rating: 8.7, reviews: 18
Servers: USA
Panels: cPanel
Working: 21 years
Testing: 30 days is a reputable web hosting and domain registration service that offers a range of services to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike. With over 5 years of experience, they have garnered a positive reputation in the industry.

One aspect that stands out is their hosting services. Despite some optimization issues, their performance is generally pleasant and reliable. Their managed WordPress hosting, in particular, is commendable for its swiftness and user-friendliness... Read more »

Plans and Pricing

PERSONALcPanel1 pcs10 pcs10 Gb$7
PREMIUMcPanel25 pcs50 pcs100 Gb$11

VPS 1 Cloud-1 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$6
VPS 2 Cloud-2 Gb1 pcs50 Gb$12
VPS 3 Cloud-2 Gb2 pcs60 Gb$18
VPS 4 Cloud-4 Gb3 pcs80 Gb$24

VPS 1 Cloud-1 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$6
VPS 2 Cloud-2 Gb1 pcs50 Gb$12
VPS 3 Cloud-2 Gb2 pcs60 Gb$18
VPS 4 Cloud-4 Gb3 pcs80 Gb$24

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I had a pleasant experience with Name Hosting's performance, although it could have been better optimized. Additionally, they failed to clarify the bandwidth limits, leading to unforeseen fees when I had to reset it. Furthermore, the server freq.. Read more »
I have been a user of for over 5 years. Their hosting services are excellent for the price, and they also offer essential features like Free SSL and Automated Backup for websites. However, it is worth noting that they do not offer Live Chat .. Read more »
Drawing from my extensive experience as a PrestaShop and WordPress developer, having successfully delivered more than 800 orders for clients on reputable platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, I can confirm the excellent performance of Notabl.. Read more »
While my overall experience was positive, my only desire is for Name hosting to offer support for the creation of Node.js applications using shared hosting plans. I personally would benefit from this as VPS hosting tends to be expensive and less suit.. Read more »
I have utilized services before and the most noteworthy aspect of their services is their availability. They always have someone ready to assist whenever I have needed them, and the wait time to address my issues and find a solution is minim.. Read more »
I have purchased the majority of my domain names from and I currently oversee over 70 domain names through their platform. In addition, I have been managing more than 10 WordPress sites using their reliable, fast, and easy-to-use managed Wor.. Read more »
In the past six years, I have tried numerous web hosting companies, but Name Hosting has consistently proven to be reliable. They promptly redirect support requests to the appropriate personnel and effectively resolve any issues that arise. Unlike ot.. Read more »
In my own personal encounter with Name's 'Website Builder' product, I found it to be extremely simple and basic, as expected from a website builder. However, it successfully fulfilled its intended purpose, and I was impressed by its fa.. Read more »
A few of my customers have utilized for their domain registration and email hosting needs. Although I haven't personally used it for my own projects, I have instead opted for titan Email, which I find to be highly dependable and easy to.. Read more »
Ivan is one of my oldest friends on the internet. It is a versatile service for domains, email hosting, and small shared web hosting. I have been using their services for a long time and I can't say anything but good things about them. They .. Read more »
I used to turn to them to find a great domain name at a good price. But when I tried their hosting services, I was amazed. They have excellent prices, lower than others. The hosting is reliable, website speeds are excellent, with no downtime. Everyth.. Read more »
Fast and secure hosting, easy to use. Prices are reasonable and depend on the domain. For any questions, you can contact our support team.
I use to manage my domains. It has a simple, user-friendly, and functional interface for managing arrays of over 100 domains. I definitely recommend it. The hosting services are quite cheap, but I haven't tried them because there are m.. Read more »
Ivan has been a longtime companion of mine on the internet. It provides comprehensive services for domains, email hosting, and small shared web hosting, making it a convenient platform. I have been a satisfied customer for quite some time and hav.. Read more »
I used to frequent this place because they offered affordable domain prices. One day, I discovered that they also offered hosting services, so I decided to give it a shot. To my surprise, their pricing was excellent, and I often paid less compared to.. Read more »
The hosting service is both fast and secure. It is extremely user-friendly - simply type in your query and the prices will be displayed. The prices are reasonable, and they vary depending on the domain. In case you have any inquiries, customer suppor.. Read more »
Managing your domains through is a simple task. Their interface is well-designed and user-friendly, making it easy to handle multiple domains at once. Overall, I highly recommend them for domain management. Although they also provide inexpen.. Read more »
If you are in need of a reliable and efficient hosting service, is a great choice. It not only protects against hacking attacks on various sites, but also safeguards our own sites from brute force and hacker attacks. I can personally attest .. Read more »