rating: 7.9, reviews: 14
Country: Ukraine
Servers: Ukraine
Panels: Custom
Working: 23 years
Testing: 10 days
Mirohost.net is an hosting service provider that has received mixed reviews from customers. While some customers have had negative experiences with the company, others have been satisfied with the quality of their services.

One common complaint among customers is the lack of assistance and low level of customer service provided by Mirohost.net. Some customers have reported that when they encountered issues with their websites, the company was slow to respond and take action, requiring p.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

MiniCustom-built1 pcs1 pcs3 Gb$6.22
SiteCustom-built2 pcs5 pcs6 Gb$8.43
PortalCustom-built5 pcs10 pcs9 Gb$11.29

eVPS-1-1 Gb1 pcs8 Gb$6.54
eVPS-2-1 Gb1 pcs16 Gb$11.86
eVPS-4-2 Gb2 pcs24 Gb$15.22
eVPS-32-12 Gb4 pcs128 Gb$87.05
eVPS-64-16 Gb6 pcs256 Gb$141.37

Pentium G44003.3 GHz8 Gb2 pcs256 Gb$57.02
Core i3-71003.9 GHz8 Gb2 pcs256 Gb$76.49
Xeon E3-1225V53.3 GHz8 Gb4 pcs256 Gb$85.49
Dual Xeon Silver 41142.2 GHz32 Gb10 pcs256 Gb$334.36

Reviews on Mirohost.net


Lack of assistance. The lowest level of customer service one can anticipate in this industry.
They claim to offer protection against hacking, but that is completely false! My website was attacked by hackers and was inaccessible for six hours. Only after I personally contacted them did they take any action. Their customer support is the wors.. Read more »
I strongly advise against recommending this service. Despite paying for a renewal, they did not fulfill their obligation to provide the service and refused to refund our money. It can be said that they essentially stole our money.
Attention to all competitors - we strongly advise! Let's begin with the control panel. At first glance, it appears decent and user-friendly. However, once you start working, you'll be met with shocking difficulties. For instance, when addin.. Read more »
I have been a loyal customer of their service for quite a while now, specifically for a period of 3 years. However, when I made the decision to switch to a different hosting company, they failed to refund the remaining balance to me as stated in para.. Read more »
We have been utilizing this hosting service for six years, and it has been consistently outstanding. I am completely satisfied. However, the pricing strategy might discourage potential new customers. Therefore, the management should consider providin.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting company for 5 years and, although the price is high, I am satisfied with their services. I recently started another project with them and the hosting experience has been excellent. I don't understand why others com.. Read more »
I am currently testing this hosting service for a trial period and find it to be convenient and fast. However, I am experiencing difficulties with Joomla. Despite trying various methods to set up directories using different approaches, I consistently.. Read more »
This hosting provider in Ukraine is considered one of the finest in terms of technical performance. I personally have had a great experience with it as everything functions seamlessly. Although the tech support may not be flawless, I still highly rec.. Read more »
I have tried many hosting services, but this one is the most dependable. The customer service is always accessible, and the staff is extremely courteous. However, the technical support is not as impressive, but overall it is still very good. The cont.. Read more »
I am completely satisfied with everything. Everything functions perfectly for me.
The hosting service is of exceptional quality and is considered the top choice among Ukrainian hosting providers. Despite my website not being optimized, it can effortlessly handle over 10,000 daily visitors (although each visitor only views a few pa.. Read more »
In my professional experience of 7 years in website development, I believe that this hosting provider is the top choice in Ukraine. The technical support is exceptional, available round the clock, and the control panel is user-friendly and easy to na.. Read more »
The hosting company's services are dependable, efficient, and of a superior standard. The technical support team provides logical and comprehensive answers to all our queries. I have been a customer of this hosting company for one year, utilizin.. Read more »