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Servers: France, Canada, Switzerland
Working: 17 years
Testing: 14 days is a web hosting service that goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Their dedication to resolving issues, even those beyond their scope, sets them apart from similarly priced alternatives. With reliable and fast service, PlanetHoster meets all the requirements of web developers. They even offer free SSL certificates that can be easily installed from their control panel, making the process seamless for users. However, the interface of their website may pose chall.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Unlimited web hosting----$4.57

Unlimited web hosting----$4.57

Bon départ-4 Gb2 pcs60 Gb$53.75
Recommandation-8 Gb4 pcs90 Gb$91.39
Puissance assurée-16 Gb24 pcs120 Gb$236.55

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As a web developer, I am always interested in exploring different web hosting and developers. My experience with PlanetHoster has been positive, surpassing some similarly priced alternatives. It is evident that PlanetHoster highly values its customer.. Read more »
I needed an SSL certificate for my website, and while searching for instructions on how to install a free SSL, I discovered that planethoster offers an SSL certificate that can be easily installed from their control panel. I was pleasantly surprised .. Read more »
Planethoster is a hosting service that caters well to developers with its comprehensive offerings. However, it may not be suitable for regular users as its interface is not user-friendly. While their customer support is good, the lack of intuitive op.. Read more »
I have multiple clients that I serve through PlanetHoster. To be honest, when I find out that a customer is using them, it significantly simplifies my job as a developer by 90%. Their products are reliable, affordable, fast, and usually dependable,.. Read more »
Although I had some navigation issues, I can't express how relieved I feel now! I love it when companies VALUE their customers! Because for me, CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EVERYTHING! If it's not like that, then it's not right - it's as s.. Read more »
Although I initially had difficulties with navigating around, I am extremely relieved now. I highly appreciate companies that value their customers, as customer service is of utmost importance to me. If it's not done right, it's considered .. Read more »
I recently switched to PlanetHoster, and I am extremely pleased with their swift and exceptional customer support. It's even more convenient for French speakers as they provide assistance in both English and French. Many individuals from Quebec/.. Read more »
Hafiz consistently responds to chat inquiries within one minute, offering their support at reasonable rates. They possess the necessary expertise to effectively address any concerns or problems. Making the decision to choose PlanetHoster.c.. Read more »