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Servers: Kazakhstan
Working: 21 years is a hosting service provider that has received mixed reviews from its customers. Some users have reported experiencing issues with their websites disappearing and being unable to locate their sites even after searching for specific files. These users have also mentioned that when trying to access their sites through a browser, they receive a 404 error indicating that the site cannot be found. It seems that these problems are not isolated incidents, as other customers have also reported si.. Read more »

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Hosting provider PS has updated its tariffs... Firstly, it has become even more expensive. And it was already not cheap. Secondly, now the storage of backups falls entirely on your disk space. For those who have really large websites, this is a huge .. Read more »
The technical support job is terrible. The website is slow and they say it needs optimization, even though there are no such problems on other hosting platforms. (RF Hosting) There are internal execution errors and you can wait for a response for up .. Read more »
I am currently hosted on this hosting service. My WordPress website is slow. The speed is far from satisfactory.
I have been working with this company for 6 years and have been satisfied with their services. However, after a recent update of their tariff plans, none of the new websites hosted on the M and L plans maintain stability in their performance. They co.. Read more »
I encountered a situation where they deceive people on domain auctions. I would place a bid until the last second and refresh the page to see if my bid was still winning. But as soon as the auction ended, the bid would suddenly be higher than mine an.. Read more »
I turned to them on the recommendation of an IT specialist. After a year, I lost two websites - they didn't respond to my two requests, but claim that they did. I didn't have time to call them either. Two months passed and they claimed that.. Read more »
I've been using this hosting for around 10 years and I keep my clients' websites on it. They are all satisfied, and no one complains. The idea that something would disappear from the folders is nonsense. Everything is stable, and the speed .. Read more »
Overall, the reliability is decent, but the support is usually unavailable on weekends and holidays. Previously, I was hosting my website on forever hosting for 5000 tenge per month until I purchased However, now they are saying that I need to.. Read more »
Hey everyone! I purchased this hosting service two months ago and now my website has vanished. When I updated it, all the information from the root folder of the PS.KZ provider disappeared and the server got redirected. I have been unable to locate m.. Read more »
The declared power of the VPS is not present. I specifically tested the same website for availability on two servers with identical characteristics, and the PS servers were much slower than the equivalent one (script and plugin installation, accessib.. Read more »
Individuals are efficiently and proficiently executing their tasks in an economical and prompt manner.
The service provided was of high quality and we were satisfied with the prices. We have been collaborating with them starting from July 2012.
I needed Kazakh VPNs for OpenVPN and I searched for a long time until I came across this hosting provider. Compared to other providers, it was like a breath of fresh air, with prices on par with European standards. The only downside was the speed, bu.. Read more »
Hello everyone! Two months ago, I purchased hosting, and my website disappeared. The issue is that after an update by the PS.KZ providers, all the data from the root folder disappeared. The server was redirected, and now I can't find my website... Read more »
Well-performing individuals. Affordable and speedy.
The service is very decent, and the prices are particularly pleasing. We have been working with them since July 2012.