rating: 9.6, reviews: 318
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia, Netherlands
Panels: Custom built, ISPmanager
Working: 20 years is a highly reliable and commendable hosting service provider in the Russian Internet. With over a decade of experience, they have consistently demonstrated their value and commitment to serving their clients. The technical support provided by Mchost surpasses the quality of other hosting providers, as they go above and beyond in assisting their customers. They have a friendly and knowledgeable support team that promptly resolves any issues or inquiries. The uptime rate of Mchost is ex.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Mac-3Custom-built1 pcs1 pcs3 Gb$1.94
Mac-10Custom-built5 pcs5 pcs10 Gb$3.77
Mac-15Custom-built15 pcs15 pcs15 Gb$6.04
Mac-30Custom-built40 pcs40 pcs30 Gb$10.48
PremiumCustom-built50 pcs50 pcs50 Gb$16.21

KVM-12-12 Gb6 pcs180 Gb$40.54

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Andrey Myagkov
The worst hosting I've ever come across in my memory. Please, if you are thinking of switching here, stop! Don't repeat my mistake! I found this hosting through a top list for Django websites, paid for 3 months upfront, and also bought a d.. Read more »
Mikhail Morozov
I've been utilizing Mhost hosting for more than a decade and it has consistently been exceptional. The support has been excellent and I am extremely content with it.
Igor Shkinder
They had an outdated control panel which they replaced with a new one. However, they were unable to transfer funds between the old and new accounts due to their differences. The support service had the ability to close tickets without providing any r.. Read more »
Valeriy Litvinenko
In my perspective, Mchost is one of the most reliable hosting services in the Russian Internet. This is supported by the fact that Mchost has been established for a considerable period of time and has successfully demonstrated its value.
Sergey Hohlov
Top-notch tech support. They were extremely helpful in a difficult situation. They answered all of my silly questions. As a result, the website came back to life.
Oleg Sergeevich
I have been a long-time client. They have never let me down. Most of the time, I had consultative questions for their support team. I even survived their war with oversans. I must say that I am a developer myself and I bring clients to them, and rece.. Read more »
Egor Shrimov
I wish you all good health and prosperity! About a year ago, I joined this platform and for a long time, I couldn't decide if I liked it here or not. However, just recently, the technical support team proved to me that they are true professional.. Read more »
Overall, the hosting is decent, but a bit expensive. Thankfully, I was able to register using a promo code and get a discount, which I did. I have no complaints about the hosting itself, everything runs quickly. It supports all versions of PHP.
Anatoliy Lunev
I posted my project here - everything was great. The hosting speed was high, and there was free technical support for many questions. Now I am hosting another project. I have nothing bad to say. The most important thing is that the response time from.. Read more »
Vera Zaytseva
I have been using Mchost for over a year. I am a retired blogger: I have more questions than young people. I am satisfied with the hosting. They have round-the-clock support, multiple payment methods, you can always switch to a more advantageous tari.. Read more »
Good day everyone! I would like to write a review about McHost hosting. I have been using their services for over 3 years without any complaints, and I highly recommend it to everyone.
From the very beginning, I registered with other platforms as well, but I still stayed with MacHost because their customer support was unsatisfactory. They would not respond even on weekends, making you wait until morning. There were also other issue.. Read more »
The most cost-effective and high-quality service. Convenient and user-friendly interface in the control panel. Haven't found a worthy competitor yet. Highly recommend to everyone!
I have been using MacHost virtual hosting since 2019. I find the hosting to be very convenient and the support team works well, resolving issues quickly. It offers a good price-to-quality ratio, with the quality even surpassing the price. The interfa.. Read more »
I have been using MacHost for about a year now. I chose it because of their affordable prices and their support team is always available. I have reached out to them a couple of times and they have been very responsive.
I'm very happy that I switched to this hosting from the previous one. The support is excellent. So far, everything fits here.
I have been a partner since 2008. I only host my clients and resources on Mchost. It has one of the best control panels, everything is convenient and easy. The support team is friendly and available 24/7. My clients are 99% satisfied with my recommen.. Read more »
I would like to express my gratitude to the Mchost team, especially to technical support specialist Alexey Taran, for their prompt and professional assistance in transferring my website from another hosting provider. These guys are great, they respon.. Read more »
Sergey Kuzminov
The database was blocked due to high load instantly. It seems that they have a very limited power reserve. They disabled it without the possibility to create a backup or at least retrieve their website. This is a very, very, very, very bad move towar.. Read more »
Nikolay Melnik
I have several websites hosted on this hosting service. The support team promptly and efficiently resolves any questions or issues. Recently, I needed to restore a subdomain from a backup (I'm not very knowledgeable in this area)... the guys did.. Read more »
Mihail Skidan
Great price, excellent server performance, and responsive and helpful customer support from the hosting provider. I can highly recommend them.
Maksim Haprov
It's hard to imagine a worse hosting service. The support is incredibly incompetent, and you can end up talking to 4-5 operators just to get help with one issue. It all started when my website was down for almost two days during the move. Why di.. Read more »
Evgeniya Kasyanova
I have recently started using hosting services and my experience has been very pleasant. The support team is excellent and responds quickly. They not only respond quickly but also take immediate action without any unnecessary back-and-forth. I decide.. Read more »
Dmitriy Sinitsyn
MacHost has long established itself as a reliable service that can be trusted to handle complex projects. The excellent technical support team and consistent quality of their services have earned them a reputation among me and my partners.
Sergey Bunin
I specifically asked you how many emails can be sent, and you said - 400 per hour. I set up sending 4 emails with a 1-minute interval, totaling 240 emails per hour. Are you kidding me??? I have 13.5 thousand users, and in one day, I sent only 7.5 tho.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for over two years. During this time, I have not experienced any system failures. The only thing I wish for is more free perks like some other hosting providers offer, such as a free SSL certificate, etc.
Tatyana Zhironkina
The best hosting service ever! They are always ready to help and explain everything in a quick and detailed manner. Thank you, guys, for your excellent work! Special thanks to Eduard Sungatulin for his outstanding support!
Ildar Suleymanov
The technical support works quickly and efficiently. They are polite. I am quite satisfied with the website's performance, as no major issues have occurred. The website is functioning properly.
Aleksandr Brazhnikov
Thank you to the support team and the hosting service in general! We have been working with them for a long time. They respond to any issues within 1-2 minutes and continue resolving them without interruption. Today, my question was answered and solv.. Read more »
Viktor Savelyeu
I'm still new to this, but I've read, watched, and talked to others, and I've just tried it out - it's a great service! Wishing you success and all the best to all of us.
Anton Dalnikovich
Great hosting, I've been using it for 2 years, but here's one "but". We registered domains a few months ago. We were waiting for our moment. I start adding them to the hosting - they're already added in another account. I rea.. Read more »
Vyacheslav Nikonov
Great hosting! Awesome technical support! They have knowledgeable guys there. I highly recommend it!
Make sure to read this comment if you decide to switch to this hosting provider! The hosting is significantly more expensive compared to others, but the quality is not better! I switched to this host only because they claimed to be torrent-friendly,.. Read more »
Anton Sonaev
Hats off to the skilled technical support team at Makhost! I thought I would spend the entire weekend going through the technical documentation, but they managed to restore everything for me within just 30 minutes. They are truly impressive!
Yuriy Zapevalov
I have outgrown the beginner's pants and decided to use a website builder. After researching, I chose MacHost. As an advanced newbie, I am satisfied with everything: they smoothly transferred my website from another host and seamlessly transferr.. Read more »
I really liked this hosting service. I especially want to highlight the fast work of the support team, who helped me transfer the website in the shortest possible time.
Aleksandr Levitskiy
We have been hosting websites on MShost for several years now. The technical support is excellent, and they have always been prompt in assisting us during difficult times.
Vlad Kuryaev
What can I say - the only thing that pleases on this hosting is the low prices, everything else is a very poorly smelling crap. Yesterday around 22:00 the website went down, which has an application with over 200K installations tied to it. Since then.. Read more »
Aleksandr Voronin
This is my first experience, but I am thrilled! As a newbie, everything was intuitively understandable to me. Whenever I had questions, they were answered within two minutes. The customer support is very responsive and understanding. The service is t.. Read more »
Marina Sogomonyan
I really liked the work of the experts, they are true professionals in their field. It's very convenient to be able to ask for technical support when in need, as they won't leave you without help.
Olka Brailova
Great hosting, never had any problems at all. I have multiple websites and I'm a beginner. I probably will never fully understand website building and hosting, so it's great that the guys at MacHost are ready to explain any complexity in th.. Read more »
Anastasiya Moroz
These guys are amazing! They react very quickly and solve all issues in no time! I often encounter various problems, whether it's downloading a plugin, finding a theme, or even accessing the platform. But Mikhail and Edward always have the answe.. Read more »
Aleksandr Bersenev
I would like to express my gratitude to the support team for their prompt and timely assistance in solving any issues.
Maksim Samarev
Great hosting with affordable prices and excellent support. I particularly want to highlight the support team as it was crucial for the success of my project.
Viktor Tihonov
I have been using hosting for about a year. I am a beginner in development, so I often have questions about website hosting, transferring sites, domain name registration, and everything related to hosting. I really like the work of the support team! .. Read more »
Dimitri Gromov
Hosting is excellent! The price, speed, and reliability are top-notch! The customer support is available 24/7 - I've tested it myself! I highly recommend it to both experienced users and newcomers!
Natalya Smirnova
Hello Victor Ivanov! I must say, I envy your responsiveness. You received the information instantly, took care of everything, and got a response to your inquiry. The speed of your reaction was just a few seconds, while I thought it would take a coupl.. Read more »
Irina Ilinskaya
I created my website with the help of a free three-day seminar by Alexander Borisov. The support group was really helpful as I had no experience in this. However, I got confused and ended up paying for the wrong account, which resulted in my website .. Read more »
Peregudov Maxim
The hosting works flawlessly. The control panel is very convenient. But the most important thing is the support service. They always respond very quickly and most importantly, solve any problems that arise. And the problems can be quite complex. For .. Read more »
Vadim Razumovskiy
Excellent hosting!!!! Everything is just perfect! The price is reasonable, no outages in 1.5 years! The speed is great! The support is probably the best - they respond very quickly, day and night, in less than 5 minutes!!!!!!!!! The support is simply.. Read more »
Vladimir Petrov
I didn't expect this! I registered an online store and did everything as the blogger on YouTube said, but at one point something went wrong. I thought I wasted two hours of work and would have to start over. I contacted support. This person (Mik.. Read more »
Elena Grekova
Thank you for the tech support work, guys are very responsive and competent. The website performance is top-notch. Wishing MacHost continued success and prosperity!
Rustam Ganiev
Great hosting. The fast tech support was especially pleasing.
Vlad Shpakovskiy
Excellent support. They respond very quickly and right on point. I have never had an unresolved issue, they always help anytime. I have no plans to leave anytime soon.
Slava Ovchinnikov
Hello. I'm a beginner student in blogging. I really enjoy working on your platform. I would like to request two things. 1. Please create a functional plugin for *READ MORE*. 2. In the hosting panel, please provide a detailed procedure for uninst.. Read more »
Galina Shlygina
I am very satisfied with Makhost. As a beginner, I find their support to be outstanding. They are prompt and thorough, available at any time of the day. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Tatyana Zhironkina
Great support. Real and quick problem-solving. Well done. I recommend it to everyone!
Aleksandr Dremov
Good hosting, there are some problems, but the support team helps out, if not for one BUT, it only helps occasionally and mostly just sends links to the first page on Google for your query. It's incredibly annoying. Do they think I don't kn.. Read more »
Dmitriy Mogilevets
Everything is great. The technical support has never let us down, always on top of things. True professionals, we've been working together for four years now, and not just on one website. Keep up the good work!
Natalya Bozhko
I really like your hosting, it's convenient and affordable, so I choose you. Hello!
Kirill Pankov
Thank you so much for the technical support, everything was done quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, for free! Special thanks to Artem Lotarev.
Ana Usatenko
I want to write about an employee of MacHost, Sergey Koscheev. For several days, I couldn't log into the website and made a mistake. He found it and pointed out how to fix it correctly in order to solve it. Thank you! It's pleasant to work .. Read more »
Aleksey Tsatsurin
I transferred my website to Makhost after carefully monitoring hosting information. The previous hosting, Infobox, was completely infected with viruses and no measures could help. Makhost is on a completely different level. It is a virus-free zone. T.. Read more »
Aleksandr Rylkov
I manage several websites and have tried different hosting providers, but I haven't found any better than MacHost. There are several clear advantages for me here: I have never had any availability issues with my websites in the 5 years I've.. Read more »
Artem! Thank you! I figured it out... :) and the whole team is available 24/7. Thank you for the technical support. And Veraslava has a track for you as a gift (admin! I will edit the link).
Vlad Kuryaev
There are frequent and persistent disruptions on the hosting platform, resulting in the website becoming inaccessible. This is a major issue as the application relies on this website, leading to the app also being unavailable. As a result, users give.. Read more »
Vasiliy Shevchenko
Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my experience with hosting services. I've been using this one for three years now and it's been great. I've tried a few others like, Eurobyte, and Beget, but this one is definitely the best in .. Read more »
Aleksandr Oreshnikov
I have been using their services for about a year now. Everything is satisfactory. The price, quality of service, and support are just superb! Thank you, guys, for your work!
Slava Ovchinnikov
Is it really so difficult to describe the process of removing a database and applications in plain language? Instead of saying "enter the directory," why not explain how to do it? I am frustrated. It should be made clear that you cannot ins.. Read more »
Andrey Medvedev
I am a complete beginner in creating websites. Through trial and error, I managed to build what I needed in just half a day. The technical support responds within minutes. The first three months are free. Everything is satisfactory, everything works,.. Read more »
Sergey Melnik
I have been using it for over six months now. No issues at all. Whenever I have any trouble, like installing WordPress or making a payment, I simply contact their support, and within 5-10 minutes, the problem is resolved.
Nadezhda Zibrova
The support is of very high quality, with a pleasant interface. Everything is clear and accessible. The price is quite affordable.
Aleksandr Averin
Hello everyone! I switched to MacHost a year ago. I took a training course on CMS Joomla, received a promo code, tried it out, and was very satisfied. Previously, I had my first website,, hosted on another platform, but now I .. Read more »
Aleksandr Novikov
I decided to change the provider for my websites. I had about 40-50 rubles in my account and half a month paid for (so the amount was small). I asked for a refund of the unused funds. In the end, the director, Anton Svershevsky, emailed me from direc.. Read more »
Larisa Kolosova
Thank you very much! Everything is top-notch, they respond quickly and never refuse to help, even to "newbies" like me.
Very knowledgeable and prompt technical support! Thank you, 5+5+5+5+!
Olga Marizina
Great hosting provider. I have been working with them for six years now. I want to specially mention their support team. They are responsive and always ready to help. I was just lucky to choose MacHost at the right time. I have never regretted it.
Albert Voskresenskiy
I have been using MacHost hosting for 5 years now and have never experienced any failures. The support team has always been exceptional. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Nina Pahomenko
Hello everyone! It's just amazing. The customer support is top-notch! Let me explain that I have absolutely no knowledge in website creation. My field is jurisprudence. It so happened that my spouse and I decided to create our own website, http:.. Read more »
Natalya Gluschenko
I've been with MacHost for a long time. I absolutely love their support. They are always attentive and I can't remember a time when they didn't respond. They always make an effort to help and find a solution. And of course, they are tr.. Read more »
Ruslan Abdurashidov
What I like about working with this hosting service. 1. The price. 2. The ability to quickly purchase a domain from them. 3. This is the best technical support. They are just amazing guys. They will help, resolve the issue completely, and solve it. I.. Read more »
Aleksandr Piskunov
I have been using MacHost for over 4 years now. I have several accounts with virtual hosting. There were some glitches a few years ago, but for the past 3 years, I have not experienced any issues with speed or server downtime. The technical support i.. Read more »
Aleksandr Maslov
I have been using the services of MacHost since 2006. Throughout all this time, I have never had any doubts or regrets, even during their "difficult times". It is a reliable, convenient, and responsive hosting provider. I host all of my web.. Read more »
Aleksandr Detenkov
Definitely excellent hosting, and not just hosting, but a partner and assistant in business. I have never encountered such knowledgeable, professional, and fast customer support anywhere else. Wherever you turn, the first thing they do is focus on mo.. Read more »
Ilya Milehin
Good hosting with responsive technical support.
Mihail Tuebov
We had difficulties with installing the website on the hosting because the domain was being set up elsewhere. However, the support team provided us with clear explanations and assistance. Thank you for your help.
Azamat Sydykov
I am very grateful for the technical support. They helped me solve the website problem completely. Thank you.
Igor Churakov
I have been using the services of this provider for 6 months. I won't mention whose services I used before... I am satisfied. I recommend it to everyone. Stable, reliable connection. I am immensely grateful for the technical support. I have made.. Read more »
Roman Yupevich
Everything is simply good.
Tatyana Budennaya-Privar
I don't want to advertise, but I've been using this hosting provider since 2011. And the guys there always help me, a beginner, skillfully and quickly. And today, Viktor Ivanov quickly solved my problem. Thank you so much!
Vary Makojed
I have been working with MacHost for just a couple of months, but I already love this hosting provider. MacHost has many great qualities, but the best one they have is their customer support! Instant and, importantly, clear responses.
Sergey Makarov
Top-notch technical support and reliability! I highly recommend it to everyone!
Rinat Muhomedzhanov
More than 5 years with mchost. Works steadily. Occasionally, brief server maintenance is carried out (usually at night). We are always notified in advance. There have been no more than 5 such interruptions in 5 years. Special thanks to the technical.. Read more »
Aleksandr Klimovich
This hosting is absolutely wonderful! I started using it thanks to Alexander Kurteev, and the hosting itself is just amazing. The support team responds instantly.
The support team is very responsive, my website loads quickly. The control panel is user-friendly. I carefully and extensively researched hosting options and I am satisfied with my decision.
Denis Lisogorskiy
I have been using this hosting service since 2012 and I am extremely satisfied. The hosting specialists are always readily available to provide assistance if there are any issues with my websites. They have helped me numerous times with consultations.. Read more »
Nikolay Koloss
I am not yet a customer of MacHost, but I have already enjoyed interacting with a wonderful manager of this company. The service is clearly strong, with an impressive interface, and I wish them every success. The only thing is, although I haven'.. Read more »
Artem Nikolenko
This hosting service has really impressed me. The technical support is of high quality, the security measures are good, and the prices are reasonable. I have been using this hosting for about a year now, and everything is top-notch. Occasionally, the.. Read more »
Aleksey Scherbakov
Great customer support! They transferred the website in just 1 hour on Sunday! Seriously impressive! They didn't ask any unnecessary questions and did everything themselves, even transferred the SSL certificate. In short, the start was simply fa.. Read more »
We turned to this company after serious violations in the work of our previous hosting provider. At the first stage, they promptly help resolve all the issues that arise during the website migration, for which we express our separate gratitude. The r.. Read more »
Tamara Sila
I reached out to customer support, and they responded promptly. They handled the issue efficiently, and did a great job!
Andrey Isaev
Excellent hosting provider. Everything runs smoothly without any interruptions, instant support, they solve any issues regardless of the time of day. You won't find anything better. I advise and recommend them. Oh, and their prices are among the.. Read more »
Yuliya Makurina
I have been using this hosting service for 10 months and it's been great! The technical support specialists are excellent and they quickly resolve any issues. I use and it provides enough resources, is affordable, and has good download.. Read more »
Igor Prohorov
Thank you, Eduard Sungatulin, for promptly and accurately resolving the issue during the website transfer.
Andrey Samolovskih
I highly recommend supporting Agon!
Anastasiya Grushko
Great hosting provider. I recently started using it and as a beginner, I had a lot of questions. The customer support team always responds quickly and provides clear answers. They are true professionals in their field.
Vladimir Stegaresku
Good day! I would like to leave a review about the work of McHost hosting. Currently, I am working on website development, and during the stage of uploading the engine to the hosting, there were some errors, due to my own fault, because I was not awa.. Read more »
Denis Andreev
Thank you so much to the technical support specialist, Stanislav Bogdanov! After I broke my website with my clumsy hands, he fixed it with his expertise. It's a pleasure to work with such professionals. He responded to every email within 2 minut.. Read more »
I have been using MacHost's services for several years now. My websites are fully loaded on my account, and the speed is excellent. I am very satisfied with our collaboration. During the process, I tried 3-4 other hosting providers, but they did.. Read more »
Natalya Smirnova
Thank you so much to Sergey Koscheev for promptly resolving the issue! It's always a pleasure to interact with such a professional and friendly employee. Good luck!
Semen Eprev
Yes, I am really satisfied with this hosting. It may be a bit more expensive than others, but the technical support is available 24/7 and responds within minutes.
Yuriy Mihaylov
The guys from customer support helped within 2 minutes, everything was done professionally, I highly recommend them. Wishing them success, well done!
Ekaterina Popova
Thank you so much for your assistance in using the website that is designed for integrating families with disabled children and large families. It is very important for us to have a functional and professional website on your hosting. Thank you for p.. Read more »
Andrey Fursov
Thank you so much, MacHost tech support, for your assistance and promptness in addressing my issue! MacHost, you are the best!!! Special thanks to Eduard Sungatulin.
Irina Sevryugina
I have been using this excellent hosting service for many years now. It used to be even better before the change of ownership as we could reach out for help online. However, the current service is also good as they respond quickly. There have never b.. Read more »
Yana Bulycheva
We have been working with Mchost for several years now. Their technical support is top-notch: they respond promptly and effectively solve any issues. UMAX company is extremely grateful. We hope for continued cooperation.
Aleksandr Maslov
I have been using McHost services for many years and I can only say positive things about them. I have never encountered any issues. I host all my websites there and also recommend it to others.
Aleksandr Kurteev
I have been using mchost for over 3 years. I have 2 VPS accounts on the VZ-3 plan and virtual hosting on the CMS plan. There are always 2 important factors for me when it comes to hosting: 1. It needs to work well, without any disruptions and at ful.. Read more »
Alex Rybakov
100% the best hosting! Prices may not be as cheap as competitors', but they are worth it. The difference in cost is minimal, but the advantages at Mchost are really significant. We host almost all of our websites with Mchost. We have tried Ameri.. Read more »
Shloma Andrey
I had trouble figuring it out for a while. It seemed like I uploaded the website files correctly, but it turned out not to be the case. I reached out to the support chat, and they responded immediately, helped me, and fixed the issue. It's reall.. Read more »
Alexey Kal'sin
I have been working with MacHost for about 7 months and my overall impressions are excellent! The websites are lightning fast and the support team promptly resolves any issues. The best part is that there is a trial period of a whopping 93 days! Isn&.. Read more »
Oleg Patsay
Makhost is my favorite hosting for several reasons: - It is fast. - The technical support is always available and they can handle many issues for you, such as changing DNS records or installing an SSL certificate. - The price is reasonable. - They of.. Read more »
Leonid Groshev
Great hosting. Excellent support! Thank you guys so much! From the bottom of my heart! )))
They always solve issues very promptly and effectively. They helped with settings and installing websites on hosting. As a beginner, I am very satisfied with everything. I don't mind paying 2,000 rubles per month for VPS and 35GB.
Technical support at Makhost is like a celebration for website owners. I decided to transfer my website to Makhost servers two days ago and I was amazed by how professional and efficient their technical support team is. I have never seen anything lik.. Read more »
Aleksandr Rylkov
I have been using MacHost for five years now, and it has been nothing but positive experiences. It is user-friendly, reliable, and the support team is especially impressive - they provide instant responses with qualified assistance for any inquiries... Read more »
Bragar Stas
This server is really cool with awesome tech support! The guys respond very quickly, and the hosting is very convenient. After thorough testing, I HIGHLY recommend this host! P.S. Thanks to Sergey Kosheev and Yuri Nagashev!
Viktor Mo
Hello dear colleagues! I must say right away that the hosting is terrible!!! The customer service is disgusting!!! The technical support is illiterate!!! The online consultants are rude!!! I could go on and on!!! In a word, Mchost is a SCAM!!! It a.. Read more »
Sergey Egorov
Great hosting, used to be hosted on RuCenter, Masterhost, Majordomo.... But now I'm on Makhost))) Excellent technical support, reasonable price, fast servers... what else do you need? I highly recommend it to everyone!
Tatyana Zhoga
I switched to McHost hosting after being completely disappointed with TimeWeb. The team greeted me in a friendly manner and helped me make the transition to their hosting. Ever since then, I have been blissful as I haven't encountered a single p.. Read more »
Nikolay Efimov
I have experimented with 5 different hosting companies for my websites, but Mchost is the one that meets my needs the most. The technical support provided by Mchost surpasses the quality I experienced with previous providers.
Denis Savinskiy
Huge respect to the support team of the company, you guys are amazing.
Vyacheslav Hilkevich
I have been using MacHost for about a year now, and everything is at the highest level! If any questions arise, the support team responds almost instantly and provides clear answers. I am satisfied with everything and highly recommend them to everyon.. Read more »
Rostislav Batischev
Excellent hosting for personal websites.
Leonid Maksimchuk
I have been using hosting for many years. The customer support team is responsive and quick to address any issues. Scheduled maintenance does not affect resources. MacHost stands out from other players in the market due to its stability, absence of d.. Read more »
Valeriy T.
I have been using Mchost hosting for two years. Before that, I tried several other hosting providers. The last one was Timeweb, where I received constant messages about high server loads and requests to upgrade to a more expensive plan. I had around .. Read more »
Aleksey Dementev
I have been working in the field of website creation and maintenance for many years. I have been using McHost hosting for the past three years and I am completely satisfied with it. I have around 20 accounts on this hosting platform. I frequently con.. Read more »
Aleksey Nor
In my opinion, McHost is the best hosting service. I have used various hosting providers before, but the quality of service was lacking. McHost is the most reliable and fastest service I have ever worked with. The technical support is outstanding, th.. Read more »
Stanislav Aristov
I have been using hosting for several years. Throughout this time, I have had no issues whatsoever. The technical support responds instantly and resolves practically any hosting-related question.
Maksim Tarasov
I have been involved in website development for many years and have always been looking for hosting where the price, quality of services provided, stability of operation, and support would be at the highest level. Previously, there were instances whe.. Read more »
Dmitriy Dzhazov
I have been working with Makhost since September 2009. We have been through a lot together, including changing data centers and multiple tariff plans, but I have not found a better hosting provider than Makhost. I have to communicate with other hosts.. Read more »
Andrey Paryshev
I have been working with MacHost for over 4 years, and I am extremely satisfied!
Marina Emelyanova
I have been collaborating with MacHost for several years! I love everything about it - their support is always there for me, quick and accurate in everything! The website always functions smoothly, and whenever there are technical works, they inform .. Read more »
Ramiz Uzbekov
I have been using MacHost hosting for over two years and I am satisfied with the quality of the services provided. I must also mention the excellent work of the customer support team. They are always ready to help with any questions. If you are not y.. Read more »
Mario Gastélum
I fully concur with the previous reviews. I have been a customer of this company for over a year and a half, and I can confidently attest that they go above and beyond in serving their clients. The technical support team is consistently friendly and .. Read more »
Zeeshan Jawaid
I have been utilizing this web hosting service for a period of two months, and although I have no grievances, there were initial difficulties with setting up my website. However, the support team promptly and effectively assisted me in resolving thos.. Read more »
Nikita Zhmaev
After reading the reviews, I decided to also write one. I switched to Mchost after having a disagreement with I am extremely satisfied with the current hosting service, as I have been using it for two years now. Despite living in a remote ar.. Read more »
Arek H
I have been utilizing this hosting service for one year, and I have not encountered any difficulties. The websites are effectively indexed and can accommodate a satisfactory number of visitors. The scripts function properly, and whenever I reached ou.. Read more »
Mihajlo Milenovic
I have been utilizing their hosting service for approximately twelve months, and I am extremely satisfied with their support. I have not come across any other option that can match the features provided in their Designer plan. Moreover, I managed to .. Read more »
Alexander Pischida
I am a fan of Mchost because they have a very high level of uptime. According to my site hosttracker, it stands at 99.99%. Another significant advantage is their quick chat support and the option to make payments in multiple ways.
Oleg Scherbakov
The customer support at Mchost is excellent, as they are available to assist you even at three in the morning. This has been confirmed and within a minute, I was connected to an operator. The prices offered are surprisingly affordable, and the file m.. Read more »
Dmitriy Zorik
This hosting service is top-notch, offering exceptional round-the-clock technical support. The uptime is unparalleled compared to other options, and they provide convenient data backup. Additionally, the prices for registering and renewing domain nam.. Read more »
Andrey Hvostov
I would like to emphasize the availability of a reliable and efficient customer support service that operates online 24/7. Whenever I had any queries, I reached out to them and received prompt responses within seconds, which is highly impressive. Tha.. Read more »
Yulian Stepanishin
Mchost is a highly commendable hosting service provider due to its exceptional qualities, which include prompt technical support, a high uptime rate of 99.9%, a user-friendly file manager, and impressively fast response times. The service also exhibi.. Read more »
Amani Al‑Sharaf Tala
I have been working with Mchost for a duration of 4 years. The company employs highly skilled professionals. The prices offered are affordable and flexible, with numerous discounts available. Apart from providing disk space, Mchost also offers domain.. Read more »
Koikuban Yaroslav
We are grateful to Mchost, our hosting provider, for their excellent uptime and continuous support. We appreciate their efforts in discouraging ddos attacks, and we find their convenient control panel to be a significant benefit.
Dmitriy Telyatnikov
I have been using this hosting service for two years now and I have absolutely no complaints. I cannot speak a single negative word about this hosting service. The tech support is outstanding, available 24 hours a day and they even assist with simple.. Read more »
Tatiana Petrova
I appreciate this hosting service because of its fast and dependable performance, and above all, for its quick and helpful technical support.
Pao Luis
I have recently started utilizing this hosting service and so far, I have not encountered any issues or grievances with their hosting. Their technical support is also prompt and efficient. I highly recommend it!
Naresh Naru
The hosting service is of high quality and satisfactory. I have been a customer for multiple years and am especially impressed with the promptness of their technical support. Overall, everything functions excellently, including the speed, pricing, an.. Read more »
Anton Sylkin
Mchost is the fifth or sixth hosting service I have used for several months now. I am pleased to report that there have been no issues or downtime with my website, which is highly encouraging. Therefore, I have given them a top rating.
Zohaib Gulzar
I was recommended this hosting service and I am extremely satisfied with it. As a first-time user of hosting services, the support team has consistently assisted me and provided clear explanations whenever needed. I have experienced no issues or fail.. Read more »
I have been using Mchost services for over 2 years and my experience has been entirely positive. The server quality is satisfactory and the technical support is excellent, as they promptly address any inquiries at any time of the day. Mchost is my pr.. Read more »
Thomas Stiller
We are a web studio and have been using virtual hosting services for several years. So, we have something to share. The technical support always responds within 15 minutes, and the website speed is acceptable even under high server load. Of course, t.. Read more »
We attempted to overload the website by uploading 10,000 images simultaneously. As expected, the website crashed for the uploader, but other users were unaffected. Surprisingly, all 10,000 images managed to get uploaded successfully.
Excellent hosting. The technical support is top-notch, they respond quickly and accurately, and they have never refused to help. The website operates steadily and quickly. Due to the price increase, I had to switch to another host because the website.. Read more »
Hello everyone! We had a terrible issue with uploading images to our website. But when we contacted the MacHost team, they responded immediately and helped us out. It turned out that the problem was not on the website itself, but rather a conflict be.. Read more »
Evgeniy Yumatov
I have been a client of this hosting service for two years. The problem with many services and providers is their inconvenient and poor support. They take a very long time and are unwilling to help unless you have a direct phone number like 8 800...... Read more »
Ekzotik Kamin
We've been working for six months. No complaints so far. But there was a glitch, and I didn't manage to reach out to customer support, and now it's gone, so boring)))) We didn't even get a chance to talk!
The technical support works very quickly, which is a huge plus. The prices are reasonable and the quality is good. I recently switched my hosting to MacHost and so far I am satisfied.
Excellent support, always available, compared to the previous hosting it's simply heaven on earth :)
Good hosting. Adequate work with government enterprises when it comes to document processing. Excellent stability and a user-friendly control panel.
The technical support is available 24/7 and works efficiently to help fix any issues related to domain transfer. I am satisfied with their assistance.
I have been a customer of MacHost hosting for about a year now. During this time, I have had no complaints or issues with their service. The MacHost team provides their services at the highest level. Their online support is simply amazing! There have.. Read more »
I have been using this service for a year now. Only positive impressions. Especially the customer support, everything is clear and prompt. Absolutely for any questions. Now I will also place my second website here. Thank you for the work.
I am satisfied with everything, I even stayed with them after the crash during the conflict because the websites were not overloaded. The support is excellent, and there are no issues with website accessibility.
This is the best hosting I have ever tried, and I have tried over a dozen. The customer support is also top-notch.
Our school's website has been functioning for several years now, with the support of MacHost. It has been working splendidly, with excellent and prompt online technical support, a user-friendly control panel, and fast file uploads via FTP using .. Read more »
The hosting works smoothly and websites load quickly. The technical support is excellent - always available online and ready to help with advice or action. Issues are resolved in just a couple of minutes! These guys are professionals!
I have been using hosting services for many years. I am satisfied and have no intention of switching.
Great. Quickly, clearly, to the point. Thank you.
Very good hosting. I have been using it for 4 years and have never had a reason to complain. The support team responds instantly, and they are available online at any time. It's a pleasure to work with such professionals. I highly recommend it t.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for about a year now! In my opinion, it is the best hosting I have ever used! This is exactly how hosting services should be - fast, reliable, easy to use, and mobile-friendly! I am extremely happy that I discov.. Read more »
Very good hosting. I have been using it for almost 4 years. The control panel interface is convenient and intuitive. Most issues can be resolved by using the help section. I was especially pleased with the support service, whose specialists respond a.. Read more »
The provider is stable, the technical support is adequate. It fully meets my needs.
The support is simply excellent! They respond very quickly! Most of the websites are still hosted on REG.RU (there is no support from REG.RU, one department messes around in another). I will be completely switching to MacHost. Awesome guys.
I have been using this excellent hosting service for only 3 months. The hosting is simply amazing for such a price, providing a really good service. The technical support responds instantly at any time of the day or night. And most importantly, the t.. Read more »
Aleksandr Kostrov
I have been using their hosting services for 3 years now. Their prices are slightly higher than many competitors, but there are no interruptions. The websites are only unavailable for a few hours a couple of times a year at most. I am also pleased wi.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for over 5 years. I have never experienced any failures. The support team has always provided prompt assistance and guidance. I am not sure how well the hosting handles high load, but it is sufficient for average busine.. Read more »
I am a new customer of this hosting provider. So far, everything is going well. I would like to say that the technical support of this hosting service is excellent. Just for this reason, this hosting provider deserves to be ranked first.
One of the largest Russian hosting providers, MCHOST.RU (MAKHOST), is currently running a promotion - 3 months of hosting on the PROFI tariff for free! You can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the tariff by following this link - ht.. Read more »
The support is great, we've been using it for two years and everything is satisfactory. Just wish they could lower the price a bit :(.
I have been living in Norilsk for 7 years. It's a tundra region. The internet speed here is 10KB/s. Is that normal? There is only one host that maintains FTP at 1.2 KB/s without any disconnections throughout the day. The speed may vary depending.. Read more »
I do not recommend this hosting service. I used to have my website hosted with them, but for some time their hosting was not functioning and they did not provide any compensation. I requested a refund since the hosting was paid for a year, .. Read more »
I have been using the services for four years and I am very satisfied!
Very prompt and knowledgeable technical support.
I have been a customer of this hosting service for over 4 years and I am very satisfied. The equipment is excellent and I have never seen technical support respond so quickly, within fractions of a second.
I am still new here. So far, I have no complaints...
Good day, I have been a customer of this hosting company for about 5 years, and during that time, if I had any issues with my websites, it was always my fault, and the hosting support team always tried to solve my problems effectively. I am pleased w.. Read more »
The online tech support is excellent, they even work on weekends. The control panel is very user-friendly, and the prices are reasonable.
I have 3 websites on McHost servers ... It is understandable that all hosting providers have their own nuances, from website downtime to other issues .. But overall, the control panel of the personal account turned out to be the simplest, easy to und.. Read more »
Great job! I received a competent and prompt response within 1 minute. Wishing you continued success and prosperity for your company!
Excellent hosting with very prompt (almost lightning-fast) technical support available at any time of the day. The specialists patiently explain to beginners (like myself) what needs to be fixed and where, why problems occurred, who is responsible, a.. Read more »
Great tech support. Good hosting. Reliability is on point. The best price-quality ratio. I've been using it since 2008.
I have been using it for a long time and I highly recommend it. The administration panel is user-friendly and the technical support is responsive and quick to respond.
I am speechless! They are doing an excellent job! Especially for their efficiency!
I have been using hosting for at least a year now. The technical support always responds in a reasonable manner, despite the fact that I may not always be able to formulate my questions accurately enough.
на другие хостинг-провайдеры из-за этого. Но в целом, я всегда рекомендую этот хостинг своим друзьям и коллегам.
I have been working with this hosting provider for over six months now. Their support team is always responsive, and they offer attractive prices for virtual hosting!
I have been working with "MacHost" for quite some time now. I have experienced different hosting providers in the past, but this one caught my attention with its decent affiliate program and website builder. So far, their technical support .. Read more »
Great hosting. The support team is especially pleasing. The company has reasonable people working for them. The only drawback is that after the rise of the dollar, hosting prices increased, but I think it's temporary, so we'll endure. Overa.. Read more »
I have been working with Maxhost for a long time, with over 20 projects always accessible. Of course, there are very rare disruptions, but they inform about them and they are related to server improvements - so it's fine. The prices and quality .. Read more »
I really like this hosting service because it offers a wide range of options and capabilities to suit everyone's needs. I've been working with VPS hosting for the first time, and I must say that I found the control panel of this hosting to .. Read more »
I switched to this hosting a week ago because I had a bad experience with my previous one due to their incompetent technical support service, which was basically a robot. They also frequently blocked my IP address with the explanation of "no act.. Read more »
The terrible provider can be summarized by two main reasons during a month of usage: 1. The technical support is completely incompetent. When contacting them, they provide information that is not relevant for a regular hosting user, but rather for a.. Read more »
First of all, I started with a trial period on the hosting service, based on Alexander Borisov's recommendation. Everything works great, there are no freezes, and the technical support is top-notch. They always explain and help with anything, an.. Read more »
If you haven't made up your mind about hosting yet, then without hesitation, choose MacHost. The service is top-notch. Everything works smoothly. There are no delays. The technical support responds promptly. Even if you are not familiar with thi.. Read more »
I am very satisfied with MacHost! I haven't noticed any issues with the server's performance, and the support is top-notch! Whenever I reached out for assistance, they were quick to help without any unnecessary words! That's why I chos.. Read more »
If I don't understand something or need help, the support team responds quickly and assists without any problems! That's why I love this hosting! And usually, there are no issues, everything is top-notch!
Great hosting! I specialize in investment and financial themed websites that require absolutely flawless performance from a website. The website proudly displays a UpTime score - naturally, it's 100%!
The technical support is commendable! No matter how many times I reached out, they never refused to help. They even assist with issues that are not within their responsibilities. You truly begin to appreciate this when an employee from another hostin.. Read more »
Great hosting, instant technical support. I've been using it for two years and I'm happy with everything. As for the price increase, just look at what's happening in the world. I consider the prices for quality service quite reasonable.. Read more »
I have been using their services since 2012. Their customer support is simply the best. The website has never experienced downtime due to hosting issues, which is very important for my business. The slight increase in prices did not affect my opinion.. Read more »
I was hosted by MacHost from late 2011 until mid-2014. Their customer support is unbeatable; they quickly helped me with many questions right in the chat when I was still a complete beginner, and for that, I am extremely grateful. They also respond t.. Read more »
Yes, the host is decent, no matter what they say, although the price is also a factor :)
I have hosted my first website with this provider. I really appreciate the attitude of their specialists towards customers, their willingness to answer questions and explain things clearly (I am a beginner in this field). At the moment, I am more tha.. Read more »
Prices have been raised from 300 RUB to 400 RUB without any warning. Just before the new year, they announced another increase of 700 RUB within two weeks. What a foresighted pricing policy... We are hosted in Russia, where even the exchange rate of .. Read more »
I have been using this excellent hosting service for a long time and I am extremely satisfied. The support team is always there to help, even at night! I highly recommend it to both beginners and professionals!
I'm not going to mention the website because I decided to switch from this hosting provider for the reason stated below. I only moved to this hosting provider because my previous one didn't have PHP 5.5 at that time. Everything was fine w.. Read more »
I recently joined. I am an inexperienced user, so I have a lot of questions, but I receive comprehensive advice in the shortest possible time!
The hosting policy is terrible. Guys! Wake up! Where are your servers located, in Russia? Then why are you raising prices? I haven't seen anyone else doing this besides this hosting service. I highly do not recommend it, jerks...
Overall, the hosting service is excellent. Over the course of a year, there have been 2-4 brief outages, lasting no more than 30 minutes each. The customer support is good, and they always do their best to assist with any issues, except for a few ind.. Read more »
I am not very familiar with the service - I just registered with MacHost a week ago. The customer support is top-notch, they help very quickly and efficiently. Thank you, guys.
An absolutely great hosting provider! Just started working with them and have no complaints at all!!!!!)))))))
I am not the most experienced user of hosting, and sometimes I encounter difficulties with the technical aspects. When problems arise, I use the online chat support, and the specialists react almost instantly. It is very pleasing to see that the serv.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for almost a year now, and during this time I have had to contact their customer support several times. They respond very quickly to my inquiries and, most importantly, they are always helpful. Thank you so much.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for several years now. I have only had positive experiences. They respond promptly to any requests. I highly recommend them to everyone!
Fast, accurate, and helpful advice available anytime. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Hello! I would like to share my impressions about our hosting. The pricing policy is very liberal, and it suits me perfectly. The hosting is reliable, even with my slow internet, everything runs smoothly. The customer support is always top-notch. I a.. Read more »
Great service, everything works perfectly, especially the customer support, which responds promptly both during the day and at night. They address issues quickly and efficiently. Thank you for the excellent service.
There are few words. In every aspect, it's simply excellent hosting. For over a year, there hasn't been a single negative opinion about its performance. The support team's work is impressive, both in terms of their speed and competence.. Read more »
I like the hosting. Everything is to the point, without any unnecessary stuff.
Great hosting! We have over 15 client websites hosted on it. We've been with them for over 2 years now and everything is reliable. The technical support is simply superb, they even help with shell commands. The automatic backups of the database .. Read more »
Well done, guys! You worked quickly and cleaned up the server. The support team is able to help even a blonde understand the management and current issues. Thank you!
The customer support team responds instantly! Even though I contacted them at 5 in the morning. They helped me resolve an urgent issue. I am thankful to them for that!
Hello everyone! I wanted to recommend a great hosting service with excellent customer support. Their prices are reasonable, which is really pleasing. I wish them good luck and further success in their development.
I switched here from reg (they became too arrogant). I have been using Mchost services for a long time and I am very satisfied with their service! The technical support is very pleasing, unlike any I remember from previous hosts. Overall, thank you .. Read more »
Good hosting. Reliable. No problems with documents. They promptly handle all requests. Responsive support. Good package of services. Reasonable prices.
Everything is fine!
The technical support is excellent!
Anatoliy Savenkov
I have been working with the guys from McHost for over 6 months. I haven't noticed any issues with the website performance. Their technical support team is very responsive. I wish them further development and discounts for loyal customers))
I initially registered on The website was built on Joomla. However, it was incredibly slow. A friend advised me to switch to this hosting. Everything is lightning fast now.
I recently switched to this hosting service. At first, I was put off by the design of the control panel, or maybe it was just because I wasn't used to it. But then I created a couple of websites and realized that everything was quite simple and .. Read more »
Great hosting provider, been with them for 4 years, top-notch technical support!
I've been working with this hosting provider since 2007, including my own clients. Everything is top-notch. They have a knowledgeable and responsive technical support team available 24/7, 365 days a year.
I have been using this hosting service for about a year, and I have not encountered any significant issues. I am satisfied with everything. The technical support is very responsive and always provides helpful guidance and assistance whenever needed.
In short, everything is great (I have been working with MacHost for 3-4 years).
Hello. The support is excellent. They have explained and clarified everything I was interested in. I have been using the hosting for 3 days, so my assessments of pricing policy, reliability, and performance are not valid yet. The support service is w.. Read more »
There are no complaints about the work. The technical support is working great!
I've just started working with this hosting service and so far, I'm only feeling positive about it. The technical support has responded very quickly to all the questions I had.
Well, what can I say, the hosting's response to resolving issues is immediate. I highly recommend it.
24/7 Technical Support, They respond quickly and resolve tasks urgently! Thank you.
The operators of the support service are always prompt in their response, regardless of the time of day. Excellent job.
Hello! I started on hosting with the Constructor tariff. I paid only 30 rubles per month for a small website. Now I'm working on the corporate package with over 10 websites. I've been working for about a year and a half. Let me explain the .. Read more »
Great hosting at a good price. The online customer support is excellent, responding within 1 minute - which is very impressive.
Ruzskoe PATP
I have been using this hosting provider's services for two years now, and overall I am satisfied. The technical support, in particular, is great. The price is reasonable.
I have been using McHost for 2 years and have never had any problems. Their customer support is top-notch! They respond instantly - I reached out at 2 am with an issue, and they resolved it and helped me out. The uptime and pricing policy are also gr.. Read more »
I am very pleased with the hosting service. There are no issues with working with PHP, which is great. The fast customer support is also a pleasant surprise. They respond and assist very quickly. Overall, for those who are looking for a reliable host.. Read more »
I was very pleased with the "Constructor" tariff, as I was able to choose only what I needed. It resulted in a minimal price. The technical support was top-notch, with lightning-fast responses, which is especially important for me as a not .. Read more »
The hosting is excellent and the support is superb!
I am completely satisfied with the hosting, as it meets all my requirements for my amateur project. I would especially like to mention the quality of the technical support team, who are very patient and knowledgeable.
Great hosting, excellent customer service, they responded immediately and helped me with the issue.
The coolest hosting ever. Absolutely no complaints. Highly recommend it to everyone. Especially pleased with the technical support.
One of my websites is hosted on this hosting service, and so far, I haven't had any issues. The customer support team is excellent and responsive.
Our company specializes in website development, and we host all of our own sites as well as our clients' sites on McHost hosting. We have tried many options before, and I can say that is the best hosting service in the Russian internet.. Read more »
I switched from Dino to MacHost, and I am very pleased with their customer support. They respond instantly and provide very knowledgeable assistance. Let's see what the future holds, but for now, I am satisfied.
Great hosting! In the six months of working with them, we have never received any notifications from metrics that the website is unavailable, and their support is top-notch. We will continue working with them!
I transferred my website to them about 4-5 years ago, and now I have a total of around 7 websites hosted with them. I must say, everything is going well, even excellently. Best of luck!
I really like the hosting service. Pricing is average, sometimes you can find cheaper options. However, the quality is very satisfying, especially the customer support. It's just a pity that it's only available through written communication.. Read more »
The biggest advantage for me is the high-speed online tech support available anytime, day or night, which is very convenient. The control panel seemed very user-friendly, and I was able to navigate it easily. They offer a 45-day free trial period, wh.. Read more »
I am extremely satisfied with the services of MacHost hosting. I have been using it for six months now and I have no complaints whatsoever. The speed, price, security, and customer support are all excellent! Keep up the good work, guys!
I have been using the 3+1 promo for about three months now, and overall, everything is going smoothly. There are very rare instances where the database becomes unavailable for about five seconds.
I am quickly transferring all my websites to this hosting provider. It is of very high quality, user-friendly, has reasonable prices, and offers fast customer support. Without a doubt, I give it a rating of 5.
Great hosting! 100% uptime! Affordable, fast, reliable! What else do you need for complete happiness? I've tried many hosting providers, from Hostinger to Hostland! Their uptime is at most 60-70% per month! And the prices are the same! But when .. Read more »
Great hosting! The technical support is especially pleasing. We have about 60 websites hosted with them. They assist with any issues, from configuring CMS system files to cleaning up logs, and in most cases - completely free of charge! Very satisfied.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for almost 2 years! Throughout my usage, I have not had a single complaint! The technical support is outstanding, available 24/7 to assist with any issues! I am extremely satisfied with them and will continue using thei.. Read more »
Hello everyone! I've been using this hosting service for quite a while now and I have never had any complaints. The tech support is amazing and always responds incredibly quickly, thanks to their 24/7 chat. The websites run extremely smoothly. I.. Read more »
Vladimir Zaharov
I have been working in the field of web programming for years and it has been rare to find a reliable and stable hosting service. MacHost has become one of my favorite services for providing quality hosting at affordable prices and quick technical su.. Read more »
One of the best hosting providers! I've tried many different hosts and settled on this one. The online support is always helpful! The hosting prices are excellent and the website runs incredibly fast. The control panel is user-friendly. I haven&.. Read more »
Liked: 1) Fast recovery of old database and website copies (I often make updates and the website breaks, and re-uploading is long and tedious) 2) Convenient hosting control panel 3) No "hosting ads" on my website 4) Haven't noticed any.. Read more »
I have been using MacHost hosting company for over a year now. I have never had any issues with the host. My blog is always in working condition, there have been no noticeable downtimes, and the hosting uptime is very high. I especially want to menti.. Read more »
I have been with MacHost for four years now. It feels like a company of true professionals! The prices are very affordable and flexible. There are many discounts available. Besides disk space, you can also purchase domains at a low price. The technic.. Read more »
Thank you to the hosting provider "MacHost" for the high uptime, 24/7 technical support, and for effectively protecting against DDoS attacks. We also greatly appreciate the convenience of having our own user-friendly control panel.
I have been using this hosting for the second year now! I cannot and will not say a single bad word about this hosting service, not a single complaint! The customer support is excellent, available 24/7, and they even help with the silliest questions!.. Read more »
I enjoy this hosting for its speed and reliability, and most importantly, its fast and responsive tech support.
McHost became our salvation after long suffering with technical support and constant failures at HostingCenter. McHost has a great team who quickly understood the situation, helped us transfer our website, and are available in the chat to answer any .. Read more »
Reliable and fast hosting, with a particularly impressive support service.
I have recently started using hosting services. During this time, there have been no downtime or any complaints about the hosting performance. The technical support is fast and efficient. I highly recommend it!
I have been using Makhost as my 5th or 6th hosting provider for several months now, and I am pleased to say that there have been no issues with the website's performance and availability. Therefore, I would rate this hosting service as excellent.. Read more »
Great, reliable hosting. I have been using their services for several years now. The promptness of their technical support particularly pleases me. Overall, everything is satisfactory - the speed, the prices, and the control panel. You can configure .. Read more »
I was recommended this hosting and I have no regrets about choosing you. Since this is my first hosting experience, the support team always helps and provides explanations. During my time with this hosting, there hasn't been a single failure. Th.. Read more »
[email protected]
I've been using MacHost for over 2 years and my experience has been nothing but positive. I'm happy with the server's quality and the support team is exceptional. They always respond quickly and are available 24/7. MacHost is my only c.. Read more »
Aleksandr Belkov
Absolutely terrible customer service!!! I previously wrote a detailed, positive review about this hosting provider, but after just a month, my opinion has completely changed! Background: My website experienced a "shockingly intense DDoS attack,&.. Read more »
I have been using their hosting services for about 3 months now and I also purchase domains from them! I highly recommend them!
Since I started working with websites, I have tried out around 5 different hosting providers. However, MacHost has been the most satisfying so far. Their customer support is significantly better than the ones I had experienced before.
I have been using hosting for 2 months now and I have no complaints so far. At the beginning, I had some issues with setting up the website, but the support team quickly and clearly helped me. After that, I haven't had any reason to contact them.. Read more »
Sometimes it lags or displays a 502 error. In general, everything was fine for a while, and then the website was simply blocked, with the explanation of "server overload". This is despite the fact that the website is half-empty, with only 1.. Read more »
The support is simply amazing. Even if you write about your problem at three in the morning, they will help! Tested and proven! There is an instant connection with the operator within a second. The prices are surprisingly low. The file manager works.. Read more »
The best hosting with excellent round-the-clock technical support! Unbeatable uptime. Convenient data backups. Low prices for domain name registration and renewal. The list goes on and on, but I'll just say this - it's a delightful company .. Read more »
I want to draw special attention to the high-quality customer support service that operates online 24/7! Whenever I had any questions, I would reach out to them and receive a response within seconds, which is very important. My blog runs very smoothl.. Read more »
McHost is an excellent hosting provider. It can be called so due to several important factors: instant tech support, uptime of 99.9%, user-friendly file manager, and very fast response time. It also has great stability.
I have been working with hosting for over 5 years. 80% of my clients are hosted on MacHost's virtual servers. I keep the main websites with minimal traffic of over 1000 unique visitors per day on VPS. I am extremely satisfied with the hosting. .. Read more »
I agree with all the previous reviews and support them. I have been using this hosting company for over a year and can confidently say that they go above and beyond in fulfilling their responsibilities to their clients. I always enjoy interacting wit.. Read more »
Olly Annatolieva
After seeing the reviews, I decided to share my own feedback. I switched to McHost servers after a conflict with I am very happy with my current hosting provider and have been using them for the past two years. I live in a remote area of Rus.. Read more »
Irina Davydova
I have been using their virtual hosting services for a year now and I have had no problems. The websites are indexed perfectly and receive a sufficient amount of visitors. The scripts work well and I have contacted their support team a couple of time.. Read more »
I have been using the hosting for about a year. I am very pleased with the support, I haven't come across a similar tariff builder anywhere else, it's just what I needed to start my website. I had to make a backup a couple of times, and it .. Read more »
I like McHost for its high uptime, as evidenced by my website's host tracker showing 99.99%. An important factor is the fast chat support and the ability to pay through multiple methods.