rating: 8, reviews: 26
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Servers: Kyrgyzstan
Panels: Parallels H-Sphere
Working: 18 years is a hosting service that has received mixed reviews from its customers. While some customers have had a positive experience with the company, others have had negative experiences and strongly advise against using their services.

One customer stated that they have been utilizing's co-location services for approximately 5 years and have had no issues so far. They mentioned that their website and email service are functioning properly and they only needed to contact .. Read more »

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We decided to get hosting for the email of our second website and deeply regretted it, as did our Russian partners. The technical support operates in a rude manner, lacking any proper training or education. They show more respect at a marketplace tha.. Read more »
The support is terrible, very rude. They think you're dumb and know nothing, constantly asserting their own opinions and refusing to listen to you at all. They work with a dismissive attitude.
My experience with this hosting service was extremely unpleasant. The technical support team was impolite, and every task took an unreasonable amount of time to complete. When my site was transferred to VPS, it took nearly a week, and I had to person.. Read more »
For approximately 5 years, we have been utilizing their co-location services and have experienced no issues so far.
We have been using their hosting services since the beginning of 2012 and have experienced no issues. Both our email service and website are functioning properly. We only needed to reach out to their technical support once, which was when we couldn&#.. Read more »
For over 6 years, we have utilized the prohost base as our server's co-location, experiencing minimal issues caused by the hoster. The uptime has consistently been excellent. Additionally, there was a situation where my server's video card .. Read more »
Since 2012, I have been utilizing hosting services provided by Prohost without encountering any significant issues. The support team successfully configured the ideal settings for my site engine on the VPS, and on a few occasions, they upgraded and t.. Read more »
We have been collaborating with them for over a year. The performance is satisfactory. It functions excellently, and their technical support is willing to assist even with unrelated problems. We appreciate your efforts!
Our project is located alongside theirs and functions smoothly. As a result, I rarely need to reach out to tech support as I personally handle the setup of my servers. However, in the event of hardware problems, their response is quick. There aren�.. Read more »
We have been utilizing their services for over 5 years. I was extremely content with the efficiency of the hosting service as any issues were promptly addressed, and they even accommodated a delayed payment. In summary, I am pleased with it.
We have been using their website since 2010 and have not encountered any major issues. The technical support is functional, but there is room for improvement. It would be beneficial if we could automate the CMS operation with scripts, as our clients .. Read more »
We have been utilizing their co-location services for a duration of 4 years. The technical support team consistently attends our meetings. In urgent circumstances, they promptly provide us with assistance.
We departed from this company and have a negative recollection of our experience there. The customer support was both sluggish and impolite. The domains we recently registered are now being moved elsewhere, and they continuously present additional ex.. Read more »
The IPVanish VPN service is provided through ProHost servers. Their server rarely goes down, but if it does, it's gone. Each time, it takes a week or more to wait for the VPN to be restored.
I have been using virtual hosting for less than a month, and everything has been provided without any additional requests or questions. Before that, I recommended the platform to clients, and there have been no problems during that time.
The discussion began about five years ago and so far everything is going well, no complaints have been raised.
We have been using the Prohost platform for hosting our server for over 6 years. We have experienced very few major disruptions caused by the hosting provider during this time, and our uptime is consistently at 99.82%. It should be noted that this mo.. Read more »
I started using hosting from Prohost in 2012. In all this time, I have never encountered any serious issues. The team at Prohost optimized the VPS settings for my website engine and, upon my request, they also performed a couple of upgrades and trans.. Read more »
We have been working for over a year! Everything is going smoothly. They work excellently, provide assistance, and even offer advice on matters unrelated to their responsibilities. Thank you for your hard work!
They have project servers that work smoothly without any issues. Because of this, I rarely need to contact technical support (I set up my own servers), but they respond quickly to hardware emergencies. There aren't any major downsides, except th.. Read more »
I have been using it for over 5 years. I have been very satisfied with the hosting service - any issues were resolved quickly, and they even provided me with a payment extension. In short, I like it.
The website has been functioning since 2010 without any major issues. The technical support is operational, but it could be improved. It would be beneficial to optimize the functioning of the CMS with scripts, as we have to migrate projects to a diff.. Read more »
We have been using their co-location services for 4 years now. The technical support is always helpful and responsive. They react quickly in emergency situations.
The experience was terrible, the technical support is rude and they do everything on the fifth attempt. They transferred the website to VPS, which took about a week, but then we had to restore the site ourselves because they also managed to infect it.. Read more »
They had their website hosted with them in early 2012 and have had no issues so far. The email service and the website are functioning properly. They only contacted customer support once during this time when they lost the password to the control pan.. Read more »
We fled and remember it as a terrible nightmare. The support is slow and terribly rude. The domains that were registered for us are being transferred for three weeks now, with new reasons constantly being invented. The bills are only issued on time. .. Read more »