rating: 6.9, reviews: 7
Country: USA
Servers: USA
Panels: cPanel
Working: 27 years is a web hosting provider that offers a range of services, including domain hosting and website hosting. While their interfaces may be outdated and filled with popups and ads in the dashboard, their hosting services function well and are reasonably priced. They have attractive features such as cloud backups included in their WordPress plans and Sitelock for security in their regular hosting plans. The support team is responsive and efficient in resolving issues. However, it .. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Starter-1 pcs-15 Gb$3.79
Essential-3 pcs-300 Gb$9.96
Professional-10 pcs--$34.95
Premium-10 pcs--$40.78

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Network Solutions has outdated interfaces and an excessive amount of popups and ads in the dashboard, which I dislike. Whenever you click on something, there is always a popup promoting a service or product they want you to add. However, their servic.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Network Solutions for a long time, ever since I bought my first domain from them. Over the years, I have also used their hosting services. While their support may not always be quick, they do eventually resolve issues. It�.. Read more »
I have had extensive experience working with hosting for about two years. Their hosting services are extremely fast and reliable. Most issues that arise with websites are usually caused by user error or selecting the wrong packag.. Read more »
Network Solutions, once considered the top host, has now become unsatisfactory. Every time I called, the wait times exceeded 20 minutes. I needed assistance because they prematurely renewed my hosting service, resulting in a failed payment. Additiona.. Read more »
I am highly satisfied with these individuals. There are many great features available, such as convenient 1-click installations for popular applications, the ability to have unlimited email accounts, and outstanding customer support, to mention just .. Read more »
Their competence and quality of service have consistently decreased over the last few years, making them one of the few digital solution providers experiencing this trend. Occasionally, the pop-up chat tab can interfere with desired button clicks, ca.. Read more »
Advantages: - They offer a fast installation feature for CMS applications. Disadvantages: - Their packages for shared hosting servers are costly compared to the services provided. - They lack a chat medium, which would be preferred for multitasking,.. Read more »