Prior to that, I had rented from other companies for three years... and then decided to try In the end, I stayed here because the support team.. Read more »
Maksim Golubev
I am absolutely amazed by the speed and efficiency with which my tasks are resolved at REG.RU. They may not be critical, but as someone who doesn't have much knowledge in this area, I am delighted when there are no notifications about malfunctio.. Read more »
Olga Prokofeva
Great hosting! It meets all criteria - price, quality, fast technical support.
Svetlana Myachina
I recently started using hosting and domains in general. That's why I find all the technical aspects very difficult. In a short period of time, I have contacted customer support for the third time and I am very satisfied with their prompt respon.. Read more »
Alexander Panshin
I have been using the services of for almost a year now and tears of happiness flow from my eyes. This is the best customer support I have come across, they respond quickly and to the point. My server uptime is 100%. For the first time, I have.. Read more »
Roman Sergeevich
I am very pleased with the professionalism of the technical support team and their commitment to helping the customer! They don't just follow a manual, but genuinely strive to solve the problem, even if it's not within their responsibilitie.. Read more »
Mariya Petrova
I express my gratitude to the technical support department of REG.RU hosting. The guys there explain things very clearly and promptly answer any questions that arise while working with the website. I highly recommend REG.RU to everyone!
Daniel Grachev
Excellent support, helps with any questions, the website works reliably, and the price is satisfactory. Thank you!
David Baranovskiy
Everything is cool with these guys except for one thing - their customer support. It's just terrible. So, I recently got a VPS for the first time and I needed help with the installation and setup of software. I explained the problem several time.. Read more »
Sergey Edziev
Terrible company. The support is very poor. Tickets hang for days. The specialists themselves are illiterate. The hosting is problematic. The uptime leaves much to be desired. But the worst situation is with the domains. As soon as I wanted to transf.. Read more »
Artem Alasheev
Thank you so much to the technical support team for their help in resolving my issue. "Clicked in the wrong place," "paid for the wrong thing," "help me!" - everything was read and ultimately resolved. I understood every.. Read more »
Eduard Tsvetkov
I have been using, which has grown into since 2007 (used to rent a server, set up my own server, now simply rent a space). Prior to that, I have tried at least 8 different hosting services, but I decided to stick with this one because.. Read more »
Aleksandr Kovalenko
Disgusting. There is absolutely no support. The question has been hanging unanswered for 24 hours. Which already speaks volumes about the reliability of the host. What will happen if the server crashes? Exactly. Dead silence. And you deal with client.. Read more »
Evgeniy Kostin
Great hosting! I haven't encountered better technical support anywhere else. Not just among hosting providers, but overall. At first, I was disappointed with the inability to communicate properly with support over the phone: there was a time lim.. Read more »
Mihail Gaynulin
Terrible job! Someone registered the domain on my behalf, then the contact with the person disappeared, the email specified during registration was not mine, but my passport details were. As a result, now the domain is pointing.. Read more »
Mariya Zaharchenko
I have been a customer of this provider for a while now. It has been reliable and convenient, although it is commonly known that if you desire the finest service, you need to be willing to pay for it. If it weren't for the steep cost, I would co.. Read more »
Jignasa Mistry Bhavs
I recently purchased a domain from them and subsequently transferred our website to their hosting service. It has been two weeks since then, and I am pleased to report that everything is functioning smoothly without any issues. In case any problems a.. Read more »
Natasha Selezneva
They helped me understand and solve the problem. Quickly, efficiently, adequately, precisely, and effectively! Exactly what is needed in our time=) I am very grateful to the support team at I also like the control panel, it is quite user-frie.. Read more »
Konstantin Golov
I have experimented with various hosting services for my online diaries, but in my viewpoint, REG.RU is the most dependable among all Russian hosting providers. They also have a remarkably swift domain registration process. I am genuinely content wit.. Read more »
Artem Artemenko
The company is excellent and has reliable assistance.
Vitaliy Nosik
Hello! My name is Vitaliy, and I am a webmaster. I have been working in this field for 6 years, and I currently manage around 30 active websites hosted on various platforms. Out of all the hosting providers I know, REG.RU is the absolute best. It exc.. Read more »
Nikolay Sandul
Great job everyone, you offer a fantastic variety of services.
Oleg Romashenko
This hosting is always problematic! There are constant errors and failures, making it completely unsuitable for large Bitrix-based websites. The technical support team is also incompetent.
Vladimir Babin
The technical support is below par. When you try to get them to do something, they respond with "do it yourself".
Maksim Orlovskiy
I have been using their virtual hosting services for over a year and I would rate it as a solid 4+. I have only encountered significant technical issues about 2-3 times, resulting in the unavailability of my websites. Their technical support is satis.. Read more »
Anatoliy Prosvirkin
I have been using this hosting service for a year. At first, I liked it. But then I encountered some difficulties. The support team is very slow, taking 2 days to respond to a question. When I wanted to renew my domain names in the .ru zone, the pric.. Read more »
Aleksandr Markov
I chose based on 5 parameters: 1. Website response (loading speed, server hosting performance) - and there is no equal to Reg ru in terms of speed. 2. Technical support (response time to inquiries) - honestly, the guys there work as if they are not j.. Read more »
Vladimir Astafev
This is my first time leaving a review about a hosting service. I like everything about it, but what I particularly love is the speed. In over two years of using it, there was only one instance where it was down for a little over two hours. But hey, .. Read more »
The website is convenient as it provides all the necessary features in one place. With the help of LetyShops, I received a refund of 50 rubles when I bought my domain on this website. The site is well-maintained and offers regular backups, overall it.. Read more »
Roman Martikov
A huge thank you for the warmth and support. It has been tested in real life. The technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and so on. I have switched many hosting providers. I was apparently looking for this team. I am very glad .. Read more »
Valerii Ivanenko
Well done, team, continue with your excellent effort!
Zac Taylor
I have been using reg for the past 2 years and I am extremely satisfied with my decision. Thankfully, I haven't had any need to reach out to technical support nor have I experienced any issues.
Anton Dovzhenko
We have been using this hosting service for around two months for our legal website, which receives a moderate amount of traffic. So far, we have had a positive experience. Advantages: 1. The service has been stable, and we have not experienced any i.. Read more »
Aleksandr Gerasimov
It's really bad. They force their services on you, and when it comes to renewal, it was 700 rubles, but a month later it's already 900! It's excessive in my opinion. Besides, the conditions are not that beneficial to justify the overpa.. Read more »
Dmitry Shamparov
I had been using this hosting service for a year with two different plans. Throughout the year, I encountered a few issues with CMS installation, but they were promptly resolved within 2-3 days thanks to the assistance of the support team. The only r.. Read more »
Oleg Kotov
I currently have a domain and hosting account with REG.RU. The monthly hosting fee is 147 rubles, while the domain costs 99 rubles annually. I find the Web Presence Builder to be an impressive website builder. I would rate it a 5 out of 5.
Uladzimir Hre
Hosting is not a negative experience. I have been using their hosting services for a number of years and although there have been some shortcomings, they were promptly addressed and resolved. Even though the cost is slightly high, the quality of serv.. Read more »
Vadim Kozlovskiy
The hosting itself is decent. However, the support is not great. I am from Belarus, so I can't make phone calls. But they respond to tickets really slowly. And I keep getting messages saying that they have found malicious code on the website (ev.. Read more »
Olga Evstigneeva
I have multiple projects hosted on this platform and I have no complaints. I also register domains here!
Aleksey Pankratov
Terrible company. Let me explain why. You can't reach their tech support. They take 2 days to respond, and their response usually doesn't solve the problem but is just a generic reply. They deceive you: first they attract you with low pri.. Read more »
Aleks Niagarin
Terrible hosting service!!! They force customers to switch to more expensive tariffs in ways that are far from legal. There are grounds to believe that these gentlemen are conducting DDoS attacks to increase the load on the client's website, an.. Read more »
Natalya Ostrovskaya
I have been a long-term user of this hosting company, and all of my websites are currently running smoothly on their servers. To put it concisely, I believe they are the most dependable hosting provider in the runet region. I give them a solid 5 out .. Read more »
Nikolay Fokin
Scammers! The most dishonest SCAMMERS! I do not recommend dealing with this service! I realized the problems even at the initial stage of making a decision! I was planning to switch from one service to But in order not to write various applic.. Read more »
Ilya Ermakov
I can't judge this hosting by comparing it to others because I haven't worked with others before. I don't really understand much about all these intricacies, but I can't help but say that even though I'm a complete newbie in .. Read more »
Denis Chuprov
I have been a customer of REG.RU since 2012 and have experienced no issues with their services. The only downside I have noticed is that in the last three months, my server has reloaded a couple of times during maintenance, once for 20 minutes and an.. Read more »
Shishkin Dmitriy
Disgusting!!! They are stealing money from my card!!!
Stanislav Semenov
I am highly content with the excellent hosting service that offers a great price and quality. I utilize the Host-2 plan to accommodate two websites, and I have encountered no major problems. The server effortlessly handles the workload. What impresse.. Read more »
Ilya Soroka
I believe the service is outstanding and perhaps among the top options available in Russia. I have been utilizing their services for over a year now, and so far, I have not encountered any issues or complaints.
Nikita Vikhrov
I utilized the assistance of this hosting provider for a certain duration and found satisfaction in the swift server performance and competent technical assistance. However, a drawback is that the high quality service comes at a cost. It would be des.. Read more »
Terrible hosting! A large number of websites on the VPS were inaccessible during working hours on a workday. We reached out and asked for some form of compensation for the losses, but REG.RU rudely refused to provide any compensation, citing their re.. Read more »
Aleksandr Razumovskiy
I accidentally stumbled upon this website and was surprised to see that is included in the top hosting providers! I left them a little over six months ago, and I didn't become their client willingly – this host acquired "Logol&.. Read more »
Vladimir Plotnikov
The best hosting in Russia - absolutely! VPS hybrids are simply amazing! I highly recommend it to everyone!
Lyubov Pivtsaeva
High-quality hosting. I have placed my website on it and it has been working flawlessly for a year now. The technical support responds almost immediately through the "ask a question" feature. They are also polite and clear when explaining o.. Read more »
It's average. But it works... One flaw. Spent 15 minutes looking for the customer support phone number on the website.
I switched to REG.RU on the advice of a friend in 2012. It was good for about 0.5 - 1 year, but the second year had a few service failures including the REG.RU website. By the third year, I noticed something strange - whenever I paid for 3 or more mo.. Read more »
I have been using the services of this provider for some time. Everything is good, stable, and convenient, but as they say, you have to pay a high price for all the good things. If it weren't for the high cost, I would have stayed with them...
I have tried many different hosting services for my blogs, but in my opinion, REG.RU is the most reliable of all Russian hosting providers, and they register domains very quickly! I am completely satisfied and have 8 websites on this service.
I have been using the virtual hosting for over a year now. Overall, I would give it a solid 4+. There have been serious technical issues only 2-3 times when the websites were inaccessible. The technical support is reasonable and resolves problems wit.. Read more »
Convenient website, all in one place. Thanks to LetyShops, I was able to get a 50 ruble refund for purchasing a domain here. Prompt service, backup, overall everything is fine. I recommend it.
Viktor Valerevich
I started working with reg two years ago. Since then, I have never had to contact technical support, nor have I experienced any glitches. Knock on wood, of course! But I am genuinely happy with my choice.
We have been using legal resources with low to medium traffic for about two months now and so far, we are really enjoying it. Pros: 1. It has been consistently reliable, and we have not received any reports of unavailability. 2. Everything is in one.. Read more »
I have been using the hosting service for a year on two different plans. During this period, I encountered a few issues with CMS installation, which were resolved within 2-3 days with the help of customer support. I will only switch because of the pr.. Read more »
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for a long time, and all my websites are running on their servers. I won't praise it for too long, and there's no point in doing so. I will just say that it is the most reliable hostin.. Read more »
Good hosting. The price and quality are quite satisfactory. I myself am on the Host-2 tariff, hosting two websites. There are no major complaints, the server handles the workload well. I am especially pleased with the presence of three different cont.. Read more »
I ordered a VPS on reg ru - it was cheap, of course, but so buggy that I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!
Great service, I believe it's one of the best in Russia. I have been using it for over a year and have no complaints so far.
Unfortunately, you have received 4 ratings, so I had to lower the scores. Here are the actual ratings: Pricing Policy 4, Reliability 5, Speed 4, Customer Support 3. Now, let me explain why I gave an average rating of 2.5: I subscribed to unlimited ho.. Read more »
Good hosting. I have been using it for several years, there were some glitches, but all issues are promptly resolved. The price is a bit high, but the good service is worth it.
I have been using the services of REG.RU since 2012 and have never had any problems. The only downside I can mention is that my server has been rebooted two or three times in the last three months, once for 20 minutes and another time for over an hou.. Read more »
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for some time. I was pleased with the speed of operation and the prompt support. The only downside is that you have to pay for quality, but they definitely deserve it ;)
Well done, guys! Excellent range of services.
Great project, guys! Keep it up!
I have both domain and hosting on The hosting costs 147 rubles per month. The domain costs 99 rubles per year. The Web Presence Builder is a great website builder. I would rate it 5 out of 5.
Their prices are simply astronomical. Both for hosting and domains.
We recently purchased a domain from them, and now we have transferred our website to their hosting. So far, we have no complaints after 2 weeks, everything is satisfactory. If any issues arise, I will let them know.
Great project, excellent support.