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Working: 27 years is a web hosting service that offers shared hosting packages, domain names, and SSL certificates. Customers have praised the website for its user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and find the necessary information. One notable benefit mentioned by users is the decrease in email ads after switching to MWEB. The support team is available 24/7 and is commended for their willingness to assist customers. Transparent pricing is another advantage, with the cost of specific doma.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

10GB HostingcPanel1 pcs5 pcs10 Gb$2.86
20GB HostingcPanel5 pcs20 pcs20 Gb$3.72
50GB HostingcPanel10 pcs50 pcs50 Gb$6.9

10GB Hosting---5 Gb$2.86
20GB Hosting---20 Gb$3.72
50GB Hosting---50 Gb$6.9

10GB Hosting---5 Gb$2.86
20GB Hosting---20 Gb$3.72
50GB Hosting---50 Gb$6.9

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I bought a shared hosting package, domain names, and an SSL certificate. Everything is working fine. I switched from a different hosting service to MWEB because their website is easier to navigate. Now, my inbox is no longer flooded with ads, and the.. Read more »
Overall, I am content with the service and help I have received. There were a few occasions when my website experienced downtime, but this was resolved once I switched to cloud flare nameservers. The positive aspect is that the technical support team.. Read more »
MWEB offers satisfactory service at affordable prices, along with reliable 24/7 chat support. However, they tend to neglect important cPanel settings like disabling the overly active Spam Assassin, which can lead to important emails being marked as s.. Read more »
Their pricing is extremely inexpensive and suitable for a new website or someone just starting out. However, the speed of their service is extremely slow and it is common for the server to shut down while in use. I would not consider it to be a relia.. Read more »
The system they use is not easy to navigate, especially when it comes to uploading files for websites. However, their services are satisfactory, although the response times can be a bit slow. Once they do respond, they are quick to resolve any issues.. Read more »
In the past, Mweb was the preferred company for hosting and internet services in South Africa. However, this has changed since it was acquired by Internet Solutions a few years ago. Unfortunately, the quality of their hosting and support has declined.. Read more »
It seems to me that Mweb has lost its direction following its acquisition by Internet Solutions. Even their website appears dull and uninteresting. Considering the abundance of other options that are more driven to satisfy and retain customers, why w.. Read more »