rating: 9.1, reviews: 15
Country: Pakistan
Servers: USA, Pakistan
Panels: cPanel, Parallels Plesk
Working: 26 years is a hosting provider that offers a range of services to cater to various needs. With their cloud-based domain and hosting services, they provide affordable options for individuals and businesses alike. They also offer SSL security certificates and dedicated servers at reasonable prices, making them a comprehensive choice for those looking for a complete suite of services.

Customer support is a mixed bag with While some reviewers have praised their helpfulness and res.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Host 1cPanel3 pcs3 pcs2 Gb$2
Host 2cPanel5 pcs5 pcs4 Gb$2.5
Host UnlimitedcPanel50 pcs50 pcs25 Gb$3.66
Host Unlimited XLcPanel100 pcs100 pcs40 Gb$5.83
Basic Unix 1cPanel1 pcs10 pcs4 Gb$7

Nexus Cloud - Lite 1-2 Gb1 pcs60 Gb$20
Nexus Cloud - Lite Plus-1 Gb1 pcs40 Gb$28.35
Nexus Cloud - Lite 3-8 Gb2 pcs160 Gb$65.1
Nexus Cloud - Lite 2-4 Gb2 pcs80 Gb$70.35
Nexus Cloud - Lite 4-16 Gb4 pcs320 Gb$90

Bare Metal 12.3 GHz24 Gb8 pcs500 Gb$50
Bare Metal 32.2 GHz64 Gb16 pcs1000 Gb$120
PK DS 1 Intel Xeon 2 x Quad Core2.4 GHz32 Gb8 pcs256 Gb$141.25
Bare Metal 22.3 GHz48 Gb8 pcs500 Gb$149.1
Bare Metal 4 AMD Ryzen 7 3700X4.4 GHz32 Gb8 pcs1920 Gb$150

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Umer Mahmood
I had an extremely frustrating encounter with recently, and I want to emphasize just how unsatisfied I am with their services. It has been over five days since their website went offline, and despite my multiple attempts to contact their sup.. Read more »
Irfan Khalid
I am happy with the service provided by Nexus for hosting my website. Their customer support team was helpful and responsive, and the website interface was easy to use. Overall, I highly recommend Nexus as a reliable hosting provider.
Muhammad Usman
I have been using as my web hosting provider for a considerable period and I am extremely satisfied with their service. Their customer support is excellent and their technical team is both helpful and well-informed. The swift loading time of.. Read more »
Maz Khan
I have been utilizing for several months, and I am highly satisfied with their outstanding customer service and assistance. Ever since I began using their managed WordPress hosting service, my website has not encountered any periods of inact.. Read more »
Saad Khan
Since 2011, I have tried various hosting companies, but none have provided the exceptional technical support that has. Their customer service is available 24/7 and their team is skilled and efficient. Despite my tendency to speak unclearly, .. Read more »
Rabia Akram
Nexus technologies offers cloud-based domain and hosting services at a low price of $0.99 for domain registration. Additionally, they provide SSL security certificates and dedicated servers at a reasonable yearly cost. If you desire a .ae domain, the.. Read more »
Saad Khalid
I have to admit that provides a comprehensive hosting solution. I have been personally using it for some time now, and it is very cost-effective with excellent customer support. Furthermore, my website's loading time has significantly i.. Read more »
Salman Zafar
If you buy hosting from, you will receive a complimentary domain. Moreover, the prices are highly affordable. By reaching out to the support team, you can acquire a reasonably priced hosting plan. Each time I contacted them, I received promp.. Read more »
Ali Raza
The hosting platform is mediocre overall. The customer support is not very responsive, as it took them several days to address an issue I encountered. Additionally, their interface is poorly designed and lacks clarity in terms of functionality. Altho.. Read more »
Saif Khan
This platform has a long-standing reputation and extensive experience in providing hosting services. I have found their procedures for setting up VPSs and virtual machines to be straightforward. Additionally, they offer competitive prices. The only a.. Read more »
SoHaib Arshad Khan
The products are highly recommended because of their user-friendly interface, excellent customer care, and round-the-clock support. If you are interested in a comprehensive package, I suggest you proceed without hesitation. So far, there have been no.. Read more »
Ayesha L.
I am truly impressed by the exceptional quality of this company called Nexus. I am currently subscribed to their Host Unlimited XL plan, which is remarkably affordable at just $62 per year. What sets them apart is not only their affordable pricing, b.. Read more »
Advik Singh
If you are in need of reasonably priced hosting services with high security and reliable uptime, it is advisable to purchase hosting from They offer customer support available 24/7 and have a team of professional support agents who can prom.. Read more »
Arfan Ali
You have the option to buy a domain and hosting service from this website. The prices for both the domain and hosting are reasonable. However, the hosting service is not reliable as I encountered the same issue as with justhost. The website was not s.. Read more »
Mila Jansen
Their business-focused web hosting solutions surpass those of numerous other hosting providers. They provide a range of cost-effective services tailored to businesses. Additionally, all of their packages include a complimentary domain, which is a not.. Read more »