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Country: Switzerland
Servers: Switzerland
Working: 11 years
pCloud.com is a highly recommended cloud storage service that is utilized by many individuals and businesses for a variety of purposes. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and is particularly praised by the Design and Development team, who relies on it to store and distribute large files such as website landing pages, high-resolution images, and important xd files.

While there were some challenges encountered by a guest user in loading and displaying certain images on an iPho.. Read more »

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The Design and Development team primarily relies on pCloud to store and distribute large files like website landing pages, high-resolution images, and important xd files. However, as a guest user, I encountered some challenges in loading and displayi.. Read more »
We are fans of pCloud! We utilize it as a virtual storage solution for our various digital assets. This platform ensures complete encryption, providing a secure alternative to a computer hard drive. It allows convenient access to files from any locat.. Read more »
I have been utilizing pCloud storage service for a while now. The standout feature of pCloud.com as a hosting provider is its unlimited storage capacity. pCloud.com offers excellent services for both MAC and Windows users. It should be noted that pCl.. Read more »
I utilized pcloud's cloud platform to store my files. The procedure was relatively straightforward and the speeds were satisfactory. They provide a wide range of choices to cater to various storage requirements. What appealed to me the most was .. Read more »