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Country: Australia
Servers: Australia
Panels: cPanel
Working: 19 years is an exceptional web hosting provider that offers outstanding services at competitive prices. Recommended by a friend, this company has proven to be a pleasant surprise for many customers. Unlike popular, well-known companies whose services and prices have become subpar, NewSprout stands out with its exceptional services and often better pricing. Customers are willing to pay a little extra for the exceptional services provided by NewSprout, which include top-notch technologies .. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

NanocPanel--1 Gb$2.31
StartercPanel--5 Gb$9.24
PremiumcPanel--20 Gb$14.63
SupercPanel--50 Gb$26.19

TrueCloud 1-2 Gb1 pcs100 Gb$91.66
TrueCloud 3-6 Gb3 pcs300 Gb$114.76
TrueCloud 4-8 Gb4 pcs500 Gb$137.87
TrueCloud 8-16 Gb8 pcs1000 Gb$160.98
TrueCloud 10-24 Gb10 pcs2000 Gb$191.79

Xeon 12-12 Gb4 pcs2000 Gb$199.49
Xeon 16-16 Gb4 pcs2000 Gb$238
Xeon 24-24 Gb4 pcs2000 Gb$299.62
Xeon 32-32 Gb4 pcs2000 Gb$368.94

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A friend recommended this company to me, and I am impressed with their outstanding service. Although I have previously used well-known companies, their services and prices have become subpar due to their popularity. Newsprout, on the other hand, is e.. Read more »
NewSprout is a pleasant surprise. The quality of their hosting services has exceeded my expectations. My website now loads incredibly quickly. As an e-commerce site owner, I am accustomed to slow loading times, but since switching to NewSprout, my we.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Newsprout for the past four years and have never been more satisfied with a web hosting company. Their servers are incredibly fast and have excellent uptime. They offer cPanel and even provide free data migration from previo.. Read more »