rating: 9, reviews: 4 is a highly recommended option for resellers, offering affordable prices and attractive discounts. This company stands out for its wide range of services, particularly its Virtual Private Server (VPS) options. With a strong presence in major IT centers worldwide and over 175 data centers globally, ensures a reliable and extensive network. The website is user-friendly, providing clear explanations of packages without any hidden fees. Daily backups on SSD storage guar.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Offshore Cloud Hosting Plan 1cPanel2 pcs-2 Gb$2
Offshore Cloud Hosting Plan 2cPanel10 pcs-8 Gb$5
Offshore Cloud Hosting Plan 3cPanel--12 Gb$9

Premium Cloud 1-1 Gb1 pcs15 Gb$3
Premium Cloud 2-1 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$5
Premium Cloud 3-2 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$7
Premium Cloud 4-2 Gb2 pcs20 Gb$11
Premium Cloud 5-3 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$12

Dedicated Server Plan 12.5 GHz8 Gb2 pcs500 Gb$20
Dedicated Server Plan 23.4 GHz6 Gb2 pcs16 Gb$38
Dedicated Server Plan 33.9 GHz4 Gb2 pcs32 Gb$45
Dedicated Server Plan 44.2 GHz4 Gb2 pcs64 Gb$50
Dedicated Server Plan 54.8 GHz6 Gb2 pcs128 Gb$75

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The best option for resellers! I am satisfied with their affordable prices and attractive discounts. An excellent company overall.
I am extremely impressed with the wide range of services they offer. Particularly, if you are in need of a VPS, premium rdp is the ideal choice. They have a strong presence in almost every continent, with major IT centers worldwide. Their extensive n.. Read more »
I am a huge fan of Premium RDP. They provide a seamless experience for establishing an online presence, surpassing the popularity of Hostgator and other similar services. I have no intention of reverting back to any other platform.
I am a new user of PREMIUM CLOUD, having switched from Bluehost. Initially, I was concerned about not having a traditional CPanel and thought it might be challenging to navigate and learn. However, I am pleased to report that I managed to figure out .. Read more »