rating: 8.7, reviews: 17
Country: Pakistan
Servers: USA, Germany, Canada, Pakistan
Panels: cPanel, Plesk
Working: 16 years is a hosting service that offers reliable and affordable hosting plans, particularly suited for clients in Pakistan. They have garnered positive reviews for their responsive customer support and competitive pricing. The company provides a user-friendly interface and a range of hosting plans to accommodate different budgets and business needs. Their services ensure minimal downtime, and they offer ample storage for websites. However, some customers have experienced slower speeds and.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Hosting GatecPanel, DirectAdmin--1 Gb$1.58
Professional's PickcPanel, DirectAdmin--5 Gb$2
Host EverythingcPanel, DirectAdmin--10 Gb$3.17

V-ONE-4 Gb2 pcs300 Gb$27.95
PK Cloud VPS 1-2 Gb1 pcs40 Gb$37.95
V-TWO-10 Gb4 pcs700 Gb$44.95
PK Cloud VPS 2-4 Gb2 pcs100 Gb$47.95

DS1 Intel Xeon E3-1230v23.3 GHz8 Gb4 pcs1000 Gb$73
DS2 Intel Xeon E3-1246v33.5 GHz8 Gb4 pcs1000 Gb$89

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If the pk-domain offered different data center choices for each website under a hosting account, it could be rated with five stars. Despite their claim of allowing unlimited websites in a plan, they should permit the selection of data center location.. Read more »
I awarded pk-domain a four-star rating mainly because of the support team's limited efforts in addressing customer inquiries. Occasionally, instead of acknowledging that you are already familiar with the help page, they just redirect you to it w.. Read more »
I had an issue with pk-domain where it unexpectedly deleted all the files on the websites I selected. This incident was both uncommon and unpleasant. Currently, there are no other concerns, but if three more problems were to occur, I might consider s.. Read more »
I decided to use to host my client's website. He was satisfied with their services, particularly their successful launch of the VPS plan and their affordable packages. We never experienced any website downtime, and the site operate.. Read more »
I like buying domains from PK-Domains because their customer support is exceptional. Although their hosting service may be a little slow, the price is reasonable. They offer a variety of features on cPanel, which is not commonly found with other host.. Read more »
I moved my website to PK-Domain because it was more cost-effective than my previous provider. One aspect I really like is their live chat support, which is quick, effective, and consistently resolves any problems I have. However, the performance of t.. Read more »
Overall, I am happy with the service offered by pk-domain. However, I did reduce my rating by one star because of a couple of concerns. Firstly, the storage they provide is less than what I expected compared to other providers. Secondly, their pricin.. Read more »
My experience with PK-domain as my web hosting provider has been excellent. They provide reliable and affordable hosting services with a responsive and knowledgeable customer service team. The interface is user-friendly and makes managing my website .. Read more »
I prefer PK-Domain due to their helpful and amicable approach towards clients. They promptly address issues and offer continuous support to customers across all packages. Their services are both convenient and budget-friendly. Personally, I have not .. Read more »
The reseller control Center of the Pk-domain is designed to be easily operated and provides all the essential tools for effortlessly managing domains. While problems rarely occur, their customer service is always accessible to quickly resolve any iss.. Read more »
Babar offers excellent Linux hosting services that are not only secure and reliable but also provide ample storage. The pricing is also reasonable, especially for local customers. In my view, it would be beneficial for the company to incorporate .. Read more »
I have been utilizing this domain for my project in Pakistan and have experienced excellent speed without any delays since 2019. While their customer support may be slightly less responsive, they can be reached through direct calls. In my opinion, th.. Read more »
I had been using my previous hosting provider for a while without any problems. However, when it came time to renew my hosting, I decided to switch to Pk-Domain and purchase their Premium Hosting. It was a great deal and much more cost-effective comp.. Read more »
In 2019, I utilized this hosting service. Initially, I believed they solely provided domain names, but I ended up acquiring their VPS plan, which greatly assisted my client in successfully launching an E-commerce Store. Unfortunately, their hosting p.. Read more »
I have been utilizing PkDomain for a number of years now. PkDomain mainly caters to clients in Pakistan and is particularly beneficial for them due to its affordability and responsive customer support. However, it is not advisable for international c.. Read more »
The popularity of Pk domains in countries other than Pakistan is not very significant. However, if someone, such as myself, wants to specifically target customers in Pakistan, the pk domain is the ideal choice. Consequently, these domains are not as .. Read more »
For those targeting a local audience in Pakistan, this option is highly recommended. The pricing options they provide are very affordable when compared to the global market. Nevertheless, the graphical user interface (GUI) and dashboard features can.. Read more »