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PQ.hosting is a highly recommended website for anyone in need of a virtual server. With exceptional speed and high-quality servers from various countries, this platform offers an excellent experience. The servers have proven to be reliable and have not experienced any lag, making them a trustworthy choice.

One of the standout features of PQ.hosting is their flexibility in payment options. They provide the convenience of paying with cryptocurrency, catering to a wide range of users. Addi.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Aluminium-1 Gb1 pcs15 Gb$5.13
Argentum-2 Gb2 pcs30 Gb$5.67
Ruthenium-4 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$8.89
Iridium-6 Gb4 pcs60 Gb$13.19
Palladium-8 Gb4 pcs80 Gb$15.34

Black Opal2.8 GHz32 Gb20 pcs960 Gb$161.29
Red Beryl2.8 GHz64 Gb20 pcs960 Gb$236.56
Pink Diamond2.8 GHz128 Gb20 pcs1920 Gb$354.84
Blue Diamond2.8 GHz256 Gb20 pcs1920 Gb$408.6

Reviews on PQ.hosting


I am delighted to leave a positive review about pq.hosting. I was pleasantly surprised by their professionalism and the quality of their services. Their hosting packages offer excellent performance and reliability. Additionally, their support team ha.. Read more »
ولید باوی
Great service. Fast SSD and internet. Prices can be a bit high at times, but the quality is worth the money. The VPS is reliable and almost never fails, with 99% uptime. Overall, everything is fine, and I can recommend it.
Denis Egorov
A high-quality VPS for personal needs with support available to help solve any problems that may arise. The prices are reasonable and reflect the quality of the service. Payment options are diverse, including Russian cards and cryptocurrencies. Serve.. Read more »
Great speed, plenty of payment options including Russian cards, quick setup, no issues so far, highly recommend.
Vlad Malinovskiy
The hosting service is excellent, with prices that are quite democratic compared to others. I also liked the control panel, which is very intuitive.
Kirill B.
One of the few hosts with honest VPS in Turkey without routing through Amsterdam or other cities in the Eurozone. The speed, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired (even on the Rutherium tariff). It hasn't really improved compared to their che.. Read more »
Ruslan Horuzhiy
I have been testing various VPS rental services for a long time, and I am amazed by the abundance of countries available on this hosting platform. I would like to say that everything works well, but I can't, because the server with a clean Ubunt.. Read more »
Vadim Barannikov
I am more than satisfied with PQ! Their VPS servers always work reliably, the control interface is convenient, and the support service is top-notch. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a reliable hosting solution.
osama rabea
I have been using PQ hosting for 2 weeks now and I have had a wonderful experience with it. The RDP has never stopped or lagged, and I really enjoy this experience.
osama rabea
I have been using PQ hosting for the past two weeks and have had an excellent experience with it. The RDP has been consistently reliable and has never experienced any lag. Overall, I am very satisfied with this experience.
Maksim Dubovik
We have been using PQ.Hosting services for over a year now, and the server never freezes and works extremely efficiently. We have experienced no issues with response time and the speed is consistently high. We haven't encountered any problems wi.. Read more »
Nadim Zakirov
No promised gigabit. Oh yes, there is a gigabit port... but it turns out it's not the same as gigabit internet! In the end, their advertising misled me, and I was unpleasantly surprised when I couldn't get speeds higher than 100 megabits on.. Read more »
Murad Novruzov
The website has a beautiful design, and the sales department is efficient. The hosting service is satisfactory.
Vitaliy Mishkov
We ordered a server for the first time. We made a mistake in the email, so we couldn't confirm it immediately. We reached out to customer support and they helped us resolve the issue completely within 20 minutes. Everything is satisfactory for n.. Read more »
Vasya Shishkin
I used this hosting service for almost a year to host my websites. The support team would only respond once a day, at best. They blocked my server five times, and each time I had to contact support and they would apologize, saying it was a mistake, a.. Read more »
Ruslan Kirillov
It's scary to read reviews, but overall I didn't encounter any problems. The server is top-notch for its price, and the location is almost exactly what I wanted, although the IP is actually German, not Finnish like they promised. As for spe.. Read more »
AliReza Tasdighi
PQ.hosting offers various types of servers in different countries with unprecedented speed and quality, as well as the ability to pay with cryptocurrency and a simple control panel interface. The company also provides the opportunity to configure the.. Read more »
AliReza Tasdighi
Hi, hope you're doing well. The pq.hosting website offers a variety of servers from various countries that are known for their exceptional speed and high quality. Additionally, they provide the option to pay with cryptocurrency and offer easy ma.. Read more »
Absolute incompetence of technical support and refusal of responsibility. I purchased a virtual server in Finland for a month, with a shared channel on a physical server (node) - 2 gigabits. I thought I could get at least around 300 megabits outside .. Read more »
Yaroslav Safronov
Not hosting, but the bottom of the market. Everything on the website is nicely written, promising you 1 gigabit and 10 gigabit speeds, but in reality, there is no provision for refunding money for slow speeds. And if you dare to complain to the suppo.. Read more »
Siko Suleimenov
Great service, snagged a VPS for just 1 euro thanks to the promotion. I use it for VPN and have had no issues with speed, uptime is at 100%.
Hello everyone. I strongly advise against using this resource. I bought a Kazakh VPN from them, based on their assurance that it would provide a Kazakh IP. However, it turned out that the IP was Russian, which meant that the necessary resources in K.. Read more »
Alhas Medzhidov
Never get a VPN from them, not only does it work inconsistently, but their customer support takes hours to respond.
Pooya Ahmady
The best VPS provider I have been using since 2022 meets all my needs.
I've been searching for a VPS with a location in Warsaw for my VPN and found PQ. I can't say it's cheap. The prices are on par with DigitalOcean and others, but I still decided to give it a try and placed an order. The key factors in m.. Read more »
Endy Munik
The cheapest VPS I have ever used. I purchased their Argentum plan in the Netherlands and have been using it for 2 months now without any issues. There are no problems with the speed and accessibility, and the support team responds quickly and effici.. Read more »
Andrey Guskov
Complete crap, bought a VPN in Kazakhstan, constantly crashes, insane ping, bought it to change my registration location on Battle.net. The computer name on the VPN is "vpn1sometingthere." After two weeks, 2ip started identifying it as Russ.. Read more »
Dmitriy Normark
It's just awful! I chose a VPS server in Switzerland, and the support girl said it's the most stable option. The VPS server was down for a week, and then after 1-2 months, it was down again for almost a month, and nobody could do anything a.. Read more »
Roman Loevskiy
Servers are complete garbage! I couldn't find a trial period on the website, so I rushed to order a VPS with 4 cores and 6 gigs of RAM. The tariff I chose stated that the server had an Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 processor (which can go up to 3.6GHz .. Read more »
Yuriy Salikaev
Since February 2022 and up until now, I have been using a VPS provider with the Ruthenium[USA] tariff plan for my Metatrader 4 trading terminals in order to trade in the Forex market. Over the past year and a half of using this VPS, it has proven to .. Read more »
Dmitriy Filippenko
This is not the first hosting service I have used in my eight years of working on the internet. The team is made up of top professionals who excel at resolving and providing guidance for all the issues I have encountered. The servers are incredibly s.. Read more »
Mohammad Ario
I really didn't expect such a high level of quality and speed from the servers. Initially, when I was planning to buy the server I wanted, I was surprised to see the affordable prices. Later on, I realized that I could choose a server from diffe.. Read more »
Mohammad Ario
I was pleasantly surprised by the servers' quality and speed, as I didn't expect it to be this good. Initially, when I was looking to purchase a server, I was amazed by the reasonable prices. Later on, I discovered that there was a wide ran.. Read more »
Kirill Kirilenko
PQHosting technical support is a disgrace. On their website, it boldly says "24/7 Technical Support." Yeah, right. It's not 24 hours, but approximately from 7:30 am to 6-7 pm MSK. And it's not 7 days a week, but 5 (they didn'.. Read more »
Vitaliy Chernovets
I decided to use my first hosting, and now I have been using it for over a year. I use it to deploy VPN Wireguard. Some of the advantages I can highlight are: 1. Unlimited traffic with any of the offered plans. 2. The hosting does not block VPN prot.. Read more »
Karthik Karun
I conducted extensive research before purchasing a VPN and discovered that PQ Hosting offers an incredible service with excellent plans. I am Indian. I also recommend this PQ hosting service to my friends for their needs. They claimed it was the most.. Read more »
ADH It is truly the most dreadful hosting, only suitable for playing around. The main problem is its extremely unreliable nature. Despite claiming protection against DDoS attacks, the hosting itself is frequently hit by DDoS attacks and becomes almo.. Read more »
Hamidreza oroojy
This is the first time I've used the services of this website, recommended by my friends. I must say, it's a very good website for buying virtual servers. After purchasing a virtual server on this site, it was quickly activated for me. I am.. Read more »
The most disgusting service I have encountered. The support takes hours to respond. I bought a VPS and waited a day for it to be activated, then they tell me there are no resources to open the server (why make it available for purchase then?). I aske.. Read more »
Vladislav Lokotaev
I have been using this hosting service for my projects for two months now and I am satisfied with it. Occasionally, there have been issues with SSH connections or other glitches, but the support team has always been helpful. The pricing plans are wel.. Read more »
Alan Muradov
Hello. I ordered a server for gaming services. As a result, I discovered the following issues: 1. The servers are very slow. 2. Gaming services and websites detect connections from their servers as VPN connections. 3. When I reported this problem to .. Read more »
I would like to share my experience using PQ.Hosting services. I have been using their hosting for almost a month now and I am very satisfied with the results. My online project is always accessible and works smoothly thanks to the reliability and sp.. Read more »
Aleksandra Łachut
I have been using this hosting service for two months now and I am very satisfied with their services. The servers are very reliable with minimal downtime, and the customer support is very helpful and responsive to inquiries. Additionally, their inte.. Read more »
Sergey Kuprin
I searched and chose a VPS for a long time and have not regretted it at all. I have two servers rented in Turkey and Russia. Everything works great. A huge and special thanks to the technical support team, they always respond and provide detailed as.. Read more »
Aleksandr Chernyshov
I have been using the service for six months. I am satisfied with almost everything. It would be even better if they could forgive a server change.
Inna Kozachok
I have been using this hosting for over a year, sometimes I tried others, but I always came back to PQ. One of the decisive factors has always been the active tech support. I tend to make mistakes, buying the wrong server in a hurry, but they always .. Read more »
Dmitriy Kulgin
I needed a VPS in the Netherlands - they have good channels and speeds there, which is great for European websites. I had a decent chat conversation with the hosting provider on their website, and all my questions were answered. I installed the Hesti.. Read more »
Andrey Fomenko
The servers have excellent quality and speed, which is crucial for my projects. The server configurations allow me to choose exactly what I need without paying for extra features. I appreciate the friendly service and fast support. Once, I had some m.. Read more »
Mihail Krestyaninov
We were choosing a VPS for working with IP telephony in Egypt to avoid being blocked by providers. We considered many options, looking for something cheap yet reliable for running Outline and Wireguard smoothly. PQ.Hosting turned out to be a perfect .. Read more »
The price pleasantly surprises, as well as the convenient website management. Despite some drawbacks, the PQ.Hosting service is a worthy choice for small businesses or personal websites.
Dimka Novikov
I have been using this hosting for a month, on the recommendation of some friends who are admins. There are many locations available and I haven't encountered any payment issues. I haven't experienced any disruptions during my usage. The pa.. Read more »
The worst hosting service in my entire webmaster career! They shut down my website after just one complaint from Roskomnadzor. They refused to provide access to my files so I could move away from them. The owner is completely irrational and aggressiv.. Read more »
Yuriy K
In December 2022, I decided to order a VPS and pay for 3 years upfront. The price was incredibly low compared to competitors, and I also received a promo code as a new customer. I chose a server in Finland and had no issues with payment using my Russ.. Read more »
Evgeniy Karabeynikov
I have been using their services for several years now. It was with this hosting provider that I purchased my first server, where I began learning how to use the console. It's also great that they have ready-made scripts for various tasks. For .. Read more »
Shayan Datta
I have been using it for several months, they have the best price-quality ratio and the ability to choose a location.
Andrey Schegolev
I have been using VPS at PQ.hosting for a few months now and I can confidently say that it is one of the best VPS providers I have dealt with. From the very beginning, I appreciated their fast and professional customer service. Whenever I had questi.. Read more »
Eduard Zaynutdinov
Before this, I didn't really use any other hosting services. A friend recommended renting a server from these guys. Overall, everything is satisfactory. I needed hosting for deploying a VPN and a Telegram bot. The cheapest VPS handles these task.. Read more »
Leonid Shatkov
I have been using it for a year and overall I would recommend it, but there are some nuances. One time the server completely crashed, but they refunded the money for the entire period and gave me a week on another server, so I am grateful for that. T.. Read more »
Vadim Glazun
I purchased a VPS for MetaTrader and specifically looked for one in the desired country. I am satisfied with the hosting service, as everything works smoothly and the support team is very helpful and responds quickly. I have also extended the servi.. Read more »
Fedor Dones
Great hosting! I've been using it for several months now and haven't noticed a single second of downtime. I rented a VPS and deployed my service on it, and there hasn't been any downtime at all. Reasonable prices for the hardware, fast.. Read more »
Mihail Gorelov
I am very satisfied with the hosting service that my friend recommended to me. I was looking for alternatives with server locations in Germany.
Anatoly Kozenko
I have been using it for several years. I have tried different VPSs (both large and small ones). There are both pros and cons, but in my experience, the pros have outweighed the cons. Let me start with the pros: convenience - from billing to using t.. Read more »
Kirill Polyatskiy
I have been renting a VPS for a VPN server for over three months now. There was only one failure caused by the host, which lasted for about eight hours. Most of this downtime occurred during the night and was related to migration. The support team re.. Read more »
Mihail Semikov
The hosting is reliable, and any rare disruptions with the VPS are resolved promptly. In today's reality, it is convenient that you can top up your balance directly from a Russian bank card. The servers are located throughout Europe, and I have .. Read more »
Cons: Constant packet loss of up to 30%, with absolutely no action taken by support. They only suggest ordering a server in a different location and transferring and configuring everything yourself. Ridiculous. And this happens on both European and A.. Read more »
Andrei Kamarou
Undoubtedly, PQ.Hosting is an excellent hosting service that provides high-speed performance and reliability for its hosting platform. I have used several hosting packages from this company and have always been satisfied with the quality of their ser.. Read more »
Great service and excellent support! I've been with them for a long time and I highly recommend them to many people.
Vyacheslav Smirnov
Lately, the hosting service has been less than satisfactory, so I'm considering switching to another provider. The support team takes a very long time to respond and does not provide sufficient assistance. When I asked them to update the Ioncube.. Read more »
Artem Kaminskiy
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for over a year now. First and foremost, I would like to highlight the highly flexible range of services, unlimited traffic, and user-friendly control panel. During my time using their services.. Read more »
Evgen Romanov
I decided to switch to VDS from another hosting provider. However, the wrong system was installed, so I requested a reinstallation. When I logged into the VDS control panel, it showed that there was a problem with the server. I contacted customer su.. Read more »
Anastasiya Marusechko
I have been using the services of hosting provider PQ.Hosting for several months now, and I can say that it is one of the best hosting providers in the market. And I have tested quite a few. They have a wide selection of server configurations, all of.. Read more »
Hello! It all started when I needed a VPN, so I went to a website and purchased one. After that, I wanted to change the country, but I couldn't do it, so I reached out to customer support. They responded saying that it can only be done once and .. Read more »
Andrey Sluchak
Scammers and thieves do not provide services. Here is a dialogue: Hello, when will the server be available? Technical support employee 2023-03-05 18:27:13 Hello, we are very sorry for the delay. Due to the current situation in the world, demand has.. Read more »
Another nonsense. LLC Vector and Alenka Cooperative. Sole proprietorship Nekulitsy Yuri Vladimirovich. These sole proprietorships under the name "Hosting" are like a well-known substance for a bathhouse. They activated the service for 2 hou.. Read more »
I switched from another hosting provider and opted for a service in Germany. The speed is simply incredible, thanks to the nvme disks and a good connection channel. The server is always online and the customer support responds quickly to inquiries. A.. Read more »
Sergey Rachkovskiy
I have been working with PQ for over a year now, and I have explored many locations and tariffs as necessary. There is nothing to complain about. I have not found an alternative to the quality of server performance, support, and pricing policies off.. Read more »
I highly recommend using this reliable hosting service as they promptly resolve any issues that arise. Thanks to this company, my website has been operating smoothly without any interruptions. The price to quality ratio is the best on the market.
I have been using the hosting services for quite a while and decided to get an additional server in Moldova. I got it and started working with it, but the updates take at least an hour to install and reinstalling the OS from the vmmannager takes abou.. Read more »
I will also tell you about my experience working with this hosting company. At first, I bought servers for myself, hosted websites, and installed nodes on their servers. After the successful uptake, there was a large number of people interested in s.. Read more »
Evgeniy Martynenko
The price seems reasonable, but the customer support is rude and unhelpful, not resolving any issues. Be prepared, if you are hosting your website from Ukraine in Europe (France), it will not be accessible. And the support team will simply be rude.
Sid Shoteganger
Thank you to this hosting provider for existing! The price - there are no better prices in the world! This is the ONLY hosting provider that has such an approach to solving GEOGRAPHY problems. THANK YOU!!! The support team solves problems quickly, an.. Read more »
Gordiy Askoldovich
In life, I value kindness, reliability, and integrity above all else. I don't know about you, but I've encountered numerous challenges along my journey. That's why I always approach things with caution. I've been using this hostin.. Read more »
Aleksandr Volskiy
So, I spent a year with them. There was a problem that the data center in Poland (according to the TP) started acting up and moved the service to Moldova. 1) All the data was lost. 2) The process took a week. "Well, it happens," I thought. .. Read more »
Roman Bogdan
My web studio has been hosting the websites it creates with this provider for several months now. And these websites have different levels of traffic, so we choose different hosting plans. We've tried almost all of them. And the support team alw.. Read more »
Nursultan Bakyev
I came across the need to rent a server for the first time, and I learned about PQ from a friend. To start with, I chose the Aluminum plan as it offered great speed for the price, and the ping is stable. However, the standout feature for me was the c.. Read more »
Inna Kryukova
We use the services of a hosting provider and rent several servers on the lowest tariff. Everything works smoothly, with low ping, and there hasn't been a single instance of a server going down. The user account is a bit inconvenient in my opini.. Read more »
The host is a damn gangster. I've been renting servers from them for about a year and they were always reselling them. And then, because of one client, they received an abuse complaint for the entire time. They blocked my account with all the ot.. Read more »
Scammers. They promise a download speed of 1GB, then they say you didn't read the terms, the speed depends on the chosen tariff, the tariff I chose is the 20th. And they provide only around 200-300MB. They don't issue refunds even if it has.. Read more »
Vadim Saharov
I have been using this hosting service since October 2022. Initially, I chose the Argentum plan just to try it out, but I plan to switch to Platinum in the future. During this time, I haven't noticed any major drawbacks. The server ping is norma.. Read more »
Maksim Sokolov
I have been renting a service for my company's website here for almost six months now. The website is very simple, consisting of just a few pages with contact and reference information for clients. So, I decided to go for the cheapest plan (in t.. Read more »
Vlad Miroshkin
I chose this hosting a year ago and everything is great. The support is available 24/7 and everything runs smoothly. They even helped me move from my previous hosting provider, where the price was higher and the resources were much lower for the same.. Read more »
Oleg Safonov
I've been using this hosting service since the beginning of summer for a VPN server and Docker with my home services on the Palladium tariff. Let's start by saying that there was occasional unstable connection to their data center in Latvia.. Read more »
Maksim Kolodyazhnyy
We rented several servers on this hosting platform - one for our website and others for our internal needs. In terms of price and quality ratio, it is one of the best options on the market. Over the past few years, we have tried different hosting pro.. Read more »
Kirill Abramov
Avoid this hosting provider, the VDS quality is terrible, and the ping to Moscow is 100 times higher compared to others. I request a refund and to have my account deleted, but all I receive in response is, "You have the minimum tariff. You won&#.. Read more »
Yaroslav Kemerov
I have been involved in commercial website development for the past 5 years. During this time, I have switched hosting providers about 12 times, as there was always something that didn't meet my expectations - either the price was too high, or t.. Read more »
This is just some kind of beyond bottom. The virtual server on this hosting has been down for 9 hours already, and the support team claims it is supposedly due to network issues in the data center. They suggest creating a new server in a different da.. Read more »
Ivan Karpeshkin
Great customer support, the option to pay with a Russian card, a wide range of locations and server configuration options.
I have been using this hosting for about a year and a half now. During this time, I have rented a variety of servers for different purposes, in many countries. I have not encountered any problems from the hosting provider. And the few issues that did.. Read more »
I recommend PQ hosting with excellent quality and support. I have been using their services for a year on two servers, and I haven't encountered any problems. The support team is responsive and efficient. These guys are great!
A great platform for renting dedicated servers, the support team responds promptly and helps solve any problem within their capabilities. I am satisfied with the quality and price. Feel free to use it.
Tengiz Hahutashvili
Guys, if you're from Russia, it's better not to deal with them!!! Terrible customer support, everything is awful! I moved to their VPS Palladium[MD] in Moldova. We struggled for a week, it didn't transition well from the previous hosti.. Read more »
Evgeniy Andreev
Over the course of a year working with this hosting service, I have accumulated a lot of experiences. Unfortunately, with each passing time, it became worse and worse. I have my own team that requires a lot of virtual and physical servers, so I consi.. Read more »
Mihail Nagornyy
I have been using a VDS/VPS in the Netherlands for a year now and it has been working perfectly. I am satisfied.
Evgeniy Rumyantsev
They seemed like typical scammers. They aggressively upsell without having the resources. I ordered a VPS for 7 dollars and some change, but they kept me waiting for hours. Then, when I complained, they suggested another data center. I refused and de.. Read more »
Konstantin Kit
Definitely NO. I used it for a year. On a younger tariff, everything seemed fine, but slow. I upgraded to Palladium and it started, the server crashes every 30 minutes. Support responds - sometimes it's a ddos attack, sometimes we're fixing.. Read more »
I decided to try out a VPS at the lowest price. Nowhere is it mentioned about any limitations on the chosen plan. In the end, the VPS is so slow that it is impossible to use. The speed is limited to around 22 KB... I contacted support, reporting the.. Read more »
Yuriy Kovalev
I was given a foreign server with a Russian IP and it fell under all the sanctions imposed on Russia. Support may not respond for a week, and in my case, they responded after a week, saying that if the server is online, then everything else is my pro.. Read more »
Vladimir Mischenko
I tried out the new location in Portugal, and it's fantastic. I haven't noticed any latency issues at all, which is great. I hope it stays this way. I signed up for the Palladium package but I plan to upgrade further. With the current excha.. Read more »
I do not recommend this hosting service, it is very bad, like really bad. It takes forever for the support team to respond! My VPS has not been working for two days and nobody seems to care.
Ivan Lomakin
There was a need to move the website to Russia for better ping, as we work with clients in the Russian Federation. I bought a VPS, and even got a discount. However, I realized that the Ruthenium plan was not enough, so I upgraded it to Iridium, fortu.. Read more »
Evgeniy Tolmachev
They tried to impose a more expensive tariff, but I decided not to rush and ordered a cheaper one. However, after payment and requesting site migration from technical support, they simply ignored me and did not respond. This hosting service is absolu.. Read more »
Sergey Simonov
The website transfer from another hosting was quick and trouble-free. I have no complaints about the protocols either. I like the control panel, and all of its tools are intuitively easy to use.
Igor Suvotka
The tariffs are built quite balanced, so for a small cost, you can choose a suitable set of hardware capacities. The services are functioning well, I can't recall a single instance of something dropping.
Timur Ahmadulin
I have been using this hosting provider for about two years. The prices were good and everything seemed to be working fine. However, they recently raised their prices by over 30%. Today, they blocked my server for brute forcing. It took about two ho.. Read more »
Vladislav Makarov
I am completely satisfied with the quality of the services provided. The technical support helps to promptly solve issues that are not covered by basic assistance obligations (such as developing scripts for individual tasks). I recommend it to every.. Read more »
The technical support is inadequate. First, they suspended and then deleted my prepaid annual VPS service because the server was hacked by cybercriminals. When I requested to download my data from my server, they asked me to prove that I didn't.. Read more »
Yaroslav Kontsevoy
I was denied in the test. Everything seemed fine, but as soon as you deposit more money, they don't care. I decided to take a risk and bought a VPS. They promised 1Gbps, but it was capped at 60Mbps, and during peak hours, it drops to 30Mbps and .. Read more »
Denis Petrovskikh
I rented a VDS, but the system is working poorly. I have no idea what settings they have. I couldn't set up automatic server operation, and I also encountered several minor issues. For example, I couldn't associate document opening with Not.. Read more »
Veronika Amanova
The hosting is reliable, it has never let me down in three months. It is definitely advantageous to rent dedicated servers here, not only in terms of cost but also in terms of their performance. Recently, I switched to the VPS server Ruthenium-[RU] b.. Read more »
Aleksandr Mironov
I started renting a space on a Canadian server last month and so far, everything is going well. The payment process is easy, the support team responds quickly, and there is even a Telegram bot available.
Kovalenko Vitaliy
A couple of weeks ago, I rented a dedicated server PQD-[RU5]. So far, I have no complaints, it is working great.
Igor Perevertaylov
I have been renting the Argentum virtual server with hosting in Moldova for half a year now. It's an excellent option for such a reasonable price.
Igor Portyanko
I am completely satisfied with the high-quality hosting. I spent a long time searching for a decent hosting service. It's amazing that we have so few worthy platforms, so I have no plans to switch from PQ.Hosting.
Marat Aknietov
In the six years of my company's existence (and hence its website), I have tried numerous different hosting services - each with their own set of issues. Six months ago, I switched to this hosting provider and I plan to stay with them. Throughou.. Read more »
Valentina Tatarenko
I rent a dedicated server on a regular basis. Everything works smoothly without any issues. The support team helped me understand any uncertainties during my first transaction.
We have been working with PQ Hosting for a long time, and they serve several of my websites. They offer a flexible range of services, and their support team is always ready to help. Even for simple questions, they respond instantly.
Sergey Shishko
I highly recommend this hosting. In a year of using it, my website has never experienced any downtime, and I am also satisfied with the 1 Gbps bandwidth. There were a few small issues, but the support team quickly resolved them. Thank you so much!
Oleg Sobolev
I have been using this hosting service for several months now, and I have transferred my online store here. I want to say right away that this is a reliable hosting service, and I am happy that I chose it. The servers here work quickly, and the page .. Read more »
Svetlana Makagon
I have been using this hosting service for more than just a few months, and even more than a couple. To test it out, I tried the free trial version and realized that this hosting is perfect for me. The quality is excellent, and the server is of top-n.. Read more »
Maksim Orlov
This hosting service has performed excellently in operation. I started using it recently and have already noticed an improvement in my website's performance. Everything now loads quickly and functions well. Since switching to this new hosting pr.. Read more »
This hosting service works excellently, my website loads without any issues since I started using this hosting. There is a wide range of plans to choose from, and I decided to go with Perfect Speed as it had a suitable price and specifications. Speak.. Read more »
I have chosen this hosting a long time ago, and I really liked the server quality. My website works perfectly and loads quickly with this hosting. I have now purchased a service for a year, as it is much more cost-effective in terms of price. By the .. Read more »
Irina Polyakova
I am pleased with this hosting. I have my own website and have tried several other hosting services, but there were always some issues. Everything works perfectly here, and I have been using it for several months now. The price is also quite reasonab.. Read more »
Eduard Keush
The hosting service I have been using for almost four months now is Argentum-[RU], a reliable VPS server based in Russia. So far, I have had no issues with its performance and have been quite satisfied with it. While it may not have any exceptional f.. Read more »
Anna Ignatova
I have a positive attitude towards this hosting service and enjoy working with them because there are no issues, the performance is stable and fast, and I don't have to search for any drawbacks. About a month ago, I rented a server with the code.. Read more »
I am using the Ruthenium tariff mainly because it supports multiple profiles. Overall, I am satisfied with it. There was only one instance of technical issues during its operation, where websites took a long time to load. The support team reassured m.. Read more »
Aleksey Kudryavtsev
I am satisfied with the hosting, I moved all my websites to it two months ago. The speed is good, the website works quickly. During my time of using it, I haven't noticed any major interruptions, everything is stable. I will continue hosting wit.. Read more »
Darya Molchanova
So far, everything is running smoothly. It's been a great four months; I immediately subscribed to long-term plans after reading reviews, and I trusted them without any regrets. The prices are reasonable, and the servers are fast and reliable. M.. Read more »
Aleksandr Ernst
I have been using this hosting service for my projects for a year now. I must say, I am satisfied with this hosting. The bandwidth here is 1gbps, which I personally like. The traffic here is unlimited for all plans. After placing an order, your serve.. Read more »
I have transferred all my blogs to this hosting provider. The speed is pleasing, there haven't been any outages in the past 5 months. The pricing is reasonable, without any overpricing. So far, I am more than satisfied with everything, let'.. Read more »
Zhenya Baev
I have been using your hosting service for 3 years now. I have transferred 4 websites and I am impressed with the performance. Throughout this time, all of my websites have been working excellently, with no downtime whatsoever. The websites have neve.. Read more »
Ilnitskiy Daniel
I already have three landing pages on the Indium plan, and they are all holding up well without any abnormal cut-offs or loss of incoming traffic. Previously, when I was using a cheaper hosting service, my websites would crash at least twice a year. .. Read more »
The VPS here works great, I've been using it for the past two months. The support team helped me choose the right plan, the loading speed is optimal, and everything suits me. There are also plenty of domain options to choose from, I'm happy.. Read more »
Anna Semenova
I have been using this hosting service for six months and I'm happy that I chose it. Initially, I was attracted by the affordable cost and numerous positive reviews online. Currently, I can say that the technical support team is excellent - they.. Read more »
Slava Harevich
To be honest, I have not regretted starting to use this hosting at all. In our case, we needed maximum stability for our website, and in reality, this VPS meets our needs perfectly. Additionally, the network is excellent, with no noticeable ping issu.. Read more »
An excellent hosting service with stable performance, and most importantly, it comes at a very reasonable price. I have been using their services for a long time and have never encountered any issues. I paid, hosted my website, and everything runs sm.. Read more »
Vitaliy Kochubey
I found an excellent hosting service, before that I had some decent ones, but the main issue was the speed drops. So far, I haven't noticed any major problems here, the processing of information and orders on my sales website is excellent in ter.. Read more »
Andriy Budzanivskiy
I have been using PQ hosting for over 3 months now. My previous hosting provider increased prices for all packages astronomically. So, I had to look for another hosting provider with more reasonable prices. Luckily, I came across an advertisement for.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service recently, I had to switch from another one (I won't mention it for obvious reasons). I moved because of the inadequate technical support - all my inquiries were ignored, but that's not the case here. I.. Read more »
Milana Antonova
I have been using this hosting service recently, and I have something to say. My online store is hosted on this platform. I always choose the 6 euro or 415 rubles per month plan. For a hosting service that works excellently, the price is quite reason.. Read more »
Svetlana Alikina
I came here on the advice of a friend who's been hosting the majority of his major projects here for quite some time. I don't have a lot of websites, just three for now, so I chose a tariff for myself at three euros per month. Despite the p.. Read more »
Ivan Veselov
Three months ago, I made the decision to transfer a couple of my websites to this hosting service. I was attracted by their affordable prices and positive reviews about the company. As I am not knowledgeable about technical matters, I reached out to .. Read more »
Natasha Salnichenko
I have been running my blog for over seven years, constantly filling it with interesting materials. However, in order for everything to work properly, I needed a good hosting service, which was quite difficult to find at the moment, especially one th.. Read more »
Petr Ponomarev
Great service, we are already using it. At first, we had a couple of questions about the setup, but the technical support promptly helped us to resolve the issues. We moved from our old hosting provider because we were dissatisfied with their pricing.. Read more »
Yuriy Frantsishko
I have been using your services for about two and a half months now. I came to you on the recommendation of my good friends, who also host their websites here and speak highly of this hosting service. So, I decided to take a break from all the hassle.. Read more »
Aleksandr Morozov
I have been using the services of this hosting company long enough to draw conclusions. Before switching to this hosting, I checked, compared, and extensively tested other providers. The thing is, I have my own hot food delivery service. Therefore, m.. Read more »
This VPS server hosting provider caught my attention with its price and the ability to rent VPS servers in multiple countries. For me, the main thing was not to be in Russia. I rented a VPS server on October 20th. Today is November 8th, and during .. Read more »
Sergey Karpov
We have been using hosting services for quite a long time, and we have had problems three times during this period, but they were promptly resolved. We have a complex internet store on a custom engine, so the speed of operation is crucial for us. We .. Read more »
Artur Sharipov
I connected with them on the advice of my IT friend, who knows his stuff. He said it's one of the most stable and affordable hosting services. But I'm just a beginner in this, so I haven't had a chance to compare it to others, I don�.. Read more »
Oleg Belov
In principle, over the past couple of months, this is already the third hosting service I have decided to use. The main difference with this one from the previous two is the stable operation of the website and the fairly responsive technical support... Read more »