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Servers: USA, United Kingdom, Sweden
Working: 22 years
Testing: 90 days is a hosting provider that offers affordable pricing and reliable service. While their interface is user-friendly, it lacks necessary features for practical use. The server settings have limited capabilities and controls. However, the platform operates with good speed and experiences minimal downtime. The support provided is not satisfactory, with some customers experiencing issues and a lack of responsiveness. Prices are average, making a suitable option for individuals and smal.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Beginner-1 pcs1 pcs50 Gb$6.99
Explorer-1 pcs5 pcs100 Gb$12.99
Enthusiast-5 pcs10 pcs200 Gb$17.99
Expert-7 pcs15 pcs500 Gb$26.99

Explorer---5 Gb$12.99
Enthusiast---10 Gb$17.99

Explorer---5 Gb$12.99
Enthusiast---10 Gb$17.99

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The interface of is user-friendly, although it lacks necessary features for practical use. The server settings have limited capabilities and controls. The platform operates with good speed and experiences minimal downtime. However, the interf.. Read more »
I believe that is one of the best hosting providers in terms of pricing and reliability. However, their customer support is lacking, as they closed my client's page without giving us any prior warning or clarification on the violations w.. Read more »
To begin, I would like to mention that I utilize for a few of my clients. I am honestly amazed at how they manage to offer such affordable prices while also providing impressive loading speeds. By optimizing your website, you can achieve exce.. Read more »
I have had multiple experiences with One in the past, and I view them as a reliable and comprehensive provider. They offer all the necessary features for web hosting, including ample disk space, emails, websites, and backups. Additionally, they provi.. Read more »
I have been a customer of for many years, using their services to host websites, mostly on Wordpress, for both my clients and my own sites. What initially attracted me to them was their competitive pricing. After using their services for ar.. Read more »
Berroney is an extremely user-friendly hosting provider that I highly recommend, especially for individuals who are not particularly tech-savvy. Their customer support team is available around the clock and highly skilled, and their speed is excellent.. Read more »
The website design of is very clean and easy to navigate. If I have a client who is non-technical and looking to purchase hosting, I would recommend for several reasons. Firstly, their packages are clearly displayed with all necessary.. Read more »
The main benefit of this hosting company is its affordable pricing, which is especially suitable for small personal or business websites. Apart from the price, no outstanding features caught my attention, making this company appear average in my opin.. Read more »
I am extremely satisfied with the support and server provided by OneHost. Their response to tickets is incredibly quick, often solving difficult issues that other companies took a week to address. I had a great experience with their tech support team.. Read more »
One of my clients purchased hosting from, and I created a website for them. From my personal experience, I have found their support to be quick and reliable, and their uptime to be excellent during the development process. I highly recommend .. Read more »
I'm unsure why I can't view One as a hosting company; to me, it appears more like a website builder, especially with their user dashboard. It doesn't give me the impression that I'm utilizing a hosting company. While their prices .. Read more »
The positive aspect of using is their website builder, which is beneficial for individuals who lack technical experience in creating a website. Additionally, their hosting packages are very affordable, with their basic package costing less th.. Read more »
If you want to host a WordPress website or a small cloud application, is the top choice. Their prices are unmatched, offering unbeatable affordability. Despite the low cost, their service is dependable. The dashboard is visually appealing and.. Read more »
Let me share with you my experience with the hosting service I purchased. I made the purchase a year ago, and overall, the loading speed for my files has been excellent. However, I have observed that larger files do take a bit longer to load. Neverth.. Read more »
I am very satisfied with the plans offered by I purchased one six months ago and have not experienced any issues. The speed is excellent and the service is outstanding. I am planning to start another project soon and I will definitely purcha.. Read more »
To begin, I want to mention that the pricing of this company is very competitive. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with them on two small projects already and I am completely satisfied with their service. The customer service they offer roun.. Read more »
In addition to the unappealing appearance of the website, is a reliable provider. I am acquainted with numerous individuals who have utilized or continue to use their services. The support can occasionally be confusing, but this seems to be a.. Read more »
One of the most economical options for website and email hosting is One. For just $2.49 per month, you will receive a comprehensive package. Their customer support is available 24/7 and extremely cooperative. The website loads quickly and boasts top-.. Read more »
I was referred to by a friend and decided to test it out. What stood out to me about is their pricing plans, which are conveniently converted to your local currency. This makes it simple to estimate costs. The best part is that the pr.. Read more »
Kiairra provides highly competitive prices and is a preferred option when working on a limited budget. Although it may not be the absolute best, it surpasses expectations considering its affordability. The speed and pricing flexibility offered by One.. Read more »
Deja offers cost-effective options, but it would be better if they provided more storage capacity across their plans. I utilize their services for my resume, however, I wouldn't recommend them for websites with extensive media content. Their .. Read more »
Ronnie offers hosting services at a very affordable price. However, it should be noted that the company lacks in additional services, speed, and support. Telephone assistance is not available, but chat and email options are provided. Our team has ut.. Read more »
In my opinion, is a company specifically designed for small businesses. They offer several advantages to their customers. Advantages: They have a smaller customer base, which allows for better customer support and faster server speed. Addit.. Read more »
Rohit is an excellent option for individuals looking for affordable web hosting with a reliable website. I opted to utilize their services when creating a website for a small business client. The cost is reasonable and their chat support is highly .. Read more »
If you have a blog of moderate size, you might consider using as your hosting provider. When I was searching for an affordable host for my health blog, I chose because their price of less than $3 per month seemed reasonable. .. Read more »
Kevin provides hosting plans that are competitively priced. The website's performance and security are dependable, although it could be improved as it tends to be a bit slow over time.
This host is highly cost-effective and I was able to avail of a 50% discount on my hosting plan. It offers several reasons to be satisfied, including complimentary SSL, user-friendly website builders, and top-notch customer support. However, it may n.. Read more »
Each question has a 24-hour time limit for receiving a response, which can feel like a long time considering you only receive one answer and have to wait another 24 hours for the next question. It is acceptable to wait 24 hours initially, but having .. Read more »
The cost of the service is highly cost-effective, making it one of the most affordable options available. However, as commonly stated, the quality of the service is reflective of its low price. Many reviewers have recently pointed out that the main d.. Read more »
My main priority in switching to One was to have fast speed and a reasonable price. However, I was not satisfied with the support team's service. It seems like they prioritize and pay more attention to premium customers only. I had a client who .. Read more »
Harry is a dishonest and deceitful company. They attract customers with low prices but ultimately disappoint them. Numerous issues arise, such as auto-renewal charges even for those on a basic plan, as well as fees for reminder emails. While it may.. Read more »
Choosing for your startup will provide you with an affordable initial cost. However, it is important to note that the server speeds may not meet expectations. If you are willing to sacrifice performance, could be a suitable option, es.. Read more »
Up until now, hosting provider has proven to have the most affordable rates for their services and especially their hosting packages. Furthermore, based on personal experience, offers a user-friendly platform that is particularly suit.. Read more »
Muhammad provides insufficient support due to a shortage of staff, resulting in lengthy waiting times for chat assistance. While their prices are average and their speed and uptime are satisfactory, their domain prices are considerably higher than tho.. Read more »
If you need an affordable but trustworthy web hosting provider, consider selecting Unlike other providers, provides a wide range of tools that allow you to create a website quickly and effortlessly, even with their basic starter plan.. Read more »
Advantages: - Affordable prices - SSL and WebSite Builder included - Simple WordPress installation process - Offers a 15-day refund policy Disadvantages: - Requires transferring existing domains - Lacks phone support - Only allows annual billing - S.. Read more »
I appreciate that offers a basic hosting package that includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, and free SSL from the start, unlike other providers who charge extra for SSL and have limitations on bandwidth and email. The customer suppor.. Read more »
I strongly suggest this hosting service because they have affordable pricing options. It is also worth mentioning that they have a 15-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, is ideal for business owners as they offer unlimited bandwidth, disk.. Read more »
This hosting service is the top choice for affordability and quality, offering all the premium features you need. Their starter plan is perfect for beginners, providing a cheaper option while still offering Free SSL and SSD hosting for faster perform.. Read more »
I was in the process of selecting an affordable hosting plan for a client when I came across I recommended that my client opt for their basic plan, which costs $2.45 per month. In my opinion, they offer an excellent deal with 50GB of SSD hos.. Read more »
Their hosting package prices are affordable and include free SSL. You can create as many E-mails as you need. Even their basic hosting is sufficient for businesses requiring emails for all employees. Their customer service is excellent and promptly r.. Read more »
I don't understand why anyone would suggest using this hosting service. My personal experience with it was negative as it has slow speed and only supports Linux. Additionally, if you desire a responsive mobile design, you need to carefully consi.. Read more »