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Country: Russia
Working: 25 years is a hosting company that has been in business for over 10 years. However, recent years have seen a decline in the quality of their services. Many customers have experienced frequent site unavailability, leading to dissatisfaction and a desire to switch to a different provider.

One major issue with is their refund policy. If a customer decides to close their account, they will not receive a refund of their money. This has left many customers feeling frustrate.. Read more »

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Trading of locked domains is taking place. The support acknowledges the issue, but has no intention of taking any action on it.
Definitely the best hosting with excellent technical support! And considering that many three-letter providers are very fond of imposing services, it is also very attractive in terms of prices. I have been using this hosting for over 20 years and rec.. Read more »
I have been using the services of this company for more than 7 years, and it is more than enough for my modest tasks. They have a convenient payment system and provide stable work. I highly recommend them!
Good day! We have been hosted on the platform for several years. The tariffs are affordable and the technical support is fast and of high quality. I highly recommend their services, as the guys do a great job in providing what is needed.. Read more »
I have been a client of Masterhost for nearly 20 years now. I host dozens of websites for clients all over the world on their servers and I highly recommend them to all my clients due to their excellent speed. Masterhost provides a very convenient an.. Read more »
The convenient personal account, responsive support, and reasonable prices. I am satisfied with the service.
I have been using this hosting service for over 10 years, and overall, it's just average. The price and functionality are mediocre, and there are much better options available that are cheaper, more user-friendly, and offer better service at a l.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for over 10 years. Everything is satisfactory. The support is prompt and easy to understand. I highly recommend it.
Great hosting. Been using it for 10 years. No issues.
Excellent hosting. Everything always works. Convenient interface. The technical support is absolutely wonderful - every time I've contacted them, they have helped me quickly. This is a rarity, and it is very pleasing and valuable. Thank you, Mas.. Read more »
To be honest, everything is going well. The support is good, they have made backups multiple times and helped with website work. The team communicates in a friendly manner. The website's performance speed is normal and they are reliable. I will .. Read more »
We have been using hosting services from MASTERCOST since 2007. No complaints. The staff is polite. They truly help us even at night when we have any issues. We highly recommend it. Everything is reliable.
I have been using this hosting for over 8 years. I have never had any problems. Any questions I had, the support team would solve within 5 minutes. Everything always works, no glitches, I have never seen any. Keep up the good work, thank you for the .. Read more »
I have been using hosting services since 2010! Why for so long, when there have been a dozen new offers on the market during this time? Well, because the main advantage of hosting is when you don't even think about it! When your website runs sm.. Read more »
I have been using Masterhost's services for many years. Everything is perfectly clear, and their technical support is excellent. I have not experienced any outages. I highly recommend them.
I have been using Masterhost services since 2012 and have no complaints. The website works fine. I highly recommend it!
I have been collaborating with Masterhost for many years, happily hosting my websites there. If there were any disruptions, they were very brief. The team always accommodates my wishes and requests. I wish them good luck and continued growth despite .. Read more »
I would like to recommend everyone to use the services of this company, Masterhost. It is a great company in every sense! +5
I have been using it for 15 years, and for the most part everything is fine. There are some nuances, like that one time when everything stopped working, but I didn't switch to another hosting because of that. Since then, there haven't been .. Read more »
I chose a provider in 2009, and since then I have been quite satisfied with Masterhost. It has been 13 years. In that time, I had one incident with a malicious virus that affected all my pages, but it was my own fault. I also had one corporate disput.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Masterhost company for 15 years. Excellent hosting! I highly recommend it to everyone!
We have been working with the company LLC MASTERCOST for a long time. We really like it. The technical specialists respond quickly and help solve issues. It is a good hosting provider. It meets all the criteria that our company has for hosting. We al.. Read more »
I have been using Masterhost services for over 5 years. I have email accounts in two domains and a website, and I have no complaints about the service or any downtime. The technical support is prompt and responsive, and the prices are reasonable. Ove.. Read more »
Great hosting, I have been using it for my projects for over 10+ years. Highly recommend, 10/10 ?
I have been a client of Masterhost for over 15 years (since 2005). Overall, I am satisfied with their hosting services. There have been occasional temptations to switch to other providers, but I seem to have become attached to Masterhost. Their price.. Read more »
Old, reliable, and trustworthy, like a hammer. I have been using it for over 15 years (check my domain on whois if you don't believe me). Many clients have been on this hosting service based on my recommendation, and there have never been any ma.. Read more »
I have been using their services consistently since 2008. I have only positive impressions - reliability, speed, user-friendly control panel, quick and efficient customer support, you can immediately feel the high qualifications of the staff. The onl.. Read more »
Reliable hosting. I have been using their services for about 10 years. I am satisfied with their support. The rates are not the lowest, but there are no surprises. I am especially pleased with the domain renewal price. There have been no cases of web.. Read more »
I have been using Masterhost for about 15 years now. They provide assistance, consultation, and there are no problems. Even the small details are taken care of. The admin panel is convenient and user-friendly.
I have been using hosting for over 12 years. Overall, everything is great - the price, speed, and reliability. However, the chat support is weak. It seems like the qualification is low, but the actual technical support is very good with knowledgeable.. Read more »
We have been hosting a student forum on Masterhost for over 15 years. The forum, powered by Invision Board, may not be very large, but it has all the necessary features such as PHP and MySQL. Everything runs smoothly, and we have no complaints. :-)
Great and reliable hosting with affordable prices and excellent value for money. The technical support team is always available and ready to assist in difficult times.
I have been using Masterhost services for over 15 years. Everything is satisfactory. The customer support is good, and many issues can be resolved promptly. Downtimes are extremely rare. However, one downside is that promotions/discounts do not apply.. Read more »
Our organization has been using their services since 2010. The hosting is excellent, with no complaints in terms of performance. The customer support is top-notch, always ready to answer any questions and resolve any issues that arise. We have had to.. Read more »
их надежностью и качеством обслуживания. Команда МастерХост всегда была готова помочь мне с любыми вопросами и проблемами, связанными с хостингом. Их техническая поддержка работает круглосуточно и всегда быстро отвечает на мои запросы. Я также оценив.. Read more »
I have been using the services of Masterhost for over 15 years. When the idea of creating my own website came up, I decided to choose Masterhost because I had something to compare it with. At that time, I was hosting several websites with different h.. Read more »
On the advice of a friend, I decided to start a project with Masterhost. The guys were accommodating and gave me a trial period of 3 months while I work on the website.
I have been working with them for a year, and during this time there have been minor accidents, but it was not that bad. Recently, it turned out that they are unable to protect their clients' data. The website has been down for three days alread.. Read more »
Hoster shareholder conflict. The website has been down for over a day... although some websites have become operational after 7-8 hours. Until the issues with the data center migration are resolved, I do not recommend starting work with this hosting .. Read more »
The price-to-quality ratio is simply terrible. All the loud words like "professional hosting" and so on mean absolutely NOTHING. There are no reliability issues, uptime is 99.9%. But the speed is just horrible considering the prices. The co.. Read more »
Our websites have been hosted on this hosting provider for the past 10 years. As our projects grew, we upgraded to the "server for ourselves" plan. After optimizing everything, we downgraded to the "server for three" plan. However.. Read more »
On May 29, 2019, my client (see website) encountered a message on their screen stating that their domain was DISCONNECTED! Simultaneously, they received an email from "Masterhost" stating that their website had placed a critical load on the.. Read more »
We have a Charity Fund that helps elderly people. We have been working with this hosting provider for over 15 years. We have been paying for an expensive plan that we don't really need. By chance, we registered a domain in the .ru zone through M.. Read more »
The technical support is good, but sometimes it slows down, and overall they are helpful and the prices are reasonable, especially for the first purchase. However, subsequent payments are above average. It is difficult to navigate the control panel, .. Read more »
Based on our project experience, we strongly advise against using the "Basic Virtual Hosting Plans" offered by Masterhost company for websites. This is due to the introduced limitations on script operation, which occasionally result in temp.. Read more »
Once again, I am experiencing issues with Masterhost's services. I have been a customer for around 10 years and have been satisfied until recent years. The quality has consistently deteriorated, with frequent occurrences of site unavailability f.. Read more »
If a customer decides to close their account, they will not receive a refund of their money. Let me explain how I ended up in this predicament. It is important to exercise caution.
The registrar we dealt with was extremely disappointing. Initially, they refused to allow us to transfer the domain name to another organization, claiming that we could use it for free for a month and then purchase it on behalf of the intended organi.. Read more »
I have been employed by this company for over 5 years and have no major grievances. Throughout this period, my websites have only been disconnected around 5 times, which is not a significant occurrence considering the timeframe. They respond swiftly .. Read more »
I have come across the most inferior paid hosting service, which is even worse than many free hosting options. The control panel they provide is the worst I have ever encountered. For a basic backup, you are required to contact technical support. Eve.. Read more »
I have been using for a long time, but I am not particularly satisfied and I am planning to migrate. It is quite expensive, or to be more precise, it is expensive, and I cannot agree with the experts' opinion on the user-friendline.. Read more »
I don't have much confidence in the dependability of this hosting company as their website frequently experiences downtime for short periods throughout the day. Additionally, their services are quite costly. While their overall technical support.. Read more »
I receive notifications daily regarding the payment period's expiration, but the messages do not mention anything about discontinuing the subscription for these notifications.
We have been using their services for approximately three years, utilizing multiple sites and their highest-priced plan for the "shared" server. Overall, we have no major complaints and intend to continue using it specifically for our Russi.. Read more »
Reliable hosting for an extended period. Sufficient technical assistance and guidance. Although costly, it is worth the investment.
Exercise caution and carefully consider if it is necessary to engage with this organization. Their actions appear to be deceitful and aimed at extracting money from you. When I bought a second domain from them, they deducted the entire payment for bo.. Read more »
Masterhost extorts money How Masterhost extorts money: - You host your websites on the Masterhost platform (which incurs costs for website development) - Then you run advertisements and further spend time and money - After a while, Masterhost block.. Read more »
We have been hosting websites on this hosting service since 2008 and have always had a positive experience. However, recently we encountered the following issue: We registered a VPS for hosting an online store, with the M plan costing 2,000 rubles p.. Read more »
Reliable hosting for many years. Adequate technical support and consultation. It may be a bit expensive, but it's worth it.
Be careful and think carefully about whether you should deal with this organization. Their activities resemble fraudulent extortion of money! After I purchased a second domain from them, all the money (payment for two domains) is deducted as payment .. Read more »
When closing an account, money is not returned to the customer. I found myself in such a situation. Be cautious.
The terrible registrar did not allow us to transfer the domain name to another organization. They said that we could just stop paying for it for a month and then buy it on behalf of the desired organization. We followed their advice, stopped paying f.. Read more »
This is the worst paid hosting I have ever seen (many free ones are much better). It has the worst admin panel out of all I have seen. To simply make a basic backup, you have to reach out to the support team. Even if it was decent at some point, it i.. Read more »
Every day, notifications about payment expiration are received. The email does not mention anything about canceling the subscription for these notifications.
Hosting regularly dies, so I'm gradually moving websites from it to higher-quality ones. Just stating the fact, today is Valentine's Day, February 14, 2013, 13:40, and 8 websites are not working. That's the gift to all the lovers. Love.. Read more »
And once again, Masterhost is down... I have been using their services for nearly 10 years and had no complaints until the past couple of years. The constant crashes started happening, again and again. In the last two years, I've lost count of h.. Read more »
On October 10, 2012, all websites were unavailable from 05:00 to 12:00. As a result, they were dropped from Yandex indexing and their rankings dropped from TOR=3 to TOR=30. The reason for this was technical issues with masterhost. Today, on October 1.. Read more »
I cannot speak to the reliability of this hosting service - the website frequently experiences downtime (for 2-3 minutes, 5-10 times a day). The services are quite expensive. Overall, the technical support is satisfactory, but sometimes it takes a lo.. Read more »
The website is powered by ShopScript. We have been using Masterhost for about 7 or 8 years. With each passing year, it gets worse and worse. It lags and freezes in the morning, afternoon, and evening. It only runs smoothly at night or on weekend morn.. Read more »
I was on a hosting plan for a year. Everything was fine initially. But then the website started to crash frequently. The support team took a long time to respond, so I communicated with them through Twitter. I don't remember the exact tariff, bu.. Read more »
We have been using the service for about three years (several websites, the highest tariff plan for a "shared" server). There are no serious complaints, and we will continue to use it for Russia. However, there are some drawbacks (which are.. Read more »
I have been working with this company for over 5 years. I have no serious complaints. In all this time, my websites have been down maybe 5 times (which is not much for 5 years). They respond, help, overall - everything is good. But now we have grown.. Read more »