rating: 8.4, reviews: 77
Servers: USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands
Panels: cPanel, InterWorx
Working: 24 years
Testing: 30 days is a reputable hosting and domain company that has been serving customers for over a decade. As their name suggests, they offer affordable domain options, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious individuals and businesses. One notable feature is their offer of a free domain for students through their website,

Customers have praised Namecheap for their reliable and efficient services. Many have purchased multiple domains and utilized their sha.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

StellarcPanel3 pcs50 pcs20 Gb$4.48
Stellar PluscPanel---$6.48
Stellar BusinesscPanel--50 Gb$9.48

Pulsar-2 Gb2 pcs40 Gb$9.88
Quasar-6 Gb4 pcs120 Gb$25.76
Magnetar-12 Gb8 pcs240 Gb$28.88

Xeon E3-1240 v33.4 GHz16 Gb4 pcs2000 Gb$55.88
Xeon E3-1230 v53.4 GHz8 Gb4 pcs1000 Gb$59.88
Xeon E-22343.4 GHz16 Gb4 pcs480 Gb$84.76
Dual AMD EPYC 72822.8 GHz128 Gb32 pcs7680 Gb$259.88

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I have been a customer of for a decade. As their name suggests, they offer affordable domain options. If you are a student, you can even receive a free domain through their website, Over the years, I have bought multiple.. Read more »
Namecheap offers an exceptionally efficient and user-friendly interface with unbeatable pricing. However, the server's traffic occasionally leads to slower speeds. In general, my experience with namecheap has been highly satisfactory, and I stro.. Read more »
I started using Namecheap in 2016 as a more affordable option for my hosting needs. While it was initially the cheapest option for the first year, it has become less inexpensive over time. What really stood out to me about Namecheap was their suppor.. Read more »
We have been using namecheap for several clients and are satisfied with their services. It is rare to encounter any problems, and the best part is that we rarely need to reach out to their support team. In general, our experience has been positive an.. Read more »
It's terrible. I enabled two-factor authentication and after some time, the push notifications stopped coming in their own mobile application. I reached out to ask how to access my personal account and they made me send a bunch of photos with my.. Read more »
The best thing about this registrar is only the price. I registered a domain and hosting, everything went well, the payment was processed quickly, they are good at that. But then they blocked it for "suspicion of fraud," asked for a photo o.. Read more »
Namecheap lives up to its name as it offers affordable prices compared to bigger hosting providers. However, their support response times are slower as a result. Despite this, the website's reliability is excellent, with no instances of downtime.. Read more »
A few years ago, I came across and my experiences with them have been exclusively positive. They offer reasonably priced services and have excellent offerings. Their domain prices are very attractive, they frequently have good promotion.. Read more »
I have been a user of Namecheap services for over three years. I utilize their shared hosting services in both the US and UK, as well as for my clients' domains and SSLs. One aspect worth mentioning is their highly competitive pricing. They off.. Read more »
Geared towards the budget-friendly segment of the hosting market, this service performs adequately but not exceptionally. Its main selling point is its affordable price, which is hard to fault. However, compared to other similarly priced options, its.. Read more »
My experience with Namecheap has been neither positive nor negative. I have used their shared hosting, SSL certificates, domain, and domain transfer support. Overall, their shared hosting service is average as they have low security settings on contr.. Read more »
I have used Namecheap multiple times to assist customers with their websites. What stands out to me is their confident claim of '100% uptime' which, surprisingly, has proven to be true as I have never experienced any downtime with them. The.. Read more »
NameCheap is the most cost-effective and trustworthy hosting provider I have ever utilized. What I appreciate about NameCheap is its reasonable and affordable pricing structure, making it the ideal choice for startups and medium-sized businesses. Mor.. Read more »
I would advise against using this company. Although they offer low prices, their services and servers are of poor quality. The internet speed is slow, and the amount of data you can transfer is actually limited despite their claim of unlimited bandwi.. Read more »
In my personal view, I am not a fan of namecheap hosting. I was dissatisfied with the speed and found the reliability to be subpar. It is possible that I encountered a defective host, as I didn't continue using the VPS for a significant duration.. Read more »
I am dissatisfied with Namecheap because their domain prices increase significantly upon renewal, and I have faced numerous difficulties when reaching out to their customer support for a refund according to their refund policy.
I possess numerous websites on namecheap, spread across different plans, and I am extremely impressed with their exceptional support.
Namecheap is undoubtedly the hosting and domain company that I prefer the most. I choose them, endorse them, and utilize their services for my own tools. I cannot emphasize enough how satisfied I am with them. They offer competitive pricing options .. Read more »
Perhaps they are not the most affordable option, but they are likely the slowest. It can be frustrating when you need assistance and it takes a long time for them to respond. However, one positive aspect is that they offer unique domain names at reas.. Read more »
Avoid using this company as their speed is extremely slow. When you reach out to their support team, they keep you on hold for a long time and then transfer your chat to another team member who does the same thing. My website focuses on videos, so .. Read more »
You can also discover attractive offers for domain names from a source that also offers hosting services. It is worth giving it a chance. I decided to try it out and was impressed with the affordable prices for domain names and wordpress hosting. How.. Read more »
My experience with Namecheap was unsatisfactory. It appears that their technical support team is lacking. I am solely using Namecheap for my domain name and while their server and uptime are satisfactory, the support provided is subpar. I would not r.. Read more »
Namecheap is the provider I prefer for domains, hosting, email, and SSL. They offer excellent features and their prices are unbeatable, as their name suggests. They are particularly beneficial for individuals who need to host 1-3 websites and don.. Read more »
Namecheap is considered satisfactory, but contrary to popular belief, they are not actually the most affordable option. This is particularly evident when they charge customers for an SSL after the first year, while other hosting providers offer it fo.. Read more »
I would suggest choosing Namecheap specifically for purchasing domain names. While I did find Cloudflare to be slightly cheaper, they currently lack the features that Namecheap provides. On a positive note, Namecheap offers flexible payment options f.. Read more »
We have been using web hosting for the past two years and recently decided to also set up our email with them. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a huge mistake. After just one month, we experienced a sudden disappearance of hundreds of our emails... Read more »
I highly value the excellent prices and consistent availability. The website's interface is user-friendly and effectively illustrates the variations in prices. The technical support is trustworthy. I personally recommend and support it.
I use Namecheap to purchase and manage all my domain names. Currently, I am hosting my WordPress Blog on their Shared Hosting plan. I have experienced excellent speed and have not encountered any problems, which leads me to believe that their support.. Read more »
When it comes to registering domain names, Namecheap is always my top choice, whether it's for myself or my clients. I have already transferred all of my domain names to them. I have also tried their shared hosting service, which was satisfactor.. Read more »
I highly recommend this shared hosting company for beginners, start-ups, and small eCommerce websites. They offer everything you need at a very affordable price, including a free SSL certificate. The website speed and customer support response time h.. Read more »
Despite being primarily recognized for its domain sales, which I have personally engaged in, the hosting service provided by the company is remarkably commendable. Although the prices are satisfactory, the speed could be enhanced and the service reli.. Read more »
I had been using NameCheap for many years to manage over 20 domain names and never had any issues. The domain management panel was easy to use and the prices were affordable. However, when I decided to try their shared hosting, I experienced slow spe.. Read more »
Namecheap is primarily recognized as a reliable platform for purchasing domain names. Nevertheless, they also provide additional services such as Wordpress hosting, Dedicated servers, VPSs, and various others. Unlike many competitors, Namecheap choos.. Read more »
During the Thanksgiving holiday, I made a purchase of five affordable domains from Namecheap. Not only were the prices reasonable, but the hosting services were also cheaper compared to international companies. I was impressed when they offered me a .. Read more »
I believe this hosting service is the best in the world. They offer easy domain registration and cheap options for both domains and web hosting. Their web hosting is not only affordable but also reliable with a strong focus on security. Additionally,.. Read more »
I have been using Namecheap for several years now and have leased over 20 domains from them. In my opinion, they are one of the top hosting providers in the world. One of the advantages they offer is their affordable domain prices, such as a .info do.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Namecheap for several years now and have consistently had positive experiences. The main reason I continue to use their services is because they offer great value for the price. Their prices are always very competitive, whic.. Read more »
NameCheap stands out as an affordable hosting provider, offering a range of hosting plans such as shared, WordPress, reseller, email, VPS, and dedicated hosting at a budget-friendly price. I have personally relied on their services for more than five.. Read more »
Namecheap remains my preferred website for purchasing SSL certificates. I have acquired both a wildcard and a Comodo EV SSL certificate from Namecheap, and their prices are unbeatable compared to other options. Additionally, the overall transaction p.. Read more »
I have never come across a more affordable choice for my ".com" domains, just as their name implies. Additionally, they provide free Whois protection, which I greatly appreciate because I want to ensure that my personal information is not a.. Read more »
I have been a satisfied customer of Namecheap for the past two years. As a web developer, I require a hosting service that allows me to easily set up and manage multiple websites and domains. After trying out various hosting companies, I chose Namech.. Read more »
I have found Namecheap to be one of the most affordable options for domain registration and hosting services. I only paid $12.99 for a domain name for a year, which was a great deal. Their website is attractive and easy to use, making it simple to fi.. Read more »
Namecheap is an ideal choice for individuals on a tight budget. It not only offers great affordability but also demonstrates strong reliability. They guarantee a 99.99% uptime, and I can attest to its accuracy based on my experience. Problems with Na.. Read more »
I have been using NameCheap as my hosting provider for the past three years. The main benefit of NameCheap is its affordable price. Another advantage is that their hosting accounts include 2x weekly backups, which is an added security measure. These .. Read more »
I had never hosted a website with NameCheap before, but I had previously used their services for a free domain and SSL certificate through Github's student membership. Compared to other hosting providers, NameCheap's hosting packages offer .. Read more »
I am the head of marketing and a full stack developer at a large company in my country. I use Namecheap's Stellar Plus hosting package for five websites, including four ecommerce sites. I have had no issues with Namecheap. Advantages: The chat .. Read more »
I have only used Namecheamp for one year, and they are good for purchasing domain names but not for hosting websites. Compared to many other companies, Namecheamp offers a much better hosting service for the same price. One positive aspect is their l.. Read more »
I primarily used it for purchasing domains and also had a shared hosting account with them. The aspect of managing billing was crucial for me, and I am pleased that it was handled smoothly. The control panel was average, not terrible, but there is ro.. Read more »
I find it advantageous to transfer all of my domains to namecheap and consistently buy new domains from them. They are the top choice for domain providers, offering significantly lower prices for new domains and renewals compared to others.
I usually use Namecheap for registering domain names, but I am new to their hosting services. I have been using their hosting service for nearly a year now, opting for the most affordable plan, which still offers excellent service. The main dashboard.. Read more »
I have been using NameCheap for domain registrations for a long time, however, I am new to their hosting services. It offers excellent affordability, but their customer support may not meet all expectations. It is recommended to utilize this service .. Read more »
I primarily utilize NameCheap as a platform for registering domains, as they possess an excellent user interface and provide various hosting-related services. I am satisfied with their domain registration services, and their support team promptly ass.. Read more »
It would be an extreme understatement to express how much I regret choosing to come to this place. The quality of their services is absolutely dreadful. Within a year, my website has been hacked twice and infected with malware, and they have had the .. Read more »
I have been using domaincheap for my two domains for the past three years without encountering any issues. I utilize VPS hosting and despite the fact that I opted for the cheapest rate of $9.88 in the first year and $38.88 thereafter, there has been .. Read more »
Namecheap gained recognition for offering affordable domain names, and customers can still find good value when purchasing domains from them. They offer a complimentary email address for two months and a lifetime free WhoisGuard service, which is hig.. Read more »
The basic shared Linux hosting plan from this company costs $2.88 per month and is suitable for hosting three websites. It offers SSD storage space and standard CPanel hosting on a LAMP stack. The main drawback is the limited number of email accounts.. Read more »
If you are looking to ensure high quality, consider NameCheap. Their extensive range of plans greatly assist me in effectively managing my clients while staying within budget. They achieve the perfect equilibrium between infrastructure and cost, offe.. Read more »
I primarily utilize namecheap for registering domain names, but I have also utilized their hosting services for a duration of 4 months. They are reasonably priced and provide satisfactory support. Namecheap is an acceptable choice, although they shou.. Read more »
Namecheap stands out for its exceptional affordability when it comes to acquiring domains. There is simply no better alternative available. I have personally acquired numerous domains from Namecheap and have consistently had positive experiences.
I really like Namecheap as a domain and hosting provider. While it may be slightly more expensive than other hosting providers, it is definitely worth it. They have recently introduced some great apps, and my favorite one is the "EasyWP" ap.. Read more »
Remi's provides budget-friendly rates and offers the most competitive hosting prices online. Nevertheless, during the time I have been utilizing, it has taken me nearly 15 minutes to reach their support team. Additionally, multip.. Read more »
I mainly rely on Namecheap for registering domains and utilizing their free DNS management. Additionally, I have also utilized their shared hosting services. For basic websites, their shared hosting is a cost-effective option. They provide reliable u.. Read more »
I would like to highlight the excellent customer support provided by NameCheap. They are very efficient and professional. Their shared and WP hosting services are quite reasonably priced. I always choose them for buying domain names. However, if you .. Read more »
I have been using this hosting provider for approximately three years now. They offer the most competitive prices online!!! Initially, their service may have been a bit slow, but they have recently resolved this issue, and it is now even faster than .. Read more »
I have been using Namecheap as my main domain name registrar for 6 years and currently have several domains registered with them. Their interface for managing domains is straightforward and easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to update DNS setti.. Read more »
Namecheap, a registrar that has expanded into hosting services, offers a satisfactory overall experience with reasonable pricing, fast speeds, and dependable service. They provide a complimentary domain, website builder, free certificate, and a 30-da.. Read more »
Namecheap should focus on offering domain names exclusively and not expand into providing hosting services. Here's the rationale behind this recommendation: Namecheap excels in providing domain names, which is their core competency. It is not .. Read more »
This web hosting service has affordable prices and a user-friendly interface. They provide DDOS protection and include free SSL certificates with all their hosting options. However, there are strict limits on resources for shared plans and VPS hostin.. Read more »
I highly recommend this hosting service for individuals planning to start a business for several reasons. Firstly, they offer very reasonable and affordable price packages. One great feature is that they include an SSL certificate in their package. I.. Read more »
They provide affordable domain and hosting services with a helpful support team and user-friendly dashboard. However, I found it difficult to make technical adjustments when needed. I suspect that the low server specifications may be a result of the .. Read more »
In my experience, NameCheap is the top choice for affordable web hosting. They offer competitive prices for reliable hosting services. Although it may not be the fastest or have the best uptime, this can easily be resolved by utilizing CDNs. While it.. Read more »
I have been using namecheap hosting for a few websites with moderate traffic, and I have not encountered any problems. The servers they currently use are very reliable, as they rarely experience any downtime compared to their previous servers. Their .. Read more »
"Name cheap," as its name suggests, is a well-known and budget-friendly web hosting and registrar. I have utilized their services multiple times without encountering any major problems, only a few minor concerns. While their domain registra.. Read more »
Advantages: - Their package prices are affordable. - They provide free SSL for all shared hosting plans. - Their customer service is excellent, available 24/7. Disadvantages: - They utilize outdated PHP default version. - WordPress automatic install.. Read more »
Namecheap is a top-notch affordable hosting provider that caters to all types of customers. They prioritize their live chat support system, ensuring quick responses to any queries from real individuals within a minute. This efficient customer service.. Read more »
I, as a web developer, highly endorse Namecheap to all of my clients due to their round-the-clock live chat support and consistent performance. Additionally, their monthly billing system is impressive, and they excel in technical aspects such as band.. Read more »
I really liked this hosting service because they offer a monthly payment option, which is very important for customers. The support is extremely quick and efficient. Additionally, the support team can suggest the most suitable option for your needs. .. Read more »