rating: 8, reviews: 12
Country: USA
Servers: Russia, USA, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, China
Working: 26 years
Rackspace.com is a hosting platform that has received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers praise the company for its exceptional customer support and impressive speed and dependability. They particularly recommend Rackspace for corporate clients who require multiple servers, as the platform offers excellent security measures and ensures two-factor authentication for logins. These customers believe that the higher cost of Rackspace is justified for the reliable platform and uptime it pro.. Read more »

Reviews on Rackspace.com


Rackspace was previously an excellent resource and their customer support was impressive. However, it appears that as they have expanded, they have struggled to meet their clients' requirements. Considering the cost, their speed and dependabilit.. Read more »
The customer support is inefficient and not very reliable. Their pricing plans are costly, although the internet speed is decent. The website is dependable, and the security measures are excellent. It can be moderately recommended.
RackSpace is the most exceptional hosting platform I have ever used. It is our preferred choice for our corporate clients who operate multiple servers, particularly in the Financial Institutions sector. These clients typically require a Development S.. Read more »
I have utilized RackSpace for my clients who required dedicated servers for their websites. While they may appear to be costly, their prices are comparable to other providers considering the services offered. I have consistently experienced reliable .. Read more »
We have been utilizing Rackspace for over a year and are extremely pleased with the service they provide. We decided to give their Managed Cloud solution a try because it seemed ideal for our project. The Rackspace team was very helpful during the in.. Read more »
Rackspace was satisfactory initially, but their quality has declined gradually. The dependability and swiftness remain satisfactory, however, you must possess the capability to manage fundamental tasks independently.
I have been a customer of RackSpace for a long time. Initially, their support was excellent, but over time, it deteriorated significantly. Their customer service is generally poor, with only a few occasional support representatives providing satisfac.. Read more »
Rackspace provides a range of hosting options, along with additional services like CRM and BI. However, their prices are generally high and their support is not very satisfactory. This hosting is primarily favored by traditional and cautious corporat.. Read more »
Rackspace is highly regarded as a top-notch cloud hosting provider, renowned for their initiation of the OpenStack project. They are an excellent option for those in need of OpenStack cloud services or seeking to host numerous websites. Their perform.. Read more »
Rackspace is the traditional and original OpenStack cloud, and I have found it to be a suitable choice for enhancing my own private OpenStack cloud in a hybrid cloud configuration. Rackspace adheres to the OpenStack standards without adding too many .. Read more »
I have utilized Rackspace on multiple occasions, particularly their managed cloud hosting option, and I must say their service is excellent. The speed, pricing, and support are all very impressive. However, the interface is slow and if you opt for th.. Read more »
Rackspace is an exceptional hosting company that we have had the pleasure of collaborating with. Their servers are excellently optimized for both speed and dependability. We have utilized Rackspace for over ten clients, and overall, our experience ha.. Read more »